The Spiritual Challenge After Ramadan

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In Alhamdulilah

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we're not even sure to see in our car Dr. Medina

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Why should

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Why should

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a pseudo salado

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he was sent them

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All praise belongs to Allah the Most High and the Most Merciful. We thank him

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and we seek his help, aid and forgiveness.

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And we asked him to protect us from the evil of ourselves in the sense that he committed, indeed, who serve Allah guides can lead astray and also leads us astray no one can guide

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I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except the law alone.

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Mohamed Salah while he was in them as a slave and messenger, the best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is that

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he was in them. And the worst of religious matters are those that are innovated, and every religious innovation is every bit diocese guidances and previous guidance will be any Hellfire above

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the after math of Rama Lama

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presents a challenge. For most of us.

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There is the minor physical challenge indicative of the other challenges that we face, but a minor physical challenge,

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to readjust again, to our old routine, reintroduce ourselves

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to our old schedule normal life, when we wake up when we go to sleep to catch up on sleep,

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to readjust again to consuming food on particular times. Some of us might be fatigued.

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So there is that period of adjustment that will follow the month of Ramadan, and it could be challenging, but that is a minor challenge that will soon pass.

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The greatest challenge is the spiritual challenge after the month.

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of always How is it that we're gonna live after the month has passed?

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And how can we regain some of what we have gained in Ramadan?

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For some of us, what's number one is over becomes a tunity for us to go back and revisit the old citizen that we were doing before the month that some of us already have had a plan once the month is over.

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We're gonna go to practice some of these cities.

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And I'll go to our credit if we are doing this to our credit, if you stop in the month of Ramadan, then that is itself admirable because you still recognize

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the sanctity of that time.

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And you still want to commit yourself to Allah, even temporarily, but at least you have that commitment and that hierarchy. But of course, Milan is over and that piety evaporated, disappears as if we're only required to be close to Allah for 29 or 30 days pious

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29 or 30 days not on most of the

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for many others

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we feel that once from above is over or a guy that can decline

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and decline significantly until it evaporates and disappears

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and naturally

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is going to decline Ramadan is special is an intense model of

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the Prophet, Sunnah the prophets fasting was not in Ramadan similar to like outside Ramallah.

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So some of us We live in Russia, that we enter for most of the year, in a state of unawareness, of decisions from Allah azza wa jal where whatever we have practiced in Ramadan is not carried on after Salah fasting and staying away from the

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past in front of you. Not trying not to listen to it when it comes to you, all of that

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seems to go away. So whatever we have gained is lost.

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And the problem with that first category, the second category is that whatever you're unable actually to achieve, and realize in the month of Ramadan is only based on how you start

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the spiritual highs that you can reach

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the sweetness of

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the connection that you feel when you're reading, how long you can stay in worship and

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how much you enjoy fast. Basically how much you can get from a loss, forgiveness, how high you can climb in general, all of that the spiritual highs

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are only achievable based on your starting point.

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If you're very distant from them, you're going to have to labor to do the basics.

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You're going to have to force yourself to do the basics.

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But if you're really close to those spiritual highs, then you can push yourself to reach them. And even which points beyond your calculation. You can enjoy the past and find its secrets. Enjoy the forearm. And when you read it, you can feel

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personally talking to you. You can enjoy your sedan, you can enjoy yourself.

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It's very difficult for us to enjoy that when we have forgotten about it for the rest of the year, and now we're starting from zero.

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So again, we'd be labor. Again, we push just to hold on to the basic every single Ramadan and that amines are

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very seasonal.

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Just like seasonal

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we try to be devout when it's over, we forget it.

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So to continue

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after all, bar, none of this will be the same intensity but the same spirit.

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We have to realize what is it in the middle that helped us

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what is inside this month?

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That must us

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it is.

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And you can reflect on that a lot. Today I'll share a few insights and add to them your own personal insights, things that will help you that you knew that

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they helped you.

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So first of all, in Ramadan, we had a goal.

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We knew that we wanted to achieve something in it. We had these major goals, I wanted a lot to forgive me before the end of the month.

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I wanted to be blessed, I wanted my dad to be accepted. I would like to be accepted. So I had these immediate goals I wanted

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before the hunting.

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But of course having these goals

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is not and cannot be realized without specific concrete goals to help them.

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So for the rest of your life, the goals of Ramadan are exactly the same goals of life.

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I'm living my life what I want to be forgiven, I want to be admitted into gender. I want to taste the sweetness of Miami bad data I want to be protected from punishment is I want my life to be happy. I want my children to escape punishment and for the light of their life to be happy for them to have a focus. I want the best for myself in the best of mine, for my children, for my spouse, for my extended family, this cannot be achieved without the blessings of Allah as is evident in his acceptance. How am I going to get this

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without planning without having specific goals? Someone says I want to be rich, I want to be famous, I want to be healthy, but they do nothing to achieve that no specific goals to achieve. All these goals remain a dream. So you want to ask forgiveness. How are you going to get it? You want your family to be blessed to live in harmony to live in peace? How are you going to get it? I need concrete goals. I need status to be taken towards that. And a lot furnishes these goals in the month of Ramadan. He gives it to you whether you realize it or not.

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So he says you fast every single day. And he says every single day. And there is an opportunity for the

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least but there is more if you wish to give it every single day so the doors of righteousness are open. So now I have these grand or grand, broad goals. But I need specific goals to reinforce

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And so whatever we have we're doing inside must be carried also outside.

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I used to fast. And I realized that fasting is not an insurmountable obstacle I can fast, then why can I also continue that habit after this moment.

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And you realize what

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Jim said,

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Whoever fasts from above,

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and then you follow that at 60 days of

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dementia care.

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The hall here Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was urging you not to stop fasting.

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With this particular idea, he didn't make it an obligation on you. But with this particular heading, he was urging you to continue to fast after Ramadan and not stop this habit as I told you about what you can attain out of it. So now you have come out of Ramadan, with this, the theory with these games. And he says you can add to it very easily, six days, only six days and a lot more right for you, as if you fasted an entire year.

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And that is Allah as a surgeon. And if you do this, I ask Allah to give us the strength to do it. And if you happen to be a person who had missed some of these of Ramadan

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and you want to start your 60 days, of course, it's always better to make your obligatory fast, and then do the voluntary but if you find it hard to do both,

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it's either this or that.

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Then start with your volunteer first, do your six days and then

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make another Ramadan can follow the beat.

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But here, fasting,

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what do I do after the six days, what was

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recommended the fasting of Mondays and Thursdays and three days, from every month, we can make that a habit. And that will keep us connected tethered to law. So

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similarly with the sun.

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It is the cornerstone of Islam.

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So I can't neglect my my saga, if I want to be a good Muslim and

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so the timing is a must. And I should try to coming to the message to fail in Jamaica, once a day twice a day whenever I can put in an effort and make it a goal.

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And then add to that reading the book of Allah, we were so close to it, and it

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will always be close to it, we were still close to it in Ramadan. Don't lose that connection after

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planning. Because it cannot happen until you say, when I wake up in the morning, before I read my newspaper before I look at my phone before I do this and do that. I will not start my day before reading few pages from the book of Allah azza wa jal

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rest of the day, teach me what I need to do in the rest of the day, for the rest of my day. And if you make it a habit, sometimes, if you're just being a model, your children will see what you're doing. You don't have to tell them to do it. That remains ingrained in their head. This is what my father My mother used to do, you become the role model and they will also follow or at least if you recommend that they would do it, they would see that they would following your own advice. So become this role model of a person who wants to be close to Allah in and outside of that Mmm. So the grand goal, but very specific goals, and included in that staying away from

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not feeling that we have no an exemption. But asking and praying to Allah, Allah give me the patience to stay away from it, the wisdom that is in it,

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and the company to protect me from

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and now the second insight that comes from Ramallah is your environment and companions.

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What made it easy or easier in this manner, is the people who are around you, and the context you were in a lot if you chose so Allah surrounded you with more pious people. And if you came to the method, that was your environment, and so it became easier, be close to a lot because if you're about to forget, the person next to you with his behavior reminds you if you're about to deviate the person next to you and his or her behavior,

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Do not to deviate. So you're stronger because of the people around you. And I know this very well for Islam, as your friends as your companion you shall be. So take a lesson from that and bring yourself to the houses of Allah. Surround yourself as much as you can with noticeboard pious with those will remind you, but not cheap into unawareness and distance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. choose carefully. How do I do this? It doesn't simply mean attending Japan, half hour or 45 minutes, every single week is not gonna be enough for you and me. But can I be closer to Allah and surround myself and put myself

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in these righteous places every day,

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online and offline,

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online and offline. So visiting the houses of a lot more frequently, seeking the study circles the courses, course teaching Islam locally, and going and attending and listening, and bringing my families to those events,

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selecting my friends

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of those who will bring me and remind me, and take me two gentlemen. And by the way, this is not easy.

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This is not easy. I'm gonna

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sit patiently with those who are calling upon a la morning and evening, he said, patiently, because it's not easy, especially in the beginning, because it's challenging.

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And when he said,

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because he knows,

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attractive to look beyond those people who are the attractions of this world, it's so easy to be anyone else.

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So it's a situation and he speaks to us.

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He addresses him with them. And

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we need this more than 100.

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So we need to make to our to Allah, Allah make this easy and desirable. Give us give us the patience to continue to do this. And again, the insight and wisdom is to see that the other paths are taken as far away from you are disasterous or evil.

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So that is the second insight.

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And the third insight is consistency.

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We are assuming

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the best of these most beloved,

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the ones that are constant, even if they are small.

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So this is the best of lead, you understand that the best of DD cannot be boom Ravana on highest. And then I forget about it. That's inconsistency. And he wasn't like that.

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Because he realized that's not that's a contradiction,

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inside and outs.

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So consistency means that even if it's a little bit, even if it's a page of your art, even it's one

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frame, even if it's just one day a month that I'm fasting, but I decide I can do this, and I'm doing this every day, or every week or every month, but consistency. And that consistency is what's gonna build up your email. That consistency is what's going to protect you from evil and pretending that consistency is something that a lot of knows and preserves your faith and for.

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So consistency, you don't have to be the best of the worshipers of a law. You don't have to be a scholar in Islam, but few steps every single day for you and your family that bring you closer and closer to him subhanho wa Taala will be rewarded immensely. And you will see that if you follow that path, you will see that as a reward the next time

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so the love of

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the beauty of the month of Ramadan was that it showed us what we can do and also pushed us to taste the sweetness of our ability to realize some of the beauty that is in it that is not simply a burden that Allah had put on us No. Now you can see actual benefits that have come to you. Not only physically

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But spiritually,

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you can see it you can feel it from reading the Quran, you can feel some of these benefits. From standing in Salah you can feel some of these benefits and show so we shouldn't waste them.

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And if you want to gain the best, in general, the best of the hereafter

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continue on the path that Allah has charted for you and me in the month of Ramadan.

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And, of course, the summer holiday is nearby.

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And if you're at first who's gonna find himself with a lot himself or herself with a lot of free time,

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include in your summer holiday to celebrate or whatever days you're going to take off a plan as well, is one of the greatest demos that do not reproduce themselves, often it is having free time. And he sets a lavalier system that a lot of people waste such an honor. So for the fact that you can find yourself free for a few days or a few weeks, and you can invest in the Hereafter, but also invest in the journey and do something useful. Don't waste this. Because soon you will find out that you will run out of these days run out of these weeks, you will chase after them, but you won't find them. So if you have them, have a plan with them to enhance your plan, whether it's enhanced you

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repaired or whether to learn more about Islam or you are invested in dystonia, and something that is halal that will benefit you and benefit your community do not wasted and whenever we find free time, have a plan for it. And attach that perhaps to the plan that you will have from now. Till next.

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And don't forget it continuously to beseech

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to save us to ask Allah to give us that strength to ask a lot on your behalf your children on behalf of your spouse, and also to ask Allah on behalf of Mohammed Salah law to say to them, whenever you see suffering, whenever you see pain, and you say what can I do about it? The least that you can do, and it's great. And that's it.

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The least that you can do is raise your hands and maybe passion

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will alleviate their suffering. What will it do? It will do wonders in the time that he decides but it most importantly will change us on the inside because we feel connected to each other. And perhaps because you mean that a lot on spirit what is happening to them. So we ask a lot of

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a lot of those who are consistent consistent in their in Ramadan and outside the mix of those who will continue to work and draw closer to make use of those who will continue with taqwa and righteousness, make use of those who are pleased with and will be pleased with our side of them. Make us a man of those who will fast outside of Ramadan and after it will pray after Ramadan or read the Koran every single day after Ramadan of those who will maintain their power after Ramadan. We all know we ask this for ourselves but also for our children, but also for our spouses for our extended families and for the rest of the

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universe. We asked you to cluster Mohammed and alleviated stain and remove its hardship to unite the Ummah upon your book and the tsunami of messengers.

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To give you the power and dignity on the face of the earth, to shower them with your karma and remove any pain that they are going through a llama attina for dunya Hassan has an open.

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COVID Mohammed

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when they're becoming a Mr.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah He was in

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Morocco me alone, seen an agenda, agenda one of the

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