Moutasem al-Hameedy – Short Talk – Jul 31st 2011

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying in the harem during Islam's practice, as it is a gift given to individuals to obtain reward for their actions. They also mention the importance of not taking it too far and not getting too tired during prayer. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to be mindful of their actions and focus on their emotions.
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Ramadan amen and we're here to serve and fulfill Allah who

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whoever prays the nights of the month of Ramadan, then he will get his sins all his past sins forgiven, all of them will be forgiven.

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Sometimes, obviously people have work to do people have commitments, and it's hard to pray so much, oh to pray the whole night for example, just as the prophets of Salaam used to pray most of the night, the companions as well especially at the early stages of Islam, but Allah, Allah made it easy. And in Ramadan, the prophet SAW most of them

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because they are selling pre television with the companions three nights, then he did not come out to the masjid because he did not want it to become obligatory upon them.

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So the messengers or the salon during these days instructed them and he said, Man calm Allah Allah Manhattan's RF coochie Bella who fiama Layla

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whoever prays with these Imam

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whoever prays with the amount of Torah we're in he will get he will get the reward of praying the whole nights

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from a share to

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see the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala

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man Come on, man.

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coochie Bella Yama, whoever prays with the man. Whoever prays with this man.

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In the occasion of Tara, we're

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men karma Manhattan's

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income whoever prays with his Imam until the man finishes the prayer. This applies to 1234 imams like you praying in the harem to imams of the day, you finish with the two minutes until the man leaves leaves the prayer area that he finishes the prayer, even if he prays to occur.

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And that's it. It will be written for you the reward of praying the whole lights. That's the gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. So even sometimes, you might think the prayers a bit longer is a bit difficult. But that's the only month that we pray.

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So we have and this time actually for you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. So if and Allah subhanaw taala made it easy as well for us and here I will share with you something from the sooner that is there an obligation

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it's something that you do voluntarily in order to seek reward from Allah subhanaw taala and I'm saying this for our uncles and although uncle's Mashallah sometimes are more fit than the younger generation than us. But if you have some kind of illness or if you are tired,

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with the tarawih prayer, you can sit down,

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even if you don't need to, even if you don't need to, in any voluntary prayer, if you would like to create sitting you can pray sitting from the beginning, you can still do that. But you will get half of the room. This is where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, You're

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the one who prays sitting will get half of the reward of the person who plays standing that now with your bigotry for now with the five daily prayers, only Varun schippers so in therapy if you feel a bit tired, if you see the man has resided for long, or you feel it's been long enough, okay, and you predict that in the next couple of hours you will be tired and it will be too much for you relax, grab a chair and sit on the floor as well. You can still do that. The Prophet saws only played at night as an American is with her set. Sometimes he would play the whole night standing. Other nights he would pray the whole night sitting. That's what the night for so you can still do that. But I

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would recommend to get more reward if you are fit and you can handle it. Stay standard. So don't make it a habit. Sometimes people do it out of just being different or trying to do something different. Try something different. Don't let it become a habit. But generally when you feel that you will need it. You feel the need to relax he can play the first one standing the second car sitting down no problem. It's inshallah flexible. So these are some of the things about the salary. And don't forget that the nights of Ramadan are the most precious and the professor Larson said about Ramadan. When equally Muslim in

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general, for every believer, there is a robot that will be granted.

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And then forget the Prophet Solomon says about Ramadan

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Chaka Khan mirela in every night of Ramadan, there are people that Allah will protect for good from the hellfire. So there will be written as the people who will never go to the hellfire.

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So the more sincere you are, the more dedication you have, the more mindful you are of a Lost Planet and the more you put your heart into prayer

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You make the chair now, hopefully, at least we'll get one of these Knights who will be from those who are lover free for forever from the hellfire. That's at every night and the month of Ramadan

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is the split that what the message comes at the beginning or forgiveness in the at the end and in the middle, the whole of Ramadan is missoura for the whole month, the first term, the second term and the third term, all of the nights, all of the days of Ramadan. They are mercy full of mercy for the forgiveness and free from the hellfire. This is what the month of Ramadan is to

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inoperability the length of the prayer and put up with the temptation to make the pressure because we are standing before Allah Subhana Allah to era Don't be bored of it. Don't be bored of it. Try to contemplate with the recitation. Think about Allah subhanaw taala leave the whole world behind. Mostly people when they are doing they want to finish the prayer quickly. They have something keeping them busy in their mind. There must be something keeping them busy over tired physically tired, sit down, no problem.

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If your mind is busy, you will not focus in the prayer and you will not get the benefit of it. And these are the times where the angels are meant inshallah to be among the believers. That's the time when we mentioned a lot beside the words of Allah subhanaw taala. Another bond is the term for the angels when they spread on Earth. So feel the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. It will help you it will help you to strengthen your faith and inshallah let's get the shell of the out make our best make the best advantage in sha Allah from Ramadan this year. What is our philosophy

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quickly, are crucial.

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