Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 133D Tafsir Al-Hijr 78-86

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam in the United States, including the use of sherbert Islam and the rejection of messages from the prophets of Islam, is discussed. The speakers also touch on hedging culture, the use of hedging as a way to avoid danger, and the importance of forgiveness in addressing oppression. They emphasize the need for forgiveness and the importance of avoiding revenge and working towards the end of life.
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insha Allah will begin from Iowa number 78.

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Were in Ghana. And indeed he was, who was US herbal acre, the people the companions of an acre as herb as a chlorella.

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So I have, right and what does that mean? It companion. So the US hub of a place, meaning the people who used to live in that place the dwellers of this place, which places this alayka

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Allah subhanaw taala says about the people of Aika that they were loved Lolly mean, surely there were linoleum surely they did a lot of loan. They were oppressors, they were wrongdoers, they were at fault. Who are the people of Aika? What does acre mean acre, basically, is from ache and ache is used for such a tree whose branches are all intertwined. Such a tree is such a dense tree, that the branches are all intertwined. So you don't know which brand starts from where and it ends where it's just you see a lot of wood.

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All right, this is what ake is an acre is basically a place where there are many, many such trees. So you're talking about woods, a thicket. Okay, a place where there are many, many trees, forests, you can say. So as hobble acre, the people who lived in such a place, the people of the thicket, the people of the woods, the people of the forest, who are they, in a sense that these people were closely related to the people of Meridian, and the people of Medina are those to whom prophets or Abraham's Salam was sent to. But remember that Prophet Sherry realism, although he was in Meridian, but his message was not just for the people of Meridian, it was also for the surrounding areas, and

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that included the people of Aika just as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was in Makkah. But does that mean that His call was limited to the people of Makkah? Know it extended to the people of a thigh? falso? And how far is it from Makkah? Not that far. All right. So likewise, Prophet, you're able Islam, his message was for the people of Medina, as well as the people of Aika. And remember that this was around the same time, just as Lutheranism he was sent to Sedona as well as the surrounding towns. All right. And the people of Aika, their crimes were very similar to the crimes off who, the people of sherbert assuming the people in Medina, and what were their crimes besides

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ship, one was their ship, and other was the rejection of the Prophet. Another was their moral degradation in the sense that there were very corrupt people in their financial matters in their financial transactions that were very, very corrupt. How did they lie to one another, they cheated one another. They were dishonest when it came to trade. And likewise, remember that these towns are all situated around this major trade route that extended from the east to the west. And I'm sure you're familiar with the Silk Route, the Silk Road, which was basically a trade road that extended from you know, Far Eastern places too far western places, and it was all a network of different

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different roads. So these people they lived by this, you can see this major highway so whenever caravans were going by, what would they do? Attack them, plunder them loot, you know, their belongings, whatever kill their people. So this was a major crime and the prophets of Allah, they were sent not just to deliver the message of though hate but also do reform the people meeting in their social matters also. So for example, the prophets of Allah Islam he brought the message of though he said, but he also eliminated many other vices that were prevalent in that society. So likewise, the people of Aika when the message of sherbert Islam was given to them, it was conveyed

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to them what was their reaction when they were Lavalle mean surely they were wrongdoers? Instead of the short straw is number 176. It is said cuz the bells hobble acre till mursaleen the people of Acre, they rejected the messengers because rejecting even one messenger is like rejecting all of them. So Allah says fun TOCOM Nam in home so we took revenge from them. They hurt, they harmed so many people. So they got their justice. They were also punished for the harm that they caused others. A messenger was sent to them, and they rejected him. So what happened? They were punished for that rejection. Allah subhanaw taala alone created them, gave them everything they had, and

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instead they associated partners with him. So Fanta calm them in whom we took revenge from them

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and from

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Remember that this is very, very important for us to understand that whatever we do, we are going to be paid for it. We are going to be recompense for it. We think that we just have to reform our you know, way with Allah subhanaw taala our relationship with him so don't do Sheikh don't worship idols only pray to Allah. Yes, first of the month of Ramadan. But these people were they punished just because of their crime of shit. No, it was also because of their loan towards humanity. So when we wrong others, remember that it's going to come back to us. It is definitely going to come back to us fun TOCOM Nam in home. What in the Homer and indeed both of them. Both of them both of who both the

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cities, which cities both that were mentioned over here, here in the previous ayah who was mentioned the people of ICA and in the ayat before that was mentioned the people of loot or the Salah. So both of these cities, Allah says they are lebih Imam and surely they are situated on the Imam which is Mubin which is very clear. Which Imam is this Imam over here doesn't mean a leader. It means highway a road. Because a man literally means one that is followed one that is before you and you follow them. All right. But the word Imam is not just limited to a leader. It also means a road a highway. Why? Because a traveler, what does he do? He follows? He follows what? The road? If it turns right,

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he goes right. If it goes around, he does that because he's on that road. You know, have you ever wondered, why is it that certain roads are so windy? Now? Why doesn't it just go straight? Because that's how it goes to the destination? And if you say no, no, I don't feel like turning, you know, towards my right? No, you're not going to end up at your destination. So Imam is a highway, what kind of a highway what kind of a road? Allah says over here it is more been clear, again, that same trade route. Because remember that these networks, okay, these roads that connected, you know, city to city and country to country in different continents, literally, they were used by many people. If

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you look into the history of, for example, the Silk Road, it's very, very ancient, you know, much into the early VCs literally 1000s of years even before he started SNMP Yes, the routes changed over time. But this was something that happened from a long time ago that people traveled and these roads, they became very, very busy, you know, with people traveling back and forth for the purpose of trade. So the Arabs, the people of Makkah, they will travel frequently for the purpose of trade, and whenever they travel, they will pass by the ruins of such people of the past. So for example, the people of Aika that people have looted early Sudan they saw the ruins when the Prophet saw a lot

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of sin and went to the book. When he went to the book, The Sahaba passed by the ruins of an ancient people. And over there amongst those ruins, you know, those broken homes and deserted streets, they found a well and the Sahaba they took water from that well and they even made dough with it for themselves are so happy freshwater. But they were told to discard that why because there are the love of Allah subhanaw taala had befallen over there. So you don't want to take anything from that place, not even water. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam advises the companions to move quickly from that area and not camp over there rather move quickly. So the Sahaba passed by the ruins of the

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ancient peoples, as well as the eras before them, and the machine at the same time. Whenever they will travel far and wide, they would come upon the ruins of these people. So Allah says we're in the hotel lobby Imam will be in.

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So when you see these things, why don't you take a lesson? What occurred and certainly cut there but he rejected who else? How will hated the people have hated? I'll mousseline who did they reject a Mursaleen? The messengers those who were sent to them, who were the people of hated the people of hatred, or the people off slowly, or they Salam, also known as the people of some mood, the nation of some mood, you might say, but why are they called nation of the mood as well as here? Because this is very natural. Some nations they have one name and others, they're, you know, identified by multiple names. And there's different reasons behind that. Okay. So for example, the Arabs are known

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as Arab and they were also known as blue is Marine.

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Okay, the descendants of Ismar elearning Sena, and then there were certain groups among them the tribes one is Quraysh one is Kwinana, so on and so forth. Okay, so, different names. So, while Akkad Khanna was heavily aged, when they're called the people of the mode, we understand that their tribe

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their nation was known as the mood why are they called as herbal aged? Because hedging is the name of the area where the people of the mood used to live.

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Okay, the name of the area, the name of the valley, the region where these people used to live and this was the north of Medina. So you can say the city of the prophets of Allah is Allah Medina, like far in the north, okay, in the area of hijas. This is where they used to live. And who did they reject? Allah says mousseline prophets, messengers, how many messengers were sent to them?

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All 300 Plus messengers were sent to them. No, only one and who was that? slyly heard his, but they rejected him. Meaning they rejected all the prophets because rejecting one is like rejecting all what are they now home and we gave them a attina Our signs.

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It wasn't that they didn't recognize the truth. And they didn't No, no, we gave them Our signs. We showed them many proofs they were given the miracles so that they would be convinced, but did they bother to take any heed? For can one have already lean? But they were from all of those signs, more of the lean ones are turned away? More I did it, all it all this aversion to be averse to something to turn away with aversion? You know, one thing is that you have to turn away from something because you're not able to face it anymore. Okay, so for example, you're sitting in your kitchen, and the wall clock is behind you. Okay? And you're sitting in a particular direction, and the wall clock is

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behind you, you're not facing it.

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Now, if you are in a rush to get out of your house early in the morning, okay, what are you going to do? Oh, whatever the clock is behind me. Why should I bother to look at it? No, no, you're going to be eating and constantly looking back it all is to turn ones back away at something and not even have any interest.

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So the wall clock is behind a person and he doesn't even bother to turn his neck to look he's like oh good I can't see the time. I can't even see it. I don't want to see it. I don't want to know it don't tell me Nobody tells me what the time is. This is era that you are averse to it you have no interest in it. So the people Saleh Ali salaam the people of hedging they were shown miracles what miracles were they shown they demanded that a she camel a huge pregnant she camels should come out of the rocks before them. Did it happen before their very eyes? They saw this massive tall very different she camel that was also pregnant come out of these rocks. Okay the rocks has opened up in

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this camel walks out and then she gives birth and whatever they demand it this is what they were shown. But did they take any interest? No. What did they do? They slaughtered the she camel they killed it for Kangwon her more Ilene what can you and they used to yen Hey tuna they used to carve not is to carve mineralogy barely in the mountains booth and homes floral of bathe in the mountains in the Rocky Mountains. They had carved out their homes and they used to live there how many in Florida have airmen one who was safe and secure someone who is living with a man what is a man safety security where you don't feel any you know danger? You don't sense any threat nothing

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whatsoever a man they lived you know fearlessly basically why did they live in this state of contentment and you know, state of complete peace and security because their homes were were inside mountains. Now, if you think about it, when there's a lot of heavy rain and lightning, okay, along with a lot of wind.

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Okay. And your windows, let's say they're not that new. And it happens at every time it rains a lot your windows start to leak, the water starts to drip in sometimes.

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When there's a heavy storm like that, do you feel it? Amen?

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Would you feel that Amman? Not at all

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if your house was not waterproof the way it is that hamdulillah would you be at Amman when the snow fell? No. Any kind of house that people make whether it is from wood, or from aluminum or from break or from clay or from any other material. It is safe secure but it isn't

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How'd that secure I mean, you always hear about tornadoes and all that what happens to the houses, they're just picked up by the floodwaters and taken away, one tornado and the whole street turns into a huge mess. All the houses the windows, the doors are ripped apart. Have you ever seen images of a place from where tornadoes have passed by total devastation. But these people, they had no fear, whenever there was a storm, or a hurricane or anything like that, they had no fear, because they lived inside mountains, inside mountains, and they had no fear that their houses would get damaged.

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What happens to other houses they have to be repaired.

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But these mountains rock solid, does it have to be repaired? No. So what So the till today, such houses exist? Right? In so many parts of the world, even in Afghanistan, recently, I read a report on BBC where they have houses, you know, inside Mountains, where, you know, those houses were actually made by monks, many, many years ago, hundreds of years ago, but now, other people are living in there. And those houses are still usable.

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So likewise, these people there used to live in their homes ammunition, they had no fear, they felt completely secure in their lives. But for a hoarder, Tomasi had to, but to say half the shriek, it sees them most behaving as they were entering the morning. Many times it happens, because a person has some power, some ability, he begins to feel fearless, he begins to think that nothing's going to happen to him that he cannot suffer. Because if he ever has any problem, it can always be fixed. You know, for example, a person has a whole lot of money. So he thinks nobody can harm me. Even if somebody tries to harm me, I can always use my money to help myself. Likewise, another person feels

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that they're very strong in their body, or that in their family, they have a very, very firm position, so nobody can harm them in any way. But what happens because of this sense of security, we begin to oppress others, we begin to misuse these blessings that Allah has given us were deceived. But what happens? Allah subhanaw taala sends the punishment from where a person cannot even imagine. These people had no fear of rain, even earthquake, because how often is it that earthquakes can actually, you know, destroy mountains? I mean, it happens, but it is very, very rare. So they had no fear such as that. But Allah subhanaw taala punished them without a sound, a scream? And can you

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imagine, the blast itself was loud. But when that blast was heard inside Rocky Mountains, how much louder and devastating that sound must have been? Because imagine the echo. Imagine the Echo, for other two mostly had to must behave as they were entering in the morning. With regards to many nations has mentioned that the punishment came to them well, as they were entering the morning, the people of Luther Allison and also they were punished at the same time. Why? Because in the morning, when a person wakes up, he starts fresh. He looks forward to his whole day. He doesn't have much fears and worries and anxieties. No, because it's a start fresh, you just, you know, slept, and you

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got over many of your issues. And now you've woken up and it's a fresh start.

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At night, many times what happens when you go to bed, you're full of worry that I have to do this, I have to do this, and you're hurt because somebody said something to you and your body's hurting because you were physically working the whole day. Right? So at night, your state is different. In the morning, you're feeling much better. You're looking forward to the day, it's a fresh start. But what happened to many people as they enter the morning, that are the job of Allah descended upon them from oh, now I'm home. So it did not avail them. It did not save them, it did not benefit them. It did not come in use an extra money right monies to be rich, the wealth of a person and the wealth

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of a person it helps him but from our own our own home, it did not enrich them, meaning it did not come in use to them. What McEnery axemen whatever they had been earning.

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They had accumulated many riches of the world. Many riches but did it help them?

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Could it saved them from that loud blast? No. From our own our own home? Can we see Boone and in this is a huge lesson that no matter what a person has of this life

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of this world, no matter what power

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What material resources, what influence on others regardless, before Allah, he is still a servant, a beggar, a needy human being.

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And if he turns his back to Allah thinking, I have this money, I have these many resources, I have so much power, he's only deceiving himself. Because look at the example of the people of the past individuals and nations. whatever power they had, it never helped them against Allah subhanaw taala.

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So we must understand the reality of this life the reality of the things of this life.

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While Mao Han Hello Kona summer where it will although and we did not create the heavens and the earth warmer, but you know Houma and whatever that is between them 11 Health except in truth, except in truth, meaning it is only Allah subhanaw taala who has created this entire existence that you see above, below, around you.

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And he created all of this for Just Cause for reason for a purpose, not aimlessly.

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There's a reason behind all of this. If the sky has a purpose, the clouds have a purpose. The ground has a purpose. What is your purpose, a human being? Just look, admire, enjoy, have fun, and that's it? No.

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And just because you have a little bit of power, right now you're deceived thinking that you'll have it forever. No, don't forget the Holic don't forget the Creator. We're in the Seattle area. And indeed, the hour is surely coming. It's on its way. It's not too far the hour is coming. The Day of Judgment is certain it will definitely definitely occur. Because people think that I have my life to live, I'm young. I still probably have many, many years in which I can have fun. But how much? How many years? Sooner or later, this time will end. So don't be deceived, thinking you can do whatever you want. And you can turn your back to Allah. No, you cannot. The hour is coming. Your end is

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coming. And if you don't live to see the Day of Judgment, meaning you die before that, certainly Your death is coming.

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And once everyone dies, eventually, the Day of Judgment is definitely coming. And you're going to face it. We're in the Santella Attia. So when your end is near,

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then how can you forget about it?

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How can you forget about it? How can you forget your Lord? phosphor? So the prophets have a lot of them is advised. phosphor burden, then pardon? Overlook? Forgive? Who? Those who oppress you those who wronged you, those who reject you? How should you forgive them? Or self help Jamil forgiveness that is beautiful. Forgive them beautifully with gracious forgiveness, with a very graceful forgiveness. Why is the prophets on a lot of time being told this at the end of this is that remember the situation of the Prophet salatu salam, he's conveying the message and he's being rejected. And he's being opposed by who powerful men, people have power people, riches, people have

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authority. And that was difficult for him to bear. So the prophets that a lot of time is confronted with the example of the people of the past that look at the power that's the mood had. Look at the power that the people have Aika had, did it help them? No. So these Quraysh these machens These Mushrikeen they cannot hurt you.

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In Masada, the Attiyah, the Day of Judgment is coming. And this is a source of great comfort for every individual who is being oppressed in any way whatsoever. Every person who is being oppressed, if he remembers the day of judgment is coming. That will bring a whole lot of relief to him. That yes, the oppressors, the damage that they have caused, I mean, the suffering that they've made you bear How is it fair, that they're happy, they're living their normal lives and we are suffering.

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But there's great comfort in this. The hour is coming. So right now, what should you do? Just ignore and pardon and forgive those who oppress you so that you can accumulate a greater reward in the hereafter? You see, there's two reactions when a person is being oppressed.

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Okay, oppressed and when he's not able to take revenge, you know, when somebody's harming you, you can stand up for yourself you can take revenge, okay? Justice is done. But there is another situation where you cannot stand up for yourself you cannot defend yourself. Like the prophets, Allah. Allah is no good. He do anything to defend himself in Makkah. I mean, think about it, him being from the Quraysh a noble man he was but yet people had opposing him in such a way

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harsh way. So in this situation where you are being oppressed and you cannot stand up for yourself, there's two ways to react. One is that you begin to pity yourself.

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And you are filled with rage. You're filled with anger, and you pity yourself. You become depressed and sad and unhappy.

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And at the same time, you realize you cannot do anything.

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But you're filled with rage. You're filled with feelings of revenge, but you cannot do anything to help yourself.

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When a person lives in this way, you know, I am so pitiful. This is not fair. Why has this person wronged me? Why is she doing this to me, and you're full of rage. You're only destroying yourself.

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You're only destroying yourself. Because when you pity yourself,

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you're basically allowing yourself to not do anything else.

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But the other way is that you say, okay, they're doing whatever they are doing. I'm just going to ignore them. I forgive them even before they seek forgiveness. And I'm going to see that in my situation. What else is it that I can do?

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What was the prophet said a lot of some advice to do first for his self help Jamil. Forgive them so that you can free yourself, forgive them, so that you can focus on your mission. Forgive them overlook their oppression and their words and then harassment, whatever they're doing to you, so that you can still move on in your daily life, you can still do something.

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Because otherwise if a person is living with rage and sadness and fury and depression, how productive can he be? He's literally killing himself. So repeatedly in the Quran, the prophets are a lot isn't was advised, forgive them, ignore them, turn away from them. Why? So that you can keep working, you can keep doing what you have to do.

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And notice how he stalled forgive them how Allah subhanaw Jamia suffer, suffer, it means forgiveness, but what is the literal meaning of the word Subha is actually used for a page.

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Okay, feel the page of your just how is it

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smooth and flat?

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Right, smooth and flat.

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This is how our hearts should become smooth, that there is no blister that is full of rage for another. And no, another blister that is full of feelings of agony and pity. No smoothen out your heart. Forgive the other person so that you can live a normal life you can be a happy individual.

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I remember once I asked one of my teachers as to what the meaning of software was. And they said, turn the page.

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Turn the page meaning move on, ignore them.

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Turn the page and like start a new chapter. Okay, today they said something harsh to you. hellos, move on tomorrow is a new start. Tomorrow, again, they do something harsh to you. Hello smooth on next page. Next page, next page. And like this life goes on. You don't like when you're writing sometimes. And the pen it bleeds through.

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Write it bleeds through. So what happens that page has a state but then the other page also has a state and the other page also has a state.

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When we remember the wrong that others have done to us, this is what we're doing to our life book, we're standing every page or staining it.

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If somebody put a dirty hand on your book, you know what turn the page, don't let that dirt come through onto the next page. Forget it, ignore it, move on clean your heart, forgive the other person and you will be happy.

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You will be happy. Our problem is that we don't forget what others have done or said to us even five years ago, five days ago. And these grudges who do the burden, the carrier the bearer of those graduates, leave those graduates let go of this baggage, lighten yourself and move on so that you can do something more useful in your life. If you think about it, who was harassed more? Are we harassed more in our lives or was the prophet saw a lot of harassed by his opponents more? He was right. He was hurt more physically abused even. And if he is being told to forgive beautifully. Then what are we meant to do?

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His problems were definitely greater than ours. He is advised forgive ignore move on. Fast for herself. Hello Jimmy. And notice it is a soft l Jamil what is Jimmy that which looks beautiful.

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That which looks beautiful. So what is beautiful forgiveness

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What is beautiful forgiveness that you say, You know what, I forgive them. However, you should remember that this is what they did to me. And this is what they did to me. And this is what they did to me. And my neighbor, you should also remember and my cousin in that country, you should also remember, and my coworker you should also remember is that self help me know, if we're going around telling the whole world about what someone has done to us, that is not self help Jamil.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:39

That is not beautiful forgiveness, beautiful forgiveness is that you don't even talk about those issues, forget them. Leave them because each time you will talk about them, you will cry. Right?

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You will cry, you will be sad. This doesn't mean that you don't share your feelings with others, or you don't share your problems with others in order to seek their advice. Do that but only as much as necessary. Do we ever find any incident where the Sahaba are sitting together? And they're crying?

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No. Yes, they informed one another about what the machine did to them. But it was just to affirm and strengthen their faith. They spoke about those incidents in a positive way

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to strengthen their faith to encourage one another to strengthen their faith. But when we mentioned our problems, we mentioned them so that people feel pity for us to take our side.

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We should also remember to tell the right person about like certain problems, like, don't tell your children about what your husband did to you, like when you first got married or whatever. Like that's not gonna help the situation at all. I remember one of my friends, she was getting married. And you know, like everybody comes in, they give advice. So this one sister came and she gave her advice. And I really, really liked that she said that when she was getting married, somebody told her, if you have any problem between you and your husband, or between you and your in laws, don't tell your mother right away. Don't tell her only tell her if it's like a serious issue. serious

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issue. But if it's something small, don't tell her why. Because the next day, you'll get over it.

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You'll get over it. But your mother won't. Your father won't. Right. And this is very natural for every relationship that you have arguments, you feel hurt. But then what happens one hug and you move on. Right? Basically every relationship between siblings, husband and wife, parents and children, it's normal.

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But when we tell other people immediately, this is what my husband said to me. And this is what she said to me, and this is what he did to me. You know what tomorrow they're apologizing to you. But your mother is going to remember she's going to be hurt. And imagine how much fear she is going to be living in that my daughter is living in this kind of a family. I wonder what's going on, I wish I could be there. And then it creates a strain between her and you know your in laws, it becomes difficult. I'm not saying that if you're suffering from serious issues in your, you know, marital relationship that you should not seek help, no seek help. But if it's something small, ordinary,

00:33:19 --> 00:33:20

please accept it,

00:33:21 --> 00:33:22

and move on.

00:33:23 --> 00:34:08

And the thing is that if you honestly sincerely want that your relationship with a particular individual should become better, then you will not go around telling other people about the problems that you have with them. Because you want that your situation should improve. And when you want that your situation should improve, your relationship should improve, then you focus on yourself, not on the other. You think about what you can do to earn their love, what you can do to make them happy and satisfied. So they don't have any complaints against you, then you worry about improving yourself. But if your focus is to make yourself appear as someone who's perfect and someone who's

00:34:08 --> 00:34:13

being oppressed, the victim basically, then you're going to go on telling everybody

00:34:14 --> 00:34:25

so the Prophet saw a lot is going on what was his goal? That the people should accept Islam? The people should worship Allah. So whoever oppressed him, whoever opposed him,

00:34:26 --> 00:34:56

whoever heard him, What was his reaction? phospho his self help Jamil. This is what he was told to do. Forgive them graciously, beautifully. In not a burqa, indeed your Lord who a he is a Hala the Supreme Creator, who is Allah Eileen, the Knowing your Lord Allah He is the knowing Creator, Allah Allah, one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala. And Hala is one who creates a lot. Can you count the things that Allah has created?

00:34:57 --> 00:34:57

Can you

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00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

What about things on your body? What Allah subhanaw taala has created? Can we count them? It's impossible. And imagine so many human beings, each one of them has so many things in their own body,

00:35:15 --> 00:36:08

a tree how many leaves does it have? How many fruits does it grow? He is HELOC the one who creates so much so much. And HELOC also means that the one who creates but creates as it should be created meeting in the best way. The best way you know for example, an artist what does that mean? That he makes art? But would you call any random person an artist? No. Who would you call an artist I mean someone who creates a work of art not just random paint splashed on a canvas, right? So hello one who creates a lot and one who creates best and he's I believe he knows meaning he knows his entire creation. He knows and he has created everything for a purpose he is aware of that purpose and he

00:36:08 --> 00:36:29

knows who is fulfilling that purpose and who is not. So remember all these people around you all these problems around you all these things around you they're created by who Allah and He knows what misery or what difficulty or what happiness you are going through. So leave the matter to him. Recitation of his or

00:36:31 --> 00:36:36

her have Kathy Lavalle me

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up on

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Obi Wan

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selling well I tell you now

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V walk

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G belly boy oh

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me for alpha mostly how to almost behave for a

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while now follow up on us.

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You will

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me in

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full Lolly

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