Zakah Series – Part 1A

Episode Notes

1. Meaning of Zakah
2. Wisdoms
3. Conditions
4. Zakah on wealth of minor/senile
5. Transfer of zakah funds to another town/city/land

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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu was seldom when he was when he libido Mohammed while and he was he he married a man by the end was that lead warmer hadn't become a welcome my dear brothers and sisters in Islam and then one more hadn't become your brother in Islam Villa is Mary of the Mercosur Institute and economic development project with you me is the leggy Daya. We're hoping shadowline this beautiful month of Ramadan that your cm your pm your selected tarawih dealer will often overlook and use that guy your solder off all of these matters are in order he is the lead it's either that you are reaping the best out of this month.

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Yeah, I've done law yet I met a lot whenever you have missed that a lot while he was still in this month of Ramadan. He received the first revelation in Iraq read in Iraq. This mirror became lady holla. In the name of your Rob who created your Abdullah yet I met Allah in the same month, the month of Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala had sent the angel gibreel who revised with the Devi Mohammed said a lot while he was setting up the Nobuko ad in every Ramadan. And in his final Ramadan, they revise the Quran twice. Allah states in an oboe for an Shahada, Ramadan and Larry aanzien Effie hilcorp and this month How did Allah define it? What did a lot talk about? What do you

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don't want to mention with regards to this month, in this month the Quran was revealed. Dr. Abdullah Yeah, I met a lot a lot of our eBay that occurs in this month one hamdulillah we know that many of us we pay our Zakat in this month we give a lot of Southern up Bismillahi Tyler and due to that fact we'll handle the left because the left in Thailand tonight and the rest of the episodes for this month of Ramadan. We will touch upon we will discuss some of the gap we will discuss some of those a Hadith of the Delete Mohammed said a lot of it was related to this third most important pillar of Islam, which is the matter of zeca er Abdullah Yeah, I met Allah in the month of Ramadan. two

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pillars of Islam take place. The first one being that this month is the month of Ramadan fasting is a pillar of our Deen the second one that many of us sought out our second in this month and that's another pillar of the religion well hamdulillah as for Salah, Masha Allah Baraka law throughout the entire year, five daily prayers every single day will have been in that the RM de la ma de la be in the leg inside out, we will go through selected a Heidi, we will do a summarized explanation of keytab zecca, the book of zeca from the greater book from the book, Bulu almora myth, agility by the great Hades, the great Island, the great scholar if you had a sporadic around him a lot. But before

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getting deep into the matters of Zika Yeah, I've done one yet. Lot, a quick introduction because the lead it's either that this zeca What does zeca mean Lahontan. What does it mean linguistically, we find a panel of the scholars of the Arabic language state that Zakah means Xia de it means NEMA Xia and NEMA mean what mean an increase an increase of Hannah law why I'm the lawyer Mehta law, because when you pay your set gap, you will get Baraka is the lucky Tyler, you are the rich man, you are the individual who has reached the quantum that you saw. And so you have to pay the guy, the conditions for the car payment are applicable upon you and we will discuss the conditions later on. If they

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apply upon you. You need to pay zakat, and this is Baraka for you because the legends Allah how because Zakah means Baraka zeca means Ziad it means increase it means demand and subpoena law for the one who is the recipient of Zika. While if it's increased when it's increased in his Well, if he had nothing. Well, now he's going to get something so from both sides, the payer, he gets Baraka at the receiver. He's the one who has this physical, physical increase in the world well hamdulillah zakka also means kathira it means abundance. It also means por hora, Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala states in the noble man who meet a Mali him sada pattern superhero whom what was the key

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him Bihar take from them this sada

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So the fight here meaning the matter of zeca, who will need a Molly him sort of pattern to tie you home so that this will be a purification for them sapan en la de la Yeah, I met a lot that's in Surah nine verse number 103 It also means mud, mud, which means to praise and it means Baraka we find a wasp kind of words that are stating the noble core and further to that coup and fusa comb who are an mo be money taco, do not overpraise yourself. Allah knows who in reality the one who has stopped what is so here the word zeca What did it mean? It meant over praising yourself praising yourself I am this I am that etc. Allah knows who has the correct duck law. So we are um who met

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Allah linguistically. Zakat means Ziad the enema, which means increase, it means kasra abundance, it means the heart of purification for you and for your wealth. It means it means praising and it also means Baraka with hamdulillah as for the legal definition, that we find that some of the relevant have stated that it is how could YG be trade harpoon wajima it is a hack it is a right it is an obligatory right not to recommend the recommended rights, but rather it is an obligatory a right How could marry How could wajib fee man in hos it is how good YG and obligatory are right upon certain types of wealth upon certain types of wealth, lipo fit masasa for a specific group of people, not

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everybody pays the gap, but only a specific group of people paid this gap fee walked him off source joy during a specific time for a specific group of people from a specific group of people for a specific group of people during a specific time period. So in English, we might summarize it and say that this here Zakah is an act of worship, due upon specific wealth not all your assets, but rather user capital assets act of worship due upon specific types of wealth for specific people given to specific people suit October verse number 60. at a specific time in the amla talk more about that later on with the lakita. Brothers and sisters zeca is the third pillar of Islam subpanel law. Those

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are Hadees the hadith of gibreel were the enemies that allamani was silom was asked the definition of Islam, and he mentioned the five pillars of Islam. The other famous Hadith which talked about the five pillars of Islam, booni al Islam, wila, humps, Islam has been built upon five and then the release of the law it was a list them one after the other zeca is there it was made an obligation when in the years of mocap No, it was not an obligation in maccha. Rather, it became an obligation upon the Muslims in the second year after the hedger off the messenger Mohammed's for a long while he was selling and this is the opinion according to majority of the RMR, I repeat zeca became an

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obligation upon the Muslims. In the second year after the hegemon of the province of the last one he was selling them so this means the entire 13 years of maca Zakah was not an obligation, the first year in Medina zeca was not an obligation, but it's Hannah law. We do find zeca mentioned in the verses of Makkah, about eight times. So the police that a lot of it was the music Mecca. And they were verses which we revealed and the mentioned the matter of zeca that these were verses of Makkah and we just mentioned that I was only made an obligation in media. So what we say brothers and sisters is that the institution of Zakah was there, but it was not an obligation. It was a

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recommendation it was you giving some charity will have to the left and this also shows us the importance of Zika that even though it was not an obligation in Makkah, Allah subhanho wa Taala robberies that he will jelly, I mentioned it eight times in the making versus will hamdulillah so it was mature. It was legislated but it was not an obligation during the period of maca. Excellent. We move on to the leggings IRA that zecca is mentioned 32 times in the noble four ad with Sala mentioned together with Sawyer 32 times we've had a lot of the musala will add to zecca how many times the Imam in Salah he recites verses like that This shows us the importance with regards to the

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matter of zecca it's like the same

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stuff. It's like the Companion of the matter of solder. And that's why aboubaker of your locker and he said that I will fight whoever differentiates between Sala and desert gap. We know after a long while it was still him had passed away. There were certain tribes who deny in zeca zecca we're not going to pay that gap. There's no such thing as a gap. There was only during the time of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. As for you, Abu Bakar, callas. We do not pay us the gap. It's Panama, and there were others really easy. They just did not want to pay. There were others who were miserly, did not want to pay etc. So various groupings, how did Abu Bakar obeah logged in and respond? He said, I

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will fight those who differentiate between Sala and Zika. And maybe one reason because the T two times in the noble or an Sala is a gap mentioned together Subhan Allah. Yeah, I'm de la yet Ana de la sala, between yourself and our last kind of who it's either that relationship that link between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and your zecca your relationship between yourself and fellow men, relationship between yourself and the people around you The only bad the rights of mankind. Other names for soccer, when soccer is also considered in the normal for us to handle. In fact, one of the most important verses surah October verse number 16, dealing with the eight categories of people who

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are allowed to take Zakat, those who are recipients of zakat. Surah Toba, verse number 16. A lot begins in Masada autoline for Allah He will Misaki verily sada is for this category and that category and this category, the forum Misaki that cetera what word did I will use, I will use the word sadaqa. So Zakat is also called sadaqa. We know that today amongst people, we make a distinction between Zakat which is the obligation and sadaqa which is might not feel charity by sada I just want to give some money for the sake of a lot. But as for the terminologies of the Quran, and the Sunnah, when we find Zakah, being called sada and we mentioned that verse, we also find that it

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is called a hack. It's called a right, we find it the noble or last kind of worthless dating one lady in a family hip hop alone. And with regards to the wealth, there is a right upon that wealth. What's the right here? What does it mean? It obviously means the backs are off zeca Alhamdulillah. Linda, brothers and sisters that will enter our agreement that anyone who denies the institution of Zika there is no such thing as Zika I do not believe in Zika this individual ceases to be a Muslim. We're talking about somebody who knows somebody who understands somebody who knows that the Muslims believe that this zeca is a pillar of the deen. He says, I'm not bothered about that. I do not

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believe in zeca. And away with Zika, this individual ceases to be a Muslim. But as for the one who is lacks, as for the one who is lazy, as for the one who loves his money so much panela he does not want to pay any gap because he's a sinner that this individual is still a Muslim. He's still a Muslim, but no doubt, no doubt Subhana Allah He is a major major sinner. Yeah, I've done well yeah, I met a law we find that that will ever state, the one who does not pay zakat due to laziness due to miserliness. With regards to this dunya number one, we will fight this individual, the Khalif of the Muslims, the Muslim government, the state etc. They will fight this individual or the tribal these

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people until they pays that guy as a worker of your lock the landed as a worker rob your lock that I did to those who were not paying the second, the two that the state has the right to take by force the second from this individual. And they could also find him and take extra due to the fact that he is not paying up so they can find him years ago 2.5% that's what we'll take. And we'll also find you another 5% due to the fact that you are lazy due to the fact that you have delayed due to the fact that you are messing around panel. Then Baraka from this individuals valve is removed by our last panel who is higher, we find that at least a lot while he was in him stating as the gap hola baja

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Illa Illa after that, who that the wealth of zeca if it mixes with your other money, then it spoils the rest of your money. Because remember brothers and sisters, you've got a million dollar

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In the bank account, now that all the conditions of Zika are to be applied upon them to Panama, that means that 2.5% ceases to be your wealth, it now becomes the wealth of the poor. And if you still keep it there in your bank account, it is going to spoil the rest of your money, it's going to spoil the rest of the money in your bank account is going to contaminated because that money that hack that Zika that saga, it's not your heart, it does not belong to you. Once the year has passed. It never ceases to be your property. It's now the property of those eight categories of people mentioned in Surah Tauba, verse number 16, where we find that rain is withheld by Allah subhanho wa

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Taala when people do not pay this occur, as per the Hadith reported by the tsunami of

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Yama yet amygdala, those were the punishments for the individually dystonia. His lacks with payment of Zika he says I believe in Zika but when I turned 60, I will make hench and then I'll start paying my Zika we say Firstly, the government fight scene number two takes from him there's a guy by force and takes extra as a fine upon him. His Baraka is removed from his wealth and rain is denied a long time, then as for the Hereafter, as for the year after we say that this individual according to majority of the 11 he's still Muslim, he was lacks he believed in it but he was lazy who say that those are Hades when I was pregnant with the release that a lot while he was in a warned with

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regards to such an individual punishment in the year after his route will be turned into serpents and they will chase after him. And they will say, and I can look at me Look, I am your wealth, I am your treasure. Why are you running from me today? I am your treasure. I am your wealth. Why are you running away from me? And he runs away from the serpent in the form of his wealth. Last time.

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You haven't double yet I met a law, some of the wisdoms with regards to with regards to payment of the gap. We find panel law that the five pillars of Islam and generally worship in our religion, you know, there's different forms, different shapes, different types, gives everybody an opportunity. Not everybody is as a campea. Not everybody has the ability to stand in the hedgehog for hours on end, one individual martial while he can finance the entire year. Ask him to give 100 wrens $100 in charity too difficult. Someone else asked him to write a check off half a million dollars No problem, asked him to go for Hajj and mix with the people and go through all of that hardship of

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that's too tough for him. It's Panama. And so we are all different, as well as given us all of these different types of worship. Maybe for one of them the doors of Rama open up for you. And you really find that easy for you Masha Allah asked this brother to stand in the hijab very difficult, five daily prayers be there, you know, in the soft with that beer of the Imam, extremely difficult. Ask him Subhana Allah to stand up for the rights of the oppressed, you know, he's there, he's there. So different things for different people. Right? We have that last kind of way that has given us opportunity. Allah has given us opportunity through these different acts of worship for us to earn

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his mercy we'll have more in depth. So different forms of submission and savage due to a loss of kind of what's it.

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Also, it's a reminder that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you this wealth, that nygma the bounty the favor of a lot upon you. It purifies you your payment of Zakat purifies you from miserliness purifies you from miserliness. It's a sign that you are thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for whatever he has given you, it's compassion from your side. In fact, when you give somebody you pay yours, that gap and you find that this person you know, use the money, they benefited from it, that feeling the sense of confidence and the sense of satisfaction in your heart, you cannot put a price to that panel. You've given these individuals you've provided this meal for this individual

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individuals and now you see Masha Allah and the Thank you Well, hamdulillah that satisfaction in the heart, you cannot put a price tag to that. And also the This causes love between the various groups between the group of the peers and the group of the takers. Right. It's not like you know, oh, look at these people they just have have had, and they don't come and give us it's all just for them. When they come especially if they do it, you know, personally, they come and they meet and they sit and they distribute directly to the recipients. Subhana Allah opens up the hearts of both groups. There's an increase in your wealth or each man or pay of zakat. The more you give, the more you will

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get. Also the spreading of the wealth around

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Masha Allah Islam once for the word to spread around and not just to be kept like a treasure, you know under the mattress a lot was down and they got this institution also one of those facilities for Social Security amongst our society will handle in depth. So those were some of the wisdoms Masha Allah, Allah zeca is an obligation upon whom who has to pay zakat, brothers and sisters, what are the conditions for the obligation of Zakat to apply upon me, then let's see, number one, the payer must be a Muslim, the case no obligation upon the Muslim or non Muslim, you need to come with the key of Islam First, you will need to enter into the bounds of Islam and then these obligations

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will apply upon you. Number two, you need to be free you cannot be a slave because the slave and whatever the slave owns technically belongs to the master. So you need to be a free man or free woman. Number three, you need to be the owner of nisab you need to have that minimum threshold Zakat is not an obligation upon every person out there, you need to have a minimum amount of wealth, what is this minimum, we will discuss later on set down by the Sherry app, this minimum threshold or quantum It is called that you saw in Arabic nisab. So you need to be a Muslim. You need to be free man free woman, you need to have the minimum threshold or quantum which is called nisab. That's

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number three. Number four, you need to have complete ownership of this. Well, I will discuss this later if you're lucky Tyler, you need to have complete ownership of this well, it cannot be this type of work where you do not have any access to to it at all. Maybe for example, you linked brothers Saleem's, somebody $20,000 and you don't know where brother's enemies now, you know, you've been trying to hunt him down you don't know where he is, is in Australia he's in Canada sometimes is this place that place so that well technically, you know is owed to you a debt which body which is owed to you. Technically, this is an acid, Masha Allah, but because you're not sure whether you're

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going to get this money, you're going to see it, you're not going to see it, you're not going to taste it, it's not in your hand, then technically, is again, not an obligation. So the fourth condition that you need to have complete ownership over this route, and the fifth one being that the whole or the lunar cycle has to pass over that wealth. The lunar cycle has to pass over that well. Many of us Mashallah we usually work out with the guy in the mental forum a lot makes it easy, especially because we are using the Gregorian calendar most of the time, so it's difficult for us to 10th of Shabbat or 14 of the day or that etc. So Ramadan makes it easy what happened in the brothers

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and sisters? So we said that guys no obligation upon every Muslim upon every free individual who owns a sword has the threshold has the minimum the quantum has complete ownership, number four, and number five, the lunar cycle has to pass over that over that wealth. Take no brothers and sisters. If we say every Muslim who's free, then technically that would apply upon the child that would apply upon the one who is insane, that would apply upon the one who is senile, etc. Do they have to be seca we will discuss the legacy gyla the opinion of majority of the rollover is that 100% Yes, the kid the child, the insane the CNI, etc. They all the Down syndrome, they all have to sort out Zika I

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will discuss that because we live in Thailand very very soon. So, again, Zack has an obligation upon every Muslim who is free, who owns the source of the quantum has complete ownership and the lunar cycle has passed over it. As to the kid the insane the CNI. We will discuss that when we come to that matter. Bismillahi to Allah. yar Abdullah EMET Allah be the left inside out, we take a short break and when we return, we continue Haier como la Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Zakah Series - Part 1A