In Praise of Umar ibn Al-Khattab

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In Praise of ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab, Ameerul Mu’minin – Hasib Noor

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The speaker discusses a picture of a woman who killed a model of a low animal and killed a model of a woman who was bleeding. She describes the woman as a woman who had a dispute with her partner and was hesitant to say anything until she saw a photo of her the woman saying she was a woman who had a disagreement with her partner and was hesitant to say anything until she saw a photo of her the woman saying she was a woman who had a disagreement with her partner and was hesitant to say anything until she saw a photo of her.

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My name is lanie. I am Omar, my fellow marine villain, me as a

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felon now with your law, Omar,

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one expansion the time of the

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year in July, Muslims took over the Battle of hate. And they have a lot of wealth that came to them

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in his lifetime extended,

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and he expanded the mission towards the east,

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to the east and to the north. So you can imagine it was a picture here.

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North north in the east,

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expanded during his time, the seventh year of that

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in the same direction, he's in north, south,

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east, and that was in the seventh 17 years. And then in the 29th year of the law, expanded the most

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great, don't

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be alarmed.

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And also for the man. One thing that's very special, if you walk through this first door, and you walk all the way down

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when you reach the place where the man prays, and you stand in the middle of the pillars, and literally in the middle, pillar on your right, and the pillar on your left and in front of you is the

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metal dealer if you're standing where the lawn needs to be different.

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Obviously, you can't have a mark ation now, but our model,

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and our model, the one who actually was assassinated there, he was leading flusher and a person

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fire worshiper was a slave, came into the machine and pretended to pray. And he had a dagger, which is poison. And he had one of the best companions of the prophets, Allah is the second best companion of all the companions and model the law. He killed a model of the low animal and he started bleeding. He was taken away, and the effects of that poison was reaching his body. And he was late to rest he passed out. And his home where he was taken to was, if you look straight back behind me, you'll see small, white pillars.

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small white pillars you see them. Okay, the one that's closest to the left,

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the small white pillar closest to the left, in front of that area was the home of

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one of my favorite companions. The second snap on the line, who was a man who stood for the truth at all times, when he was leaving Mexico, most of the companions left without announcing. He announced to everybody he said, if anybody wants their mother to lose their son, follow me behind this valley.

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He was carrying his armor. nobody dared to say anything.

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he may drive he said, Oh, a great victory, too. It's not with it's not a one of the

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one of the ones above the other one was a sham who was named was

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actually was making dry whoever you see more beneficial to slop either Apple gel

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and they said without

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It was a conquest by lose a victory by itself, because it gave us so much power.

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He lived there, and his home was was was called down a lot. Not a lot and judiciary nacala isn't like a judge the judge, but

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he actually put his entire house on, on basically, when you could say wraps up the case that he died, he had a loan upon him that they sell his house, and they pay off his loans. And when he became,

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if you think you think of a person who was very strong demeanor, to the point that when the woman would have this session with

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him, and he was teaching them, and they would ask him in a very serious manner, when I walked in, they immediately would cover themselves and like walk away as fast as possible.

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And they will say, yeah, although you're scaring the woman,

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that kind of personality to the point that when he became a diva, some of the people in Medina started saying, Ilan was very strong, had a strong demeanor when he was under the prophet SAW Selim and under.

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He's gonna be strong against against

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Ilan who got up on the member of the Prophet.

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And he said, I hear people in Medina say things. They're saying that I'm going to be very harsh. When I'm,

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and they're right, I am going to be harsh.

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And everybody started being scared. And he said, I'm going to be harsh against myself, to establish justice for those who are weakened and downtrodden. Now we'll make sure those protect the rights of others. This was

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one day prophesized in that kind of conflict with his wife, yes.

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had a disagreement with his wife. So he said, I will not come near you all, for us for a month,

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for a month. Yes, the profits.

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So he went, and he has there was a place in

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which there was some stairs, and it was like, an apartment above.

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There was some stairs, there was a like a small apartment area. And the prophets I send them

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stayed away from his family for one month because of the disagreement that they had, and a lot of the lawn when he came, and he saw the officers arrested. And he saw that he was sleeping on a straw mat. And it had left marks on his side of his body. He started to cry. He said, Oh, look, he's the

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king of Persia, and the king of Rome. have better than this, you deserve better. You deserve much better than this.

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A great listen. He said that? No, that

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for them? Is this dunya?

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Aren't you pleased that for them?

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And for us

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to console

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to teach him a very strong lesson that this portrait that we see.

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Only this dude is preparing us for the

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US. And one eye one time the purpose of lesson a saw the last house in paradise.

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you dreamt of it. And he saw the last house in paradise. And he said Oh, because of your Vila. Like your manhood. I decided not to go into your house. Because I know how much stronger the demeanor you have. Because of your healer.

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He heard that he starts to cry. He's a goddess to the law. You're shy from me. And he started to cry because the prophet SAW Selim wouldn't answer the house. Just thinking of that make a strong man like

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one of the people who gathered the block and took part in the

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organization and election of the Ronda, we hold now another one

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later on.