Quranic Seerah #05 Abuse & Psychological Warfare

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We left off two nights ago with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after receiving revelation at 40 years old, and Allah azza wa jal revealing the earliest parts of the Quran for the believers to solidify their faith with in the Knights prayers for about three years, the stories of the previous prophets and the greatness of God is being inculcated to their souls. And then at the 30 year mark, this is where we left off, command Allah to go public with the Dawa, and he told people that I am a messenger of Allah to you, warning you before the coming of a great tournament.

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From that point forward, and for the next 10 years, the onslaught took place, the resistance, the persecution, the hostility, it happened in increments, but it happened for a full 10 years. And this is important to realize, because that would be fast forwarding, I'm not going to give it to you in chronological order, but they were stopped to death. All right, before that, the Sahaba Ridhwan Allah Allah him Whoever didn't have social status, Whoever didn't have

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families and tribes to protect them were torn apart. Amar Radi Allahu Anh had to watch his mother Sumaiya, the first martyr of Islam and other killed in front of him. And then he was tortured in unthinkable ways. Until he uttered a negative statement about the Prophet Allah, His slaughter was and he rushed to him. They finally released him he rushed or regretful, and he said to him in I do furrowed, that, you know, if they repeat to the torture, repeat what you said, so long as faith is settled in your heart, it's fine, it is totally fine. It means nothing.

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And that is from the great mercy of Islam, right that you don't have to subject yourself to that if it reaches this degree. I remember the

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the stories of many of the places that were overrun in modern times, by the way of, by by Christian missionaries, many times the people are so hungry, that any morsel of food would be very persuasive to them to their families, they are oppressed by this. And so they will tell them come to the churches, declare your Christianity and we will give you food. And after a while, they realized the Muslims were becoming Christian and taking the food and then going back to the masjid. So they were catching the message and saying like, what are you doing? Like you became Christian? You can't come to the mosque anymore. He tells him No, no, no silly man. You can have this but you can't have this.

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My heart belongs to Allah azza wa jal. And so the Prophet I suppose I'm told Amara, you're alright, you've gone through unthinkable torture you can. But this was just one example. Right? You have built a lot of the Allahu Allah and the sizzling hot boulders rolled over his chest, you have so he brought the Allahu and they were dressed him in chainmail and bring him out there to the desert sun. The midday sun is 120 130 140 degrees, maybe right in the summertime. And the heat of it would melt into his skin. Kebab Radi Allahu Taala and having a lot, he says they would heat hot coals for me, and nothing would put out those red stones. They heat them until they turned red. And nothing would

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put out those stones but the flesh of my back and I could smell it cooking. I could smell my back cooking. He had craters in his back about the Allahu Allah Anwar. But this is all very, very important, because we're not for this standard that they took with Islam have reached us on a golden platter the way it does today, right? Ultimately, hubbub himself goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and tells him don't you pray for us? Don't you ask Allah to give us victory already? Because that's the thing. Just I want to drill that home. The Sahaba didn't say publicly, I'm open. They tried to hide. They kept getting discovered their Muslim, suddenly they got jumped

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one time, like what happens in the street? No, this dragged for a week, a year, five years, 10 years this is happening. May Allah be pleased with them all. So one time he said to him, don't you pray to Allah for us. And so he got very upset and he sought was salam. Because he sends that they may be losing patience. And he said to them, Allah will certainly fulfill his promise and give victory to the submission. The people before you. The trenches were dug for them in the ground, and they were placed inside and saws were placed on top of their heads and they were split into and they wouldn't turn their back on their religion. And they would bring at them combs iron, and peel away their skin

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from their bones from their flesh from their nerves and that wouldn't cause them to turn their back on their religion. No, the Promise of Allah is true.

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So that is the sin.

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How does this prove the surety of Islam? Well, the Prophet SAW Selim

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didn't just believe he was a prophet. And the Sahaba didn't just believe he was a prophet. You see from their perseverance that they were absolutely certain he was the prophet right or wrong. And that is why to make this or like to invoke a Quranic you know, reference here as promised Sudha Lanka boot

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came down in the earliest years in Mecca so with an anchor boot is the spider and the spider because it has a reference of all those who are calling on behalf of other than Allah, those they call on.

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They are like people that is like the spider that takes a web you know, the web of the spider is so flimsy so nothing. So it infused them with strength, this faith of theirs infused them with more and more strength. And SUTA Lanka boot begins by saying a hassy Vanessa new Turaco and Yaku mana hula afternoon, people think they're just going to be left alone to say we believe and they will not be tested Welaka for tender Levina Min cobbly him for La Familia alamin Allahu Levina Sadako with elemental Kathy been we've certainly tested the people before them so that Allah who may know who is truthful and who is lying. So the truthfulness of the Sahaba and the truthfulness of the Prophet SAW

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Selim Their leader was made clear not just to Allah, Allah knew within His foreknowledge, but he didn't just see this from them. The world saw it from them, were it not for the resistance, anybody can lay any claim to anything. But their perseverance, not just their perseverance, their optimism, that I'm fine, I'm privileged, I'm honored.

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And maybe that's a good quick segue to the the point of show of purity with a pure heart becomes, the less layers there are between you and Allah azza wa jal, the less damage people can do to you, the less damage life can do to you. Right? You know, in sort of the anchor booth itself, it says women are Nursey mania Kulu Amana Billa among humanity are a class of people that say we believe in God for either Oh, the Fila he Jalla Pfitzner to Nasik or other Billa. But when they are, who they are, by the way, is not dot.is harm. Ooh, the means when they're annoyed in the path of God, right when there's some inconvenience, social inconvenience, emotional inconvenience, when there's some

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inconvenience, immediately they treat people's bothering of them, like God's punishment, meaning they pivot and they shift to approve for people's approval. That is not a sign of faith. A pure heart recognizes God and does it care what people have to say, if they're at that crossroad? You know, I think about nowadays, when a person is so concerned with how many likes they got on a certain post, what this is, this is blurry vision. This is bad perspective. The believer knows that only one like matters, who's like his subhanho wa taala. That will not just make you strong. This will also make you optimistic, I'm not bound, right. If I get diagnosed with something frightening,

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it's not going to kill me. If I go through a financial dilemma, it's not going to break me. If I face some hostility in my day from a family member or a boss. It's not going to break me it's not even going to ruin my inner peace. It can because it's all surface layer once you're connected with the one above. So when you're with Allah, that is the meaning by the way of Allah being with you. What does it mean Allah is with the believers, Allah is with the pious Allah is with those who are with him. It means he will support you and strengthen you and give you that peace. And that is the last idea and sort of blanket put Zoa Genesis in the Levina

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when Latina just like Loffredo well Lavina Jaha Delphina, Lana, Nahum, Cebu Lana, those who strive towards us, we will guide them to our ways we're in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Mycenean and Allah is with every dollar of good, you're not going to have a mental breakdown. If you don't get the new phone or this whole break down. If you get fired or whatever it may be right or you get May Allah forbid diagnosis your Allah is with you, and you will be able to withstand it's up to the signs of a healthy heart to withstand the blows of life to have greater bandwidth or bad news and bad behavior and bad events. And I once I have actually a minute and a half, I think I once shared sort of this

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set of events with a sheikh Amara Shoukry who you know, mashallah is a seasoned poet. And I asked him and he wrote his very beautifully in English language. I wanted to share it with you in sha Allah will be upliftment for many of you and a means for refreshing our faith. He said about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being seen we all see him as someone that had a happy life, but you could easily read his life has filled with misfortunes, right, he said,

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and I'll close with this I promise within time in sha Allah, you will never saw your father's face sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or knew the warmth of you

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Your mother's embrace your grandfather's hearth burned with concern. Yet death would come to him as well in turn, none to look up to. So you cast your vision to the sky. When you speak the truth it hurts when they say you lie, right? He lived his life hating lying and everyone's making poems about him now taunting him in the street, with only two pillars of support an uncle and a perfect one.

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And in the same year, each one of those would lose their life Gibreel gave her deja his salams and told her of a house in paradise but an angel other than Him Gibreel came to your house to collect its price an angel of death. You went to LA if seeking support for the message you need to spread and they laughed at you and they sent their kids to stone you until you blood at Oduor deserted so they struck you with Vicious blows and rumors were spread about Asia that causes pain that Allah only knows even Medina we're going into now write

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your close cousins Java. Your close cousin Java, his absence was finally ended from Abyssinia. He would return he would come but in one day he would be martyred with Zaid, your adopted son and Rokia would pass away and comical film as well. And you held Ibrahim in your hands with a heart that breaks an eyes that swell death would ask permission to take your soul but not the souls of those you love. And you never express distress to the tests that came from up above. The trials made us strong and for Allah's Perfect company you would yearn for it is a to Allah that we belong and to Him is our return. May we be of people who are connected with Allah so that nothing down here can

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ever break us Allah whom I mean. It's like located on Salalah snowboarder, kind of