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Okay guys, so no more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, ala rasulillah were buried. So we are at verse number 59 of sudo casa. So let's get right into it because we've got a lot of things to cover today. In sha Allah hota Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he tells us one icon or a bouquet moholy calahorra it is not from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he destroys a nation had a birth if he only held or Sulaiman yet to do it in a Tina, until Allah sends fee only her in the main city of that place, or that country or that town. Now why is that important? Because if you can convince so if a prophet or a messenger is sent to the main

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city of that place, and can start a program, or start their their Dharma and start, you know, teaching and changing the narrative and changing the perception that people had, of who Allah is and who they should worship, if they can get to the heart, then in sha Allah, all of the other villages and communities that surround the main city, then in sha Allah hotevilla the influence could be a little easier. You know, it's just like when you're talking to a whole community, you start off with the tribal leader, you start off with the leader of the cast, and if you can convince him or her then usually the followers fall into place as well. So Allah says he will send messengers until he

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does this feat oh me out are so late that they could recite upon them his a one that could normally kill Cora Illa lol volley mon. And we will have never destroyed any nation except that amongst them the people or people who are wrong doers. Well Matt booty to Malin Shea him from a towel higher to dounia with z net to her. We never gave them anything except that they were given or they had meta will hire to dunya was the network. You know what meta is matar is something that's important to you, but you don't depend on it. So it could be as something as simple as like a pen or a book or a pencil or a fork or a spoon. Like these things are useful to you. They're important to have. But

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you're not going to your life's not going to end because you don't have a fork. You know, so that's what we've hired to doing. So Allah says that we have given you everything in this world, but all of it is just material. Everything came with an expiration date was enough to make it look beautiful to you. Allah decorated it for you. But everything just it dies out. It ends, it starts to corrode, it starts to rot away. It eventually disintegrates, it eventually disappears. Nothing on this planet lasted forever. Even the planet itself is starting to deteriorate. You know, this is why some climatologist some scientists even say that. One of the reasons that we see this whole massive

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change in the climate around the globe, you know, some places gets hotter, someplace gets colder, some places in between. The point is this whole phenomenon of climate change is as a result of the Earth itself is dying. All of its resources, everything time is eventually killing this planet. And it's inevitable it will come to an end. So Allah is reminding all of us, everything I gave you it's matter. You might think it's important. You might think, man, I really need this. Man, this is really important to me. And you might think that, you know, it looks beautiful, there's there can't be anything more perfect than this. And alette says that it's just something that's Matera. It comes

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with an exploration, it's going to disappear while they're in the LA Heyo.

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This is this is what Allah subhanaw taala. His response to that is, you know, it's kind of depressing when you hear that everything that you have and you live for and you struggle for a legend says it's nothing it's just matar. But then Allah says what is with Allah is even better, higher. What's with Allah is so much better. Whatever they'll call, and it lasts way longer. You know, you might think for a moment, especially in marriages, right? You'll have one day where you and your your husband or your wife, right, you're just having a great day. Everything is just perfect. You know, when you're eating, you're just having great conversations when you go out. It's

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just so pleasant. And you think to yourself, why can't every day be like this? Until in just literally in a split moment, something triggers a problem. Tension starts to arise or something happens and all of that pleasantness just boom, it's gone.

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What Ally's telling us here

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That everything that connects you and keeps you close to him is always better and it's more permanent. So how do you link the two scenarios together? Those moments where are difficult, those tough times in marriage, when you keep a look close, even during those tough times, then even those tough times, become healthy moments for the marriage, you start to see the wisdom, why you had those moments in the marriage, why the arguments came about, you start to see and you start to appreciate you start saying to yourself, man, Subhana, Allah, you know, that argument, I learned a lot about you, and you learn a lot about me. And we've got to change, we've got to do things differently.

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That's not us. So you start to realize that what you thought was terrible, because you had that consciousness of a lie, like you kept a lot in your mind during that whole period. Allah gives you a journey, because you're close to him. Allah gives you that journey, and it still becomes healthy and fruitful in its own way. You know, psychologists make us pay 1000s of dollars to hear this stuff, and a lot, put it in this court and and just told you straight up, look, anything that's near me, is better for you. And it's permanent. Meaning the next time you have those tough moments in your marriage, and the and you keep using the same formula, guess what's gonna happen, it's always gonna

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be the same result, you'll always know how to handle those difficult times in the best way possible. You'll know you'll even know when to step back. You know, I don't want to get into this argument right now, I don't want to get into this from you, you'll know how to just pull back, you'll know how to control your tongue, you'll know how to just do the things you're supposed to do the things that experts in psychologists tell you, you sit there you, you unload your problems, and they tell you Okay, well, you need to keep yourself under control. Go take a walk, go do this, go do that. Oh, Allah had to say was, well, Marin De La Jolla, whatever call everything that is with Allah is better

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for you, and it's permanent. Just keep a light in your life. And you'll see how things just, everything just works out. Everything just becomes smoother and better. I find that our people ask us,

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don't you think about this thing? Like, don't you just take a moment and reflect on it? And just think about it? Has anybody ever lost or become miserable when they didn't? When they had a loss in their life? Has anybody lived a miserable life? It's never happened. So why don't you think about that stuff?

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A lot continues. As a memoir, I'd know who are the hustler. This is where I got the title of this video guys this area. Didn't we promise to them? A beautiful promise.

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What a beautiful promise for who LLP. And then they met that promise. They met like they came they confronted the promise that Allah made. So what was the promise, everything that Allah promised in terms of reward, blessing, Baraka, Jenna, and all of its blessings in paradise. So you know what happens to the believer here? What Allah says is that there come a time where you're going to be in front of me, you're going to be front of Jen, and you're going to look at her and you can be like, Oh my god, there's the fruits that Allah talked about in the Quran was our key who kathira in it, it's going to have so many fruits. And it's not just any fruit when you take what a bite out of

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these fruits of gender. falaqa comes from the word fatca. fatca means when you bite into it, it feels good all over you ever. You ever try a fruit like that? I don't know. Maybe like a good mango or a nice, you know, ripe strawberry or something. And you bite into this and you're just like, man, I want to go into such there right now. This is so good. It's just the perfect true. That's the feeling. And then they're gonna start reciting all of the verses like I read about this. Oh my god, the roads. Oh my god. There's the river that's floating beneath my feet. There's all the gardens, everything. There's the home that a lot promise. There's the mention that Allah promised if I ever

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donated to help build the masjid. He said, he'll give me a house or a mansion in paradise. There it is. It's got my name on it.

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All of that is for who LLP, they'll meet up to that promise. You know, it's also like, you know, in this world, if you want to give somebody the greatest surprise of their life, like you buy them a new car, a new home, what's the first thing and all the TV shows? What do you see? they wrap their eyes, you know, they put like this thing around their eyes or you go like this, and you're like, Okay, 321 and you open your eyes, and you're like, Oh my god, there it is. That's actually what's going to happen to the believer who stayed committed and kept a look close, permanent and near to him or her

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When they see the promises, and you know, one last point is that why a debt like this are so important to us? Because the way that Allah advertises gender is through words. We don't have pictures of how gender will look like. There's no YouTube video we can go on and just now Oh my god, I can't wait to get there.

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We have nothing except the words that Allah described, Jenna with, that's what we're trusting the most. And, you know, Allah is the best storyteller. And he gives us the most detailed and the most beautiful of descriptions because I don't know if this happens to you, I'm sure it does, but happens to me all the time. Every time I come across a descriptive a of anything, whether it be gender, or the Day of Judgment. And even Jen, my mind immediately starts to attempt to imagine what that looks like. So when I, when I read a verse about there will be beautiful homes as far as the eyes can see engender, I started imagining that there will be a hold of fact, there will be these massive rooms

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the roof would be as far as the eyes can see the walls will be as far as the eyes can see. And unless as this is all for you, I start imagining what a room that size would look like. When a lead tells us that you will have Jeanette, you will have so many spots of land and greenery that belonged to I start picturing the biggest and most massive piece of land I can think of even sometimes I imagined the whole entire Earth is just all green. There's no rivers, nothing because the rivers are floating beneath you, right? So I just imagined this green ball of luscious greenery and that's the entire earth I like it's the closest thing I can think of what gender would look like. It's so

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beautiful. The way that Allah describes things it immediately draws you in and you start imagining it immediately. That's how the court and talks to you. Command Medina who matter I'll hire to dunia listen to this right right when you confront all the promises of Allah. It's going to satisfy you. Just like how you thought you were satisfied in the worldly life. Only with Allah Look what Allah says. So meltaway Oh, man oh pm that you mean Elmore logged in, but only on that day on the Day of Judgment. It will be presented more body and how it will be presented right in front of you. You're just gonna be like, Oh my gosh, it's right there. There's the fountain and the cows that Allah

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talked about. There's the Prophet Lisa to send Luke he's right there. He's by the calsoft these by the fountain.

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Now I get to go there. Oh my god. There's that waterfall that I read about that. Hadeeth there's that a horse that's running around the tree. There's a tree, all of that stuff. My God. It's right in front of your face. May Allah make us from amongst them. Well, you will make unity and fail kulu Aina Shaka el Latino content as Ramon on that day, they will be called out

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those who trans get transgressed fail Paulo aina. Shaka on that day solid gives you a different picture as well. It's not just gotten to all going to be you know, Rose, it's not going to be just rosy on the Day of Judgment. Allah is going to tell you more now on that day there's also people that will be told call out aina Shoraka Where are the idols that you associated with Elijah you know, Quantum testerman that used to claim that this these were the things that will give you these promises so where are they today? Pinilla Tina help Carly humor Paul those then somebody would say and respond who was given the right to speak on that day? Or bene Oh my master you see how they

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started. So Rob banner in worldly life was towards this idol for the for him. But now on that day because the truth is so clear. The reality is just like a slap in the face. Then I could have been a old my master hula a Latina a whiner. These things here. They had misled. They had been misled. So they refer to the followers of these idols. And he said these people, they were all misled. a whiner. That's one. Oh, why now whom the one who's speaking said were the ones who misled them.

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kemah Hall wayna. Here's three. Because we were misled. So three things they said, Oh, our master these idols and those who followed them. They're all misled.

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Because we misled them.

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Because we ourselves are misled. These are the the leaders. These are the people who sold those idols, who sold that narrative who may who invested millions of dollars and made those commercials if you drink this

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Water, the holy bubble, blood is going to come inside of you and you're going to become rich your bank account, you'll log into your life Oh my god, it just multiple it just multiplied four times over how that happened. Because you drank some water that some dude said was just real, bless it and it was real good for you.

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If you bow down to this, all your problems just disappear, you start feeling stuff happening, just do it, do it, do it. Those same individuals were like, yeah, we're the ones that actually we misled them. Because we ourselves have been gone astray. And look, they don't stop there. To bharatnet a lake. They said we want to disassociate and separate ourselves from that, so that we can come a lake to you McKenna, IANA Yabu, we will never have people that used to worship that stuff. Well, can you lead? Oh, sure. Okay. So Allah says, Okay, fine. It's it was sent to them, okay, we'll call them out. If they had nothing to do with you, let's say you talk to them, because you are you did that at

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least. So just please show us how this whole thing worked. Because you were the culprit, you were the one that was selling this stuff to the world. Call them out. Now. Let's see what happens. This is further humiliation By the way, for these individuals, Allah is going to embarrass you and please you and is one of the words in the court and use that this was this is going to be a public humiliation for people who sold this stuff. So let's say Go ahead, call them now in front of all of mankind, call them out call whatever their names are called them up. Let's see, let's see how this worked, or how you claimed it worked. Fed our home for Digi Buddha home. So they called out to their

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idols, but none of them answered. None of them responded or will either. Instead Allah showed them, there's your punishment over there. No unknown can we do instead, if they only would have pondered, and reflect that these things can't guide you in any way shape or form? Well, Yama, una de la pulu mother a job to more and more serene. On that day, they will be also called out and asked in your pool. What did your prophets and messengers What did they respond when they were told? Okay, these are the idols you worship? What did they say? What did they respond with? For me, I lay him on and we only eat him for him let alone You became blinded by these profits that we sent to you. You

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ignored them. They were trying to warn you don't worship that stuff. Don't be inclined to those things. Instead, you turned a blind eye from them. You only eat them for whom La Jolla does now they can't be asked for any help. Nothing on this day. It's too late. It's done. For a moment. turbowash m N o r m e la Sol de Haan feitosa. He called me no more for him. See, every time I love gives you depressing news. There's always hope. As for the ones who make Toba? Did you see the connection? We just talked about the consequences of people who worshiped and trusted and depended on or lean towards anything other than Allah. Like they engross their spiritual belief to these things.

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Alissa's for a moment.

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But as for the ones who repented what ermine, and they renewed their faith, they renewed their intention, you know, like Enough Enough is enough. See this idol get out? I'm done with it. I don't care who gave it to me. I don't care what people believe about it. I'm done with this stuff. While I'm a little salty here. And they actually walk the walk they change their lives, their lives and they started doing the right thing. For I saw a cool demeanor muffler Hey, maybe in sha Allah hopefully there'll be amongst those who are successful.

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Did you guys catch Allah? Allah said fast?

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Don't forget this word guys. Fire I said eisah is the is a term that we say in Arabic. It's called feral ethology. It's something that represents hope that maybe in sha Allah, I could be successful. Why? Allah is separating two groups of people that do righteous deeds, listen to it, okay.

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On the one hand, there are people who do righteous deeds, and they do it sincerely because it has an impact on their life. They want to please Allah, so they do it. Then there is a second group of those who do righteous deeds to say and validate themselves. Well, I did. I prayed. You know, I gave sadulpur I did a lot of good things.

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And those are the individuals Allah is Sal is separating with the word Assa. Because then you don't get to say to yourself, oh, well, I did it. What do you what do you mean?

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I'm not going to be successful. I did go to the masjid. Yeah. Your body went into the mess dude. But your heart was still left at home. It was still in the car. Your heart was like, so, so upset. It was so unsatisfied. It was not inclined to this stuff. You just did it, because your parents dragged you along. So that's all that's the only reason you went. You only got up for fetcher. Because you were so annoyed by when mom and dad were raking. You'll be like, Oh my god, just leaving. Okay, fine. I'll just pray. Yeah, you only listen to the hope but because there was nothing else to listen to.

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Those are the things that ally separating. So, obviously, the first category is where we want to be. We want to be the people that we don't just do the righteous deeds, but we do it because we want the reward we want that thirst and desire in our hearts. We want it badly. That's why Allah says maybe in sha Allah you'll be amongst those who are successful autoboca hola como sherway after luck and create whatever he wants any chooses whatever he wants. makan Allah whom will tiara they will not have any choice on that day Suba Han Allah He went to Allah and I usually call and praise be to Allah and he is far away from what they associated with auto bouquet Allah momento Kindle pseudo

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Romana your letona Allah is fully well aware of what you were hid to kin or pseudo Rome, what your chests hid inside to kin is like a volt. Allah knows what you voted inside of your chests. The things that you've never told another human being.

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You've never told another human being Allah pulling it out. I know exactly what's inside of you. I know exactly how you felt when you heard my message. Although you smiled. You said oh, I haven't done a lot. You used all the beautiful phrases, the beautiful words I know exactly what you harbored from within. So that still goes against you. So heinola this is so so frightening.

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Because I'm sure a lot of people are guilty. Guilty with this. You sit in front of like you go for a job and you sit you listen to this healthy veneer like God. I hate this hottie even though because everything they're saying is totally applies to me. I never want to listen to him again. But then after when the hottie walks by and system, why they call masala Mara Mottola chef and you give him a hug but deep tie you're giving him a hug on the outside but on the inside you're like God I hate this guy. can't stand him everything he says that it applies to me I don't I don't want to be around I'm not gonna ask no questions nothing Mashallah just like a little later to see that kind of

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hypocrisy that's what I was talking about. I know exactly what's in your heart so I don't think you can fool him. You can't fool a lot.

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Well, who Allahu La Ilaha Illa who he is alone No day to worthy of worship but he will have to fill all our fill after he has all praise from the beginning as well as the end whatever took him he has the final say ruling what la he told geralyn and you're eventually going to return right back to him so panel law

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in general Allahu la como la la sodoma den la Oh pm at many ILA on the label La Jolla t completely in flr tessmer own cool auto item say to them Did you see auto tune guys is when Allah wants you to sit and reflect so all the students listening to this please take a moment now when you're listening to this and start reflecting Okay, just reflect for a second what I'm going to what I'm going to share with you all our items don't really sit back and think and ponder in general love Wiley como late if Allah were to make the Knights solder Medan Isla yo PM, permanent, subtle muda permanent until the day of judgment. In other words, we never saw the sun rise again. Okay. Many Isla de la

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jolla tea can build the in which day tea other than a low would bring you some light some sunshine.

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So what's a lot talking about here? You know, the transition of night and day that cycle that we live the earth has been living upon since the day it was created. A lot of saying what if I just made it always nighttime?

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How would you feel about that? You know, mercury, mercury, the planet Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. And it and as a result, it has some of the most extreme temperatures as well. So it's nice. It's minus in the hundreds, four or 500 degrees and then it's days is literally plus hundreds and hundreds of degrees. But then the length of each day is

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Very different as well, some planets will have days that will or one day that will be equivalent to several days of Earth time. So Allah is telling you and I, what if I made that entire night permanent? What's the temperature like in a nighttime, it's freezing. It's cool. Imagine how that would affect you and I physically emotionally psychologically, you know, we get to you know what's amazing about the site? I'll read the other one and then I'll tell you what's incredible how we have arrived at this a and what's happening. You'll just be like, Oh my God, this isn't this is just unbelievable. But then LS says a final test. Marilyn, aren't you listening?

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pull out a tomb injera. Allah la hora de como una hora, sarmad en la Oh pm a team and La la la he t can be Leyland to school owner fi, a fella allowed too soon. Don't you sit there and ponder if Allah were to take the days and make them permanent. So Allah reversed it now before it was the night now it's the day evaluate until the day of judgment. It's only daytime, it's many 11 year old law which other day to other than Allah could bring you. Night, some darkness so that you can test schooner fi so that you can relax and rest in it. I find that double zero. I do like looking at this stuff. Aren't you listening? Aren't you paying attention? Aren't you seeing this? That's a lot asking us

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this. So what's wrong with you? It's wrong with you people? Don't you see? You know what Allah is teaching us here, guys, the night and day are signs of his existence. Just look up in the sky and that transition. That's it, that that should remind you of a lot right away. Another lesson here is we are living in times of COVID. Right? We're living in the midst of a pandemic. When lockdown happened, I want to talk about lockdown. I'm talking about like everything shut down and we were in our homes.

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Didn't it kind of feel like when you're in your home, even though it's beautiful and sunny outside, it was still dark? How did we feel when that happened?

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depression rates went through the sky across the globe, people started feeling really angry and upset domestic problems skyrocketed, because people were just in each other's face. So you had like a bit of shade or darkness that was just too long, it was too much. Then the flip side, those who went outside, you probably did this, I did this, I'd go outside and start riding a bike and walking around for hours just to get out of the house. Take the wife and kids and we just go out there. And before you know it, it's like oh my god, it's so hot. It was like 40 degrees, the humidity was through the roof of our house, we got to get back inside. It was just too much of that. And then we

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don't know where to go, we can walk into a mall, we can walk into a playground. So an indoor playground, we can do anything, we can go into a gym, because why everything is closed. So you're either always in the sun, or you're always in your home. So you're you felt like you were permanently under the sun or you were permanently under shade. That's exactly what I was referring to here. Imagine that went on until the day of judgment, who else would bring you light and who else would bring you shade? It was like it's like this These a yet? It's talking to us directly since we are here in the midst of this pandemic. And it gets even crazier guys. Can you imagine? We studied

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over 200 plus videos, we've gone through our different topics. This is the first time we're coming across these eight out of all the TIF CEOs I've done with you first time I've come across these a and look at when Allah brought these a to our attention in the midst of the pandemic. So it almost feels like it's talking to us directly. It just got revealed to us. So

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you know the timing to me is always a miracle. It's It always amazes me the timing of how things happen. And when you take the moment and try to connect some of those dots, it just blows your mind. Anyhow, I hope that you guys can appreciate that benefit in sha Allah. Just a couple more verses and we're done guys. Well, Mr. Raj Mehta, he is from Allah's Orion, Geron Allah como Laila, one of the tests, Guru fi, he gave you the night and the day that you can relax in it. So during the day you relaxed by going to work, seek to risk but then you get exhausted. So the night is there for you to rest and relax so you can re energize and do it again. Every single one of us have to even the

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Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam he was taught to pray during the night, but he was told niska Who are we in postman who kalila so at least half of it or a portion of it and just a little

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Why, because you need to go back and get some rest. Even the Prophet Muhammad Ali, so to speak. So we're learning from this that went to less talking about night and days if you made it permanent etc, is that we also have to balance our relationship with Allah. If you engrossed yourself 1,000% all in Islamic stuff, then you become completely jacked hill of how to talk to people out there. When you're at a grocery store, you don't know how to communicate with nobody, everything is just weird to you. So you've got to balance that now. So too much of even a good thing is problematic, right?

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Illa continuous continues what he did to whom in fact de la la la quinta, Sharon, that you can also seek His virtues his blessings, while I look into the Quran in hopes that you'll be grateful for this guy Subhana Allah Subhana Allah glioma una de him fail kulu Aina Shoraka el Athena lithium quantum test Ramona, let's set it again we just came across this a in a previous stage. On that day, Allah will say to them, where is your deities that you worship to? Where are these shorter cat these idols that you worship? In quantum testimony? If that's what you claim, they could do this? You claim that they could even control the 19 day you had you had a god for the sun, you had a god for

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the moon. So where are they today? What did they do?

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When is Rnm equally augmenting shahidan Fabiola, her toolbar Hannah come? And they were stripped from every single a witness for Poland and we said to them how to borrow Hannah come give me some clear evidences show us prove to us family more and they'll help Chloe learn that's when they realize man the real truth is Allah. All boy learn whom can we have total, and they were so misguided based on all the pathetic lies they used to tell all those TV shows all those commercials. All of it was just a bunch of lies because you knew people will pay you. You create an entire industry that was a multi billion dollar industry based on what? So you can lie to everyone. You

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know, watch the little while ago, I watched them.

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I don't know I won't say who but some religious figures of other religions where they had all the luxuries of the word. Even one particular religious leader had his own airport, and his own airport, his own jets. And when asked like why do you need to live such a high life, he responded that I cannot be mixed with average day to day people because they're all a bunch of Sheltie. They're all a bunch of Satan's and I need to continue to do God's work. So I need to be in a place of purity. So I need to have my own plane, I need to land at my own airport and then need to have my own mansion in every country and state that I step into.

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That day, Allah will say fairly more, and they'll help guide Illa you're going to see who truly the truth will eventually manifest itself. While Bala and home makan we have total in my goodness, you're just gonna sit there like oh my god, those lies. Now they're coming back at me. Allah is recording, LA is monitoring, LA is watching.

00:33:30--> 00:33:30

You know,

00:33:32--> 00:34:12

now the Sora we're coming to an end to the sutra inshallah I'm anticipating we may have just two more episodes, and we'll be done to sorta, we're going to start to see a shift back to musala. He said him, and some of the things that musar li Salaam would have learned and gotten throughout his whole journey. You know, one last thing when we're done, guys, there's a there was a movie that was made in 1956, the 10 commandments, I'm sure some of you may have heard about this movie. It's a great film. It's about three and a half hours long. But it's an it's an educational film, which is why I'm sharing it with you, you know, you can actually gather the family. And my goodness, I just

00:34:12--> 00:34:43

watched this film recently. And it for some bizarre reason. I was going through documentaries on netflix, and I just kind of typed in some titles, and all of a sudden it showed up as one of the recommendations. And I was like, wow, I remember that movie I watched since I was a kid, the 10 commandments. And when you watch this movie, although 99% of it, the source of that story was from the Bible, and other historical books.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

You will be sitting there and I promise you, you're just going to be quoting a bunch of verses in your head. The 10 commandments is all about the story and life of Musa alayhis salaam, but it gives you the biblical account of that of that story.

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

But you will see the connection and it will blow your mind. You're going to see when Moosa or Moses meets Allah. What's the first thing Allah says? Moses, Moses and you're like, phylum, new da da Moosa when when Musa alayhis salaam came up when he clown melt authority say now and he heard his name. And that's what's happening in the movie. The first thing a lot tells musala Islam is to take off what guys take off your shoes. The first thing in the movie tells Moses Take off your shoes because you're in blessed land fall out now, like in the cabin was in Makkah De Soto. And I thought to myself, I'm watching this movie, and I'm literally reciting all of soda. It was just insane. So

00:35:45--> 00:36:22

those of you who haven't watched this movie, watch it, this is the one and only time I'll actually tell you to watch a particular movie, but it'll just blow your mind. And the reason why I'm telling you to do this is just so that you can appreciate all the verses and stories that we've talked about with Musa alayhis salaam you can at least see it unfold in front of the screen and it'll resonate with you you'll really appreciate what you've learned through this series. And I'm talking specifically for those students who've been with me since the beginning of masala his solemn since sort of powerha onwards till the end of classes now in sha Allah is particularly for you, it will

00:36:22--> 00:36:58

help your knowledge it would help affirm and keep that knowledge with you that you can connect certain images with certain age yet it'll really help it the knowledge to resonate with you. So please make some time maybe this weekend download it, it's all over online, sit with the family and just watch this movie and you're just going to be like oh my god, I listened to that. I remember when he was talking about this story. I remember that a Oh my god, it's in this sort of you're going to be doing this almost every single scene in the entire movie. It'll just it'll blow your mind alive. So it'll continue to teach us tomorrow be is nilla I'll see maybe we'll conclude the sutra or

00:36:58--> 00:37:09

we'll take about two more sessions Bismillah I already got my next topic ready and set so I can't wait to share that with you. Because I Camillo hydron was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh