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Episode 24/26: Miserliness (Part 2/2)

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The host discusses the benefits of margins of morality and how it can be used to remove diseases of naivete. They suggest focusing on spiritual deeds rather than wealth and family deeds, as well as avoiding excessive love of wealth and materialism. The speakers also touch on deenings and how they can be used to avoid negative emotions. They stress the importance of helping others, especially those with criminal behavior, and avoiding Yo' risk of death.

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miserliness Allah the Almighty says, it is the people who are safeguarded from the miserliness of their own selves, who are successful.

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Assalamu aleikum wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to another episode of purification of the soul.

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I'm your host, Bob Dylan, and we have with us in the studio, Brother Mohammed, Grace and Corinne.

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We're talking about miserliness. And we said that my miserliness is quite an evil disease to have because of certain effects that it has on society. Let's have a recap on some of those effects. And they need to friendships been broken, because the other would think, Oh, my friend is very stingy, who don't give me anything, etc, etc, in terms of public interest,

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things will not be you know, built for the public for the public,

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you know, benefit, now, no one will pay will only spend on themselves. So, society may, may become slow somewhat.

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This formation of social relation and dismantling of society

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might help, how because every one is concerned with himself and everyone doesn't want to deal with other he doesn't want to give his just only wants to take quite contrary to the Islamic

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concept of brotherhood. Now, there are a number of cures, that a person can can use or remedies that person can follow in order to be removed from this disease of miserliness. The first and foremost is that one should remember that if he is generous to others, then Allah subhanaw taala will be generous to him. Allah is the one who bestowed him with all these blessings. If Allah subhanaw taala wanted to he could remove remove those blessings from him straightaway. He should also think of of the great need that he has on a lot of Lost Planet as blessings upon him, and then try to act in accordance with the quality of generosity. We see that example where allows messengers of Allah

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Harrison said, Rahim, una yahama humara man, that those who show mercy or a man or Allah will show mercy to them. So if a person does a good deed, he expects a similar kind of reward if you like, but better with a last panel Tyler. In the same way when the person asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what should I do if I don't want a loss, anger? He said like

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you don't want a lot of anger don't you don't be angry to other people. So this is like, you know, reciprocate, reciprocating good, if you like. Now, he should try to act in accordance with the quality of generosity. He should also try to ponder over the blessings that are Lost Planet Allah has given him the second thing that he can do to remove this quality of miserliness is that he should try to avoid excessive love of the dunya love of the world. And we said that the reason that a person is stingy with something is that he loves that thing. If he gets acquainted with the insignificance of this life, it will be easier for him to become generous now among kausalya Rahim

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Allah, he mentioned that miserliness is an ailment he said, miserliness is an ailment which is hard to be cured, particularly if an old man suffers it often is difficult to teach old dogs new tricks. So this is particularly difficult to be cured if an old person suffers from it. Now, the root cause he says, of the miserliness of miserliness is excessive love of wealth, and the person should think to himself, I was not created to merely hoard money. I should also gather some virtues for the hereafter with this thought in mind, because Allah says, he'll be automatically he will automatically strive hard for spiritual ism, spiritual ism and reject materialism and this will help

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him to get rid of this love of wealth, and he will develop a feeling of generosity. And we can see that very, very clearly. When a person tries to cut off the excessive love of this world. This will help him in being less stingy. Why, I think viewing live from a spiritual

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Point of View rather than a materialistic one, we'll help one that in Alejandro illa callicoon, well as ye Kumara, yonder Illa, Allah will come in the Sangha, because this is locked to your appearances or your shapes, but he looks into your hearts. So one must be concerned more with the spiritual side of his life, which is very difficult thing to do in this society, where it's a capitalistic work world, everybody is just trying to hoard money, wealth, wealth, wealth, it's a rat race, the nine to five scenario in the West, I think it's very important to know that, as Muslims, some of us we've forgotten about the spiritual spiritual side, rather, we focus more, not only not only as Muslims,

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but just as people in general, we focus more on the materialistic side and the spiritual side alone, we I think it's important to note that it should be 5050 should be equal, or perhaps more towards the spiritual side of things, because in the end, the real life is the life of the asker is the life of the hereafter. So if a person has his goal fixed, then it's easier to deal with these things. Exactly. I think death is a very good reminder of the hereafter or the afterlife. Because if you think that I might die in a minute, and all this wealth will do me nothing. Or what I will be responsible for accountable for is my good deeds and my faith and my beliefs, what are the three

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things that follow a person of which only two, of which two of them will come back? When he does?

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his wealth

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is the second and the third is family. So his deeds will leave him. His sorry, his deeds will come with him. But as for his wealth, his family, these things remain behind, they don't go with him into the grave. That's why it's even more surprising that that an old man will find it hard to do to get rid of his fuzzy might be closer to death in some ways. Yeah. That's right.

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You had a comment? I had. It's the comment that life is a bridge. It's not It's not some. It's it's like a journey that ends with the Day of Judgment. It's not it's, it's not a destination itself to rest at all. And to feel settled to think about money and collecting and gathering. You can lose it in a minute because you can lose the whole place in everything will die in a minute.

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Remember, quote,

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me, said the believer should think of the world as a toilet. You should only go into it when he he

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shouldn't go into it, when he needs to spend it to time in it, and leave as soon as he's finished your bathroom. Yeah.

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I mean,

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the characteristic of muslin as you know, it really, really affect the site as a whole because very little good goodness who will come out if everyone was miserly, miserly, you know, people will not save other people's lives. Because they'll feel fear that they don't love to be at risk, they will never give charity never give gifts, you know, everything will be very much. Yes.

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This view of life reminds me of the saying of Prophet au, who lived like 950 years, I think, when they asked him about his life when he was 950 years old, he said what life was like house, I came in from a door and went out from another door It was like nothing. And you feel that, you know, the older person gets you always see and hear of the older people saying hey, how time has flown by I just remember, you know, that such and such happened maybe 5060 7080 years ago, it feels like last week, last month last year. So, we see that saw the person if he cuts off this, this extreme and excessive love for this dunya then he will in fact be curing his his miserliness of the disease of

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miserliness. The third remedy for miserliness is that he should think about how people all dislike Mises. I mean, everybody hates Mises, everybody, even the Mises even a Mises, exactly even the Mises dislike each other Thank you. And this talk should be enough to read oneself of this disease, because if he's going to be a miser, people are going to recognize it, they're going to know it, they're going to see it. They don't want to hang around with them. They don't want to know him, he's selfish.

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The fourth thing is the fourth remedy is that he should think that one day, he may also be in need, just like the one who is requesting from him now. So when a person thinks to himself, let him

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you know, show some kind of empathy towards the one who is asking him now for a favor. And he may be also in a state one day, that he will be the one requesting he may need to beg someone for something he may need to borrow someone for something he cannot guarantee that his risk or

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His provision for this life will remain in a state of affluence until he dies. He doesn't know how much the last portion for him the next day,

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or, you know, the next week, the next year, whatever. So he should be empathetic towards the one who's asking him now perhaps I will be in that situation. How would he feel like if he was in that situation and the wealthy person he was to ask was miserly towards him. And this is quite an important way of remedying a cure. And in fact, this is quite this, this cure often helps a number of diseases, especially when a person he, for example, when he's having bad thoughts about another Muslim, he should put himself in that position, say to himself, hey, if I was in that situation, what would I do? Okay, I might do this, this, this and this, which is not what he did. But at the

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same time, it often helps a person to understand why another person made a mistake, why another person did this or did that. In the same way here. When a person is stingy. Somebody is coming to him. He's feeling stingy towards that person, he should realize, well, hey, I might be in that position. sometime in the future. And I don't know. I don't know if I'm going to be in that position. So let me give some thing and charity as well. Now. Let's go into a break now. After which we'll continue looking at some of the cures of miserliness and inshallah we'll conclude the episode with looking at some stories about some of the pious people and how they were generous and how

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opposite they were to the how the character was so opposite to that of miserliness. A cinematic

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Oscar has a program, which aims to answer your questions about your deen your faith, your way of life, this course, is Islam. This is a totally different price, but I divided the payment over this period of time. And the seller is the person or the firm which owns the item which you're buying this condition, this whole business transaction is

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Assalamualaikum and welcome back.

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Now, we were talking about miserliness. Some of the cures of miserliness. And

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we were talking about the last show we were talking about is that a person should remember that when somebody comes to him and he's in need, and the person himself is not in need, he should try to help his brother, a Lost Planet Allah. The prophet SAW, Selim said about a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah is helping a slave of Allah, his slave, as long as the slave of Allah is helping his brother.

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Kind of lo fi only, I'm the mme, and I've do fi only Effie okemah called that this allows pantalla is helping his slave as long as his slave is helping his brother. So this kind of concept of when you're in need, and you want other people to help you. And the same for when you're not in need, you should help other people, especially when you want, you want to you expect

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help when you're in need from a Lost Planet.

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And there's one time where everybody will need will, will will be need of our last panel

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on the Day of Judgment, expand on that a bit. That I mean, on the day of judgment will all be need will have not not nothing to help us. So we'll need the help of Allah. If Allah is you know, is not Generous and Merciful to us, then we have no hope. And Allah is always generous and always Oh, Corinne, I think we always need a lot but this, but this single act of charity might take us from hell to heaven. Yeah, I remember actually a brother relaying a story that he asked the chef, you know, should we give to the beggars? You know, who asked for charity always? And the chef said, yes, you know, even if it's something small, give it to give it to the person who's asking, you know,

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hoping that on the day of judgment when you're in need of Allah, that Allah will, you know, will help you and be merciful to you, because you you help someone else in need in this life.

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This also reminds me of a story of one tablet, when he used to say that, when he was asked about giving a beggar some money, he said that he had a habit of giving whenever a beggar asked him for something, he gives him money. He had this kind of habit, and he was afraid if he cut this habit that allowed cut the habit of giving him his risk.

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And this is when a person he feels that even though he has wealth, he is affluent, whatever, but he's always in need. He's always in need. And since he feels that he is in need of a Lost Planet, Allah primarily, and therefore he should help his brothers, he should help fellow Muslims. And therefore this will remove him of this quality of miserliness. Another thing that a person should do is that he should fight against his own soul. So, whenever he has the urge of being stingy, you should do the opposite, give double. somebody asks for something, he should fight against his own soul, give dub, somebody asked for 10 pounds, 10, reals, $10, whatever the currency is. And he

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thinks to himself straight on comes to him, his soul whispers to him that, hey, don't give him the money,

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and stinginess comes out, he should punish himself by giving couple let me give him 2020 pounds $20, or whatever the currency is. And this is a very, very, very,

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a very effective method. For as we've seen many of the diseases of the soul, that whenever the disease comes to you, you fight it, you face it head on, you do the opposite to what that diseases dictating you to do. As we saw in envy, for example, a person is envious. He wants to speak. He wants to, you know, for example, he's envious of somebody's car, he wants to go and scratch the car, for example, he does the opposite. He says, Hey, let me wash the car. Bit of charity. Let me do that. Let me act contrary to that. Charity, the ultimate aim is to please his full name, his last little animal. Yes. So in any disease, one has to train

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his body, and indeed, his soul, or his intellect to deal with those diseases. An example of the body's if somebody as we said, if somebody breaks his hat, breaks his leg, if he breaks his leg, and then it's been plastered, it's been fixed. Once he is advised by the doctors in general, to exercise that leg, to train the leg to get back into a healthy state. In the same way, the soul, the soul has the disease, one has to train that sold to like giving money in charity, and you'll find that this is a very effective measure. Let's have a look at some statements of some of the people that we interviewed earlier on one of the cues that you can

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get closer to Allah and read Quran and know that Allah give others some things that you couldn't have. And they have some reasons for doing that. Some, miserliness is like a social like issue. So like, it's like, the main cure for the miserliness is like, believing in God and like, like, he was like a Muslim, he was like, not my address, because like, nobody takes like money to like, if you spend it today, or like tomorrow, it's going to never gonna last for like, forever. So, you know, spending because like, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow. So, spend it now to the poor and to like have fun with it. I think, one can remove miser from his self can be help the poor, the

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poor people in on the streets, he can give money, maybe 25 pastors or 50 pastors, but it can help to remove the miser from himself. Because by helping them in any he will feel that they are poor people, and they need help. So they, he will give money and gradually, any can remove miser function, to remove it completely. That's the way you know, God created you. That's, that's how you are, and you haven't you didn't choose that you didn't choose like, what what's in your heart, basically, you can control or you can prevent yourself from letting that do do harm to yourself and to others. But I don't think you can really, you know, couldn't like remove it because it's in you.

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It's something it's like your hand, you can cut your hand but that wouldn't be good, you know, you kill part of yourself. Yes.

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With regards to the cures, or remedies, we've looked at five remedies. For miserliness. The sixth one is a very is also very important one and this is that he should aspire The one who has some kind of miserliness in him the miser he should aspire to be like the prophet may, peace and blessings be upon him on upon all of them. And also like the righteous people, may Allah have mercy on them, who are generous, and they would give in charity abundantly. Now, with regards to this last remedy, let's have a look at some examples of this. Now, we've already mentioned before that the prophets lie Selim was

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never asked for something, except that he agreed to give that thing. Likewise a man once came. once asked the prophet SAW Selim for something in charity, and the province of Lyceum gave him a flock of sheep, between two mountains, a huge flock of sheep between two mountains. Then the man went back to his people, and said, Oh, my people accept Islam, because Mohammed gives them charity as a man who does not fear poverty. So license. This man he linked fear of poverty, to stinginess, in other words, that, you know, the absence of varying poverty, to generosity. And he said, Well, if that's the case, this must be the right religion. What's the connection here? The connection that is not

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afraid of tomorrow, he's not he has, he doesn't have the fear of the unknown that most people have the tomorrow The next year, what will be my life after two years from now hit the nail on the head, exactly the person most people who only have worldly worldly concerns, worldly thoughts. They don't have any kind of

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any kind of, if you like, belief in the asset in the hereafter. They have no knowledge of that. Then they're going to be concerned about tomorrow. They're going to be concerned where's my risk coming? But the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not like that he had full reliance in our last panel dialer. He knew that Allah is the one who provides Okay, this is good. Our tool also is good our tool and this is what the prophets I said Did he gave money or this in wealth, if you like in the form of sheep to this person. He said, Hey, this guy is Prophet Mohammed sly Selim. It isn't fair tomorrow. And this shows that he has some kind of connection to the afterlife to Allah to the Lord,

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it must be something true. So and from this he accepted Islam. Another example, as well as the man who owed Taha Dante luevano 50,000 Durham's, what's the Durham

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What's the difference? The currency is a currency made of gold coins, no silver coin, the dinar was made of gold coins, gold coins and the dare hum was made of silver coins. Now you can imagine 50,000 Durham's pure silver, okay, so even if we don't know the, if we may not know the exact measure of the DRAM, but we know that it's a it's a silver coin. So imagine 50,000 of these coins made of silver, I want you to imagine that picture that is a lot of wealth, even for today's time, let alone in that time. Now as a matter of the law, I would tell her not to love and who these $50,000 homes. Then once he entered the masjid and told her came to him and said, Hey, here's your money. So take

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it back. Bella is giving back the 50,000, Durham's silver coins that he owes,

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that heals him, but he said here, he said, No, you keep it of Abu Mohammed to help you in your hospitality. And this was the generosity of them. This was the generosity of the seller. Another example of this is where over the Allahu anhu Rahim Allah said that I saw I showed the love on her distributing 70,000 dear hams or dinner, he wasn't sure. Was it their homes? Or was it enough? As we said their homes is out of silver dinars out of gold. I mean, if it was gold, you can imagine how much more this wealth meant to them. How many 1000 dead humps she was distributing?

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Excuse me 70,000 dead hands while she was patching her clock are gone.

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Imagine, okay, I show the love on her. She's patching her garment. And she's distributing away the mind. I mean, there's a major significance of the fact that she could have easily used some of this money to go and buy a new garment. Why patch it or pay someone to patch it But no, she's patching the garment. She has no connection, no kind of aspirations for this wealth. She gives it all away 50,000 Durham's or dinars, the narrator is not sure which one but imagine gold coins silver coins, 50,000 of them so not delivering another Huh, didn't even keep one then even keep one and that's narrated another Hadith where that I showed you love on how distributed 100,080 100,080 again did

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Hamza denounced the narrator's not sure among the people in one day, in one day, so she did have a lot of wealth. She did have a lot of work, but she gave it away. When she came upon the evening Muslim time, she asked her slave girl to bring her something to break her fast with. She had a slave she said, Hey, give me something to break my fast with. So the slave girl came on the rock she came to I shall have the lava on her and she

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gave her sorry the slave girl came with and brought her bread and oil, Breton oil and a companion of her. She said, on Tara, she said to Ayesha, could you not even have kept one Dirham of the money you distributed today to buy us some meat with which will break our fast? So this is their concern. I mean, they gave so much in charity. I should said, If you reminded me I would have done so in other words, she didn't even remember that she was fasting. She didn't even remember think about what is in the house. Another example, sad in case he fell ill, but none of his friends visited him on asking about the reason it was said to him, they are shy of the debts that they owe you. Then, so

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that, you know people are in debt, this why they're not visiting him. They're shocked. He said, may Allah humiliate wealth that prevents one's brothers from visiting, visiting him. And then he commanded someone to call out among the people, whoever is indebted to case with something, he is free from it. So he, you know, removes all of these debts. And it was said that the steps leading to the entrance of his house were broken as a result of the numerous feet of the visitors that trolled him. So we can see from these examples, how important is to have this quality of generosity and how one should avoid any kind of miserliness. With this inshallah we end today's episode was Southern La

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Silla. mubaraka Alana Vina Mohammed while early he was a pH minor. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi