Ali Hammuda – This is why they adored him

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a person who saw a human being and was a perfect prototype of all values he called for, leading them to become generous and be generous towards people. The person was the most generous of all people and was the king of his wealth. The speaker also describes a woman who saw a man who was generous and caring and eventually recognized the ground and went on to do so.
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why all of this love? Now we ask? What was it that they saw in him that caused this obsession? Dear brothers and sisters? What did they see? What did they hear, allow me to explain some of what they saw.

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They saw in him a human being

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who was a perfect embodiment of all of the values that he called towards. He invited them to be good people than they saw in him the best of them all. He commanded them to be brave.

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And so he was the bravest of all people. You look at his bravery, you would think that Allah had only sent him to rearrange the armies to appoint the generals, to lead the warriors to strengthen the hearts of the soldiers when they were weak. Al Bara he would say, whenever the intensity of war would become severe, we would hide behind the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were Industrija I mean, you have Evie and the bravest companion would be the one who would be able to stand side by side with him on battle because he was advancing allihies Serato. Sir, he didn't feel that

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he commanded them to be generous. They saw in him the most generous of Allah's creation, describing him like the wind that blows and scatters money. You're ugly, haha, I'm an actual fact spending on people as if he does not fear poverty. He was the king of his wealth. His wealth was not the king of him, his feet was not in his his money was not in his heart, his money was beneath his feet. This is where we make a mistake, dear brothers and sisters money did not manipulate him, he manipulated his money, where he sourced it from and how he invested it, to use his money as a vehicle to bring him to Jannah he was the most generous of all people, you would think that Allah had only sent him to

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spend on the poor, and to pay the debts of those in need.

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He commanded the Muslims to be compassionate and gentle.

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You look at him alayhi salatu salam, and you will think Allah had sent him for no other purpose other than to Paris, a gentle caring hand over the head of the orphan

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and to support the widow

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to give encouraging advice to those who are let down.

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And to respond to the invitations of the downtrodden in society, and to eat from their food, even if it was about to go off he would not break their hearts and visit those who are handicapped and disabled. You would think Allah had sent him for no other reason other than to be compassionate and kind.

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He commanded his companions to be worshipers of Elijah legit Allah so what did they see in him? A marvel of Allah Shiva.

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A man who would fast continuously pray at night continuously to Allah Almighty would say to him, take it easy on yourself.

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A man whose feet would grow in size because of swelling and pain, whose skin would crack because of continuous solder, a man who would soak his beard and the soil beneath him and his clothes from his own tears and his wife would be patting the bed, patting the soil to see where the husband has gone

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and their hands would fall on his feet. As he was bowing and prostrating to Allah agenda. In the masjid, they would say you are in one place and we are in another's worship.

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A man who frequently looked into the heavens and frequently looked onto the earth. He recognized the ground knew of Elijah and I wash it off

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