Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 176A Translation Al-Nur 11-20

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a punishment or lien related to a woman named Shuhada Eva. They mention a woman named Lottie who is being targeted and speculate about who she is and why she may be caught. The speakers also mention a woman named Evelyn Mia Toby Shuhada who may be caught.
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Muhammad Ali Allah Rasool Karim I'm a beret Pharaoh with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah hovers over him. Rubbish rally Saudi were Sidley and the Wagner appdata melissani. Jaco holy Robin has it in our in

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lesson number 177 surah. To note is number 11. To 20. TRANSLATION in indeed a Lavina those who Jaya who they came bill if key with the slender Earth button. A group men come from you love Do not that's a boo. You all consider it Charlaine evil bad luck home for you, but rather who it Hiren is good luck home for you. Luckily for every Emery in person, men home from them, ma whatever it does, he earned men from Al isn't the same. One lady and who the one law he undertook, Kibera who its greater share men home from them. Law who for him? Are there been a punishment? Or lien one one great. Lola why not? Is when Samir to move who? You all heard it. One he thought I'll mute me Nona.

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the believing men while Minette and the believing women be unfussy him in their souls hierarchy. Good. Well, Carlo, and they said Heather this F con ally Mubin one clear

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Lola why not? Joe? They came I lay he upon it be herba with four shahada witnesses for it then when lung not yet to they can be Shuhada with the witnesses for hola Iike then those are in the near Allah He Allah home the El kheir the boon the liars, while hola and if not, fabuleux bounty Allah He of Allah or LA come upon you well Rama to who and His mercy for dunya in the world will ask euro and the hereafter llama SERCOM surely attached you fee in MA what I felt from you all spread fee in it. Are there been a punishment or Lehman one great

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is when de la cocina who you all received it. The Laconia who you all received it be elsina? DICOM with your tongues? What the coluna and you all say be FYE come with your mouth. Ma what? Laser is not luck home for you be here with it. Earn money, any knowledge. What are saguna who and you all think it you all assume it? Hey Kenan one easy. Wha Hua while it in the near Allah He Allah or Lehman? Great

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One Hola. And why not? Is when Samir to know who you all heard it. Quantum you said Ma not your Kunal it is Lana for us on that. nataka lemme we speak be Heather with this. Super Hannukah your glory, Heather this glorified Are you Heather this both Dan on a slander or Lehman Great. Era LUCAM he admonishes you, Allahu Allah. And that the oh do you all return limitedly he do like of each other ever. In if quantum you were meaning ones who believe

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what you buy, you know, and he explains clearly, Allahu Allah, Lacan for you if the verses were Allahu and Allah or Limon always all knowing Hakeem and always always

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in indeed, and Levine, those who you have Boon they love and that the sheer it spreads, alpha hisher the indecency fee in Alladhina those who are new they believed the home for them, or there been a punishment or Lehman painful fee in a dunya the world will ask euro and the hereafter well Allah Who and Allah Ya Allah mo he knows what anthem and you all love not doubt on the moon you all know

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while hola and if not for blue bounty Allah He of Allah or they come upon you

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You do and His mercy well Anna and that indeed Allah Allah are often one most kind. Or Haman always all merciful.

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We listen to the recitation of these islands

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Nyjah kiosk

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Loretta Sabu shop one Lancome Bell.

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Lancome, Nicole Emery.

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Tessa Meenal

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or Lady

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Amin whom Lagu

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Salim Lola sent me to move on

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Mina to be who's in

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war walk on

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Mubi Lulu

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birth issue had

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Evelyn Mia Toby Shuhada Eva owner

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the law

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of law here

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metal duniya

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Wallace metal who duniya

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will now lean it up fauna who will be seen as equal

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b FY he'll

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be hearing what F several know how you know no Who are you the law here all the while hola

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super Han

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alim. You're able to

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meet me other than

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me. Why are you being long

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hola Lottie Heike in

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Munna does she? She shut up lady in

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any level nada Eddie movie dunya.

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One hola

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hola. How about oh for the washing

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