Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 129A Translation Ibrahim 1-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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Muhammad who want to Sunday and Allah sweetie give Kadeem a my bad Pharaoh to bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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for Beshara Lee slithery way Sidley Emery Washington architettura melissani Kahu Kohli OpenURL Cigna in lesson number 129 sudut. Ibrahim is number one to 70 transmission.

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la flamme ro le flambeaux Langa kita Boone, a book and Zillow who we have revealed it a Laker Do you little Reja so you take out and Sir the people, men from a warmer the darkness is it Illa to a new the light be Edney with permission robbing him of the ILA to Surat, but Allah Aziz of the mighty, Al Hamid the praiseworthy

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Allah He Allah, Allah the is the one who know who for him ma whatever fee is in a Samoa the heavens warmer and whatever fee is in the earth well Waylon and destruction Whoa, look I fit in for the disbelievers men from or that punishment should Eden severe.

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And Medina those who yesterday buena they prefer a higher the life a dunya of the world or the upon an era the hereafter. What and yes will doona they stop, they hinder and from severely we Allah He of Allah wherever Hoonah her and they see it everywhere Jaya crooked, hula Iike those fee in Berlin string air bear Eden one far

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warmer and not I will sell now we have sent men from Rasul in any messenger in LA except Billy San with language told me he of his people. Do you buy Hina so he makes clear LA home for them for your Bilou so he leads astray Allahu Allah Minh whoever your shadow He wills where the and He guides man whoever your shadow He wills we're who and he is an ER xizhou The always Almighty al Hakim the always a wise

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one 100 And certainly also now We sent Musa Musa alayhis salam Biya Tina with our silence and that encourage you take out calm aka your people, men from illuminate the darkness is ILA to a know the light. Well, and that good home you remind them, admonish them be a yam with days Allah He of Allah in the indeed fee in their liquor that that I am sure designs the CO liver every sorbet and most patient Shaco most grateful

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for it and when Carla he said, Musa Musa alayhis salam likoma He for his people with guru you will remember near Mata blessing Allah He of Allah I may come upon you in when and Jack whom he saved you main from early people that are gonna affect you so Mona come they afflict you sewer evil or other the punishment what and you the beholder they slaughter or brunette ACOEM your sons, where's the Hyuna and they keep alive? Mr. ACOEM your women Wi Fi and in their Licon that are you all Billa on a trial men from Rob become your Rob when one great what if and when the advantage he announced Rob Bukom Europe law in surely if shocker to you are grateful. Let us see Dan McComb, surely I will

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definitely increase for you. Well in and surely if confirmed to you disbelieved in indeed, or there'll be my punishment that should lead surely severe.

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We'll call her and he said in if duck foo you all disbelieve until you all woman and whoever fee is in all the earth, Jamia and all together for ena then indeed Allah, Allah Lavon Ian, surely rich, free of need. Hamedan always most praiseworthy.

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Lm did not. Yet they come it comes to you Naboo news and Medina of those who main from Kabila calm before you go people knew him off No. Where are they in an ad with a mood and the mood when Lavina and those who main from Barbara him

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After them lair not yet and Mo whom he knows them Illa except Allahu Allah. Jaya at home, it came to them rasuluh home their Messengers build a unit with the clear signs for all do so they returned idea hold their hands fee in of where he him there motes will call you and they said in indeed we perform now we have disbelieved the man in what also don't you were sent be here with it. We're in there and indeed we Luffy surely in shocking doubt mimma from what the owner you all invite us delay to it, Marie when one making restless call it it said rasuluh their Messengers is V in Allahu Allah Shakun adult, Father, Creator, originator, as Samoa of the heavens will help and the earth you're

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there to come. He invites you, Leo Phil, so that He may forgive Lacan for you, men from the new become your sins while you are here, welcome and he gives you respite Illa to ajilon a term was summer one fixed by Lou they said in not unto you all, except Verschuren. Men, myth Luna like us by Sharon, men, myth, Luna like us to the Duna y'all want y'all intend on that? So Duna you all stop us? I'm mad from what? Ghana he was Yabu he worships Abba owner, our forefathers for tuna. So you all come to us Bissell Kleinian with an authority with a proof movie in one clear on it, it says the home to them grossular home their messengers in not no way except by Sharon men. Myth locum like you

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what I cannot but Allah Allah Yama knew he favors or the upon man whoever you show he wills men from everybody His servants warmer and not Ghana, it was Lana for us on that net the comb, we come to you busulfan in with an authority with a proof except the Edney with permission Allah He of Allah wa ala and upon Allah He hola hola familia de workout so he should trust me know the believers.

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Warmer and what? Lana for us, Allah that not not our killer, we trust Allah upon Allah He Allah wa called while in fact, her Danna, he guided us sabula Anna our ways, while an us Baron and surely we will definitely be patient. Surely we will definitely endure patiently

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Allah upon Mao what are they to Munna you all inflict pain on us? You all hurt us? What Allah and upon Allah He Allah Foley at the workout so he should trust Omotola Chiune those who trust what color and he said Alladhina those who go through the disbelieved little sodium to their messengers. lucre Jana comb surely we will definitely expel you men from our Lena our land Oh or letter Aluna surely you will definitely return fee in Mila Tina our religion for our her so he inspired he revealed la him do them or boo home they rub Lenovo leakin surely we will definitely destroy a volley mean the wrongdoers well and Lenovo skin and Nico surely we will definitely make you dwell

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surely we will definitely make you settle

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in the land, men from bar the him after them. Rarely Cadet Lehmann for who call for he feared mock army, my standing my position what and Hoffa he feared where ad My threat

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was tough to who and they sought victory or they sought a decision will harbor and he was disappointed Kullu every Jabarin great tyrant. Great competitor. I need most obstinate or opposite

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men from Worre e beyond him. Jehan Nemo is held where you score and he will be given to drink. He will be made to drink men from Mars in water. Saudi then Bulent festering via

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Yetta Java who he will try to save it.

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Whether or not you can do he will be near. You see who he swallows it where D He

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and it will come to him Elmo to the debt men from Cali every mccannon place warmer and not Who will he be may hit at all one to die women and from Worre II beyond him before him are there been a punishment who are leaving one massive severe

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let's listen to the recitation

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this middle man of war he

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earned it

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more either

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ready to Korean nurse me no go Nomad in no reburied me being him be ignore be him emails you're all in as easy Hi me.

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Allah He levy lol Maggie Semih Allah if you wanna if you while you little caffeine I mean nada

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Alarie and is that he's born I'll hire that duniya

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oil so do

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you want to do a wound? Or you want to

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you can feel

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up was all in relation you told me he will be led

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The me

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whoo Eliza is Heike. What are the

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Musa be I

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go Roma de la. No reward

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be a year.

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In NaVi they're

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given equal new sub.

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shall go

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why he called

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me he Cooney our meta Moriarty

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town I assume welcome so

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you assume

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oh, Elijah b Why would that be

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why is that you that is

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walkie that

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more people Maleme

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wire it

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as either

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that you've

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been I shouldn't be paid well follows

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up the Jeremy

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law had only heard me

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and me.

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Only letting

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me know Hey, why'd you let them hold? One lady

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in a long, John

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bilena do a

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follow up do I EDL V up why he more more to

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be why

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Dadong Cardona he moody,

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Paulette Russolo

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Ltd. Cena was the one

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Yeah Do

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Your Honor.

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Although in to

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meet Luna to read on to reduce

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to poor

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on at level moto zoom in national

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meet local malaking Allah I am

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one can

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be Sue ball in the evening

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why no more even yet our carry with me oh don't wanna

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he want more than

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word on

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keto to

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walk all and lazy and

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solely Himalayan region

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of the

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Navy may Latina

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in a moon and

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not body me one no skin in

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the hem daddy Harryman caught up on me while calling LRE was that

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bad knee that meal or he

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was scamming

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saw the need yeah day job whoa

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whoa I

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love you may need one. We may need you I'm you all

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