Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 203B Tafsir Al-Ankabut 1-4

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of "fitna fitna" and how it can lead to hardships and negative experiences. It touches on the importance of knowing one's own abilities and abilities to the best, and how individuals can overcome challenges in life to reach their full potential. The segment also touches on the challenges faced by believers when faced with actions of their God and the importance of acceptance and research before making predictions. The difficulty of life is discussed, including the struggles of believers and their parents' struggles, the negative reactions caused by actions of their father, and the need for hardship and continuous monitoring of behavior to avoid harming others.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Surah two lon carboot Surah two uncoupled is also a murky Surah

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim le flam mean Hadith Macaca

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a hassy by NASA, do the people think au Turaco that they will be left a Kulu to simply say, Munna we believe we're home Let us turn on and they will not be tried. People think wrong. They should not think like this. And if land meme has Nakata generally in the Quran, when a God come at the beginning of a surah the honor that follows is about the Quran. Like for example, cough one Quran Al Majeed, the Glorious Quran he has seen while Quran Al Hakim the wise Quran Alif Lam mean Valley Kalki tabula rasa Buffy This is a book in which there is no doubt but over here what is mentioned is the result of believing in the Quran. The result of bringing Quran into your life and what is that

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result? Difficulty. What is that result? hardship? What is that result? Fit? Nah.

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Allah says a hassy been NASA do the people think

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this is a stiff ham a question and interrogation and this is for the purpose of incar for rejection or for Toby for reproach that How could you think like this? Why do you think like that? You should not think like this A Hasib a NASA do the people think and the word has Seba is from Haseen BA and hassy by means to count, to think to reckon something to be so to suppose. So do this think do this suppose a Utako that they will be left on your own no to say

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we believe do they think that they will be left to say we believe and then life will be a breeze? Well, hello, you've done and then they will not be tried. Then they will not experience fitna in their lives. They think wrong. They shouldn't think like this, because when a person says I'm a no arm until then what does it mean that immediately a person will be tested. Immediately there will be fitna there will be hardship in his or her life. What is fitna fitna for ternoon is basically an empty hand be Shuddha taka leaf. It is a test and examination with severe difficulties and hardships. Meaning it's not an easy test. It's not an easy exam. It's not an easy trial. It comes

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with a whole lot of problems. It comes with a whole lot of pain with a whole lot of difficulty. And this fitna over here, this will be a result of war of Eman. You see Eman is not just a statement that is uttered. Imagine having faith to be a believer doesn't mean to simply pronounce EMA to simply pronounce the shahada to simply say I believe a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasool Allah say that I believe is a component of Eman. There are other parts of iman also, what are the what are the components of iman is the belief that a person holds in his heart the actions that a person performs in their heart, like having hope and Allah subhanaw taala being

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patient for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala all the components of Eman is also the words that a person utters part of them is the Shahada. All the components of a man is also the actions that a person performs, like for instance, Allah, like for instance, wearing the hijab. Now if the man was just about saying, I believe then Yes, life would be very easy.

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Right? I mean, as you just say, I believe I love God. Right? Simple. That's it. And then you do whatever you want.

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If people tell you to do something, you do it. If they oppose you in something, you leave it if people support you in something, you do it. If people make something difficult for you, you leave it but that's not what the man is about. Email is about changing your life. Imagine is about doing those actions which Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do, leaving those actions that Allah does not want you to do. And when a person will bring such a change in their life, then what will they face?

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What will this person face in his life difficulties fitna? What kind of fitnah internal and external? A person will have to fight himself and the person will also have to face people

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internal light for example, a person has to battle himself in order to get up for Salah. A person has to overcome himself in order to convince oneself to speak the truth.

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A person has to force themselves to sit down after Salah and do the car.

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You have to face deal with internal challenges your own desire, your own horror, your own knifes is such a big hurdle. It's such a big fitna. And then there's also external obstacles on this path. Like for example, the criticism of people, their lack of support, and not just lack of support their opposition, very overt opposition. So, a Hasib a nurse who I eat Roku a corner on our home life afternoon, when a person will believe he will certainly be tested. So over here, our thinking is being corrected. That you think he man is that simple. Just say you believe Hello OS. It's enough to say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. No, no way. This life is a test. And every believer, every person

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who believes man or woman, younger old teenager, or whoever going to school or going to work, single or married, being having children or being childless, whatever, whoever we are, when there is a man, there will be tests and trials in one's life. The Prophet sallallahu sallam was asked that who is tested most severely? And he replied, the prophets

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and then the righteous, and then the next best, a person is tested according to the level of his faith.

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A person is tested how, according to the level of his faith, because this is Allah sunnah. This is Allah's way that he tests his beloved servants. Why? What's the reason? To see who is really true in his Eman? Who's really true, who is just saying, I believe, and who really means it from his heart. He was a man just, you know, on his mouth and was a man deeply anchored deeply rooted in his heart.

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These tests are for exposure, exposure before who Allah subhanaw taala. And also so that we know ourselves, sometimes believers are tested so that their ranks are elevated,

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and also for their growth. Because if you think about it, if we don't face challenges in life, how would we go? Why would we go? You know, when things become too easy? Then you have to go to the next level,

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isn't it? You must go on to the next level. Like, for example, if you say that I'm really good at grade eight, math, you know, so I'm just good here. I don't want to do math in high school class, I just want to stop here. No, we have to do it. You have to do it.

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Right? When something becomes too easy for you, that means you have to rise to the next level. And when you rise to the next level, is it going to be easy? No, it's not, it is going to be challenging. But if those tests if those difficulties don't come in your life, how would you grow? How would you improve? How would you increase? So Allah allows believers to suffer from great afflictions? Why? Because without these afflictions, how would they grow spiritually? How would they grow in their strength? And how would they grow in their numbers even?

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How would it because if you think about it, if the Muslims did not face so much opposition in Makkah, and using the news would spread everywhere?

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Would it spread everywhere? No. So many people who came in to Makkah to perform hajj, what would happen? The machine would warn them, don't listen to this man. Don't listen to this man. And one of the people who came into Makkah, he said, Yes, I'm not going to listen to this man. And then he thought to himself, he said, Well, I'm a doctor. Let me go help this man. So he went to help the Prophet salallahu Salam, and he was in fact helped. Right? So he believed.

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So it was the propaganda that brought him to Islam. It was the the fitna that the Muslims were experiencing that brought so many people to Islam. So when believers are tested, there is fade in that it's not because Allah has abandoned us. It's not because Allah has hated us know, when a person has Eman, this is something that is a sign that Allah loves this person. Because in a hadith we learned that Allah subhanaw taala gives worldly riches, worldly things to everybody, those who he likes and also those whom he does not like. But Allah gives Eman to only those whom he likes.

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Imagine having a man is a sign that Allah loves a person. And after that he man they will be trialed, there will be difficulties. And we see this in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even Miss Earth dropped below and who said that the first people to publicize their Islam were seven. It was obviously the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu then a mouth wrote the Longhorn who, then his mother Sumaiya, then Souhei Bilal and make that. As for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Allah protected him through his uncle Abu Talib to the people can really harm the Prophet sallallahu sallam. As for other bucket, Allah

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protected him through his tribe. So again, people couldn't really harm Abu Bakr, Abdullah or anything. But as for the rest of them, the machete cone caught them.

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And they clothed them with coats of iron, and left them in the sun to burn.

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You see, imagine if a person has iron next to their body in the heat, what would happen to that iron to that metal, it would become extremely hot.

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They force them to wear such gods, and then they would leave them in the sun to burn, then there was none among them, except that he sat down what they wanted him to say. Why, just to get out of that torture. And obviously, when they said it, they didn't mean it from their hearts. They just said it in order to get out of that torture, except for Bilal, for indeed he considered himself very insignificant for Allah.

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He considered himself very insignificant for Allah, meaning he didn't even think his life had much value, that if he suffered, if he died in the way of Allah, Allah is worthy of that. He believed that Allah who was worthy of that, and he was considered insignificant by his people, even

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he was considered insignificant by his people, meaning people did not give much honor to him anyway. Because Bella Bella Huang, who, after all, who was he, a slave. So they gave him two youths who dragged him in the streets of Makkah.

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Imagine tied up from his neck, or from his feet, and being dragged in the streets of Makkah. And Bilal would only say ahead, ahead, ahead, ahead.

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You see, the fact is that when a person believes he is binding himself in a transaction with Allah subhanaw taala, because what does he want Jana, and the way to gender is surrounded with difficulties with hardships. Therefore, in order to reach gender, one has to go through tests, a person has to go through difficulties. So over here, this misconception is being clarified that don't assume that because of your email, life will become easy. Isn't that what we generally think?

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Even though we generally think that Oh, I prayed Marisha really well last night. So you know what, today I'm going to have my exam. It should be so easy.

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It should be so easy.

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Right? We expect ease, comfort in this life because of the good that we're doing. Here as this is teaching us that when you have Iman, you will be tested. While ecard uncertainly for 10. Now we tested a Levine and cobbling him. Those before them. People before us because of their Eman. They were tested. Or the Boo. Were all who were booty boo. They were hurt. They were tortured. They were beaten. familia Allah mana. So Allah will certainly know. familia lemon Allah, Allah will certainly know Olivia Sadako those who are truthful when a ja lemon Melkor Debian and certainly surely ALLAH who also know those who are liars. So what's the message of this idea that no believer of any era,

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or any place shall be spared from trials?

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No believer at any time, whether they lived at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam, or they lived at the time of film, or the read before if at all? Are they lived in the 19th century? Are they lived in the 20th century or the live in the 21st century or they will live in the 25th century? More era, no place. It doesn't matter what time we're living in. It doesn't matter what place we are living in. It's our iman, when we will have faith when we will believe then tests will become a part of our lives. Why? Because it's very

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Easy to say I believe it's very easy to make big claims. I love you for the sake of Allah. It's very easy to say things like that. But to prove it, to live, it is what matters. Jannah is not attained by lip service, it is attained by action, sincerity, which is why we see that there was a person who believed at the time of Battle of Hiber, a slave, he believed. And when he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, Dr. Silva, should I embrace Islam first, or should I just join the battle?

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Defending the Muslims, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, embrace Islam first. So he accepted Islam, and then he put his life in danger, such a big thing he did. He fought and you know what, he actually died in that battle.

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And the prophets of Allah Islam praised him that he's done very little. Apparently not even a single Salah he performed.

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But it's taken him so far. What is it that mattered? It was his faith, it was his sincerity.

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So when I got Fatima Medina and cuddling him, Allah will certainly test everybody. Follow ya. Mmm, Hola. Hola, Dena Sadako wala Yala, Manuel Caribbean, this is the reason for tests and trials. What is the reason that Allah is going to distinguish the truthful ones from the liars? Doesn't Allah already know?

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Who's truthful in their claim? I believe and who was lying? Who's faking it? Doesn't Allah already know? Allah knows? And what does it mean by this fella? Yah, lamina. This, this knowledge is of my Shahada of observation that Allah will observe.

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And it's also observed that Allah will make evident, because Allah subhanaw taala is fair, he knows the reality of people, but he tests them, and he sees what they do, because that is his justice. That is His justice. This is just like, if you go to school, right? You enroll yourself in a course. And you're basically skipping classes, you don't get your readings done. And when it comes to tests, you don't have a very, you know, positive attitude over there. Would it be fair for the professor to just fail you?

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Would it be fair?

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Yes, no, I don't think so. If a professor did that with you, and university, what would you do? This is wrong, it's my right to write the exam, you should base my results on my exam, not on my attendance, unless there is a mark for attendance. Right? So even though the professor knows that the student is going to fail, or the student is going to ace the exam, doesn't give the marks before the actual exam? When does he give the marks when, when everyone gets a chance to write the exam? Allah already knows what each person is going to do. But Allah puts people in tests so that it is made evident what the reality of people is.

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And in this ayah, Allah is teaching us that Allah has always tested people. This is a fact. So if you want Jana, you prove that you want Jim.

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Look at the example of Ibrahim I said, I'm Iran, he lied, he said, I was thrown in the fire. I see the life of fit on our hands and feet were nailed with pegs. The people who believed in you know the Lord of the boy and remember the story of the boy and the king.

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That this boy basically he was appointed by the king to learn magic. And instead, he believed in Allah, what happened, the king got really upset because people started believing in whatever this boy was telling them. So the king wanted to kill the boy. And he made several attempts. This is a Hadith reported in Muslim, he made several attempts to kill the boy but he wasn't able to so the wall said that you cannot kill me, unless you say Bismillah.

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So what you can do is gather everybody in one place. Okay? Tiny up somewhere and shoot an owl towards me. But say Bismillah

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in the Name of Allah, the Lord of this boy.

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So what happened? The king said, Okay, fine, I'll do that to get rid of you. So he did it and the boy actually got killed, and everybody believed in Allah subhanaw taala. Everybody believed in Allah Subhana Allah. So the king got so angry that he had ditches, dug ditches and he filled them with fuel with fire. And anyone who said I believe in the Lord of the boy was thrown into that ditch and this is mentioned in the Quran in surah BlueJ as have a look, no, there were thrown in the fire, ditches of fire. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam left Makkah because his life was in danger. Bilal was dragged through the streets of Makkah, this is something that is up

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Part of a believers life he she will be tested the Sahaba hubbub of the law and who he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once and this was in Mecca before the Hijra. And he said that we complain to the Prophet salallahu Salam while he was sitting in the shade of the Kaaba leaning over his boat. And we said to him, you're rasool Allah, will you not pray for us?

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We have been tortured and who have battled low and who was tortured, raised severely. I mentioned to you his story earlier. That how because he was also a slave. Right, the way he warned him how she but you know what he robbed of iron and wood brand his back with it.

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And he had such marks on his back and on his stomach that people couldn't even look at it.

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So this is how bad Rob Lowe and who come into the pockets of Allah as I'm saying, once you pray for us, look at the situation that we're in. How much are we supposed to suffer? The prophets of Allah salaam said, among the nations before you, a believing man would be put in a ditch and a saw would be put over his head, and he would be cut into two pieces. Yet that torture would not make him give up his religion. His body would be clothed with iron combs that would remove his flesh from the bones and nerves, yet that would not make him abandon his religion.

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So it doesn't matter whether somebody lived 1000s of years ago or they're living today, we think our life is more difficult as Muslims would we are suffering from the petty trials near the small difficulties that we suffer for in the way of Allah are nothing compared to the hardships that people have to suffer before us. Our hardship as well. That we have to walk to the masjid to to learn the Quran as opposed to drive

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through my legs are hurting

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and I get really tired. This is our hardship. And we complain about that. So remember before victory will be hardship before success will be suffering. Before achievement. There will be sacrifice fitna is a pre requisite to success. It's a prerequisite without fitna without hardship. without suffering. There is no success. Because the thing is that life is difficult for everybody,

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isn't it? It's difficult for everybody. Even people who don't believe in Allah they suffer. Even people who reject the very existence of God, even they suffer from physical disabilities and physical conditions. It's well known it's understood life is all about toils Allah subhanaw taala says he sort of baccarat 155 one and a blue one Lacan behind him in a healthy world Jewry were not seminal and while he was unfussy what some are out that we will certainly test you and this includes everybody all types of tests, but especially the believer is tested and sort of earlier Imran i 142. Allah says mmm hmm septum and that whole janitor, to do you think that you will enter Jannah just

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like that Willem nyalam Allahu Allah Dena Jaha, Domenico.

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Insert Muhammad I have 31 Allah says, well, in a blue one icon, we will test you had an animal Mujahideen and commerce forbidden. Whenever you are about to come we will test you until the patient are distinguished from the rest the Mujahideen those who strive in Allah's way are distinguished from the rest. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the example of a believer is that of a standing crop, which air or rather the wind continues to toss from one side to another. And you know what, the wind doesn't have to be very fast to blow crop from one side to the other.

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In the same way, a believer always receives the strokes of misfortune. You know, when you look out the window, you see a tree, right? And you see how the branches are just constantly moving, moving, moving, doesn't matter whether it's morning or afternoon or night time doesn't matter. I was being moved by the wind. This is how a believer is the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in the last minute, holy cow Morpha turnin per weapon, Messiah and a believer has been created such that he will be put in many trials, in fact done and he will be put in many, many trials, many trials, this is a fact.

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But we think so differently. You know, we wonder at times that If so and so is really following the Quran, then how can i Life is so difficult.

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How come?

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If sounds so is, you know, the Imam If so and so is your Halfhill then how come there's problems in their marriage? Or how come they're too

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When are sick? Or how come there's this condition they're suffering from and that condition they're suffering from, you know, we think that the more holy a person is, the more perfect his life should be.

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How does this idea teachers, these are Hadith? What do they teach us? That no hardship will be there. In fact, it might be even more.

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And every believer, his tests are unique to him.

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Some believers are tested through physical ailments, physical pain, you know, for example, as individuals, we might think that, oh, I have to try the hardest to study this course. Because I work five days a week, I only have two days off. And basically, I'm out of the house seven days a week, you know, we might think like that I have no break at all.

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Whereas there could be another person who is studying five days a week.

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And there could be another person who is doing something else five days a week, and then they're coming on the weekend, there is another person who is suffering from some physical condition, chronic back pain, or knee issue, or something else, or another person who's suffering from an even greater problem in their family life. Everyone has their own set of trials, their own set of difficulties, and tests. Some people are tested through their families. And you know, sometimes the whining of children

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you know, or for example, the rudeness of family members or their lack of support, and that is a test.

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You know, when you're leaving in the morning, you're scared.

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There might be a reaction, there might be a reaction, somebody might get upset, somebody might get upset. And then when you get home, you're like, everything. Okay? It's like you're walking on eggshells, literally. So this is also a test. It doesn't mean that you should stop what you're doing. It means keep checking your intention. Keep checking your behavior, keep fulfilling your obligations, and keep going. There is fitna there is test.

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Allah says I'm Hacienda or did he think who are Lavina Yama, Luna, say he, those who do evil deeds as the owner, that they will outrun us? They will get ahead of us. Yes, be cleaner from subaqua to get ahead. Those who do evil deeds, do they think that they can outrun us? Sir ma caumon. Evil is what they judge those who persecute the believers. Because while the believers are suffering from Phaeton, there's the other group of people who are imposing those difficulties upon them. Right? So for example, below the low on who was suffering, and then there were people who were torturing him. Right. So people who were torturing now the criminals are being mentioned that those who do evil

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deeds, what are their say at persecution of the believers? Do they think that they can get away that they can run away that they can go on abusing the believers and we will not seize them, we cannot punish them. bad judgment, because certainly we can seize them. And we will. Because Allah subhanaw taala gives respite to the wrongdoer, and eventually seizes him, for our own oppressed the bunny sloth eel for years, but eventually he was drowned. People of new Alayhis Salam harassed new hotness around for years, eventually they were drowned. Our Moon showed off, and he was arrogant for a very long time. And eventually he was swallowed by the Earth. Abu Jehol was killed, Abdullah had died a

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horrible death, any enemy of Islam, any enemy of Allah, just go through, go through the list this thing about the list, and you will see that every single person who opposes Allah, every single person who hurt the believers, his end was not pretty.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:19

He was eventually seized. And even if you think about it, in general terms, I when you study history, you always come across people who were very oppressive dictators or very oppressive rulers and what happened eventually. Are they still moving?

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Well, they're not what happened is actually they met their end. Eventually, they died eventually they lost all their power and who are they fuckin now how are they empty handed dislike? What they had did not avail them. And also, this is understood in another way. There is another interpretation of this is that um, has he been Latina, Yama, Luna, sejati ESB, Kona, those who are committing sins, do they think that they can outrun us? No sins have consequences? If a person has committed a sin if a person has disobeyed his Lord and

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He has not repented, he can never escape Allah's grip. Never.

00:30:05 --> 00:30:15

Eventually, the person will be caught for the sin that he has committed. And sometimes the consequences of the sins is in the form of difficulties in life.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:18

Remember that tasks are always for a reason.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:24

Right? And they're also for the purpose of purification. One of the reasons is purification.

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And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala puts us in tests, why he puts us in hardship. Why, so that we realize our sins, so that returned to him in repentance. So sometimes the difficulties the trials that we're facing, is because of what

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because of what our own psyche adds, like, for example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, there is no sin more fitted, in addition to the punishment that is in the Hereafter, except for two sins, combining these two sins are such that a person is punished for them even in this life. What are those sins, oppression, and,

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and severing ties of relationship?

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Imagine if a person has severed their blood ties with one of their relatives. And I think I'm reciting so much Quran, you know, I don't talk to my relatives, I don't care about them at all. Because they waste my time.

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And I'm using all my time for the deen of Allah. And then what happens? The deen of Allah becomes difficult for us. Well, that difficulty could very well be because of our attitude with our relatives.

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You understand?

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You know, sometimes we wonder, why is it that my parents are not supporting me in my decision to wear hijab when my decision to wear Elia, because they're fed up with your attitude.

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I'm sorry to say that. But this is a reality. They're fed up with our stubbornness with our rudeness. They cannot handle our arrogant attitude in the house, that constantly we're looking down on them.

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They're sick of it.

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And they think that getting you in control means forcing you to take off your hijab. And that is what they said as a condition. Now, if you want to be an obedient child, take that off.

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But you see why we were put into this fitna because of our bad attitude in the first place. Anytime you know somebody comes to me with a problem like that, I always tell them, instead of thinking about your hijab, asking me whether you should take it off or keep it on, work on your relationship with your parents, be good to them. Be good to your husband, be good to your relatives. Don't answer back, don't be rude, and then see if they support you or not.

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Then see if they support you or not. So the problem is really our own misdeeds. No one's a little a little angry he made dua he prayed is to stop prayer for rain. And he said Allahumma Inaho, lamium ZIL Bella Ellerbee them been, Oh Allah, the more trial comes except because of a sin. Meaning a trial comes only because of sin. Well, I'm Yaksha elaborate Overton and it is not removed except with repentance.

00:33:20 --> 00:33:33

This is why has an adversary he said to the Muslims when they were suffering at the hands of her judgment use of that fight her judgment use of not with your swords, but with your history.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:45

If you want to fight him, if you want to defeat him this oppressor, then raising your swords, raising your weapons is not going to help you because he's got more than you.

00:33:47 --> 00:33:55

What you need to do is seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala hijab has been imposed on you because of your actions because of your sins.

00:33:57 --> 00:34:46

So never think that our sins are not going to have consequences. Our disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala is not going to affect us, it's definitely going to affect us. This doesn't mean that every difficulty is always because of our sins. Know what this means? Is that our time of difficulty, especially when it's coming in the way of Dean, then look to yourself, find your mistakes. admit them before Allah say your turn off to be them be Oh Allah, I acknowledged my sin. I know how I am with my parents. I know I do not give them their help. I know. I confess them. I admit them. You helped me, forgive me for my shortcomings. And you give me the strength to respect my parents to

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

deal with them properly. Because unless and until we deal with the root problem, the surface problems are not going to go away. It's the root problem that needs to be dealt with. You see unis on this and I'm What did he say last?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah you are perfect Allah you are Justin you are fair. In the continuum of holy meat, I am at fault. I am wrong.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:19

If I am suffering from this problem, it's my fault. So you forgive me for my sin. I'm acknowledging number for you. Let's listen to the recitation.

00:35:21 --> 00:35:28

Um has he been Lavina Allah Luna C, D yes be buena

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Bismillah Manu Wahoo wahi earliest

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me a hassy

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along levena

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