Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 195B Tafsir Al-Naml 1-6

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Lesson number 195 Surah to nema. I am number one to 26 We will listen to the recitation of the verses

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didn't get to

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who they

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are all in

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a Latina up Munna? Paula Are you? Tuna? Zanka

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bien Yachty whom you

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may know

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for whom Yama

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it can

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be your home

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we're in Tula upon

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don't hacky me gnarly.

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Sora to Neville is a monkey surah. And in this surah, we will learn about the story of Musa Salam, as well as the story of Solomon earlier he Salam and the queen of saba. And since this is a mucky Surah these stories are very, very relevant to the context in which the surah was revealed in because the prophets on a lot of Salam in Makkah, he was facing a lot of opposition. And with the stories he was given a lot of hope and a lot of comfort. Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, porcine DeLuca Aya to Quran these are the verses of the Quran were Kitabi mobian and a book that is clear ball scene. These are haruf Macatawa. The disjointed letters meaning the letters that are pronounced

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separately, but if you look at it, ball and scene, these are not sounds of the letters but the names of the letters. We don't say this as was

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no, we said as thought seen, we say the names of the letters. Because if you think about it, the sounds they can be pronounced by anybody. Isn't it? I mean, so many sounds are common. In so many languages. Yes, there are certain sounds which are unique to certain languages. But generally speaking, sounds are common all across different languages because sounds these can be made by anybody. But when it comes to these letters, when it comes to these letters, then the names of the letters are only known by who those who have knowledge of the language

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and the prophets of Allah. Listen, um, who was he? He was an Omi. He was unlettered. So Allah subhanaw taala gave him last seen Allah gave him the Quran Allah gave him in DeLuca ayah to Quran these are the verses of the Quran. And what Kitab in Moby and a book that is clear, now Quran and Clear Book, aren't they the same?

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These are the verses of the Quran.

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These are the verses of the Clear Book. So the Clear Book and the Quran, are they two separate entities are the same thing. They're basically the same. So why is it that the Quran has been described in this way, as if it was two different things Quran and Clearbrook? Why this end, in the middle, you see this and in the middle, what in the middle, this doesn't necessarily mean that these two are different. But it means that both of these are our qualities, they're the attributes of the same thing. This is similar to how a person might say, Madame came, who is a doctor and a mother and a sister and a wife and a friend. I mean, and and and it doesn't mean that you're talking about

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different mediums. No, it's the same money um, with all of these different characteristics, different attributes. So over here, this is for the purpose of attaching more attributes. So these are the verses of the Quran and a clear book meaning the Quran which is also a clear book. It's not just a book that is recited because Quran is from Allah that which is recited to this Quran, it is recited, but it's not just a mere recitation.

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meaningless recitation. No, it is a book that is clear in its contents in its message in its themes. And mobian It has been Wilder and more he'll be cliche encompassing everything that people need to know about. So this is the Quran clear, evident, comprehensive in total and am I 38? Allah says Marfa, Rockland, Phil Kitabi min shade, we have not neglected anything in the book, anything that people need to know it is in the book.

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Right after the disjointed letters, Allah says that this is a really clear, it's like saying on one hand, you don't know what this is. But this we're on is something you can actually know. Yes. That don't think it is impossible to understand the Quran, it is too difficult for you to comprehend its meanings know its meaning is clear. Yet, it is a book the likes of which you cannot produce yourself. You know, when something is simple and easy, you will think, Oh, it's so easy to do it. I can also do it. No, it's simple. The message is clear, easy to understand, but at the same time, you cannot produce anything like it. For after all, this is the word of who? Allah subhanaw taala his

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Who done a guidance? Well, Bushra and good news, Lil Momineen. For the believers, this Quran is guidance. Now what is who that mean? Guidance is of two types. One is the ELA instruction is shared.

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Like for example, you are informed of the way to a particular destination, you're given the instructions go right go left, take this road, don't take this eyelid go here. Don't go there. Right. This is shot. This is the Lala instruction. So the Quran is an instruction. Yes, it is. Many times when we talk about the Quran, we say it's a book of do's and don'ts. Where's it's beyond that? All right. But generally, this is what people understand the Scripture to be a book of law telling you what you're supposed to do what you're not supposed to do. So Quran is instruction. But that doesn't just mean instruction. It also means don't feel as in Morona assistance. All right. Like for

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example, when you think of a guide, a guide is not just telling you what you're supposed to do. They're also telling you how you're supposed to do it, how much were right with affection with gentleness, right? Like, for example, some instructors, what do they do do this, do this, do this, don't do this, don't do this. But others are like, they also teach you wisdom. You know, they give you insight into what you're doing. Right? Like for example, in some classes you will learn about, for instance, science. All right. This is how the system works. This is how the system works and Colosse. But then there's some other classes in which you don't just learn about science, you love

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science, you begin to appreciate it, it's on your mind. Right. So, Hoda is also Morona not just instruct but also help inspire direct. So the Quran, yes, it tells us what we're supposed to do. But at the same time the Quran is also a healing that in times of, you know, fear, sadness, the Quran really helps you come out of those dark situations. You know, for instance, you are very sad about something and you hear one I have the Quran, you read and I have the Quran and it's as if it just takes all your sadness away. This is Morona right, this is Allah's help that comes to a person through the book of Allah through the Quran. It isn't the Quran is speaking to you. Allah is

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addressing you in the situation that you're in. So who then the Quran is Hidayah you know, this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he taught the dog for sadness relief from sadness and what is that Aloma in the abductor ignore update. Now Celia DB added Melbourne via hook Mk. And towards the end of the doll and digital Quran Allah Lima or br Calvi were neurosurgery wa Jalla whose knee where they have a HMI welcome me that oh Allah you make the Quran the springtime of my heart in a springtime spring as opposed to winter. How is it? It's more colorful, brighter, happier, is it? There's more life? More warmth, right? Fragrance I mean everything it's so beautiful. So oh Allah

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bring color into my heart, through what through the Quran. Life into my heart through the Quran and make this the light of my heart. Make this something

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That will get rid of the sadness and the worry and the anxiety that I'm in. And the fact is that this is what the Quran does to a person once the Quran enters the heart of a person, it becomes true Hooda and if a person does not take this happiness and joy from the Quran that really his life is empty. So who then it's a guide, were Bushra and good news. Because when you take not just instruction, but also this guidance from the Quran, then the Quran is going to make you happy. It will make you happy, it will give you good news that will give you hope. This is for who little more money in for those who believe meaning not just everybody, not everybody but who? The believers. So

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whoever believes in Allah, then this Quran will be a guide for him. A source of constant inspiration, a source of hope, a source of happiness, a source of joy for him, for who, for the one who believes in Soto Toba 124 Allah says for a Medina avenue for that one, amen. Those who believe the Quran increases them in their belief in their Iman, instead of Muhammad is 17 Allah says well, Medina todo Zed home Houda Tahoe, taqwa home.

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That those who accept guidance, Allah increases them and guidance and he gives them their Taqwa. So, he gives them guidance upon guidance, and as a result of that,

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they are given the good news in the Quran also. And the ions Ruta Toba, that I mentioned earlier for a Medina avenue for Zaditor. Eman and we're homea steps you rune. Okay, well homea steps you don't is at the end of the idea that they also rejoice that once they come to learn of what is in the Quran, they become happy. So who then will Bushra limit meaning and levena? Who are the believers who receive guidance joy from the Quran? Who are they Alladhina up Munna Salah because it's quite possible that a person may say that Well, I read the Quran I don't feel happy. I read the Quran it only makes me more sad and worried and guilty. It's possible a person may say that well then there's

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something wrong that we're doing. The Quran is not meant to be a source of misery for us. It's meant to be a source of joy for us.

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The Quran is not meant to make our lives difficult. It's meant to make us free. Free. This is the purpose of the Quran. So if it's not working, then what's wrong? We're doing something wrong. Because meaning are not just those who say we believe but they also do certain things. What do they do Alladhina Yuki Munna Salah those who establish the prayer while you do not Xhaka and they give this occur while home Bill harati and they in the hereafter Have you okay known, they believe with conviction? They are certain three things are mentioned over here. Salah Zakka antiochene. What is Salah, Salah is

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Allah has call.

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Right? Allah subhanaw taala is calling us. It's the call of the Creator when the Creator causes creation. Come and ask me. Come and seek help from me. Er, Kannada, IACA necessary.

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And Zeca what is when you give to others?

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So Salah our Lord calls us how is the call to prayer made?

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How? How does it begin? Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. All right. So when we're called Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, what does it mean that Allah is great, greater, greater than what than what you're doing and anything that you could be occupied with. Now salah and the cat together are mentioned and many places in the Quran, we will find them mentioned together. Salah is for Islam, knifes it is for the Islam of ourselves. So it's basically for the purpose of correcting us. All right, and zakaah is lehle Mal. It is to fix the state of our money. Okay. Salah is for the purification of the soul. And the cat is for the purification of money. Okay, how does this purification happen?

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Five times a day when we're stopping what we're doing, stopping it going to Allah subhanaw taala what are we being trained for? What's the message that we are being taught

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Everything else is secondary? Who is important? Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, sometimes I wonder, really, I mean, logically, if you think about it from a very, very worldly perspective, very mathematical perspective, does it make sense that a person sleeps at 1130? Because he prayed, and then he's waking up at four o'clock, 435 o'clock to pray

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very few hours in the day. I mean, if you tell anybody, it's like, what are you doing? Take it easy on yourself. Sleep at 10 o'clock, wake up at seven o'clock, right? wake up at six o'clock. I mean, from a very worldly perspective, it doesn't make sense. In the summertime, this happens, right? Especially, you know, when it comes to children, who are now 10 years old, 11 years old, they have to pray a shine, they also have to pray their father, right. And so many mothers are telling me about how their son is like falling asleep, but they're, you know, making sure that their son is awake, so that he will Pratyusha and then for Fajr also there, it takes him so long to wake them up,

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but they have to do it.

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Right. But what is it that we are being taught even if a child has to go through this hardship of Frankish on time and further on time, which he has to write, what are we being taught, it doesn't matter whether you're sleeping or you're tired, or you're at school, or you're at work? Who is number one for you, who? Allah subhanaw taala it doesn't matter whether you're hungry, doesn't matter. So Salah is for the purpose of Islam, knifes purification of the soul, because very easily and quickly. We fall in love with so many things. We get so attached to so many things, whether it is our bed or photo work. You know, sometimes when you're in the middle of your assignment, you just

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read like 30 pages and then you're just putting everything down, you're putting all your thoughts down and then what happens you have to go for slides getting later and later and later. So you have to stop, go operate and then come back. Even that experience, what does it teach you? Who is more important? Allah subhanaw taala. So Salah teaches us true servitude to Allah subhanaw taala because five times a day we are cut off, we are pulled away we are taken away from whatever we are doing. Whatever it is, even if it's the middle of a very intense match, right? Whatever it is, you have to stop it and go pray. So Salah is like UNOPS Enza cat is La Hillman. Purification of money. Because

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so easily we can lose track of how much money we have and how much money we're sitting on. You know, with so many women all year long, their jewelry is just sitting, where's it sitting in the locker in the bank somewhere, they don't even know what they have. And at the end of the year, when they have to give us a cat they realize oh this piece of jewelry I haven't worn in so long. I didn't even know it existed.

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So it can happen with people money is just sitting somewhere we have no idea. So the cat forces you to take account of what you have.

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And it makes you feel grateful when you have to pay zakat

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right I thought I didn't have much but I actually do have a lot and then you wonder what are you doing with so much money just sitting over there you thought you were poor but in reality you're not. And then when a portion of your wealth is given away, then that is a source of purification for money because that money is not just sitting and rotting away. It's not hoarded wealth from it others are also given. So Salah and the cat both are mentioned. Now if you think about it both require very little out of us. The cat is how much money 2.5% Once a year, Salah is how much time few minutes, few minutes right i mean maximum very long Salah half an hour maybe maximum and that

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too for a prayer like the whole Orisha. Otherwise 10 minutes, five minutes, seven minutes 15 minutes maximum. And this is with all your Earth God even after Salah so very little of our time. But what happens when we're giving Zakah or when we're giving our time when we're giving our time for Salah It feels like we're going to be left with very little

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that if I have one hour lunch break and 15 minutes go in salah I have only 45 minutes left for example.

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You know if I get up right now and pray I will get very little sleep really we've been sleeping for seven hours and now it seems like very little sleep. So anyway it feels like when we will give time for Salah give money for zakat we will be left with little but who is the giver off Baraka who? Allah subhanaw taala when we are giving our money in zakat when we're giving our retirement

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So now we are giving it to who? Allah azza wa jal. This is our chakra, this is our gratitude, oh Allah Thank you Alhamdulillah for the time that you've given me Alhamdulillah for the money that you've given me, and when you give, you will receive more, let in Shackleton let us either Naco, when we will take time out and pray, we will have more time at our hands. When we will take some of our money and give it away, then yes, we will have enough money to use and to enjoy this Allah example of like detaching ourselves from the things of this world and returning to a log in and again, kind of reminds me of death. Like it's like training for death. Like we were constantly

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detaching ourselves. Yeah, that doesn't matter what you'll be in when it's time to go, you have to go, you'd really don't have a choice.

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So Salah and Zika. And the third thing that's mentioned over here is Yaqeen. Now before that, when we do have to give some charity when we do have to spend some time for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala what should we think? What should we think I am giving to Allah to receive more?

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I'm going to get more from him in return. He will give me more than what I can even ask him for

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your clean What is your keen, strong conviction?

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Such faith in what in the hereafter will humble karate whom you can own they have your clean in the hereafter? Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has informed the believers that there is an afterlife. And they have so much faith, that even if they were to see the matters of the Hereafter with their own eyes, seeing those matters is not going to increase them in faith. Because they already have faith in the words of Allah, you know, like earlier the lower iron who he said low cushy fine, your hijab must to Yochanan that if the hijab the veil, you know that is between us and the matters of the unseen if that was removed, and I could see matters of the unseen with my own eyes. I could see

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Jana I could see now I could see the angels, that wouldn't increase me in faith. Because Allah's words are more truthful to me than my own eyes are than my own eyes are. Because sometimes we say or we think that I will only believe if I see with my own eyes, okay, because we trust our eyes. But a believer doesn't trust his eyes only he trusts to Allah subhanaw taala. If Allah has said, Huck, it's true, for sure your pain. This is the again, this is conviction, this is certainty. And this is similar to how when the Prophet salallahu Salam is addressed in the Quran, LM Tara kafer, founder of bookmobiles Habel field, have you not seen how Allah dealt with the people of the elephant? Did the

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prophets of Allah Islam see that with his own eyes? No, that was the year that he was born in. He didn't see it with his own eyes. But what's the message over there? That Don't you know, you know, why do you know? How do you know because Allah is telling you, and what Allah is telling you is more reliable than what your eyes will tell you. So what Bill at home, you can own. They have firm faith and conviction in the matters of the hereafter. So these are the people who will receive guidance and good news from the book of Allah. Look, sciences you as the students, can you see good students say no. Can you teach that God? Students say no. Then the one student he stood up and he asked a

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teacher, do you have a brain? She said, Yes. Then he asked, Can you see your brain? She said, No. Then she didn't ask any ties your brains teacher said no, then the students that it means that you don't have brain

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in the Levina Indeed, those people who lay you mean on a bill Irati who do not believe in the hereafter. So on the one hand, there are those who have Yaqeen in the Hereafter. And then there's another group of people who don't believe in the hereafter at all. Allah says the yen, we have made beautiful law home to them, our Amala home their deeds, meaning the deeds that they're performing the actions that they're doing the life that they're living, we have made it very beautiful to them from Xena.

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When it's very beautiful to them, what does it mean? They like it. Right? They like it, they enjoy it. It's fun, it's cool. So in reality, it is bad what they're doing, but they think it is beautiful.

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You know, for example, many things which are cheap quality. Okay, bad quality. How is it that they're packaged? Or how is it that they're marketed? How, as if it's the best thing in the world?

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Don't those infomercials? Honestly,

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they're just convinced you that the thing that's being advertised is what you need. It's gonna make your life you know, problem free. Many years ago, you know, that magic bullet thing that came up La Jolla cote live in London, I saw it and I'm like, I think it's really good. I can chop in it, I can do so much stuff in it. And, you know, it's got, it's really good. You can it's a blender, it's light, it's dishwasher safe, you can freeze stuff in it, just one one base and so many crops and so many sizes. And I'm like, I think I should get it.

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Anyway, got it. Okay. And I hated it. Because it doesn't chop Come on, it really doesn't. When you want to blend stuff, and it doesn't blend properly and the quality Come on, it's not worth the price that it was sold for. So this is the ceiling, you know, something is not actually good. It's not actually beautiful, but it's presented as beautiful, it looks beautiful. You are deceived.

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You are deceived. Whereas if you really use your mind and and analyze it, you're going to see the faults in it, which is why many times it's the women who get deceived and the husbands are like, Are you sure? Seriously? And you know, they'll tell you that the motor is only this much speed or quality like what does that matter? Right? But they know

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so anyway, they you know, their home, their deeds, we have adorn for them, our Amala on their deeds for whom Yama Hoon, so they wonder blindly meaning they don't even understand what they're doing, where they're going. They're so happy about what they're doing right now. They don't even look forward to the Hereafter. And this is why they don't care about the right and the wrong. Now, this is the difference between those who believe in the hereafter and those who don't believe in the hereafter. What is the difference? For those people who believe the Quran is a guide. And for those who don't believe in the hereafter their desires are their guide.

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Those who believe in the hereafter, Salah and Zika are a part of their lives, after all is their goal. And because of that reason, they analyze their deeds, they really they're careful about the actions they choose to do. And whatever they do they perform well with care with proper attention. And those who don't believe in the hereafter. They're Yama Hoon, wandering blindly. For them praying is a waste of time giving zakat is a waste of money. reading Quran is a waste of your youth of your mind of your of your time. And they love the wrong that they do. In truth factor is eight FM and Xuyen Allahu su or I'm a li for a who has Santa, the one who's evil deeds are made beautiful to him.

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So he sees them as good. And this is the greatest deception. And may Allah protect us from this deception? Because

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how often is it that, you know, for instance, you have a disagreement with somebody? You think they're wrong?

00:28:16 --> 00:28:26

But what do they think about themselves? They're right. And sometimes it's the other way. We think we are right whereas we are wrong.

00:28:27 --> 00:29:17

Now, when it comes to Allah subhanaw Donna, his help, what he has legislated on us than really May Allah protect us from this that a person is doing something wrong and he thinks he's doing something right. He doesn't even see the faults that are in Him. So Yama, home, they're wandering blindly. Hola because those are Levina they are the ones who love home for them. So all other evil punishment why because your actions were evil, were harmful Herati and they in the Hereafter, who will also rune they shall be the greatest losers also own plural of the word boxer, who is also cross it is one who loses one who suffers from a loss or sorrow is one who suffers a greater loss than somebody

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So in the Hereafter, such people will be

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greater in loss compared to what compared to their worldly life compared to how they were in this dunya in the Hereafter, they will be in a much worse position. Right now they're having fun they're enjoying, but in the Hereafter they will be greater in loss.

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Secondly, compared to others, they will suffer more loss because some people will make it a Jana who are the ultimate me known those who believe in the hereafter with conviction and because of that they prepared for the hereafter. And these who deny the Hereafter they

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Your evil deeds are beautiful to them and they're wandering blindly in their lives than such people are not preparing for the hereafter. So, in the Hereafter, they will be in pure loss whom will also ruin

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because they will be in the fire. They will not be admitted into Jannah and the one who is deprived of Jannah the one who's admitted to hellfire than yes, he is a loser. Because what is the definition of success that Allah gives us? What is foes from an Zuzia I mean, now, we're older people, Janita, Faqad fans, the one who is removed away from hellfire and admitted into Janna then he is successful. And the opposite of that, the one who is kept away from Jana, and admitted into hellfire then who is he? A loser

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in total cafe 103 called * Mona Bo Kumble off Serena our mana, Shall I inform you of those who are greatest in loss when it comes to deeds Alladhina Bella sorry, whom Phil hire to dunya there are those who sorry, whose efforts have been lost in this worldly life well, whom you are saguna and know whom you're sooner sooner. And this whole time they've been thinking that what they're doing is really good. Their bad deeds are pleasing to them. So as a result in the Hereafter, there'll be greatest losers. Go ahead, they lose out in the hereafter. But even in this world, you know, we lose out every day. If we think of the illustrata says those who established Allah, Salah is a time where

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you will come to face your Lord, Allah is proud that you're basically you're seeking an audience with the Lord of the Worlds in previous times the you know, like the Middle Ages, or wherever people would come from all over the country all over the land to try and seek an audience with their king or queen or whoever it was. But were given a chance every single day, five times a day to speak directly to the Lord of the worlds where we're there's no interruptions nobody in between us, there's not a line, you know, waiting to try and talk to him. He's there directly waiting for us. So we're losing out constantly. So if we don't take this chance, we will definitely be losing out here

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and in the Hereafter.

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And you noticed thing that you've mentioned about no interruptions. It is beautiful. Seriously, I mean, even when you're in the bathroom, sometimes people don't leave you do that.

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You're studying. You're on the phone. You're reading a book. People don't spare you they don't. You're lying down. Are you sleeping? Well, if my eyes are closed, I'm in bed. I'm trying to sleep. But sure if you want to have a conversation with me go ahead and interrupt my sleep. Right? But when it comes to Salah, can anybody say I need a minute from you? Are you busy? Really no interruption at all. This is where you find sukoon This is the only thing in which you will find sukoon even your sleep people will disturb they won't leave you

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who are in Mecca and indeed you let halacha surely you receive you are being made to receive a Quran the Quran may lead on from near from the one who is Hakeem and Eileen, who is wise and knowing a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. These verses of the Quran which is a clear book which is a guide and good news for those who believe this Quran you are being made to receive it. It's been given to you from who it's been sent by who Hakeem and I leave the word tilaka is from the root letters lamb cough yet luckier to meet all right. And to lock car to lock car you are being made to receive the lock key, the lock call to receive all right, and to lock call you are being made to

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receive right and the law cache a man who it also means that he received it from him meaning he learned it from him. So you are being taught the Quran, you are being given the Quran, you are being inspired the Quran, you're being made to receive the Quran in your heart, because the prophets are awesome never really sought himself in the sense that he didn't say Oh God, please send me a scripture. No, you didn't say that. Right? It was a gift. Allah chose him for this honor Allah gave it to him. And this is from who Midleton Hakeem and Arlene, Allah who is Hakeem and IDM Hakeem, he is wise, Kamal hakama the most wise of all who are wise. And he is I believe, our Allah, Allah,

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Allah ma the most knowing of all those who know.

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I mean, how ignorant we are, that we don't even know the world that we're living in.

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This Quran has come from who the Lord who knows everything the Lord of the Worlds who knows when to leave faults.

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