Hasan Ali – 24 Hours of the Prophet SAW

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker describes Prophet Allah's 24-hour routine, including his shiny hair, broad foreheads, and narrow eyes, and his actions during his time in the middle of the night. The importance of showing gratitude to others is emphasized, and the use of the "has" in Islam is discussed. The speaker also discusses the importance of staying late to prevent evil behavior and offers a challenge for participants to raise money for the upcoming weekend. The challenge is to give people a chance to participate in a social media campaign to save lives.
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Lera manorhamilton hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala see the number of you know Mohammed Ali who suffered mine. Visit all my brothers and sisters and saramonic and parameter label Ricardo, we're going to discuss today about the Prophet Allah Allah said I'm kind of 24 hour routine. So you've got various Hadith describing how the Prophet Lawson went through his 24 hours. And this is like a common day, a day when he would be in Madina munawwara a day when he would be kind of relaxed, not having tension of going, you know, to defend the city or something. So the first and foremost thing is that the Prophet sallallahu has gotten many descriptions in the Hadith.

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And these are from good sources. Okay, good narrations with good chains. There are people who kind of find this Well, how do you describe the person alive and well? Well, Sahaba had a challenge between them and that they will try and describe the Prophet sallallahu, etc. So just to go through some of the features of the process to get yourself in a mode of knowing who our personnel son was, knowing how we look like because if you are able to ever see him in green sallallahu sallam, then you've actually seen him. Now shaytan can't take his form in a dream. But what shaytan can do is to you know, be in someone else's form and claim that he is a prophet, he can do that but he can't

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actually take the description you can't actually take the form of how the process from looked. That's what the hadith of Mohali means. When it says the shaitaan can't take the form of the props and Allahu Allah, it means that he can't take the actual form of devotional Islam and claim to be the prophets of Allah. This Allah hasn't allowed him to do in a dream. So how did the proximal artisan look within the Hadith it's been described that His hair was was black, okay, that there's a darkness to his to his hair, a beautiful, dark, sort of shiny black that the person has had because he's to apply oil and perfume to his to his head sallallahu Sallam to his hair. And he's to have a

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party in the middle, okay, both his hair would go towards the two sides, and then they will flip over his ear. And then they would be either up to up to his elope or coming up to his shoulder blade or going all the way up to the end of his shoulder. These are three different lengths of props and Larson can do that. And of course, when he used to perform rather than the martial arts in which he would shave his head, and he's hair on your head 17 white hairs near the end of his life. And even though 17 White has white because of sort of water being revealed to sort of who'd been revealed.

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So that's what made him because of the punishment that was described in there. That's what made the profit loss in the head turn 17 of his eye has turned white otherwise, it was all dark and black and he looked young, even at old age. So the 100 line of the brothers in law has my hair had a broad forehead where he had also a vein in the middle that would swell when he Salalah Harrison became angry, and I will never be allowed on he describes that as if two pomegranates were were squeezed into the cheeks of the proximal loggers and when he became angry, his eyes were quite wide, okay, and they had dark pupils and the proximal lacinato lovely eyelashes long eyelashes he had his his

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eyebrows did not meet in the middle, but they were just nicely shaped okay. And his his nose had a slight bridge at the top of it. And the props on the lot and so on his his mouth they say was was a wide mouth when he used to smile. You could see his teeth as if they were shining pearls. Okay. When he would speak he would speak in a way that people would understand him easily. And he would speak sometimes in in three sort of three times he will repeat the phrases so that his owner would understand how his community would understand him Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he had a beard that was a large beard. It was a thick beard. It was a whole fist full of what his hand could could take.

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And his beard was was something which you couldn't see through. Okay, he had he used to have moustache that was trimmed. Okay, that was that was another feature and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam his his shoulders used to be brought the day the joints of his shoulders, the joints of his elbows, the joints of his knees were were brought showing showing the great courage of the props that allow him had he sallallahu Sallam had barely any hair on his chest except for a thin line of hair that went straight down the middle all the way to his belly button on the back of his of his back on his back between his two shoulder blades. There was a lump and on that lump though some hair and they

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say that this is the seal of profit profit hood salon

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And when he would walk, he would walk very briskly he would walk as if he's coming down from a from a hilltop, okay, so his his feet would glide inside, as he would walk, he wouldn't slide his feet, but he would walk in a way that was the last of the ladders. And it was like he was like on a mission. So how to get on my mind had a difficult time catching up with him sometimes when he was walking, you know, in his in his brisk walk, otherwise, it was less of a law. He said, when he would walk with the Sahaba after us, then he would sometimes, you know, relax and walk. And they would, he would be in the middle of the Sahaba. So that was more of a relaxed book that he had. But when he

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was, you know, on when he was good, he was like, he's he's on a mission. So is that he was a man Salalah Harrison have great power and great courage. In fact, a lot gave him

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a lot of power on this earth. He had like the power of 100 men. Allahu salatu salam So anyway, Rasulullah sallallahu some you can imagine, perhaps a little early in the morning, what would you do early in the morning? Well, his houses Okay, so so let's get a description of of his house or one of his houses of you know, variables with the with his wife.

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Or the alarm on by. So you had at one point in his life, he had nine of his wives alive. Salallahu alaihe salam, and he would rotate in his nights between the different wives. And imagine that he was in war with one of his wives he would he would wake up early in the morning, and this would be like, middle of the night or you would be just a third of the night gone in, the rest of us would wake up and the straightaway immediately, immediately what he did is that he sat up right and he read the doors like Alhamdulillah Villa de la ruhi. Owl humbler in the eye and about the mighty mountain highway, they initially had a number of drivers that he will decide. One of those parts of the Quran

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that he recited was in Surah Surah Al Emraan suta number three animal 190 in that you have to somehow it will all be washed in life in daily when I read it. But those is who will read quite a few of those it would read early in the morning, reminding himself about the beautiful nature of what Allah azza wa jal has created in the heavens of the earth. And all of that leads to one on only thing which is Allah created for a purpose. And the purpose is that all this around us is for the human being and the human being is there to serve Allah azza wa jal and then he would get up he would take his miswak and he would take his his water with him to relieve himself Abdullah bin

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Ambassador Allah and Allah once when he was with the law of Islam on certain nights he would he undergraduates would go and stay with his Auntie maimunah and then he would wait for the proximal lesson to get up in the night and Abdullah bin are both young so how do you be ready with the miswak and with the with the water of the Prophet perhaps I was helping him you know, you know take that so the process would go out and he would relieve himself and then when he comes back he will perform his his widow

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and once it's performed his widow then would come inside and he would now start his his records and he will start his prep now one of the unique things about the prompts allow us like the prayer is that he used to pray in darkness okay there's no there's there's barely any light we know this from and sometimes there might have been a little bit of light okay, but he did prefer to be in the dark and pray and it's a wonderful thing if you can develop that and pray in the night it's a beautiful thing just to be with Alonzo you are like no one watching you No one can even see you okay, how do we know this? I showed you a lot on on one of her nights she she looked on her site to see where the

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person lives. And then she she crawled inside the masjid she went in some mercy, she crawled them all falls, look at putting around looking for the grace and love and so on. And then her hand fell onto the soul of the foot of the Prophet sallallahu he was in such that 100 prayers. And then when the person was finished his salon that's when he turned around and said oh I should you think that on your night I would go to one of the otherwise. Now what we get from this heavy desert how dark it was for I showed the law on how to be on all fours and then to Patreon and then and then search for the personal allowance. And we do have another narration where Abdullah bin Allah and Allah, he

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stands on the left hand side of the props and the props that Allah then takes his hand to all around and then grabs Abdullah Allah and then he moves him around over to his right side. And it makes him stand there for the hadoo. So we have the narration as well whether there was a bit of light or not whether he knew that the person was we grabbed him by the by his his other hand, not his immediate left hand but by his right hand over and then moving towards the right hand side. We don't know But anyway, the brush was not started the 190 standard was a time if you look at sort of zooming. Allah says to be later in the Haneda this circle, I mean to say no kalila I was gonna you're gonna talk to

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the 73rd surah of the Quran tells us how Allah tells him to stand

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For the night, except for little bits of standard as much as you can, except for a little bit, and unless okay half of the night so if the rustle doesn't sometimes he was he was, you know, he had so many duties in the daytime, but he was more tired that night that Allah said okay, this for who you can stand half of the night, I went to smell more Canada or you could drop it a little bit and stand for less than half of the night. That's that's what it was the process was stood and stood and stood and stood till it was near further or till his you know, I mean his feet used to swell some alarms.

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And he said to I shall be allowed and this was because he wanted to show Allah how much of a grateful, wonderful and grateful servant and thankful servant he is to Allah. And I'm very, very thankful seven to Allah. And this was his word from thanks for Lazarus. Okay, one who is who knows the sweetness of how to worship Allah. This is how we show thanks to Allah as you can. It's something to do with believe people who haven't experienced this. They kind of thing thing man, this is kind of extreme. But this is the real essence of showing Allah azza wa jal gratitude. So imagine the braxtons who stands up what does he do um, he praises is really slowly, steadily. Allah told him

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to recite war artillery for Anatole tiller to recite the Quran interpreted what is 1313 is to recite the Quran so slow that you can actually count the letters SubhanAllah. So if you if I give you an example

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and if

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fi, who then we move the the, that's how slow it would have had to be for the prompts and allows him to recite in folders recite in a way that you can count the letters that he's reciting. And the prompts would recite and recite, recite, you know, in one heartbeat, he says, once a hobby he was with us last night, and he joined him for 200. And he says he read the whole of Bukhara, the whole of the PSA and Adam Ron, in one record, I can imagine this is like a sixth of the Quran. 1/6 of the price like five Jews of the Quran, the gospel awesome is reciting in the night in just one record, okay, Allah gave him a lot of blessings in a time, and then his record would be the same as his

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standing and his, the length of that will be same as standing. And so you will be same as his ruku. That's how the Sahaba described it. Now there's an immense amount of Baraka and blessings Allah gave across the last mother otherwise, a normal person with that kind of speed with this money, you know, just to do, it's almost impossible. Okay? So this is Baraka, Allah gives blessings in time in the time of person who's constantly inducted and if you haven't experienced experienced this, you shouldn't just deny this. So so the proximate loss and then you know, he reads to haggard and he's standing and standing the record and to do that very long, long lengthy ones until it comes all the

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way to to further now when it comes to near further the profit loss and finishes off with his bitter at the latter part of his of the of the night, he waits, okay, and then the one below the law has given the event, the rustle awesome then praise to rockets sooner further prayers, and you pray that at home, then he will come inside the masjid and what he will do is that he would lie down with on his right hand side because now he's very tired of spending such a long time. But he enjoyed it thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, okay, and he even said this in various hadith of how his closeness was closer than debate on Instagram in the night times when he used to get to pray and in

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his loneliness, okay, so anyway, he's lying down. So how about the lohana Mk nine, they come to the machine, they probably bought the lanterns or other things to try and get inside the muscle when they come inside the machine, the waiting for the processor, you know, to to get up and to pray and then he gets up when he seen that they pray the sooner he gets up, he leads the further prayer and it would have been the most beautiful prayer ever because when he used to recite even his enemies were mesmerized, okay, his enemies will stop stop in their tracks.

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And they would just haven't you just listen to him and listen to him. And listen, these are his arch enemies that that were mesmerized by his by his restoration. So when he would finish, what would you do in for the price for the President say what was about like 50 yards and 50 yards in his father for prayer. And when he finished he would say Salaam and we'll turn around. And then the Prophet Allah musica of Subhana Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times the love I've got either 33 or 34 times. Okay. And then the persons who would ask a question. His question would be in his face in the Sahaba. And his question would be who seen a dream. So this was the time when he started

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about whether they've seen a dream. And sometimes he will talk about his own dream that he seen, and he would interpret anyone's dream that they've seen or his own dream. And then Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam would would maybe give some advice. And by this time, what would have happened is that the sun's already risen, and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Then after the sun has risen, I don't think at that done the salad with jamaah have stayed in this place that just remembered a lot until it's come to this time after the sunrise, the prophet Lawson would then pray to records of prayer. Now, this is a special prayer, if any heavy he says, Whosoever can pray to the gods, if they're done

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jamaa with Father and then you stay in your place and then you wait for the sun to rise. And then you do two rockets, that allows will give the reward of a hedge that is accepted. Accepted Russell repeated twice. Time, Time, My Time I said accepted, accepted, accepted. Okay. And this is in Asahi, so he will pray that and then he would go into his quarters, when was the last time would go to his quarters. So he's going to I have a lot on his house. thing is he would make it noticeable that he's coming inside, okay, that's one of the things that he would, he would have, say, a saramonic. You want to comply with acapsil. First, you'd be the first to say Salah, even the young children could

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not beat him in giving him Salaam first he said Allah Harrison would beat anyone that be the first to this element. That is a that is a wonderful sign of anyone who's close to Allah. Anyone who you think is a value of Allah who is close to Allah, they would normally be the first to give you Salah. Okay, and you'll notice this about people who are close to Allah as well. They will try the RO is between giving you Salah anyway, but soon also Allah has Peck isobella on the cheek with it with the kids. And then he will ask her, how are you and so on? And, you know, how's your day and just ask him nicely how things are. And then this is the time that by this time, we know in kind of Saudi

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Arabia time, whether Hijazi time by now. It would have been early morning, maybe it's kind of, you know, seven o'clock, seven 730, you know, the person has now is in his private zone, okay, so whatever he's doing, he might be relieving self, he might be

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doing whatever. But don't forget, he was in constant liquor. I saw the law and he says that he was evicted in every single moment of his 24 hours, except for the time that he used to relieve himself. And if you notice, when we believe the cell from the cloud was the first word to say is chronic. Pardon me, my lord. Why are we saying pardon me my oh my lord, because this is the only time when you can actually do the liquor of Alaska otherwise the person last 24 hours even when he was in asleep. So the law has my login, the special quality to remember allow while he was asleep. So Rasool Allah has in the nose it was in his private time. And then at about mid morning time now we

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don't know the scope you're at 930 could be by 10 o'clock, because then we used to have clocks at that time, the rational person would would come out and then he would come to the masjid. And this is when the Holocaust and there's many different circles that were already in the masjid and this was a Holocaust, remembering the Holocaust and how they came to Islam Holocaust of Tajweed of learning the Holocaust or a circle of newly revealed is our circle of, you know, some something that personal lesson taught some is and remembering the piano learning some. And these were things that the proximal Asma had stationed inside the masjid and these were Sahaba who had given up their their

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lives, given us the opportunity to make business and so on and they used to stay in the in the back of the the courtyard of the of the masjid where there was a veranda under there they used to stay and these were known as the sofa. So around mid morning needs to come inside Mussina needs to have the hallowed halls and personal allowance and would would teach them sometimes you will spend some time here giving them some advice. And sometimes what he would do is that he would get up and walk around the lawn who or a different hobby, he would make his visits. This is the time when he would probably go and see a person who's sick who's ill and make his second visit if he was to make a

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visit at this time. Anyway, if the if it was summertime, then the Prophet salaallah Harrison would delay the hot and it was wintertime the props. Let's pray that the hot a little early. Why because of the heat he didn't want us to have to come out in such heat. Don't forget that the muscles of the person lost touch root, a thatched roof with with palm fibers. So they used to be you know, rain they used to fall inside the machine and they used to be heat that would come directly inside the machine. So the roof will last long and he would call for vote he would leave your Florida office or again he would be back in his quarters. Sometimes very rarely he would give you a reminder after the

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vote but he would probably be in his quarters and he would be in his sort of private I'm all the way to the comes to the awesome

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Time. Now when when asked if time would come, the profit or loss on wood would lead to prayers. And there's a number of things he would do, there's about three different things that come in the durations of what the actual loss would do. One of the things he would do is he would, he would, and he would do this regularly, because he had a few wives, he would gather in the house on that one wife, and all the other ones will come to that house. And he would see all of his wives at this moment, and he would listen to them. And he would listen to what their needs are. And he would, if he needs needed something, he would go and get it if you have to. And you know, this was the time

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when he actually saw all of his wives day on a regular basis after us. Now, otherwise, he would have spent his 24 hours with that one particular wife, and then the rest of us would spend time with his Sahaba robiola on my mind, by going out and going for a walk. This is the time when they were able to spend some time outside of the masjid with the props and lost them in a walk where he would be in the middle. And he would walk you know, nice now in a gentle manner with him where they would, some of them are ahead of him. Some of them are behind him. And he would he would spend some time with them. Sometimes it's described that he would go after us into a garden, there was a garden

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immediately in front of the masjid, where one of the Sahaba he had, he had donated it. And the Prophet Lawson would go in that you had four walls, he had a lot of greenness in there, he had some spring of water in there. And the Protestants would often go inside, they sit there he will do the vicar of Allah. And he would be in reflection, and he would remember last.

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And sometimes the Prophet lost him at this moment, he went to the marketplaces, and he would go there, and you would see how the Sahaba or the Allahabad mine, that dealing with the goods. And if you saw something where for example, if you saw that a Sahabi is sort of not dealing with not dealing fairly, or with honesty, the notion of loss and loss from sooner was not to immediately speak to the Sahabi. In that place, he would wait for the Sahaba to come to the masjid wait for that individual to be in the masjid as well. And then he would give a general speech. This was this was one of the first lessons that he wouldn't target someone specifically with something negative. And

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it was very, very rare that the person would do that unless it was very, very important, or something, you know, like, like an emergency situation. Otherwise, the person would say something like, Whosoever cheats is not from us. Not that's how he would say his statement. So that everyone who's sitting there would have to think, is he talking about me? He wouldn't say, well, you're the you're the cheater, you're the one who's cheated. Now, this was a wonderful way of the prompts and allows addressing people. So I would look out to the marketplace to see how they how they are, you know, giving people that the goods, he will hear a lot of statements to make sure that the market

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was fair, that the goods work being given given in a fair way. So for example, if you had the fresh dates, which are the softer dates, and they were piled on in front of a shopkeeper, and there were dry dates underneath, and don't forget, the dry dates are the cheap ones. And the fresh dates are the more expensive ones. So the person sometimes would advertise the fresh dates and give a scoop of the dry and fresh dates together. And this was cheating and the fraudsters would would address that. So anyway, he spent his time here. Don't forget whenever he's inside the masjid, in the daytime even in the morning times, or even afterthought sometimes and after us or sometimes he would give give a

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speech whenever he will do that the Jewish people in Medina, they will be able to come inside the masjid and they will be able to sit and listen just as the Muslims are listening. Okay, this is very clear in the Quran, that the non Muslims of Medina were invited to come to the masjid anytime they wanted to listen to the speech of the person the last and so this is one process, okay, he's coming back to his quarters for for Muslim, he would lead the monthly prayers. And he would he perhaps sometimes in some region that is there that he will do some extra Nova for prayers after monthly prayers. And you know, some say that that's weak, but nonetheless, the profit and loss of them would

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then be again in his private quarters. And one of his in his protocol is his ego remembering the last vigil he might be reading for and he might have been doing something else something that he needs to do for himself. This was time for himself. I was Aha. So how about the Allahabad mind they say that he used to divide his time to three, he divided 1/3 for his Lord 1/3 for people and 1/3 for himself, whether it's sleep or eating and so now just talking about eating the proper allowance after Madrid. So he had he had no he never had three set meals, never Okay, if he ate at one time, he wouldn't eat enough and they say if he ate at some time he wouldn't eat at lunchtime. He would

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miss his lunch at lunchtime in Mississauga. And what was his food? his food was hunger. His food food was a hunger except if there's something there that he ate it and a lot of people talk about what what did he eat okay. He ate

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Sometimes you eat some meat or sometimes a to vegetables, people come to descriptions of what he ate and they want to have loads of it. Well, the best thing to know about the professionalism is that his food was very simple. And whatever was there, he ate from it, okay, they just put it in front of him. And you know, there are there are a lot of edits and adapts with eating but nonetheless, the biggest thing was the props Lawson would eat whatever was in front of me if he liked it, and he ate if he didn't like it, then he would just leave it that's what his his

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his sooner his sooner was so don't go to this heavy thing about you know how much he ate. He ate just a little, just a little to keep himself going. And sometimes they never had anything to eat. And most of us lost my hair like three months once when two whole months but three full moons that have gone by between those two months. Okay, so starting from a full moon to another full moon to another full moon you can have two months where the stove in the proximal as my house did was not even lit. Okay. And what did they live on the lake he lived on water and dates. So anyway, this is a reminder for us especially when we are doing this fast and so on. What is it that we should be

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thinking about when it comes to food he shouldn't you know, he never filled in he never overfilled is some sort of never in his life. They say that he did that salad last January after Madrid, often between Malaysia a normal day would be his food time. And if it was was a an afternoon meal, then he would have it before he would have a nap a siesta before so this was when the process on before the holidays to lie down and get you know get he get a stretch. Sometimes you're sleeping this sometimes he wouldn't sleep in this. And this was this was a way of him refreshing himself because he's too used to sleep very little. Now after modeling that when a child is coming the Bronx often leads the

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shoppers now if he's going to have any secret meetings with this, how sobre la Hama, nine, this was the time when the Prophet sallallahu would have secret meetings with with he just a few Sahaba is something that would have been very, very important. And he didn't want the general Sahaba to know about this, because many of his plans were those plans where others should not know what he's doing. And that's how the process and plan things. Now, when it comes to after a show the process immediately went to sleep. He didn't like people, you know, sometimes he had his meetings otherwise he would go immediately to sleep. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would would also when he would

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go to sleep, he would he would put his you know, sleep on his right hand side. First, you read his glass, you read his the number of things that he used to read, I need to mention this after my live and after further if you want to find out certain doors, which were very, very important for our protection, that find a book on the internet called his non Muslim, or it's called the fortress of a Muslim. There are many doors that are very authentic in there, which will suit us a lot as we used to recite after a father and after Maverick. And these are really important for our general protection, and then the verses and once he sleeps, then he would get up again in the night. And

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By grazing, this allows them will give you 70 times more. So that's like 21,000 pounds you would have raised just by raising 313 pounds, okay? It's a very, very simple challenge we want every all our participants shala to, to be in this and if you're able to do this insha Allah, what we're going to do is we're going to take all the names of all the individuals who participated in this, we're going to put it into a ballot and the winner inshallah, after Ramadan, the winner will get once they open the Amara, again, for people, we're going to give a five star on our package to the person to one person on all these all these people who join inshallah, that's a treat for those people who

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join in this campaign. May Allah bless all of us and bless you as well. Please don't forget to click this before you end this and this session, I'm going to make a very short on tomorrow's topic is going to be about descriptions of Gemini insha Allah, Allah says Allah subhana wa Anima 100 Wanda and he was right, Allah will ask you to give us blessings in our health in our wealth. He was blessings in all the things that you are given to us. Allah will ask you to give us all the goodness wherever you've written for us in this world or in the next world to save us from every single evil wherever it is, whether it's in this world, the next world, whether it's close, or it's far away, we

00:31:17 --> 00:31:58

ask you to bless all of us who are part of this drama, whether it's right now or this in the future people listening and watching this will ask you to give us the Baraka and the blessings of Ramadan to change our lives for the data forever. And for us to be the closest to you and on the day when we pass away to be to have a happiest day on that day. So a lot a lot 100 200 109 and I mean, I'd like you to please click that right now if you can please just go to the description and 20 seconds register and then we will our team will take it from there inshallah they'll even help you with a phone call anything if you need any help Zach from Ohio Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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