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Of how he was, as a student in front of his teacher says, Okay, he's a cool dude, man, I gotta be like, you know, so he goes like that. And then there's some of them, you know, like, this is like, this is improperly, like, sometimes they're sitting down and they put their leg right on top of the desk in front. They're like that, we call that, what do you call it a convertible mode, you know? Like,

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it's like, you know, you have the convertibles and the sun is out, you know, in California, like they love to.

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But I don't want them to be in convertible mode in my class. Man, that's, that's, I consider that to be rude, right?

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And imagine the student The thing is, you come into class, sometimes, you know, that's the most stressful job in America. The most stressful job besides being a fisherman in the ocean, you know, those people who go there, that's very dangerous. And that's number one. The second most stressful job even more stressful than a police officer. You know, according to studies, is a high school teacher in a large theme. Do you know why? Because they have no manners.

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They have no manners. And you can't introduce them to Mr. steak.

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So what do you do? That's, it's very stressful. So sometimes they come in you remember, I'm telling you these guys, this was pretty big city. But so you got you got to get good guys. You have the criminals, right? So these criminals they used to then they come in?

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Yeah, sitting down in Sicily. Yeah. I own the class. I dare you to say something like that. Well, that's their body language. That's how it is. That's how they were at the beginning. So after telling us I said would

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in front of his teacher. And he said, Wow, yeah, that was one cool dude.

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Really? Wasn't he the guy who memorized a million ideas? Like we memorize bullet? Hello. I said, Yeah, that's the guy. That's the guy cuz I used to tell him we switch.

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And now he wasn't the teacher.

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He was the student.

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And he said, What did he say about city when he said, Why would he say like that? Yeah, we remember you telling us that

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he would be in his house. In his own house. His teacher was three blocks away.

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Three alleyways away from his house. And he said, I could not get myself to stretch my legs in the direction of my teaching house.

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isn't how long for you to stretch your leg towards the direction of your teachers house? No, it's not around. But it's because they love knowledge and you love knowledge and you respect knowledge, then that's when you memorize it, that's when you learn it. They had manners. They had manners with their teachers. So you have to have manners. You have to teach manners. And so you have to learn the etiquette of knowledge. And the scholars before they have books written about seeking knowledge. Addabbo,

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assembleia. And, you know, many books relating to even adult move for ideas related to that article together, so forth. And there are many books that they collected

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about advocates seeking knowledge. And that's a mama shout out to him a lot. He said. He said AGI. A Mecca

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what I dedicated to

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you. No, no, that means, you know, when you make bread, what do you need? What are the main ingredients? You need, though, right? And you need a little bit of salt, right? Which one do you need more, you need just a little bit of salt. But you need a lot of dope. A lot more dope. So you said make your knowledge the salt in your etiquette manners, the dope

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magical medical, he would love

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to love

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his mother used to bring him to the masjid

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used to bring him to the masjid, for prayer for me for the classes of

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the amount that was teaching at that time.

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This was the chef or the teacher.

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And he was just a boy. He was a boy. And so you know to be it because why? They call that means a lot of opinions. So he used to teach and things like that. So these were very complicated issues. How are you going to get this little boy here and send them and say something

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With that, you know, it doesn't really make too much sense, right? You know, to put him in his level, but what does he do? What did his mother say? His mother said to his son to her son, Malik, go and learn from his etiquettes forget about, you know, whatever he says, you can learn to stand for good. But I'm Sam, I'm putting you here I want you to, I want you to learn about the advocates of knowledge. And that is why nowadays, you see the students of knowledge, quote, unquote, students of knowledge, especially those who learn from the internet, shift the freak show, they cover live it, they have no etiquettes no manners,

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drawing, they just read this and they just tell us this and it's that but they have no etiquettes they don't have a way, the Wakeman wisdom and so forth to give it properly.

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And so that's why you have to have etiquettes you have to have manners. And you have to start with that before you can do anything else. And that's why it was very important that even the people before like

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I'm delivering will back. You Mom, I'm doing Mubarak

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squit, great scholar of Hadith, Fiqh, Mujahid, however, every anything you mentioned, he was it.

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He said, I was looking for knowledge, and I did find people who had knowledge. But I went and searched for people to teach in search of adapt

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to search of manners, I couldn't find to me

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to teach there he was complaining there, and that time already complained in that time. And, you know,

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what did the scholars take from when it came to manners, it's, of course it was from the Messenger of Allah, some of my body was

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when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina, he spent his time in the house of Abu alonside.

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I won't even answer any less.

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saw he was

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upstairs, he had a two story house. And the Messenger of Allah was in the ground floor. And the reason why he was in the bathroom was because it was easier for him, because he had a lot of guests. But I believe on the Sunday, one day he was upstairs, and he said, he pushed his wife to the side, he went to the side. And he was he said, you know, it's not appropriate for us to be above the profits of money. So it's not appropriate,

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appropriate for us to be about the profits.

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And so the next morning, he approached a message of a loss of a life. So he told them, he felt very uncomfortable being above the why, because he's higher in status, he should also be physically above us. We should be sleeping, and the rest of the night below us. Now I want you to reflect upon it. Is it hard

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for someone to sleep above and below? Check? No, it's not. It's not how long because it was hard on the Messenger of Allah, someone has told them

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that it was his manners and his respect for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then what happened?

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I don't know. He asked the prophet to move up to the second floor and the Prophet Some said, like an iPhone will be sitting under the lower floor, it's easier for me because he had a lot, I guess. But the process of went up anyways, why because he was a noble guest. he respected the feelings above.

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So that respect, that love that they had for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you know what, also, when it when it comes to people of knowledge, you have to show respect. And you have to have manners with them also, and you have to have managed with the knowledge that you also study. So the first thing is you have to realize you have to understand the importance of matters in seeking knowledge. Because if you don't have manners and seeking knowledge, it's like you're pushing a box on sand, keep on pushing, if you're doing it in the wrong way. It's difficult. So there are other things also related to seek seeking knowledge. And also, inshallah we'll cover that maybe in

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the upcoming talks. But right here, we want to speak about the,

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the, the person who's seeking knowledge, how, what kind of mindset should he have. So after, after that,

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you also have to understand that you know, the value of knowledge, and also you have to have manners. And we have to also understand that this knowledge is given to us by the last panel, that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us knowledge when we're obedient to them. When they say you have to have Taqwa. You have to be conscious of Allah subhanaw taala for Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala gifts, the dunya the world, the world

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worldly things to those that we love and those who doesn't love. Like for example, you see a lot of Muslims are very rich, right? But they don't even pray to Allah Subhana Allah still gives it to them. Does that mean that when Allah gives you a lot of wealth, does that mean that Allah loves you? Not necessarily. So what is it? What's an indication that a loved one's goodness? the loved ones goodness, we wants to guide you, and Allah loves you. What's that indication? The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Howdy, howdy, my unity level v hi Iran. You photography D whomsoever Allah subhana wa, goodness for him. He makes them understand this Deen, he makes it up

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the zeal to learn to seek knowledge. That's an indication that a lot once goodness for him.

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So it's not the money that you get. Because sometimes the last one, I guess people money because he's testing them. And sometimes it's a great test. Because sometimes in person is tested with poverty and prosperity. But prosperity sometimes is a greater test. Because when a person is in a state of prosperity, he's more likely to forget a lot. But when someone was in a state of poverty, he's more likely to remember less

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and more likely to return to a loss of time with both our tests from a loss of habitat. When it comes to knowledge when Allah subhanho wa Taala. Once goodness for a person, Allah Subhana gives him that knowledge. And so you have to have that zeal, you have to know the importance of it. And also you have to be sincere. A student of knowledge has to be sincere. And you have to seek this knowledge for the pleasure of Allah subhana wa, Tada. Sincerity is something that's very difficult. You have to check it before you do something after you do it. Again, while you're while you're doing the action. And also after doing that.

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He said, My legendary shake, and I said, Daddy, I mean yet the anatomy.

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You said there's nothing that I tried to correct and take care of more difficult for me than my intention. Because it flips on me all the time. This is not still stable, it flips on so you have to check it over and over again all the time. And when you're seeking knowledge,

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especially when Miss and Michelle a seeking the knowledge is related to the to the Diem to religion. You have to seek it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah do not seek it because you want to show off to other people. Or you want to argue because some people that when they're learning something, Oh, I got it right now See, look, this book, I'm going to go I'll tell him, you know, I'm going to that's not the way to do it. And that's why I am I'm a chef, but I don't even when he said there has never been a person whom I debated with, except that I wanted him

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to defeat me. I wanted him to win. Subhan Allah, you know, when we had a debate with somebody who want to win, when he did he, when he debated with people, he wanted the other person to win. Why? Because if he won, that means he's learning something new. If the other person won, he's not something new. If he wasn't, he already knew that.

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His love for knowledge, his thirst for knowledge, and his sincerity. It's not all about

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me. You're doing it for the sake of Allah. That's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said men fallible

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be a super hot I will see you back here.

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Only yesterday and I hate for who have enough. This is a very dangerous Huggies mean this particular disease, it has a great warning. For those who seek knowledge. He said whoever seeks knowledge, to argue in dispute with just what the fools or to posts and speak to to debate and so forth with the scholars the people have not until you get or so that other people would look at him and say, Look at that, that's upon it. That's a scholar. That's this because you want people you want people to to respect you and to show show off to other people to say you're knowledgeable. You're a scholar himself. What? Anyone who does that, in others, anyone who seeks this knowledge, without sincerity,

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the Messenger of Allah, some said for who did not he will be the hellfire. So behind Allah one of the greatest deeds that a person can do. If you're not sincere, it will lead you to the hellfire. So sincerity is very important. So what should our intention be? What should the intention of the seeker of knowledge be when he's seeking knowledge? The first intention, the first thing you should have in mind is so that you can worship along correctly

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so that you can worship a lot the way Allah wants you to worship Him. Because if you are worshiping Allah, incorrectly, and this is not something that a lot once you do, then you will not be rewarded for that action because in order for an action to be accepted, it has to be sincere

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It has to be in accordance to the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Why? Because Allah, He is the one that is giving us the reward. And he is the one that's giving us the reward. We do it the way that he wants us to do it. So you have some people, for example, you have people of other religions, when they come to the churches or temples and so forth. How do they worship? Some of them they sit down and they get the choir they start playing the piano, the Oregon and so forth, that's worship. To them, they consider that worship did allow them to do that.

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To play the piano, the Oregon and seeing and things like that, is that what allows them to do

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for us, we have to make sure that this is what allows us to do and so it has to be in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah. So when we're when we seek knowledge, we want to worship Allah correctly, so that Allah will reward us. And that's why I lost, that says, well say it's telling us telling the prophet in the sarathi, when Uzuki Yeah, well my mighty layer of

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Allah say, indeed my prayers, my my slaughtering my death in my life and my death, for Allah, the Lord of the worlds lashes, deca, there is no associated anything, what's him, Bobby that he can omit to, and that's what I have been ordered to do. We're an overland Muslim, and I'm the first of those who have surrendered to Allah as a Muslim. And so you have, you have to seek knowledge with the intention of perfecting the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to worship Allah correctly for you. So that you can please Allah Subhana Allah. The next is you have to have the intention. by seeking that knowledge, you have to have the intention to take people from darkness to light. That's what we

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have here. The your intention is to take people from darkness to light. When you're learning something, you want to take, first of all your sound from darkness to light. And then of course, at the same time, you want to bring other people from darkness to light also, because when you're learning with the intention of teaching others in your family, teaching others also you're more likely to listen, like for example, for those who are sitting here, and they're intending to take notes so that they can go back and teach their family members teach their daughters, their sons, their wives, or their spouses, that they're more likely to remember what I've seen.

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And that's what we have to be, we have to be in that state

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at the amaroo and pusaka maliko. Now, save yourselves and your family from the fire. So you're learning this knowledge. At the same time, you have to have the intention to teach others. So because if you know that you're going to be asked about this, or you know that you can teach somebody you're more likely to remember the points, right. But if you're just sitting here for entertainment, you come up, feel good.

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You understand some people, they come to this, and it's like

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the shape on Folsom and says, Lisa came here to learn, I feel good.

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No, you have to take it another step. You have to be serious.

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Take notes, and make the intention to teach others I'm going to give you I know I have a lot more to cover maybe we can cover that up I'm going to give you stories on you guys like stories I like I like stories.

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I'll give you a story of a great scholar, a great tabula in fact the best in terms of the most knowledgeable tablet is someone who met the companions and

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you know as a Muslim, and died as a Muslim. And so this is a person of the next generation after the companions His name is sorry

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Masaya side of nausea is known as a to tabulate the most knowledge of this Saturday.

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I want you to reflect upon that story because it's about how he is with his family and how he is with knowledge and how we should be when we whenever we learn.

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And I know I'm gonna get to

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see this and this comes up. I know that

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I have a problem in Seattle, I have a bad reputation.

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They say they have a saying they say never give a woman a telephone or stand up the value of microphone.

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I don't want that reputation. I don't want that reputation to follow me to Singapore. Awesome. So

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he had a daughter that the, the halifa wanted his son to marry.

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And so he sent a messenger to propose. And you're the halifa. He said, when he sent the message to propose, ask for her hand in marriage.

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He said,

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I don't want to go back and tell them.

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When I lost my dad, there's the family of marijuana

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and ties them together and tosses them in the hellfire. I don't want my family tied to them.

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Oh, this is very hard work, right? These are very harsh words, they always had, you know, like the scholars and the people before the leader, sometimes they always had merges with against each other because of different different things. But anyways, that's what he said to him. Anyways, the halifa actually was very angry, and He punished him. But he had a say he had a student

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who had a student and his student have been gone for about three days, he didn't see him. This is a very close student very close to the two

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So finally, after three days, he came, and he took us to the gathering.

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And he said to him, he said, Why were you absent? Why are we here?

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And he said to him, because he's not, you know, he's never been absent like this before. Cuz that's how much he loved knowledge. So he said, my, my wife just passed away.

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My wife passed away. So I was busy taking care of it. He said, Why don't you tell me? Please tell me if

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you're pregnant and so forth. I didn't want to bother you. I know how busy you are with so many things between because Satan was hate was always between his house and the machine. That's why for 40 years, listen to this. Okay. He said, for 40 years, I never missed

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the first step in the machine.

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40 years. You think that's, that's easy, I want you to try for four days.

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And then you'll see how difficult 40 years. That's the kind of dedication that he had determination when it came to divide and worship. And so say,

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he has to sign up

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for his student

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after here, and they said, How about you getting there? How about getting married,

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he said he was gonna marry my daughter, who's gonna marry their daughter off to me. It was gonna man I got off to me for finance. You were just saying

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he was very poor.

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So immediately,

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and he married him off to his, he married his daughter off to site to talk.

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So I've never know what

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he was.

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He was still like in the day state. You know, like, everything's happening so quickly. He said, the first thing that came to my mind when I left them when I was going out of the machine was, what am I gonna get three times.

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Like, he was so poor. So he went home, and he was breaking his fast. And, you know, he was Mashallah very pious, and you know, very, he used to pass a lot. And so he had some oil and a piece of bread.

00:23:36--> 00:23:37

And he had a knock at the door.

00:23:39--> 00:23:44

And he said, who has it? So the person behind the door says, I said, Every sorry,

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came in Medina came to my mind except for Satan.

00:23:50--> 00:23:54

Nevertheless, he was able to come knocking on his door because he was always busy with so many things.

00:23:56--> 00:23:59

And so, he opened the door and he was sighted.

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And he said to him, he said, I did not want you to spend another day or another night alone. I do not want you to spend another night alone. And so here's your wife. He just married him.

00:24:13--> 00:24:16

And so he was very, very,

00:24:17--> 00:24:40

like, you know, a little bit everything was happening so quickly. You know, he's just trying to catch his breath. Right? So he doesn't even know what to do. Save him save daughter. This is the hubby Plus, the halifa wanted her wanted his own son to marry her and he said no, and no, he that's his wife. So he's trying to catch his breath. He goes up on top of the roof. It's breathing hard, his neighbours season it's gonna

00:24:43--> 00:24:48

save marriages don't often say the same data that they wanted

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00:24:51--> 00:24:54

Is your mother nobody know.

00:24:55--> 00:24:57

You don't get married and the mother doesn't know about it. But

00:24:59--> 00:24:59

so he goes on with

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Tell the mother, his mother comes donkey. What is this telling him? You don't

00:25:08--> 00:25:09

even know it.

00:25:10--> 00:25:10

And she said,

00:25:12--> 00:25:19

I want to look at you again. Unless I spend at least three days with her. And so he's not ready anyways, he's still trying to catch it.

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

So she spent the day with his, uh, with his mother and his mother.

00:25:27--> 00:25:36

And so he said, Mashallah, that was, you know, that he found her to be very beautiful for us. And it was one of the best nice he spent

00:25:37--> 00:25:58

in the morning he was about to go. He was going to go to the hava, the gathering up site, and now his father in law, right? And so she said, Where are you going? And he said, I'm going to your father's house. She said, Come here. All the knowledge of sided was high. Yep, is right in front of you.

00:26:01--> 00:26:13

And he said, and I found her to be true. I found that to be true. Everything her father knew she knew supanova dry side, no side was like that.

00:26:15--> 00:26:41

his sincerity, but whatever he learned, everything that he learned, he taught his daughter taught his family. And when you sit down here, with the intention of teaching your children and your family, also, you are more likely to take notes because you're gonna have to speak to your spouse. Right? You got to speak to your children, whatever, you know, whatever she knew he knew, whatever her father knew she knew.

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We're not talking about, you know, Joe Schmo here.

00:26:50--> 00:26:51

No, no,

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you know, the type of knowledge he had, say the

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daughter knew everything he knew. That's knowledge. But that shows how he was in his house, that whatever you learn, he always taught. So as a student of knowledge, you have to have that intention. Be in that mindset, if you want to retain the knowledge that you have. I'm not talking about you giving football or anything like that your family.

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Your brothers and sisters,

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remind them and teach them.

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And it's a responsibility upon us. Especially the football right? When sister you know your wife is busy with your children and so forth. And then you you come home anyway, did you hear what he talked about when he spoke?

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spoke about knowledge, in spoke about sincerity. After like, one minute. Yeah, that's what he's talking about. Then your wife looks at you, oh, my shoulder, suppose one minute.

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One minute, when you see the next time, I want you to have the intention of teaching it to your children, your family, your friends. Also, that's when you retain knowledge. So you have to know the importance of knowledge, you have to be sincere you have so when you know the important categories directly, you're more likely to remember it. And so, and also, when you have the intention to teach it, and to learn yourself to practice and put it to practice. That's when you learn when you practice it, and also you teach it and you put it into action. So we asked a lot of hands on at the teachers that was benefits and benefits. One of them is Titus, which is a photocell a lot and maybe

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the Mohammed right.

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Take a few moments. Let me just get one more point. I told you.

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You put a microphone in front of me, man.

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It's like caffeine, you gotta have it.

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gotta talk I gotta talk.

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London learn advocates from the profits of the London center.

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As well, one one point I forgot to mention was that, you know, the companions when they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When they asked him a question, they always ask, for example, they would ask a question, and then they would say, the profit zone would say for example, you know, what's the best of deeds department when you mentioned one? And then they say, well, what's next? They would mention the second what's the next thing we mentioned a third you know,

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but every single time this type of questions come the process along with the companions would never ask more than three. After they got to three they always start with stop. Do you know why?

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Because they had manners.

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Because they had manners.

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And the only the only went after three if it's like it was the same thing like when the Prophet Sullivan was asking me who has more rights for my companionship. It was your mother, who next to your mother who next to you about the right then who next to your father then they stopped with us

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after that,

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but Jenna said

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They have managed with the process a little bit. So it's good to you ask questions as well for the chance to have managed to ask directly you have to know, also. So they learned it from the message of a lesson.

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Number one,

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how do we approach someone or a group of people

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without getting the impression that we are posting?

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Okay, when you're, first of all,

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you have to realize when you're speaking to someone, when you're, you're trying to remind someone, you have to use hikma, you have to use wisdom, you have to

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be sincere. At the same time, you don't want to approach someone, when somebody is doing something wrong with the mindset that they're immediately they're wrong. And I'm right.

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The first thing you have to do is realize, you go to them and ask, you know, I see that you're doing this way. I didn't learn this. But what's the proof for this? So when you come into someone asking a question, you're not coming to them saying, Okay, I'm better than they tell you to this is wrong, especially when people are older than you, right? Especially when you have relatives, they might be doing something wrong, but you don't want to go to them say, Oh, you this, what you're doing is wrong. You shouldn't be doing this. And then you know, if you went to your father and said something like that, your father was like, Who are you? I just changed your diapers yesterday. come to Delhi,

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tell me what to do. Right. But if you want to remind them properly, you know, without, you know,

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showing that you're boasting or anything, I first say, first of all, you have to you have to hit humility. We didn't cover that. speak about that all the time, but humility, and so forth. But when you're speaking to when you want to remind someone, and you're making that one, so forth, especially with the people that are elders and so forth, make it a question, you know, say, for example, I see that, you know, you're doing it this way. What's the proof for that? Can you tell, I just want to know, and if they know what they'll tell you. And if they don't, let's say they don't come back to you. You can bring How do you know, I was looking for this. And I found this ad, for example. So

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they're not looking, they're not thinking now you're trying to show off your boss or anything like that, because you're trying to learn also. And so let's say you have to be in this state, you have to be humble and ask the people, because maybe you're wrong, maybe maybe there's a difference here, the difference of opinion, these are acceptable differences. And so that's why you're learning also at the same time, and if they do something wrong, you have reminded them without them feeling like you know, you're you're superior to them or telling them do this and that.

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What is your advice?

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People say this

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is more of

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marriage. Mashallah, man when you're there two things, okay. People love marriage, and

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people never go sleep, I was just saying last night said, you know, what, be cool lecture, Gene marriage, nobody would go sleep.

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Anyways, when it comes to marriage, and studies,

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there are some people, you know, who are able to handle it, you know, can seek knowledge. And, you know, when it comes to marriage, you know, they can, it's easy, it's easy for them to put aside. Sometimes, you know, especially when you're in certain types of environment, sometimes it's that it's difficult. So, everybody's a little bit different. Sometimes when you're when it comes to marriage, is the lay of the process of aligning concern. But sometimes in certain cases, it's, you know, it might might not be mandatory, it might not be sooner. In your case, let's say, for example, if you're not able to, you don't have the qualification in terms of like, you know, you're not able

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to take care of them, you know, and so forth. You're going to take them, you're going to oppress them and so forth. That's, that's a different matter. And so every, every situation, every case, really is different. It's a little bit different for everybody. And it depends on that person. And so, also the family and so forth. But at the same time, the families also the parents also have to realize that, you know, when a person reaches a certain age,

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they want to get married, and they should think about themselves when they were young, they probably want to get married early too. So just because you get married does not mean that it will distract you from

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from studies for some people when they get married, it actually will help them study better, it'll help them you know, it might make it easier for them also, and of course, most of the time, it's not you, it's your parents anyway. So it's difficult for you to say you'd have to try to convince your parents and so forth, and you have to show them that you know, you'll be serious even after you get married, then inshallah your studies will still we're not you know, when I come down or not drop and so forth. In that case, what are

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some matters

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Well, we mentioned a couple of examples already, when the mama chef, Malik and so forth.

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These are the manners and etiquettes. I'm just going to tell you another thing, you know, just give some some other examples. There are sometimes some people who ask questions, when they ask questions. You know, it's good to ask questions. But when you're asking a question, you should also have manners when when asking the question, there's some people will come to the chef or come to the sky that come to the teacher and they say,

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you know,

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imaginary. Remember, I heard that you remember what I mean? He said, this, this is this, and this, this, this is this is his proof. And why are you have this opinion?

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Like, you know, you're coming to a chef or a teacher, and you're mentioning another teacher, that's very rude. Especially you're mentioning. So you might come to ask me question.

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How are you going to put me against me? How can I answer? Like, how can you answer? Or somebody says, you know, such and such said, this is what's your What's your opinion? What's your opinion on this? here that you're in the other opinion? What's don't put the scholars against each other? So how are we supposed to ask, be polite, say, for example, there are some people who say this is don't mention specifically this person that gets that person. You don't want to put the people knowledge against each other. So that's just, you know, advocates of seeking advocates of asking questions. And so if I remember what I said, one time, he was asked, and people were mentioned, and you don't

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like him, Shafi said this, this this? And he didn't answer that.

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He didn't answer them. He said, you know, because of his rudeness, and the way that he put the question, they get them, I can see all you guys and now we will not hear the answer for this particular issue. So, you know, you have to have manners also with that, and this is, this is why you laugh. When you, you know, like, you know, Chef stuff is hardly mentioned, when they stain from books, or even studying from internet, you don't have that interaction. And plus, also, you might understand things correctly, incorrectly. And then you don't have anybody to tell you that you know, that's the correct incorrect understanding, any other the date, the dangerous part about the enter

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the Enter is very useful. Yes, you can learn some stuff. But when you don't have a teacher, you start clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, and you follow links. And of course, when one becomes more, when you do your deviancy details, even greater, greater The next thing, you know, you're in the corner, dark corner of the internet somewhere and you don't know how you got there.

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You keep on clicking, and it keeps on bringing you to this, wow, what am I losing now? Is that correct, and you know, your continues, then you don't have a teacher. And so you have to have advocates, you have to have teachers, when you have teachers, that's when you learn advocates and so forth. Also, at the same time, you don't go there's respect for the teacher, but you don't go past to the point where you're doing something haram or you're making sudo for the teacher or things like that, that are up to that level. Of course, if there's nothing, there's no ID no specific proof for certain things. And it's just part of cultural, you know, interaction is not against the Quran and

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Sunnah, then it's okay, it's part of this part of good manners to respect what somebody feels that you know, is respectful, but at the same time when it passes that limit, while you're doing something that's hot on that's mentioned, unlike some people, you know, they to the point where they're like little cool or so due to the teacher that that are specifically Haram, or the teacher is so much saying something that is actually, you know,

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you might say that, you know that in the court, it's totally against the Quran soon and then you blindly follow just because of that you have to ask properly also, but at the same time, Allah somehow gave you a mind also, and a lot of heroin so you asked a lot somehow for guidance and and show them respect, but also don't do Hulu Don't exaggerate to the amount of work because Allah also malata