Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 202A Translation Al-Qasas 68-88

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a variety of topics, including stoping trials, receiving proposals, and receiving proposals to stop a trial. Some speakers mention Yelled's name and connection to Jesus, while others describe Yelled's name and various positions in various situations. The group also mentions Yelled's name and various positions, but it is unclear what they are talking about.
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said I'm working on what I had to lie here but I got through that whether we want to slowly or a lot of soda he'll get him a my birth Firoozeh bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Bish rally a Saudi UAE a Sidley Emery Wagner appdata melissani of Cabo Kohli. probenecid An aroma

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lesson number 203. Su Casa is number 68 to 88. Translation. What are Booker and your rub your local he creates ma whatever he or she will He wills way of tarot and he chooses, he selects MA Not Ghana, it was the home for them. I'll hear the choice Subhana Glory, Allah is of Allah. What are Allah and He is exalted. A man above what you Shikun they associate

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what a booker and your your Alonzo he knows ma what to keep it concealed. So do rowhome their chests warmer and what your Linoone they reveal? Wha hoo and he Allahu Allah La Notte ILAHA any god Illa except Hua he LA who for him Al hamdu the praise fee in El hola the first one euro and the last one a who and for him I'll hook move the judgment what Eli he and to him to your own you all will be returned to say our item Have you considered in if Jeolla he made Allahu Allah or lay come upon you and Leila the night Salma then continuous Illa till yo de lpm the standing man who Illa who God are you other than Allah Allah decom he will come to you believe with light a fella do the not this

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maroon you all here cool say our item Have you considered in if Darla he made Allahu Allah or lay come upon you and the hara the day Selma then continuous Isla to yo de LTM are the standing man who Ilhan God Vairo other than Allah, Allah decom he will come to you belaying with night, the schooner you will rest feeding in it a fella do that not doable soon you will see woman and from Rama de His mercy, Darla. He made Lacan for you and Leila the night when the hara and the day. Let us go No. So you will rest fi in it, while he Tabitha who? And so you all seek men from fugly? He his bounty while I look at them and so that you that karoun You are grateful? Where Yoma and Andi Yuna de Him

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He will call them for your Kulu so he will say, uh, you know, where should I care? He my partner's Alladhina those who come to you were does remove you all assert

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one Czarna and we drew out men from Cali every Oh Martin nation, Shahidan a witness for color. So we said hello to you all bring Berhad ACOEM you're approved proof for early mu. So they came to know and that indeed, I'll have the truth. Lila is for Allah. Wa Birla and it was lost on home from them. Ma what Kanu they were you have Tarun? They fabricate in indeed, Aruna Qarun Kana he was made from home people Musa of Mousavi Salam

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fabrico. But he rebelled but he oppressed or lay him against them.

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What are they now who? And we gave him men from Al canoes? The treasures ma that in indeed my Fatiha who is keys? Let her know. Surely it weighs heavy

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Bill Rosberg with the group with the band. Only possessors. alcova of the strength is when Allah He said LA who for him, oh mu his people. Let's do not the fly. You exalt in Indeed, Allah Allah La not you Hibou he loves Alfre hain, those who exalt

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wobbly and seek femur in what? Dhaka he has given you, Allah

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who Allah a doubt the home akhira the last of the Hereafter

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Wallah and do not tensor you forget Nestle back your portion. Mina dunya from the dunya from the world what our sin and do good karma just as a center he did good Allahu Allah alayka to you. Wala and do not doubly you seek Alpha Masada the corruption fill in the earth in Allaha indeed Allah lair not you Hibou he loves Elmo sit in the Mischief Makers.

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Allah He said, In NAMA, indeed Norbert, Ooty to who I have been given it, Allah upon ailment, knowledge or in the with me,

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do WA and lamb not yet alum he knows or not that indeed, Allahu Allah, God, in fact, a halacha he destroyed men from poverty he before him, men from El karoun The generations man who Who was it, I should do more severe stronger men who then him who were done in strength, work through and more gym are in accumulation in collection wala and not use a loop he will be questioned on about the newbie him there since almajiri. Moon the criminals for Harada so he went out, Allah upon oh me he has people fee Xena D in his adornment. Allah He said Alladhina those who you read una they want their desire al Hayato the life of dunya of the world. Yeah, oh, later, if only would that Lana for us

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Mithila like similar. Ma what odia he was given Karuna karoun In know who indeed he led to surely possessor help when of share or leave Great.

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Well, Carla and he said Alladhina those who who do they were given a lot of the knowledge welcome water you. So Abu reward Allah of Allah Hi Ron is better Limon for who am Anna he believed what Urmila and he did Salah Han righteous, wala and not you will call her he will be granted it. We will call her he will be granted it ill except a sob rune the patient wants

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for herself nah. So we cause to swallow, we cause to sink be he with him will be daddy he and with his home or the earth firmer, so not Ghana, it was Lahu for him, men from fit attain any group the and surana who they helped him, Mindo Nila from other than Allah, wa and nor Ghana, he was men from a winter Slean those who help themselves those who defend

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what else by her and he became a Lavina those who doesn't know they wished they desired. Magana who his place his position, Bill amps by the yesterday yaku Luna, they were saying wake up Anna. Oh, in the indeed. Allahu Allah, ye basato he extends a risk of the provision. Lehmann for whom Yasha who he wills men from Revathi he his servants were coded and he restricts he ordains Lola if not on that Munna. He favored. Allahu Allah, our Lena upon us, la casa. Surely he goes to swallow. Bina with us. waker under who? Oh, indeed, he laughs not usually who he succeeds. Alkaff rune, the disbelievers

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thinker, that a doll the home Akira of the Hereafter Niger Aloha, we assign it.

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Lil Avena Levina for those who learn not UD Duna they want riilu One exaltation, fee in a lot the earth Wallah and nor Fussa corruption while arqiva To end the consequence. Lynwood Ducane for those who fear Allah, for those who adopt a

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man whoever Jetta he came Bill Hassan

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Now with the good fella who, then for him, Chiron is better minha than it woman and who? Jaya he came Bisaya with the evil fella so not huge as a he will be recompensed a Lavina those who are Milou they did say the evils Illa except ma what, Kano they were, they are Maroun they do indeed Allah the the one who follow, he has imposed he has made incumbent or later upon you, Al Quran the Quran Lord Dukkha surely one who returns you ILA, to my then destination, place of return.

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All say Rob be my Rob Barlow who is most annoying, man of who Gera he came Bill Gouda with the guidance woman and who who he fee in Berlin error mobian Clear.

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Warmer and not contact you were third do you hope you expect and that you will call? It is given a Laker Do you alkie taboo the book Illa except Ramadan or mercy? Middle Lubbock from Europe, fella so do not the Coonan you definitely be the hero and a helper. Little caffeine for the disbelievers Wallah and not yes What do Naka they definitely prevent you on from it versus Allah of Allah BARDA after it when only that it was revealed alayka to you whether and invite Illa to Rebecca your rub, Walla and do not the Coonan you definitely be men from a mushy cane. Those who do shake those who associate partners with Allah

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Walla and do not the other you invoke Mara with Allah He Allah, Isla Han a god have another layer not ILAHA any god Allah except who were he Kulu every che in thing Halle con one that is destroyed Illa except wedge her who his face the WHO for him. I'll hook me the decision where la he and to him to Jerome you all will be returned

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with the center the recitation

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Sudha and a law

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know well who Hola Hola

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Hola Hola.

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laners of Madden Eli

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to me John a long while

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men Isla

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de be late. The spoon IV Avila Tomasi O. Ye mill wash Matthew he

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held on he does want to be more integrated OMYA not only was he w double ugly you want

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to score on? Why oh my god him fail. He knows you're

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the zone Moon one has

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met Shahidan.

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badimo Have you ever been

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in a bottleneck

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about why

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in America

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Do you have all that will be lost but you only know

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if all

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in hola hola you will move everything while the Jelly Bean

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deck a lot

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water and I'll see you back I mean duniya well Axios got

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a long

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I said I've been in a lot

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of seething Paula here

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end our

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Nan Hua shell ushered to me

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while I was at one behemoth

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on the Harada me he is in it

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all a lady and I already do

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Dounia later

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on in Hubli now the walk on a lady

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Wallah you will have

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no saw the whole concept nervy he won't be daddy he'll

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be at all

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do you America

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not Allah hovers over this funny me

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up on Lola

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long while

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I've been

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doing Do

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you want to

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redo now

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you want to

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redo now

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fill up the Walla

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merge Bill has entered detail I

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when I

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I mean to say

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we have

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a lady

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or Dukkha ILA

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or b be

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a woman who have

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been one

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of all Egon keytab or Russian madam Big Bang

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Theory What I also do

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was you let's see Lake why.

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Because Delco

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shrinky 18 While

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long ILA

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Lucia in

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level you shook more isla. You total Joe

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