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Al Qadir, Al Muqtadir, Al Muqaddim, Al Mu’akhir, Al Awwal

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Okay between larrondo hammer hammer let me know salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa

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salam arlequin. legato

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we continue from the names of Allah azza wa jal, the 99 names

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the book of Imam Rahim Allah explaining the nighttime names to Allahu Allah de la ilaha illa who are Rockman Rahim Salam

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Aziz with the belt and caboodle Holly

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was learning

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and versatile harfield Roger Moore is semi on Busey will Hakuna Gulati Flavio Halima de la foto Shaku and Ali you

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lucky to receive jelly.

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Jelly and Kadeem, Rocky.

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Mujib, avasarala hakima dude

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was on hakimullah do the mosquito bite to shahidullah happen. Our key to cover your material value, Mohammed Morsi and married and married and more he will hire you. Are you and why'd you do magical? Why hadn't I had the summit?

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I'll call the room. today. I will ask you why.

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mocha demo aka, an acid.

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Acid aviral.

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So this is this is where we're going to reach a pinch Allah today. We have covered in the last session the name of someone, and in this session, we're going to cover from uncorded study.

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Now Allah azza wa jal, his name is adid. His name is ardith and allows a vigil His name is maka.

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And all these three are linked up with AF dal RA, which means having power

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and Cadiz. carded the difference between those two ways that Allah coded means that Allah has power.

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And Khadija means Allah has all power.

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And moqtada means Allah executes every form of power. So when you have a car did, it simply means that he has the power.

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And Alka deed means that he has all power. So there is no one besides Him that has any form of power. And I'll move today, which is the name coming after all power. That means that he's the one who executes every type of power, meaning that today shows the execution of power while harder and Kadir show that he is the holder of those powers. Now, again, there is a subtle difference between modal and alkazi which is that moqtada is the one that has powers to the smallest limit, not not able to be seen or perceived by anyone. And a paddle can involve things which people can see have a lot of power. Now, in the hidden knowledge of Allah, what powers he has, which we don't even know

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of, that is in the meaning in the name of Al moqtada. And in the apparent things that we are able to see as well as some non apparent things. That is where we find the meaning of that is he is in Alhaji and in the name of Hadith. Now, there is no other name of Allah azza wa jal from all the names and he's got for example, a Rahman he has mentioned the Holy Quran and he has shown how Allah has mercy and so on. He has said, well, we'll be hooli Shane Halima has knowledge over everything and Aleem is something which is mentioned quite a lot in the Koran. But there is no if you look at the top three names of Allah azza wa jal, which he has mentioned again and again after his name

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Allah so we're talking about the qualities of Allah has agenda he has mentioned, Alka de will come in the top three. In fact, he might even come as the first foremost name where Allah

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Virgil has mentioned again and again bajada coalition caddied in the hula coalition kadhi nacala coalition party, that Allah azza wa jal, he has power over everything. Now, the reason why this sofa, or this quality of allows that has been mentioned so many times is that allies mentioning it again and again because humans, humans

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own way of thinking about this is very limited.

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Humans are limited anyway. And for humans to think that Allah has power over everything they can, they can believe in it fine, we all have the belief in this. But for that belief to become, become deeper and deeper, a repetition of this has to have is necessary, and allows condition that human beings with that way, Allah says we're that cure in the croatan, meaning remind the believers because the reminder will benefit the believers. Now reminder, Allah has set for the believers a reminder, we need these reminders again and again. And for us to be able to say again and again that Allah has the power Allah has the power, Allah has the power, it increases one's Eman, and it makes

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one become a person who has yaqeen in a law, firm belief, firm belief in Allah. And what that does is allows that his qudra, he will manifest that on the earth, when people will believe it so deeply.

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The law, the people who are the most closest to Allah have taken this belief that Allah has power over everything to the bottom of the heart.

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I remember one of the drivers of my shake in Bangladesh. Now this is a driver who drove him for a few years. Now there are many drivers of the shift chooses much Marsha Rashid Rahman followed in Bangladesh, whom I visited a couple of

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weeks ago.

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I remember, this driver telling me that you know, some of the stories and you just pick these drivers, and they come up with so many stories about the close ones to allow, so John's, particularly the chef.

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And he said, The sheriff was giving a lecture once in one of these places, and he had taken, the driver drove him to that place.

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And the sheriff said in his, in his lecture, he said, Allah has power over everything. Allah has power lives. And he said to the whole crowd that said, all of you, I want you to repeat after me, Allah has power, who has power, Allah has power. And sometimes I've seen him in lectures, what he will do is that he will become so emotional in his in his speech and his belief as well that he will actually say it with absolute absolute certainty. And he will even his voice who, you know, would raise and at the same time, he will, he won't even get up himself. And he will, you know, you can see the tenseness in his body when he's saying this, and another whole crowd standing up as well as

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and stand up and say, you know, Allah has power everything. So after he repeated this,

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you know, the driver got him in the car. And then he said to the drivers, and he said to him, you said, Tell me who has who has power over everything. said Allah says say Allah has power over everything. has power over the things and Okay, it goes now. It goes dry. Yeah. So now the chef's car, most of his cars only recently, his car is kind of okay. Most of his cars have been the best of bankers. And I'm totally profitable, couldn't allow you to use depend on Allah. None of the meetings don't even work. I'm being serious here. I was once in his car and I was reciting the Shahada. I will disarm the customer because I thought Sumatra was thick fog. You couldn't see a thing. The

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windscreen wipers don't even work right. And the chef's you know Bismillah go even thick fog in the nighttime as well.

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And you going in the village roads. And as he sees his, you know, his his fine, he says just drive in LA. Now, that particular moment

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the driver said that, that the brakes were not working well. You know, it took you if you hit the brakes,

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you it will take you a long distance to stop the car. It wasn't that the brakes had gone.

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So, the driver said that they were they were going about 3040 miles an hour. Okay.

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And the chef kept on saying

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minute now to get turned on to sane, sane, who has power of everything. He says, a license say Allah has powerful he gives us power.

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So he said they came to a bizarre and if you if you know Bangladesh, we drive through Bangladesh, you come to these bazaars and you don't really stop there, you don't slow down. You just continue as long as nothing's in your way you continue

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continuing 30 miles an hour through bizarre. Suddenly, he said, in the midst of the bizarre, suddenly, a young girl

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came out

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straight in front of the car.

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And now you can imagine the driver, he slammed the brakes, thinking that's it, that girl's dead? Well, that guy's gonna end up in hospital. When when he touched the brakes, the cards stopped there. And they're

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just there. And then I mean, this is as if you had the sharp is breaks, even then the car would skate.

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Skate a little, at least, at least go slightly forward. But no, there and then stop. And the chef just turned around to him and said, What did I tell you? Who has power?

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That's right drive.

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So, you know, he said that day, a second time.

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within the next few hours a second time, the same thing happened. Another individual was king right in front of the car. And he hit the brakes and he stopped there and then he said who has power? loss power. So do not tell you Allah has no power. Now, the idea of Allah when they believe in this when they believe in this Subhana Allah Allah, Allah makes a lot of money will make things happen because you believe that along Do you believe that last but now I'm not saying to anyone here that you know your your break should fail and then you should go out there and mot fails as well and you say doesn't matter you know, I lost power and I don't care i'm gonna hit the brakes unless you're a

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volley of data. You don't you don't do these things and you don't test them unless you you your atomic bomb because people who made that certain belief or they've gone to that belief, there are people who can could do this.

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Otherwise, rest of us need to continue making that belief you know that if you read about the Sahaba, if you read about the many of the predecessors in the past, the pious purity says, when they got to that stage where they believed in it, Allah azza wa jal, he brought out kuramathi Buddha, the miracles and you know, Subhana Allah allows him

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when you believe in that, when you believe in that power of Allah azza wa jal, he will bring it about, share Udine Godfrey, now he's one of

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many of my, I have many admired sort of chefs. And this particular chef was Swami Lavalle Avila 1999. You had the if you remember in hajj, you had the fire in hajj quite a people call a lot of people died. Now this is a case that has been witnessed by about 14 to 16 different individuals.

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The fire was coming, right those that didn't have the the fireproof tents. That time after this. They got the five roof tents. But the fire was coming and it was burning 10 to 10 times 10 because the tents are right next to each other.

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And the authorities were screaming

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people will will running for their lives, right leaving their bags, belongings, everything just running for their life.

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And the fire was coming towards one of the tents where Shane Godfrey was, you know, his name is new dean, he actually came to the mustard. I bought into this mustard about 12 years back, but yeah, 2000 2001 he came to the masjid a big volley of Allah Subhana Allah who has passed away in 2005. But he was one of the biggest bullies of Bangladesh at his at his time.

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And he said to his, you know, imagine in his tent, you're gonna have about 60 to 80 people in a tent, or more than that, and people were running, leaving the buildings and he said, he said, stay where you are. He said, This fire is not going to come and burn this tent.

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Stay here, this fire is not going to come and burn this and I've said, My life's not gonna come and burn this time. And he went into the studio. He went in the studio

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and the fire came.

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I think every individual went except for these few dozen no just above a dozen individuals. And

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when the sheriff was in salute,

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the fire came in burnt

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Every tent, then all the tents around his tent, but he didn't touch this tent.

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It didn't touch system.

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And these are people who have taken that belief of goodra of Allah, to the extent that yes, Allah has the power. And the belief of course, you know, Chevron wouldn't go for you to say this is from an individual This is from, you know, even Faisal

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naman Faisal of his mustard. His father was, was a very, very great admirer of Chateau de offeri. And his father had so many stories to tell me about Sheldon Godfrey.

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He said, Now this is this is from his father and he's I've heard it myself. So this is not something I'm making up and this is the father of an Imam was in this Masjid

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in he in every time she didn't go to come to North London, he will try and keep Sheldon at his house. And you know, Shay moody would get up in the nighttime

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tahajjud weirdness, he would get up and he would pray to her. And he would he would then cry in front of a large and he would say, he said Allah, Allah

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I have left the path of sin for your sake.

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I have left for so many years. The path of sin for your sake and I didn't do it for anyone except for you.

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And I'm asking you now

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to grant my drive to make my dream come true.

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And I'm asking you to make songs so be cured.

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Now she had such a viral I know human faces father

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You know, this is in 1997 right and in this is not stuff guys are making up right? You might hear all these other stories about Alia and the manual far fetched and you don't know if it's true or not true. And people get really weird about this and thinking Oh, should I believe in it? Should I believe in this account? You know, these are weird stories.

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1997 I did I did turabi in Edmonton mosque, which is down the road.

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And a man faces father's to come there every night.

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for about three nights, you know, I'm faced with father never came and we heard that he had a stroke.

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His name is Pharrell.

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So he had a stroke and half his body was paralyzed. And you know what the situation is when a person is half paralyzed because of a stroke. It takes time to get out of that right takes weeks, perhaps months to get out that just to even get a bit of movement in that. So he was straight on the bed and he couldn't get out he couldn't get out for even a single Salah for anything.

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So he was trying he was getting his family to phone she has never been in

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in Bangladesh

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and they and they managed to get hold of him after the second day in the nighttime

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not in the night and after the second day they got hold of him and Sharon Dean said okay put the phone to his air so to put the phone to Haji Pharaohs air who's the father of demand basil

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and he said Pharaoh

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said if I was there I would have slapped you on and got you out of bed this is how these are shaped Newton was his to slap people here and the tube Yeah, given him a lot given given an amazing kurama tree the Hydra the Hydra Allah through the slub and you know I was slapped myself by the chef once I had a really bad back pain. And so the next thing is completely gone. Is myself I'm doing myself I went to the chef so he said he said don't worry if I was there or a slump Do you want to get you out of bed? What are you doing in bed he said this you know just just have sort of talking paralysis. He

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said don't worry your families told me

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he said

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Don't be scared

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to in the night.

00:19:14--> 00:19:21

I'm going to send something over. It's going to slap you but don't be scared. Yeah, with that you're going to get up

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and I said tomorrow morning I want you to go to a good half who reads properly with imagery? I said don't go to any any ordinary half is for someone who really reasonably could read and tell him to recite yacine and to blow into some water or whatever give it to you and so on and inshallah in a ring for whatever days and you'll be okay inshallah. Yeah, but you feel something come to you and slap you one or two in the night dome escape.

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So he said that night. Something came and slept in one. Right and he got up in the night. He just got up previous

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Hello, this is Mr. Davies stroke trade histadrut fudger type using the mosque, he came up to me and he said this was the whole situation last three days. Last night This happened and she has moved in and one of his gyms slapped me one caught up and he said to me to come with this to half he said I don't know any other half is except for yourself who could probably read with good Thank you Please blow something on this and give it to him because he's told me this. And he told me last he said Don't be scared. I was waiting for it. handler you know, I grew up now Subhana Allah loves him you know you find in I don't want to go I know there's so many things I can say on this. The thing is

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with the movement with the believer, the more that belief becomes stronger, the more Allah azza wa jal will show his you know his qudra on the on his natural qudra on the ground, not true power on the ground.

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And that is the reason why Allah azza wa jal has repeated this thing a deed in Allah Allah condition caddied again and again and again and again because he wants us to believe in this. That is the reason why one of the best of cow after the Shahada after lilan allow one of the best occur is well, is is La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu. Allah will have to you he will meet wahoo Allah condition ko de la ilaha illAllah there is no other one worthy of worship except Allah. Wa who he alone, la sharika lahu he has no partners, la homolka he has Old Dominion, La La Mancha Hola, hola, hamdulillah All praise belongs to him. You he will you meet he gives life he causes death wahala

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conditioning, and he has power over everything. Now there are numerous benefits of reading this reciting this. And why did Professor Lazarus tell us to recite it so many times in certain ahaadeeth. He says to recite it once, after the Salah will get you this much reward. In certain hobbies. He says reading it 10 times after five or 10 times after Margaret will get you this much reward. In certain holidays. He says whoever will read it 100 times and get this much you will lose so much reward in this so much more or less. Why? Because if you look at the wordings of this, it puts the full faith and full trust in Allah xojo wahala coalition Did you know that there is no one

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except for you know that he's alone alone in his dominion, you know that he is the one that has all praise belonging and belonging to him because everything has come from him. That is that is that is what has to come from the heart, that nothing in this world after that nothing nothing is of anyone's except that he has done it. That is that is the full thing. Of course we know that so on So did this deed and we will say thank you and all that we know that. But we know that a lot of power is behind every single thing. Now once you get to that stage, you don't see what normal people see.

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Nobody will see what he's in charge of this. He's got this he's got an honor, that this valuable law who has got the full year kind of caddied of God Allah has got every quarter What does he see he sees that you've got no power except, or whatever power you've got has come from Allah. So all his enemies, all his enemies have got no power.

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Except that Allah if Allah wills and handle come from them, this is the real yaqeen and conviction of believing in Makkah. deram Catherine Cody, is that no enemy can harm me without the power of Allah. And no person who's close to me can benefit me without the power of Allah. So enemies and friends

00:23:44--> 00:24:27

they're almost in the same boat in terms of power, they in the same boat, they have no power, friends have no power enemies have no power, close friends have no power distant people have no power, power from from LA Of course they know that this is an enemy, this is a friend. But the yaqeen is such they see all all creation as the direct control of God and sun the earth. Right and people walking on the earth to them is from the same podium same car that he's moving the answer is moving people and that is where the team is that no one no one got no power except Allah puts him in a position to put into place in a way that they must do as He wills that is that is something very

00:24:27--> 00:24:33

deep that the that the value of Allah will have will give us give us that that that type of belief.

00:24:34--> 00:24:44

Now allows Odell has said these people according to Sudoku Palmer, Sudoku comma, the 54th surah number 55 and 54.

00:24:45--> 00:24:59

Allah said inomata kena fija nothing Manohar. As for those people who have Taqwa of Allah, God consciousness, Fie Jana they will be in gardens and they will be in river Fie Makati City and they will be in a place of truth.

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

Allow, I will, I will sit them down in the place of truth in the Maliki muqtada. Right next to the one who has Old Dominion and the one who has all power. Today, the name of today has been used here.

00:25:13--> 00:25:33

In circle cough. And number 45. Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has absolute power of everything. Now, only couple of places Allah has used the word and studied now Sudhakar if you go to the background of that, you know, here you've got two godness you've got you've got two gardeners, and

00:25:35--> 00:26:10

one of them had two gardens. And he was so proud of his two gardens and he had everything he wanted, he had a river in between, and both guards needs to be looked after by the water, and he didn't have to do anything to it. And the other gardener comes to him, and says to him that you know, you should fear a lot you should have the you know, you should think about a lanphier film so on. And this one didn't. And he thought you know, he had he these were his. And then so suddenly Allah brought about a disaster because it was in the form of a wind that came and destroyed everything.

00:26:11--> 00:26:20

It destroyed all his entire garden. And he was looking overwhelmed and his garden, Allah Allah says at that time, he had no one to help them against me What kind of allow Allah

00:26:22--> 00:26:38

Allah has every form of power to execute his power, everything he has, meaning that it was so subtle that this this person couldn't even see how Allah would take all this away from him. And a lot took him in such a sub manner by just a simple wind, he took it away. So

00:26:39--> 00:26:51

Allah azza wa jal teaches us that we believe, not only believe, but we will take his name and we'll repeat that allows us then has power over everything. Now, after the name

00:26:54--> 00:26:55

comes the two names.

00:26:57--> 00:26:57


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the means the one who puts things forth, forward and more often means the one who delays things to the later time. Now these two names of Allah azza wa jal have been mentioned by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam in a hadith where Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam would say, his famous dry in the nighttime and I think I repeated this in one of the other sessions that we had, where he would say Allah, Allah, Allah hamdulillah you have every praise and the noble samovar to allow you are the light of the heavens and the earth and and

00:27:36--> 00:28:19

and you are the one who holds the heavens and the earth and so on and so forth all the way to get to the end he would say, follow fiddley Mark dumb to Allah forgive me for that thing which I have sent false meaning any action I have sent false, which I shouldn't have sent our love Forgive me for it well my heart and Allah forgive me for any action I should have done for your sake but I haven't done yet I have left it behind me I've left it on this earth. I haven't yet performed it. Forgive me for that as well as Toronto, my Ireland to forgive me for whatever I have concealed whatever I have bought into the open and tell them you are the true being who forward things and you are the true

00:28:19--> 00:28:22

breed being that delays things La Ilaha. illa Anta

00:28:24--> 00:29:03

there is no other deity besides you. Now in this door Rasulullah sallallahu mentioned the word macadam Alcott them an octave, which shows that Allah has the power to bring things forward and to delay things. What that means is that we put our trust in Allah, that Allah I want you to make me perform all the deeds that I should do and therefore I have only dissented for I want you to make me sent for those deeds that I'm supposed to do and unlock it Allah I want I have trust in you, that you will make me delay those things or not do those things which are not supposed to send forward now. There are certain parts in this Deen where we're supposed to go forward and there are certain

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times when we supposed to stay back. Now when it comes to the sufu, for example,

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making the lines Rasulullah sallallahu. One Hadi said when they were making the perform the lines he saw certain individuals that weren't moving forward

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and he said May Allah move forward those people who come forward and mail it back, those people who stay back

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May Allah who for those people who come for this drive the profit and loss when it comes to the Salah when it comes to the su phoof when it comes to making the lines, this is not the time to be generous.

00:29:42--> 00:29:44

This is not the time you know some people in america

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is not the time to do that.

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This is the time you see a space you go for yourself. Because this is the time to earn the reward. This is the time to earn the reward. This

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The time to show Allah that I am following the command of the Rasulullah sallallahu all the commandments of love that you should come and fill in the gaps. And it's not a time to delay things is the time to do straightaway. But there are times when a person should stay back

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and not come forward at all or not doing that thing when it's in when it's when it's in. When it's something a person not supposed to do, the person should say back and allows Oh, john has said in certain

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locker the animal must duck the mean. I mean, come

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on Mr. Killeen. Allah says that I know from all of you, Lord, which one of you not move forward to do something? And which one Have you lost? Stay back. Now. For example, Allah is watching a longer account of everything, you know, imagine on the Day of Judgment Allah will clearly have Okay, these are all the things you wish you rushed forward for. There will be some people, you know, when a movie came you the first day before the movie, can you already there sitting one, before football came, you're the first one there. Now making sure that you're on time making sure you got there on time, before a driving test game, you were there first. But before the mustard cane,

00:31:10--> 00:31:22

used to take your time is to come last used to come pedaling along, and so on all the places where I came first, all the places I came last. Allah has a clear record of that. And he said that

00:31:23--> 00:31:50

he knows which one of us is moving forward which one of these staying back which one of us is eager to do certain actions which one of us is not eager to do certain actions, Allah has that account. So which what we should do is all the all the good things in this world show Allah that I am eager to do these good deeds, and all the things that you know of things that I shouldn't be going towards since they back and show Allah that I'm the one who's who is not, you know, part of part of these actions. So that is these are the names of alma kadin. And

00:31:51--> 00:31:54

then we have got the names of our Well,

00:31:55--> 00:31:59

the first one the first and Alaska the last.

00:32:00--> 00:32:32

Now, I will means how Rasulullah sallallahu said in one draw, he said until a well, Felisa public cache. He said, You are the first there is nothing before you were until Felisa Raja cache. He said you are the last there is nothing after you and the next tune and only do these four names together because they have some similar similarities to them. And it sort of joins up in this in this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he made this law. He then followed by saying until until VA here

00:32:34--> 00:33:14

he said you are the most apparent Falaise a full Kakashi there is nothing above you were until bothin Felisa do not cache You are the You are the hidden and there is nothing beyond you, you are the hidden and there is nothing beyond you. Now, in this what we understand from here is, I will mean that Allah was there in the beginning he was there was no I mean he was there he was there finished. There is not nothing like there was the beginning and then I'm lucky none of that. No, he was just there, there is nothing before Him and He will be the last What does that mean? That means that Allah azza wa jal when he destroys everything when the piano comes, He will tell his Rafi

00:33:15--> 00:33:42

astrology will blow into the horn and when he blows into the hole with that everything will die. Everything all the heavens and the earth and everything created Jana Jana will crash down. Even Jana even Jana even the hula even the most authentic of all the different views of what will happen is that even Jana Jana hula in whatever is inside Jana, even gibreel McCain all of them will come to an end.

00:33:44--> 00:33:48

Until the angel of death he will come to an end until

00:33:49--> 00:34:23

Seraphin who's blowing in the hole even he will die with with the with the horn still in his mouth, he will die. So everything of the cone of existence will die and there will be nothing at all that will be existing except for Allah. And that's where Allah says sudo to crime and kulu. Manali has everything on this on this existence, everything here on the earth wherever it is, I will come to an end. We have car which would have because the Denali would only allow surgeon, he will be the one who is living.

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

Now then he will give permission first for his traffic to come alive. After that 40 years they say that he will come alive then allows a blow he will blow up through the second blowing, everything will come back alive and allow recreate gentle, loud, recreate janela, recreate the whole reign, make the world come back alive again, make everything else come back to life again. Now this moment when he has killed everything off. This is where his name Allah Here comes that he is the last after him there is nothing meaning that he's proven that he is the last there is nothing

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Unless he gives the power to come, nothing can come after him.

00:35:04--> 00:35:52

Allah hid means that he's the apparent and there is nothing above him. What does that mean? That means Allah is Allah with His signs on the earth and in the heavens. With the signs we can see. We know that our lives a parent, meaning a lot is there, meaning Allah is Ever living, meaning Allah exists. So for example, you know, when Imam Ahmed in the humble he said very clearly, he said, you know, a Bedouin, he comes, and what does he see in the middle of a desert? a bedroom in a desert who sees tracks, like, you know, the snowing outside, right? You see tracks yesterday, I saw footprints on my shed

00:35:54--> 00:36:18

footprints on my shed wasn't human footprints. It was small footprint, and I knew what it was straightaway. Or is it the cat, a cat had gone over my shed. And you can see the poll prints that have left, right. The bedwin says, I see prints in the desert footprints in the desert, and I know a human or a camel or something else has gone by here.

00:36:20--> 00:36:48

There is no way you're going to convince me that there's Prince in the footprints, fresh footprints in the desert sand. And I'm not convinced that someone's gone by him. So the Bedouin said, when I see this cone, and the existence and I see all of this, all of these signs, the cosmos, the stars, the sky, the earth, the mountains, you know, the winds, the clouds, I see all these signs, I'm not going to be convinced that a God is present. And a god exists. How could How can you say that the various How can you say that?

00:36:49--> 00:36:59

hammer and hammer will repeat this, what the bedroom says, so convinced? I see footprints, I know someone's here, there's no smoke, there's no no fire, you won't get no smoke without fire.

00:37:01--> 00:37:15

You have to have some so you won't get all this existence without one all this creation without a creator and so on. So, a va hit means that things that are apparent to us we see those signs and from there we know that Allah azza wa jal he exists.

00:37:17--> 00:37:45

And when Rasulullah sallallahu said, philosopher Kakashi, there's nothing above you. What does that mean? It doesn't above doesn't necessarily mean in a physical sense. Above means that there is nothing that has greater power than you are, there is nothing that is that that has that that can overcome you. Nothing that can overcome you. When we say albertan allies, the hidden it means the signs we can't see.

00:37:47--> 00:38:09

signs we can't see a Lazarus, he still exists, even though we might not see certain signs. For example, we never seen angels never seen angels. But Allah has created angels will never see angels until we die. until we die, we will never see angels and allow us without being hidden in the bottom. He has created things that we don't even see.

00:38:10--> 00:38:54

Which which again manifest his existence. And Felisa, do Naccache, nothing is beyond you. So the most subtle thing that we might not even be able to detect, Allah azza wa jal knows that he knows that. And he's aware of that. And he is one that no one can go beyond him in subtleness. No one can go beyond him in hiding or hiddenness. And that's where, you know, the acts that we mentioned before. Is that even the seed in the in the earth, allies of the nose? Can you imagine Allah knows what seeds that are in the earth? Where exactly it is, when it's going to sprout out, when it's going to come alive, how it's going to grow, how many years it's going to grow into how many leaves

00:38:54--> 00:39:26

will come in at 300 all the subtle things, a lot of journals. Today you got archaeologists that are, you know, digging the earth digging to find find things that are the past, right? Allah knows every single right in this moment he knows where the bones have had some mood, where exactly they are underneath which desert with sand where they are Allah Allah azza wa jal is Barton. He is the hidden, Felisa do no shade, there's nothing that goes beyond it. So this this is we will stop there today. So we've covered a

00:39:27--> 00:39:37

cover of Hadith al Motta, their alma mater. Well, I'll ask him avahi about in his head will continue next week from

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now on.