Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-020B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 144-152

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of evidence and evidence in proving the truth is emphasized in Islam. It is essential to not follow anyone's behavior and avoid criticizing others. The speaker emphasizes the need for evidence to prove one is not following the user's desires. The importance of following the Prophet's stance in WhatsApp is also highlighted, as it is the core of belief. It is crucial to not allow fear to come up and stay on the line in prayer.
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Dinara indeed we see meaning we have seen over and over again the call Luba wedge HC, the movement of your face for summer in the direction of the sky. Now Allah subhanaw taala is addressing his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So what jika your face? This is referring to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so and the word Nadal from gras Hamza, yeah, and the Kolob is cough, lamb back, okay? calibre, or rather to call lube is to constantly turn about, okay, which is why it's been translated as movement. The word club is from the same group because the state of the heart constantly moves, right constantly changes, it's never the same. You feel one way at the

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beginning of the day, and then after a few moments, in the middle of the day, you're feeling very differently. So this is the reality of the heart. It's not meant to be stagnant. Okay? It's not meant to be always the same. Because then that means a person doesn't feel anything. And that's not human. Being human means that your feelings change, the state of your heart changes. So other neurons, the Alaba logic here, the Colombo logic movement of your face this summer in the direction of the sky, what does that mean? That we have seen your face constantly turning in the direction of the sky, meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would look up to the sky again and again.

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Okay. Why, in anticipation in hope that soon he would be given the command to face the Kaaba in prayer. So Phelan well Lian NACA, so surely we will indeed turn you towards from the root letter as well last year, people attend to a prayer direction which the Baha you will be pleased with it raw, but yeah, meaning from Jerusalem. Now we will tell you to face the carbo Okay, and this Kibler, the Kaaba Mater haram This is a Qibla which the prophets of Allah who earn isn't and was pleased with he was happy with he was at all the with the Lucha okay. For onely wotja Shatrughan Masjidul haram. Now, this is the command that is being given, which changed the Qibla for worldly so you turn well,

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lamb Yeah, watch her pure face shutaura towards al Masjid Al haram, the Sacred Mosque meaning now when you pray, you turn your face in the direction of the sacred mosque. Okay. Now, when the Prophet salallahu Urdu center was given this command, he was in Medina. All right, he was not in Makkah. And this is why you see the word shutter has been used shutter, you know, it has a bit of whoosah in it, meaning you face in the direction of and you know, basic geometry, you know that if your angle is different, even slightly by one degree, all right, and you are extending your straight line, what's going to happen, there's going to be a huge difference. Now, the farther you go, the longer your

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line is, the greater the difference will be. Right? So Shepard is not that you are facing the exact angle. Okay, that the angle is 100% precise. Because that's not humanly possible. shuttler is that you face in the direction of towards? All right. So, you know, it's possible, you know, sometimes that you're praying in a certain direction, because you check to that is the direction of the Qibla. But what if you change, you know, you move just by one degree to the right or to the left. Now, if you start drawing the straight line from where you're standing, all the way to the Kaaba, it's possible that your straight line does not actually end at the Kaaba, it ends miles away from the

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Kaaba, right. So shutter has a lot of capacity in it. It doesn't mean the exact direction but two words so for one Liwa Jirka shutter al Masjid Al haram and Masjid Al haram, this is the Kaaba in Mecca. Wha Hey Zuma and wherever come to me you all are meaning whether you are in Medina or you are in Makkah or you are in a different continent even you are on land you're on si ne wherever you are, when you pray for one loo would you have come shutaura Then you will turn your faces towards it for a loop again while lamea now for well Lou, this is plural. Okay for well lead this is singular. Okay for what league singular? Well, Lou plural, you can see these two words, right? So here the Prophet

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sallallahu earlier sunnah was being instructed and after him for well Lo, all of you turn the believers the Muslims are being addressed, that all of you should turn would you have come would you plural of the word wedge face shutaura Who towards it? So wherever you are in the world when you're praying

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turn in the direction of the Kaaba of an Masjid Al haram. We're in the ladina Otto kitab. And indeed those people who have been given the Book who are Alladhina O'Toole Kitab it is the Jews or the Christians. So those who have been given the Book layer Allah Munna surely they nor I mean lamb meme, they have knowledge of the fact that and know who that indeed et al Hakama. robbing him is the truth from their Lord, what is the truth from their Lord, the change of Qibla facing the Kaaba in prayer, so they know that this is the truth from their Lord wom Allah Who beloved in on my arm alone, and Allah is not at all unaware about what they do. Meaning they know the truth yet they

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reject it, yet they criticize so Allah is not unaware of what they're doing, whether what they're doing is rejection or criticism or pretending that they don't know. Allah knows what they're doing well in and surely if la Lam means surely and in means if if a data a data literally means you came okay a data you came to, but remember when the word attack is followed by be okay if you came with then what it means is you brought okay come with meaning you bring so if you brought to who Alladhina Otto Kitab those who are given the book What do you bring Coonley I attend every idea. So if you were to bring to the people of the book, every idea and by IDEA sign what is meant is

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evidence proof. Okay? If you were to bring them every you know sign every evidence, you know from the Quran from even the Bible, or from logic, whatever any kind of evidence you bring to them mad to be Earth tibula tech man not to be rude, they would follow Qibla tuck your prayer direction who from taba. I mean, okay remember the word it tomorrow? So they would not follow your prayer direction, meaning you cannot convince them to face the carbon in prayer. They're not going to follow you. They're not going to listen to you. And the fact is that warmer and and you are not you as in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be tab you're in Kybella Tahoma are at all one who follows their

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prey direction, meaning you are not going to ever follow their prey direction they continue to face beta Noctus Jerusalem in prayer, you're not going to do that anymore. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah has commanded you now to face the Kaaba in prayer. So you're not going to follow them. Woman Barbu home be tab you're in Qibla Tbird warmer and not Barbu. Home some of them some of who them is referring to people of the book and Medina, Otto kitab. Okay. Some of them are not at all Tabby or in ones who follow people at the bobbin prayer direction of some meaning they do not follow the Qibla of one another. Okay, meaning they themselves are not united. How dare they criticize you? Now

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remember Alladhina Otto kitab. This is referring to both the Jews and the Christians. So the Jews and the Christians, they don't follow the same Qibla the Jews face one Qibla one prayer direction in the Christian space, another prayer direction, a different one. So they're not facing the same Qibla anyway, you're not going to follow them. Because if you were to follow them, then who is it that you're gonna follow the Jews or the Christians? Okay, they themselves are confused. So you're not going to follow them. You're going to follow what what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed? Well as in and shortly if it Bartha you follow again same route to about nine if you were to follow a Hua home

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their desires plural of the word Hawa, okay. If you were to follow their desires, how will we as the root mimbar the after now what data are coming in or in? It came to you have knowledge meaning after knowledge has come to you? What is this knowledge? This is what hate this is Quran. So after the Quran has come to you, you follow their desires, which desires that you should be like them, you should do what they're doing. And what they're doing is not based on evidence, it is not based on knowledge. So if you were to follow them in NACA either Lemina Worli mean indeed you in that case would surely be among Awali mean for love the word la Lim and notice in accounted you the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi salam is being addressed directly and the message is for all of us. Alladhina those who attain our home we gave them from the rootworms Italia

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Al Kitab a the book the people who we have given the book to, meaning the Jews and the Christians Yardi fauna who they recognize it Yardi fauna from the iron of our fire. And there it found us to recognize something by its signs, okay? So they recognize it or they recognize him, it as in the Quran, him as in the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam so they recognize him command just as yardie fauna abna home they recognize their own sons of Annette is the plural of the word even, okay, even son of an absence. So just as they recognize their own sons, that is how well they recognize the Prophet sallallahu earnings sent him to be a messenger of Allah. We're in that and indeed for the

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icon a party foul cough men home of them of who of the People of the Book leg to monal help surely they hide the truth. Calf Tameem to conceal hide something. So they hide the truth. Well, homie Arla, Manuel they know, meaning they hide the truth not accidentally, but they do it knowingly. Al Helcom Arabic The truth is from your Lord fell out Hakuna, no minimum 13 So you indeed do not be among those who doubt let Hakuna this is for her vision. And you see the noon with Shuddha this has been translated as indeed because it's for emphasis. So you indeed do not be minimum Tareen among those who doubt mum Terenas afford of the word mum Teddy, or mum Taryn. Okay, this is how you can

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write it. Mum Taryn and this is from the root letters meme of all Yep, okay. Media is the word media is doubt okay. So you do not be of those who entertain doubts will equal line and for each meaning for each nation which had tone or each person even which her tone is a direction Wow Gee Mm hmm. Now which her also means direction what does that mean? Any the direction in which you turn your face okay. Hello Mona Lisa he turns towards it and each person has a direction which he turns towards okay each person has a goal that they pursue each person has a direction which they face festival cool Hi rod. So you will race to the good deeds festival ko from seen BAP pop subaqua is to get

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ahead to proceed. Okay, and is Tabitha is to do this in competition. Okay, meaning you are racing and that is why your goal is to get ahead of others. Okay, so first we'll call race to a hierarchy the good deeds a hierarchy for love the word hierarchy, okay. And hierarchy is a deed which is good which is height, so high rot good deeds. So you are Muslims raised to good deeds, you should compete in good deeds. i No matter Kuno wherever you all are yet to become Allahu Jumeirah. Allah will bring you all together. Now remember ye T literally means he will come. But when it's followed by B, it means brink. So Allah will bring you all gem era together, Jamie Marine, meaning on the day of

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judgment, He will gather you all together. No matter where you were in the world, no matter where you died. Allah will bring you all together in the la hora la policia included indeed Allah over everything is ever able off than raw rock woman hi to her Raja and from wherever you go out. Now the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam is being addressed that from wherever you go out. So you were in a place in a building or you were visiting the city and now you are leaving that place. Okay. So in other words, no matter where you are, what should you do for well, Liwa Chaka Chaka, Al Masjid Al haram, then you turn your face to words and Masjid Al haram. Meaning when it's time to pray, then

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you face the Masjid Al haram. That is the Qibla we're in a halal Hakuna Arabic And indeed it is surely the truth from your Lord. What is it referring to? The Qibla being a Masjid Al haram, this is the truth from your Lord, meaning this is the correct Qibla and this is what Allah subhanaw taala has clearly instructed you to do. One Allah who will often in our matar Malone and Allah is not unaware about what you do at all. He's fully aware of what you're doing. So it is your responsibility to check which way the Qibla is. And no matter where you are, you have to face the Kaaba in prayer woman Hazel College, and from wherever you go out for one Liwa Jukka Chaparral

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Masjid Al haram. Then turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque. See this line? You can see over here it's

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exactly the same. All right. Well, Hazel McClinton and wherever you all are for when Lou would you have come Shapira then turn your faces towards it towards what? Towards a Must you there hello. So whether you are in some place temporarily or you have moved there you're traveling, you were in Macau you're outside of Makkah, no matter where you are, you have to turn your face towards a muscular haram when you're praying salah, y li Allah so that not this is three words li meaning soul and meaning that and law meaning not so li Allah so that not your corner there is a nasty for the people are like on her jetten against you an argument meaning be consistent in facing the right

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qibla in prayer. Why so that people don't have any argument against you in the leadin Ebola momentum except for those who have done wrong among them. Any they will always have an argument against you, they will always find a reason to criticize you. So such people who are always going to criticize you what should you do Phil attack showhome don't fear them. Don't be afraid of them. Let the showhome call sheen yet Hushai to fear and remember this kind of fear is based on knowledge. Okay? And this is very interesting where Allah subhanaw taala says filetto showhome Do not fear them because sometimes you know, that certain people's criticism is definitely damaging. That fear is not

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baseless, that fear is not based on something imaginary. There is real danger. Right? But still almost Pontarlier says Do not fear them while shoni and you all fear me. Fear Allah will show me. Okay, Claire Shinya wali ot manera materialet calm and so that I complete my blessing upon you. This is from the letters ta Meme Meme, it's ma'am is to complete or perfect something meaning continue to face the Qibla no matter what people say because this is the completion of the blessing of Islam. Okay, well I look on data dune and so that you all obtain guidance have that yeah, come on, I will sell now a few camera Sula, men come Come on, just as I will sell now we sent raw seen lamb fee come

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among you all or people or Muslims? Or Sudan a messenger men come from you all, from you all meaning a human being like you and for the Arabs, especially those at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Are you setting the Prophet sallallahu Arneson was literally one of them. All right. So we have sent you a Messenger from you all a human being an Arab, someone whom you're able to understand someone whom you are familiar with. And what is this messenger doula yet to luar Aleikum is Tina he recites to You all our verses, we use a key comb and he purifies you all ze curve Yeah. Where you are a limo Kamal Kitab and he teaches you the book or in lamb me my llama to teach. While hikma and the wisdom

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her calf mean, while you are a limo calm and he teaches you Mylanta Kunal, Darla moon, what you all did not use to know the Prophet sallallahu or incident teaches you things which you were completely unaware of before. Fed Qurani so you all remember me with Kuru. This is from that calf, Rob Vic. Remember who remember Allah, of course come what will happen when you remember a lot I will remember you, Allah will remember you. So always guru you will remember. And of course, I will remember wash guru and he will show gratitude lead to me sheen calf of all while at UK for Rooney and you all do not show in gratitude to me. That photo is from calf for raw. Cofer. Remember, this is denial. And

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it's also in gratitude. Because what is in gratitude and gratitude is denial off someone's favor, that you don't even recognize it. You don't accept it. You don't acknowledge it. Okay. And the knee. This is me. Okay, so let's look for Rooney. Do not show in gratitude to me.

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All right. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. And as you listen, please stand up, stretch and listen attentively. Okay. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Say Abu Suvarna Amina Seema

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only heal mystery for now whatever. Yesterday me Asha

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