Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 171C Tafsir Al-Muminun 3-4

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of "interest" in speech is discussed, where people may avoid small words and use negative language to describe themselves. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding distractions and avoiding waste in our lives. They also discuss the negative impact of high levels of stress on health and relationships, and the importance of finding one's own way to live, learning to live with oneself, and finding one's own way to love oneself. The segment emphasizes the need for physical and mental transformation, finding one's own way to work, and finding one's own way to love oneself.
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While levena And those who, which people are guaranteed success, those who home the irony love we from love more alone, they turn away

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more alone as a Florida, Florida. And who is more, one who does aridol? What is it all this interest of the heart, a version of the heart. You know, like when your heart doesn't find joy in something like for example, you had your dinner. And then you go see your friend. And then she offers you more dinner. And then she puts food on your plate. And then her mom comes in says, Why aren't you having more food, and she gives you more food on your plate? And she says I made it myself. I'm so happy you're here. Please eat, eat more? How are you going to eat? Are you enjoying every bite? No way. You're not? Your heart is not in it. It aloud is this interest of the hearts

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turning away from something because you don't like it. You don't enjoy it. You don't want it.

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So what is it that they turn away from people who are successful, successful believers, they turn away from a lull, what is low, low from the root letters lamb going well, or Yeah, both are correct.

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A Lahore or Schatten loved one is used for baby camels, or little baby sheep that are part of the flock, but they're not counted as part of the flock. Why? Because they're too small. So for example, when blood money has to be given 100 camels for instance. Now amongst those 100 camels are, let's say three camels that are mothers with young baby camels that are very, very small, and all three have one each. Now when the blood money is being counted, meaning the number of the camels has been counted, they're not going to be counted as 103 camels, rather they will be counted as 100 camels? Why is it that the little ones are being excluded, meaning their number is not being counted because

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they're too small. They're too small, it's as if they don't even matter,

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you understand. So, this is a lover.

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This is why low is used for called Luma or speaker that which is dropped, meaning that which is ignored that which is not given any attention.

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Like for example, we learned earlier law you know Kamala who beloved we fee, a mannequin that Allah will not hold you accountable for the level which is in your oats, meaning if a person has a habit of saying, Allahu Allahu Allah, he then every Allah He doesn't count. Meaning even though he said Wallahi, three times in his sentence, it's not going to be given attention to why because he doesn't mean it. He's just saying it out of habit.

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Likewise, if someone is talking, there's some extra words that they say unnecessary. They're saying it for emphasis. But then even when there's no emphasis required, they say those words anyway. And there are many words like that. So when you're listening to them, you don't pay attention to those extra words, right? What do you do? You ignore them? And you focus on the main message.

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For instance, um, you know, girls have a habit of adding a like after every three words.

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So then what do you do when you're listening to them? You're filtering out all the likes Correct? Likewise, if you are reading something, and there are a lot of grammatical errors, a lot of grammatical errors, then what will you do initially, you notice all the grammatical errors, but then you realize, I have to overlook this after overlook this ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore. So this is low.

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What do you understand what is level? What's the idea that you get? What's the concept that you understand from all of these definitions and examples that I've given you?

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Okay, something that doesn't have much value good, yes.

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That which is unnecessary, that which does not count that which does not matter. That which is a waste, so called Luma, or Skipper

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everything that should be dropped, that should be left that you should get rid of, that you should not fill your life with, that you should not fill your time with that you should not fill your house with.

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So what is it then a level extra useless? Meaningless, irrelevant, unnecessary?

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And there's different types of these things, right. So for example, when it comes to stuff in our house, are there any extra

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unnecessary, useless, meaningless things.

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Too many,

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too many. Anyone here moved recently, houses or something?

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So, what do you find in your house as you're moving?

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Clutter, junk? So what do you say to yourself? What was I thinking when I bought this? Where does this thing even come from? I don't want it, where's the garbage bag. You don't want to take it with you. You don't want to burden your life with it. You know, for instance, if kids have too many toys, then what happens is is come dump the entire basket. All the toys are out, they just make a mess and they go away.

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What does that mean? All their toys are like junk to them. Nothing is meaningful. They don't like anything of it, because if they liked it, they would have played with it.

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Now, lo is not just in things. It's also in actions, in conversations in thoughts.

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There are some things some thoughts that are worthy of occupying our minds with and then there's other thoughts that should be Colombo's. They should be dropped. We should let go of them. We should not hold on to them. Because if we hold on to them, what will they do? They will burden us they will weigh us down.

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Like for example, somebody came and they looked at you funny, and they went away. And by the way, you were praying at that time. And you wonder, why were they looking at me? Why? I think they were looking at me like that yesterday also. What's going on? Let go.

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Let go. It's a lovely thought. Don't dwell on it. Because if you dwell on it, it's going to lead you to one assumption, which might lead you to wrongful words wrongful actions.

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Okay. Lowe is also in speech. Now, we covered money stuff, we covered Fox, now we're talking about speech long was also in speech. Like what?

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Okay, gossiping, backbiting. It should be dropped. Don't talk about it. Don't talk about someone that's of no benefit, in the sense that you're just satisfying your heart. You're just venting out your feelings so that you can feel better, but it's not going to make you feel better. Because it's letting out your thoughts through your mouth. That doesn't solve any problem.

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So even in conversations, okay, besides LIBOR, what else is there? That should be dropped in our conversations? That is extra? Okay. So for example, politics. I mean, for someone who's studying political science, I understand. They need to know about everything, and they need to discuss these issues, et cetera. But

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forget about politics, even movie stars or other people. They did this. And they did that. And they wore this. And they wore that. And they went here and they went there. Or not even like superstars, average people talking about other people. The fact that they bought a house, which looks like this, not like that, but looks like this. The color of their door is kind of this shade, but not really.

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And I think they have four bedrooms, and I hope they have an extra one. I don't know if they do they have curtains on their windows? No, no. Is it curtains or shutters? What color? Are they white or off white?

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Irrelevant? Talking about other people, for example, our friends, our sisters, or just women that we know if they're pregnant or not? How many children they have, if they have a good happy married life or not. If they get along with their husband, or they fight with them every day. What has this got to do with us? These conversations should be

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ditched, dropped, let go off low is something that you don't want to carry. Why? There's many reasons behind this. First of all, love slows you down.

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It slows you down. Why you have only limited amount of hours in a day.

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You have a very limited life.

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You know, the only limited resource that we have in this world is time. And it's the most precious resource. And we don't know when we're going to run out of it. And if our time is occupied by level whether it is unnecessary things or unnecessary conversations or thoughts, then what are we doing? We are being slowed down. We cannot use our time and our life in things that matter.

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We cannot be productive. You know for instance, race cars

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Have you ever wondered why racecars don't have a, you know, for instance, a backseat role as well.

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There is no need,

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there is no need, the only person that needs to be in the race car is who the driver, and every other seat is what? extra weight, hence a burden, and something that will slow the car down, get rid of it, you don't need it.

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So anything that needs to move fast? What do you need to do get rid of every extra weight every extra burden? Why is it that when you're going on a plane, your handbag has to be of a certain size and weight. And then your suitcases also have to be of a certain size and weight and bothers us.

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We're charged extra or we're told take stuff out of your bag and people have their suitcases open at the airport. Why? Because you cannot take extra stuff on the airplane, if you take extra stuff, what will happen? It can't fly properly. It's not safe. So how is it that we can fill our lives with garbage and still think that we are on the way to success? Not possible. If we want to be successful in this life, and the next, we have to get rid of things that are extra

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long sometimes can also be in our phones.

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Like what?

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You know, let me give you another example. I gave you this long time ago.

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Love all is also used for the chirping of the birds

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chirping of the birds when there's so much noise that you ignore.

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So does your phone make noise?

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Does it

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a little too much sometimes, right? And sometimes it makes noise even in class, or in places where the phone should be on silent. But we forgot to put it on silent. So what happens? Everything is giving us what Alert, alert, you have an email, junk mail, spam mail, you have it junk, but it's an alert phone alerts on everything.

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And then sometimes we don't even realize we open up our phones. And we're like, what was I going to do?

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What was I going to do? I don't remember. And then you see some app and you open it and then you spend half an hour on it. And then when somebody comes and asks you something and you put your phone and you're like, Oh, I was supposed to send a message to somebody, but I got distracted by something, some other app. And we spent a whole hour you know, half an hour, so much time on it. This is low. It's eating up our time. So we have to get rid of lunch. Why? Because it slows us down.

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And secondly, low. What is it burden right? Low is also understood as something that is a sin. I'm not saying that every useless action is a sin. But it will seem like a burden on the day of judgment.

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And since definitely will be a burden on the Day of Judgment.

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The time when you want to just fly to Jannah the time when you just want to fly across the salt. You don't want to be burdened, burdened, weighed down, slow down by our own actions, our own words, our conversations, the things that we indulge in. This is why those who are successful are the F la Hellmuth Menon who are there. They focus in their prayers. And secondly, when Medina Houma and Malawi, morally alone, they turn away.

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And you see people who are successful in life, they are focused.

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Our problem is that we are neither focused in our work, nor are we focused in our prayers, nor are we focused in our conversations. Nor are we focused on our you know, family time, the time that we're spending with our family. And we keep telling ourselves I work too hard, I need a break. And I need to relax and in the name of relaxation and break, what do we do we indulge in long

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did the prophets of Allah Islam enjoy? Did he have breaks? Yes, he did.

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What were his breaks like how did he get relaxation? We find out about how the profits on a lot of some sometimes he replaced his head in the lap of I should have the law on her. And what would he do recite the Quran?

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We that's quality time.

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It is his head is in the lap of his wife. And she is you know, passing her hand through his hair and what is he doing? reciting the Quran? What happens today husband is sitting on one side of the couch wife is sitting on one side of the couch wife asks what you're doing husband asks what you're doing both have phones in their hands.

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We're spending quality too.

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time and at the end, both are angry and frustrated. I need your time I need your time.

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We don't relax. We don't even relax properly, because our lives are fully occupied with law.

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So if we want to bring life to our relationships, if we want to bring life to the work that we do life to our prayers, we have to get rid of low one Lavina homerun in love we mortal balloon, Intro to puzzles if 55 We learn why either some are lower. Or another one when they hear something low. They turn away from it. They don't like it. They don't enjoy such things useless.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said out of a person being good Muslim is his leaving alone What does not benefit him? The beauty of a person's Islam is what Doku melayani He leaves everything that doesn't concern him. That doesn't benefit him. Now you might say well, how selfish Yes, a person who wants success is selfish. And we have to be selfish. When it comes to our success in the

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the prophets of Allah Islam also said the one who believes in a line the last stage should either speak good or remain silent.

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either speak good or remain silent. In other Hadith, which is in listener Dharma, we learn the Eman of a person cannot be straight unless his heart is straight. And his heart cannot be straight unless his tongue is straight. Who sure in the heart? How can it happen?

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If the tongue is straight

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if our life is not filled with love,

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so well Latina whom are in love with more Elune what Lavina and those who home they Lyza. Kathy? For the cat. They are fairy loon ones who observe

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ones who do the cat. This is basically what it means. Those who do the cat. What does it mean by this those who do the cat What does the cat means a cat is of two types. One is the cattle mile. And the other is the cattle knifes the cattle mile is the purification of the money of wealth. And how is wealth purified? When you give a certain percentage of it, a part of it to those who need it.

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Because when you keep your money, keep your stuff with you.

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And it just stays like that. Then what will happen after some time. Think of it this way. If you bring in a box of ice cream,

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Ben and Jerry's or something like huge, huge tub, your best flavor the one that you love the most. And you put it in your freezer, and you say I'm gonna have it later. One week goes by you didn't open it. Two weeks go by you didn't open it. One month goes by you didn't open it. After three months. When you open it. What will you find inside?

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Freezer burn?

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Should you have it done? Should you have it? If there is freezer burn on your ice cream? Is it good to have?

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It doesn't even taste good, right? Is it safe to have? No it's not.

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So what do you need to do? You need to eat that ice cream.

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And you also need to share it with others because you can't eat it all yourself or can you some people can but then it shows on their body.

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So you have to share it. You have to purify it. This is the cattlemen. So when Latina homeless or catify Ilona remember that the surah is a murky surah and in Makkah, the command for the cat had not been given in the sense that Muslims were required to pay two and a half percent of their money every year. No these details came later on in Medina. However, the Muslims were instructed to give charity just like they were instructed to pray salah

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the prophets a lot of time used to fast even in Makkah, you know that not the fasting of Ramadan, the fasting of our Shura as we learned in a hadith and then when he migrated to Medina a few years later what happened the command to fast was also given the fasting of Ramadan as we learned in Surah Baqarah so likewise in Mecca, the Muslims would also give in charity, so when Medina homeless, the Kathy Fairyloot what does it mean? Those who do charity and notice very known ones who do meaning on a regular consistent basis, they are charitable, not that when the month of Ramadan comes and a person goes for public thought at the masjid and they feel guilty that they ate so much and they

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didn't pay for it. So as they're walking out before taraweeh they put $2 in the box. Okay, may Allah accept it and put Baraka in it. However, that is not the only time when we give charity and that is not the only way of giving charity. We think sadaqa is

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either to put some money in the box or to bring some food and put it in the food bank.

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Is this all that the prophets Allah Islam did?

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Whereas he was the person who gave more sadaqa How did he give sadaqa?

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Your homework for tomorrow? Bring one incident in which we see the profits on a lot of centum giving charity.

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The profits on a lot of them giving charity, how did he give charity, any incident from the Sierra from the Hadith? Where we see the prophets Allah some give sadaqa How did he give it? What did he give? Who did he give to? Because unless and until we know how the prophets of Allah Islam gives us the code, we're not going to know and if we don't know then what are we going to do? So when Latina homeless Zuccotti ferry loon. Now, the cat over here also means the Catherine naps, purification of the soul.

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Because in the Quran, Allah says by the Afla Herman, the CAHA wakad Hoberman, the Sangha, in our soul is a potential to good and bad, the one who purifies the soul he's the one that will be successful, and the one who buries buries the heart we need, neglects it, then such a person will be destroyed will cut haba he's ruined, he will fail.

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So part of being successful is also does Kia purification.

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Now what is this Kia? It has two steps to it, first of all, Burj. And secondly Beautify.

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What do I mean by purge the LEA, make space? Drop? What is unnecessary, get rid of what is dirty? Throw away the garbage.

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You know, for instance, if you're cleaning your house,

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and there is a garbage can in the bathroom with dirty diapers in it without a lid and you clean all washroom? Or you clean all ground floor? Is it going to smell nice?

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Is the air going to be clean? No. What's the first step? What do you need to do? Get rid of that garbage bag.

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Likewise, in the heart, sometimes there are dirty things, dirty habits, dirty thoughts. In our lives, there are some dirty actions, bad things that corrupts us. Bad words that make our tongue dirty. So what do we need to do? Throw it away, get rid of it. But then don't just get rid of it and sit idle, you need to fill that space with something good. Because whatever is empty, if it's not filled in with something good, then who takes advantage of it who comes shame upon.

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So when we want to get rid of something bad in our lives, we have to replace it with something good. You know, for instance, if you realize that you spend about maybe two hours on your phone, this is not text messages and phone calls and emails. This is like reading BBC or, you know, going through people's Twitter accounts and going through one Facebook page after the other after the other. If we feel like we're spending too much time on these things, and we decide that we have to cut that time down, then that one extra hour has to be filled up with something. Because if it's not filled up with something, then what will happen?

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What will happen the time that you're saving is going to end up being spent on something else that's useless.

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So when Lavina whom Alyssa Kathy ferry Loon And notice fair, you know, they're constantly doing doing doing why? Because this does every morning, you get ready by the end of the day, do you get dirty? Do you? Of course you do. Then what do you need a shower at the end of next month? A change of clothes at the end of two weeks. What do you need to do?

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Change shower, wash out, freshen up. And sometimes we do this multiple times a day, don't we?

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We do this multiple times a day. Likewise, the heart also needs some cleansing, some washing, some freshening up.

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It needs it. It gets dirty, it gets stained. You see there's two kinds of dirt all right or filth.

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One is, you know because like for example, if a person is working really hard and they're sweating and stuff, a lot of physical work then of course, it's a result of their own physical activity. And the other could be that you weren't you know, sweating or anything like that. You were just outside with the kids at the park watching them and as you were watching them you were kicked with Sandy shoes again and again. So what happened to your clothes, they got dirty. Why? Because you were sitting in the sand. No

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Because somebody else put that sand on you.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:09

You know, for example, one is a person who smokes himself. So his lungs, they get ruined.

00:25:10 --> 00:25:17

But then there is another kind of smoker who doesn't smoke himself, but he gets affected by the smoke of those who are around him and who is he?

00:25:18 --> 00:25:42

His lungs do they get affected? Yes. Just like that. Even though we might not be doing things that are wrong. We are exposed to a lot of wrong every day. Every day, you open the television, you go outside, you go to the grocery store, you go to school, you go to work, anywhere you go, you get exposed to filth.

00:25:44 --> 00:25:50

And we have to do something to clean ourselves. Because if we don't, it's going to stick.

00:25:52 --> 00:26:14

It's going to hurt us, it's going to damage us. So when Lavina homeless catify alone, they're concerned about their cleanliness and purification. So they're constantly purifying and cleaning themselves, just as we do will do wash ourselves, perform the salah. Likewise, we also need a dose of Ester for daily. We need a dose of liquor of Allah daily.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:20

We need to analyze ourselves, you know, just like you go to the doctor's for a yearly checkup

00:26:21 --> 00:26:23

to make sure everything is good.

00:26:24 --> 00:27:09

Likewise, we need to check our soul also, sometimes, we need to ask ourselves tough questions. Do I feel jealous? Am I feeling proud over here? Am I being arrogant here? Am I being unforgiving here? Am I being harsh over here. Check yourself even if you don't want to. But check yourself because unless and until the problem is diagnosed, it cannot be solved. And for that you have to go to the doctors. You have to take your handout and let the blood be extracted so that the blood tests may be done. It's painful. It's frightening to sit and wait outside the doctor's office wondering what's going to happen wondering what we will be told but we have to face the reality. Likewise, we have to

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face our own reality be truthful to ourselves when Lavina homeless Kathy fairy Lord

00:27:17 --> 00:27:19

will listen to the recitation of these verses

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bismi learn

00:27:33 --> 00:27:34

a lazy

00:27:36 --> 00:27:37

horse you

00:27:40 --> 00:27:41


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love women

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will learn enough

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