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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam al so less salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The other words as he will come you to another episode of rock your Ramadan 2012 day 28.

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So, yesterday we talked all we asked the questions as to how do we know that our fasting or our a VEDA has been accepted?

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Are there any indications or signs?

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So we talked about the mission of Ramadan and the mission of Ramadan is to attain taqwa. So if you have entered any in the state of low Eman before Ramadan and then you find yourself that your bitey has increased after Ramadan so hamdulillah you have fulfilled the mission of Ramadan

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in the mela in the meta Kabbalah then with the pain along with Ani except from the righteous from the bias

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but I said okay, how

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maybe what's the least that we could do after Ramadan

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you may find yourself any not reading the same frequency I used to I used to a normal band, but maybe I can, I'd like to share with you a very I call it like the least planche you know the very minimum that one could do in sha Allah to Allah after Ramadan.

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And until I'll come up with a

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shallow data, a more comprehensive lecture that will talk about this topic in more detail. The least Blanche or the very minimum that maybe one could do after Ramadan

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even if you can do one or two a month or maybe I'm sorry, let's maybe there's too much one mass or or one hazmat every month or once every two months. Yeah, I need the public says 100 my every month

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but I mean if you can even do one every two months, as long as usual not totally totally refrain from lenient

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the least the least. Just keep that car and companionship that used to Norma bond keep it up to her mama once

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you know per month or every two months old now you need at least I'm telling you that you are keeping in touch with her and as you used to enter Ramadan

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syrup in the masjid as you used to a normal bat. I mean, most of us would at least go for a shot at least the least is Asia. You know and Ramadan. And and and a lot of us will even start going Mashallah for God I don't even talk about

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even the little ones they go for vlogmas Allah. So if you could, at least at least after Ramadan, especially for the brothers, to adhere to to Salah first of Asia

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or at least for some which is the toughest on your Eman? The toughest on the hypocrites. In fact, it's not professional in Asia. So if you could at least stick to Salatu Fazal, and Asia in the masjid. I'm not talking about the five daily prayers. I'm talking about the least. Yeah, I need that you could do here for early morning. And Asia.

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Asia at night.

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Fast fasting as used to do lots of fasting, you know, we fasted hamdulillah and Ramadan, we want to stay in touch with the spirit of Ramadan. If you could fast, maybe just a couple of days a month, I'm not saying every Monday and Thursday.

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Every Monday, just maybe start with once a week or once every couple of weeks. So every couple of weeks, you first a day Monday, let's say. And then the second you know, and then another, you know, Monday or Thursday, so that you get to fast at least twice, twice in the whole month in a month. I mean, I'm just saying maybe this is the least you could if you want to, you know fast every Monday and Thursday on every Monday or not handle whatever the sooner is or every you know, three days every month. I mean these are the sooner but I'm just saying here. This is the prescription for the sick. Just like me, I'm sick. This is the prescription for the sick. I need to imagine he's sick

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somebody who's getting his email, maybe at least if you could fast maybe just just just two days a month to stay in touch with the fasting with with the spirit of Ramadan. sadaqa. love us give lots of Salah commercial and Ramadan.

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Right. We used to give lots of sort of commercial watercolor. How about if you may be just $1 $1 a week is what is $1

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One pound, no, but is that you stay in touch with sada with giving $1 a week, is it too much, one pound a week or whatever, you know, your currency is one time a week. So easy, just stay in touch with as long as you don't give up the good work that you used to do in Ramadan, remember, all the good work that you used to do keep that good work in sha Allah who died after Ramadan.

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You know, imagine somebody who's been working, he works, you know, and then he gets his monthly paychecks every month, at the end of the month, he gets his paycheck. So he's been working hard in the beginning and on throughout the month going and, and then after, you know, the last week, you know, before the end of the month in the final week, then he started quitting coming to his job.

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Especially in the last five days of four days, what happened, he just you know, started, you know, not showing up.

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And then at the end of the month, he gets a paycheck, with five days, you know, sort of missing from it, he did not get the full paycheck, you only get a paycheck but minus five days. This is why

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when they said

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we have been we only paid you for the days that you have showed up.

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You've shown up

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25 days you got paid for 25 days

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you didn't show up for the fight in the last five days.

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This is the analogy of the people who

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they go to the massage it in the beginning of Ramadan, the middle of Ramadan, right up to the night of the 27th and after the night of the 27th you don't see them and so eight

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you think you're gonna get this and that's in fact a sign that maybe you're a bad hasn't been accepted because you come into the masjid after the night of the 27th

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you took it easy

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you didn't have the same same intensity that you had before you know until out the month and then you came at the end of the month and then you quit

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now this is very scary. Don't do that.

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Don't do that.

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Stay strong inshallah Tada. Today's 28

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and then we have only we know about couple of days left and how us Ramadan is really really officially gone.

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Insha Allah Allah I'm preparing a lecture. It will be an online seminar

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on how to walk in your email after Ramadan.

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Rock in your email after Ramadan. Everything's got to rock here you know, so rock in your email after Ramadan. Stay tuned for more information shot low data about this online event until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan is a delight to add up.