Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 128E Tafsir Al-Rad 38-43

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing miracles and not showing promises in Islam, as it is within the power of the messenger. They stress the need to focus on one's own success and learn from their actions to improve their religion, as it is a war and everyone is facing failure to achieve their goals. The importance of teaching the Quran and striving to convey it to others is emphasized, and the need to address the issue of dumpl and not let negative consequences come through is also emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and fixing one's actions to restore faith and achieve their goals.
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While awkward Osella who Sula min public, and certainly we sent messengers before you go Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we sent messengers before, you're not the first messenger mozarella, Salam came recited, SNM came before them so many messengers came, and the prophets of Allah Who were they,

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who were they? Angels made of light. Who were they? Human beings made of clay, children of Adam. They were human beings. So Rasulullah man public, what you're another home and we made for them as wagon. Spouses, wives were the return and also children. Because it is a human need to have a partner. It is a human need to have, you know, children or to have people whom you can call your own. They are part of you, you are part of them. It is a human need. It's a natural human wish. So the prophets of Allah, they were human beings. This is why they were married, they had wives, they are children.

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Only Allah subhanaw taala is above this need, because he is Anwar hit ahead. He does not need a spouse. He does not need a partner. He does not need children. You see, other than his son when Allah created him, what was one of the first things that Allah gifted Adam already sent him with, after knowledge and everything? What was it a spouse, her work? And then soon after children

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so either really soon I was also given a wife, and he was given children, and after him obviously every prophet would your Enel home as well and with the Ria and recited Salam yes he did not get married or have children but when he will return it will happen. Okay. He will also have a spouse and children would your unedible as wedding within a year warmer Canada Neela Solon, and it is not possible for a messenger and yet to be 18. Ellerbee isn't the left that he should bring a miracle except with the permission of Allah

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liquidly agilan kita. And for every term is a key term meaning is a decree. It is recorded for every term, when it will take place where it will take place, in what manner it will take place. And where is that decree written? Where is it recorded in the low heard marvels. Now the people of Makkah, the machinery Kindles a disbelief in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they basically were bothered by two things a lot. Two things about the prophets of Allah didn't bother them a lot. First of all, why is he a human being? If he's a prophet? Why is he a human being? Why not an angel? Why not something else, someone else? Or if he has to be a human Messenger, then why not someone who was very, very

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wealthy, or someone who's got supernatural powers? Why not? You know, an extraordinary person, why an average human being?

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And secondly, they would be bothered by the fact that the prophets Allah, Allah doesn't would not show them the miracles that these people demanded. They would say, how come he does not show miracles to us? So Allah subhanaw taala clarifies over here, that you are a human being and every messenger before you was also a human being.

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Because human messenger sent to human beings. All right, it doesn't make sense that to people, a messenger is sent home, they're afraid of whom they feel scared off, whom they cannot relate with whom they cannot talk to whom they cannot seek counsel with whom they cannot discuss their matters with, in whose life they cannot find an example. It doesn't make sense. So if Allah sent a messenger, it was always who a human being, who had wife and children so that people could follow his example. People could relate with him. People could understand him, and he could understand people also.

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You see, many times it happens that when there is a person who is not married, and they're trying to give advice to people who are married, you know, they're told, what do you know about marriage? What do you know about marriage? If there is a person who does not have children of their own, and they're advising mothers? What are they told? What do you know about parenting?

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Right? This is the first thing that people say, if someone has been a loser at business, and they're giving advice on business, I mean, people don't take their advice. What do you know about business? What do you know about money?

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So the prophets were human beings, why so that they could understand people and people could relate with them.

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Secondly, the objection was, how come he doesn't show miracles. And this was discussed earlier also, in many verses, that miracles are not the source of guidance. Miracles can improve your faith. They can strengthen it, but they cannot bring you faith. So Allah subhanaw

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Allah clarifies over here that showing miracles is not within the power of the messenger. The prophets cannot show miracles themselves. The miracles are only shown when Allah subhanaw taala allows.

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You see mozarella Hassan had the staff right. At one occasion the staff turned into a snake and another occasion it is causing the sea to split at another occasion it is causing water to come out of the storm. So many different things are happening. Was it the staff? Was it Musala Sana? It was because Allah subhanaw taala allowed that to happen through the staff at that moment, I'm sure Musa has had, you know, thrown his staff many times before, but it didn't turn into a snake. It didn't cause water to split. It didn't cause water to come out of Iraq. Nothing like that happened. Are you Santa Santa, he was also given miracles, but every miracle that he performed, what would he say B is

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Nila B is Nila with the permission of Allah. So showing miracles is not within the control of a prophet. This is whose decision Allah is the decision prophets are human beings which means they are servants servants of who Allah.

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This is why they cannot show a miracle except on a lot once. And Allah says liquidly Edgerrin Kitab for every turn is a decree meaning miracles will be shown they are shown but at a time that Allah subhanaw taala once so the people of Makara basically being told that you will be shown amazing things amazing miracles, amazing turn of events, but for everything to occur is a due time. young fella who may Usher Allah eliminates whatever He wills where you spit or he confirms in Yahoo from meme how well Mao, Mao is to eradicate to eliminate. So Allah eliminates whatever He wills from what from that which he has decreed because you see the end of the previous iron liquidly agilan kita for

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every term is a decree. So remember that the first thing that Allah subhanaw taala created was what the pen and he ordered the pen to write, right what everything that was going to happen and the pen wrote it and everything is recorded were in a low heard Marvel's in the Preserved Tablet. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala knows about everything that is going to happen. Now what happens is that according to Allah's decree, when the time of something comes, it happens, according to Allah's decree, when the time for something comes, then it will take place, then it will occur. So, when the pen wrote it wrote that in the year 2014, on this day of Sunday, at this time, right before 12 noon,

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this person will be sitting here and this person will be thinking about this and this person will be writing this wearing this would have eaten this in the morning, all of this was written from before Allah subhanaw taala in view about it, Allah ordered that it should be written. And now at the second, as it was decreed that the fan should spin, it is spinning according to Allah's decree.

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Okay, so when the time for something to occur comes only then it will happen. Not before not after other people have Makoa hasty, show us something, show us some miracles, we want to see amazing things. But what does Allah say for everything is a due time. The Prophet said a lot of there was promised victory that people would say, Oh, how come you're not victorious? How come you're still suffering? Well, because for everything is a due time.

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But look at this idea. Yum, hello, my shirt while you spit. Even though there is a record, everything is recorded. Something is to happen at a given time, you know, like you have this schedule. And according to schedule, things are supposed to take when you go to an event and it says at 505 this will happen at 510 this will happen.

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But then you see that they're falling behind like awfully.

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Now remember, Allah subhanaw taala has a record, but he is not bound. He's not restricted to this. If he wants, he can change it.

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If he wants, he can change it. This is why they said younger love MIOSHA he can erase whatever He wills. So he doesn't allow it to take place. He does not allow it to occur. He does not make it happen while your spirit and he can also confirm it, meaning he can allow something to happen because it's due time came. Ultimately what do we see? Ultimately the decision is who's Allah subhanaw taala he's not bound to a record he's not bound to the wishes and the impatience of people. No

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Oh, it is his decision when he wants something to happen, then it will happen. Because we're in the who are Mulki tab, the mother of the book is with him.

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The mother of the book is with him, it's his book and he can change it however you will it's

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a lot of times you get people who say, how can we do anything or change anything when it's already been written from before? But this versus, you know, the complete answer to that, that will last time that I can change things according to his own wisdom. Exactly. And remember that when something is written, how do you know what is written? Did you ever take a peek at the Lahoma fold and take a look at what's going to happen in your life? So the things that are happening, the things that you're doing, you're blaming kodra for it, you never saw it. So you cannot blame God for anything. Yes.

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I was thinking about this 10 night is days of the us insha Allah do I can change the color of Allah. So, this is the I admit main reason that I changed. Yes. And even our best he said that.

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Indeed there are can rebel color and when it repels the other than that is also part of other meaning that is also part of Allah's knowledge. Okay, so it's really up to you, how much do you strive How much do you pray? And you know, that in these 10 Nights is Laila to God. What is Laila to call that the Night of Power and also other means decree, it's the Night of Decree. It's the night when the angels descend with what men call the armor. Because this is the time when Allah subhanaw taala gives the decrees of his servants to the angels for the following year. So what's going to happen next year in your life, it is going to be given to the angels and one of these 10 knights so

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you better make dua with all your art better make the offer what you want what you need, the things that you want change in your life, the improvement that you want to see, you know, give it your best, give it your best and ask every single night every single night

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or model little or no he would make sure that y'all know if you have written this among those who are Sharpie then make us of those who are salaried please so he would make sure that all live near knowledge in your decree. We are meant to be you know people of the fire, y'all Allah please change your status. So make dua for the things that you want to change in your life.

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And make dua that Allah show you next Ramadan because you know that people die during Ramadan they die a day before Ramadan and evening before Ramadan. So make dua from now that Allah show you next Ramadan, in safety in health in good spirits with Eman make dua that Allah accept your Abba forgive you your sins. So this is the time young Hello Maya shot while you spit. We're in the Homolka we're ima and if ima if Nohrian NACA we show you. If we were to show you a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Baba some of that which Allah de Neri to whom that which we promised them. What is it that Allah subhanaw taala had promised and wished again of Makkah, the disbelievers what was promised. If

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the disbelieve

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punishment, there were threatened multiple times with the examples of the people of the past. Take a lesson from history. When the people rebelled against their messengers, what was their outcome? They were finished, they were destroyed. So the Prophet saw a lot of sort of knew that if my people reject if they disbelieve, if they continue in this way, sooner or later, they're going to be punished. So Allah subhanaw taala tells the messenger that whether we show you part of that which we promised them, oh not our fire neck or we take you in depth, meaning whether the punishment happens in your life or it befalls on them after your death.

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Whether they are punished in your life or they're punished after you are gone. For in nama or LA Curbelo. on you is only the responsibility of Bala of conveying you are obligated to convey you must notify regardless of whether you see the results are not. It doesn't matter if a Buddha has killed in your life or not. If Ebola has finished it punished in your life or not doesn't matter. That's not your responsibility. That's got nothing to do with you. What's got to do with you is below that is your responsibility. So keep conveying.

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Convey whether you see the results or not do your job. Whether you see Muslims Islam victorious or not. You have to focus on your

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apart, and that is that you must convey what Elena has served and upon us is the account, meaning we can call people to account now in this dunya in your life immediately, five years from now, 15 years from now 100 years from now or in the Hereafter?

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What is our problem? We worry about the hisab. And we forget the below when we see that people are being unjust to each other, when there are people who are oppressing others, we wonder how come Allah is not taking their heads out? How come an earthquake has not already come? How come a tsunami has already come? I mean, this is when people begin to wonder how come Allah does not destroy the oppressors? What does Allah say to His Messenger, you don't need to worry about the hisab.

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You don't need to worry about the hisab you need to worry about Bunnell, you have to convey very important lesson for us.

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Because we want the state, you know of our personal state to improve our social state to improve the state of the Muslims overall we want that to improve and we keep making dua to Allah to destroy the enemy to do this to do that. Yesterday that is Allah's responsibility, he knows what his servants are doing. And instead of, you know, calling for punishment, you should be making dua for guidance. How often do the prophets of Allah send and pray against the people of Makkah? How often

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very few, very few times and if he prayed against them, if he made or against and was against certain individuals, because they had really crossed the limits,

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they had really crossed the limits, what was he focused on, on Bala on conveying a will Amuro Do they not see a net net till of the that we are net 30 We come under the earth meaning we are bringing the earth and and Kusa we are reducing it. From NOx to reduce, we are reducing the earth Minotaur raffia from its borders, from its edges from its sides, a trough floor love, but

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do the disbelievers not see that we are literally causing the earth to shrink.

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that the earth is shrinking in its size physically. Or another interpretation of this is that we are causing the earth to close in from its borders, meaning their freedom is getting restricted.

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Who's the enemies of the prophets of Allah I'm using in Makkah, what happened when the prophets of Allah was in Makkah, the Muslims. For them the earth was tight. How that they were insecure, they were at risk. They were in danger if they stepped out of their house if they went prayed in the Haram if they prayed in their homes, even if they recited the Quran, if they declared their Islam they lost their freedom basically. So the earth was tight on them. But then what happened gradually, as the Muslims they migrated to Medina, a state was established, what happened? The Mushrikeen they could not come and go easily to Medina or from close to Medina. Remember the caravan that was of Yan

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was bringing

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from Syria back to Makkah. And he was afraid that the Muslims of Medina might attack so he sent word to Makkah that send an army to defend me. So 1000 People came from Makkah, in order to defend the caravan. But what happened the caravan escaped safely. And the Mackenzie said, we have come all the way we're not going back without fighting the Muslims. And then the Battle of butter took place. Now what does that show you that the areas which were free for them was shaking before they had all the freedom they had full access to it, especially because there were the people of Makkah, there were the creche. Now they had restricted access. And gradually what happened? The Muslims, they made

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alliances with so many other tribes. All right. And so the Mr. Keane, they did not feel secure everywhere. So the earth was tightening on them. And with the father of maca what happened, basically, what happened? It was completely gone. The earth was so tight for them that they could not live in Morocco, which is why they come in Abuja, what did he do? He just got up and he left. He went off to sea boarded a ship and said, I'm just leaving Arabia, I'm just going to end up somewhere, anywhere where I'm safe. But what happened? A storm came and he realized that if I'm calling upon Allah Now why don't I call on him online? So he went back to McCann, he embraced Islam.

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So do they not see that we are closing the earth on them that their freedom is getting restricted because of the victory of Islam? Well, OLALIA como and Allah decides he orders l'amour optimally hook me there is no adjuster of his decision. Morocco

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No one who comes after and makes changes. Know, when Allah has made a decision no one can come after and change it, edit it, alter it. Well who has said the URL hisab and he is swift in account. You might think that this change is happening very slowly. And yes, it took, you know, over a decade 13 years of Prophets, Allah Allah is and was in Makkah. much after that the father came, the victory came. So yes, the process was slow, but Allah is steady are very savvy swift and taking the account. Now remember that the previous nations the way Allah subhanaw taala dealt with them was very different. How did he deal with them that when the people disbelieved in their messengers and their

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time of expiry came, basically what happened? They were punished through some disaster, a flood, or tornado, a wind, an earthquake, a blast, something like that completely eradicated them, but the Nation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is very different. When the people whom he was sent to when they disbelieved an earthquake did not shake the Moroccans. Okay. The Earth did not swallow them a flood did not destroy them.

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All right. It did not happen. Rather, Allah subhanaw taala defeated them, punish them how? at the hands of the believers at the hands of the believers, the defeat of the disbelievers did not come with an earthquake with a blast with a hurricane. No, it came at the hands of the believers through the victory of Islam through the factor that Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was given why

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it wasn't it's more simple to just destroy the enemy with an earthquake.

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It was much easier very much possible for Allah subhanaw taala I mean think about it. The time when that combining that I told you about carbonyl alot when he was being persecuted by his master that woman

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when she was heating up those iron plates and putting them on his head? Was it not easy for Allah subhanaw taala to paralyze the hand of that woman immediately instantly. It was very much possible Allah's pound adequate have done it, but he did not. Why? Because that punishment that this woman was going to suffer was going to come through some other way. And likewise, we see a Buddha Hall, Abu Lahab all these people who fought against Muslims against Islam. Yes, they were struck with natural calamities, but at the same time they suffer at the hands of the believers revenge was executed.

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Exactly in this way, the enemy was humiliated more and the believers they increased in their ranks. Because Allah subhanaw taala sent Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam sent his little soul will go there within and help legal hero who are the Dean equally, in order to establish the religion.

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Allah has sent this Dean in order to be established. And the dean is not established with just you know, the enemy being destroyed by an earthquake. No, it will be established. When the forces of Cofer are defeated. The glory of Islam does not come with an earthquake.

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It comes with the forces of Islam defeating the forces of gopher and this is a very lesson that we learn in the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu his animals so Allah could have helped the messenger with earthquakes, but he didn't. He helped him through his Dawa. He helped him through the people who believed in him. in Makkah, they were weak. The prophets, a lot of them continued, his beloved continued his Dawa, and a time came when it seemed as though that flame of Islam would completely finished but eventually what happened, victory came, Medina was established, battles were fought, Muslims and Islam were defended, until further eventually came and Islam was victorious. So, this is

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something that we need to remember. We keep making dua Allah finished the enemy finished, the enemy finished the enemy, whether it's another individual in our lives or whatever it may be. We are not thinking the right way. We have to focus on our efforts and leave the hisab to Allah.

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Leave the hisab to Allah. He knows what his servants are doing. And May Allah guide all of His servants. Think about it in Makkah, if an earthquake came and destroyed, everybody would abuse a piano except Islam.

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Think about it. Would he accept Islam? Call it even Waleed, would he accept Islam?

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It came up in Abuja, who would he accept Islam? Allah subhanaw taala gave time

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he gave time to

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The enemy, and he let them do what they were doing. So we don't need to worry about the hisab we need to worry about Balau. Think about yourself, what am I doing? What am I doing in order to revive this religion to revive this faith? My neighbors? Do they have any idea about Islam? Do they know anything about the month of Ramadan? Or when they see me they cringe because they see my hijab and the seen oppressed woman?

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What are we doing? To clarify the doubts that people have about Islam? To really do Dawa in the right way? What are we doing? What are our efforts? Like?

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Does it make sense that we're doing nothing, we're just sitting on our hands, and we expect that Allah subhanaw taala will cause a natural disaster to occur and everything will be nice and beautiful and pretty? No, it's not going to work like that.

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It's not going to work like that. We have to work we have to strive.

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And it begins with learning the deen yourself. Think about it, how much effort do we put into understand the Quran, to remember it to study it well, so that we can implement it and convey it to others also, how much effort is being put into convey to others? When it comes to the matters of dunya? We take it so seriously. But when it comes to the matter of the deen, it's Allah's job like the Bani Israel did. Or Musa you and your Lord go fight. We're sitting right here.

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Even the previous prophets, even when they were hurt and mocked up by the people that are around them, they didn't gain victory. And Allah didn't destroy the people around them. Until after many, many years of hardship, like know how to Islam after 950 years of conveying, did Allah subhanaw taala finally, you know, save the Muslims and new holidays and I'm from the people around, yes. So the glory of Muslims of glory of Islam cannot come except with our efforts. We have to strive. We have to come together, we have to inform others. You know, recently I read a post by Imam Suhaib Webb in which he said that we're basically just informing one another of what's going on in the

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If we are renting, we rant before other Muslims if we are complaining, we complain before then if we are voicing our concerns, any concerns, we are doing that before other Muslims who already know the problem.

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We should be talking to who we should be communicating with who we should be dealing with who people who don't know the prophets. Allah isn't and went on top of Mount Safa. He wasn't addressing Abu Bakr and Fatima over there, he was addressing who? The people of Makkah.

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So we're literally, you know, in this closed shell,

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in this closed shell, where we think we are doing something very good, but the fact is that our efforts are not bringing the right kind of results because our efforts are not directed in the right way. We are doing Dawa yes to the Muslims but only to the Muslims. If we want to advise, we only advise the Muslims our efforts towards you know, helping other people are very limited, very limited. You serve the religion, you do Dawa, by telling people about the Quran and also by serving humanity, how much is it that we are serving humanity? So this is something that we really need to think about. We really need to get out of this shell. Take Islam to others, tell them about it at

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least so that their misconceptions are removed, talk them about it, so that they understand what the Quran is what Islam is. Otherwise, we're far from any kind of glory, any kind of glory. You see the Bani Israel we learn about them so much in history in Egypt, only what happened with them, they were so honorable and they became so humiliated. Why? Because they did not adhere to the religion or they kept it to themselves. Their Allama they just kept the religion to themselves. The common people amongst them had no idea and the people who did not belong to their tribe had no idea but what God had sent and this is what brought their fall and as a result us also if we don't take this claim to

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others, we are bringing our own ruin in sorta right we learned earlier a murmur yen for our own nests for him because of

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that which benefits people will stay and that which does not benefit others is just like scum.

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That will you know, go away after some time. We learned that the prophesy Some said that the OMA is like one body right? But sometimes, like I saw a post which said like, just because if one part of the body does something like has some problem, it might have been caused by another part of the body so like we take some food in through our mouth or something bad and through our mouth.

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And then we have like a problem in our stomach. So like just because like some Muslims are suffering it might not even be their fault. It might be our fault so we have to fix ourselves. Each person needs to fix himself in Allahu Allah yoga Euro maybe Coleman hatha yoga you Roma be unfussy him. So each person needs to look at himself. What am I doing to do that? Well

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to tell people about Islam, what are my efforts like? That? I cannot say Allah is not helping us. The fault is only ours.

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We don't do our work. Exactly. We have to do our work and what is our work below. Below is our goal and her Sab is Allah's responsibility. So whenever things get tough, remember so today there's a monkey Surah things are very difficult for the SUTA muscle, a lot of them and again and again what is emphasized you have to convey you have to convey keep doing your job, leave the rest to Allah. And this is what brought success to the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, this is what brought victory, that no matter how difficult the situation became, he was only doing Dawa. Remember when he went to thought if what happened. He was pelted with stones he was bleeding, he took refuge in a

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garden, a man came a slave, bringing him some grapes, some water and the prophets. Allah was doing Dawa to him. He's doing Dawa to him. He's doing well.

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So our job is to do biller to follow the Quran to take it to others and leave the rest to Allah. What are the Makala Dinniman publie him and those before them had also plotted meaning people before the mercans fascinations even they're plotted against who against their Messengers do harm their profits to defeat his goal. But for Lilla Hill mcru Jumeirah, but to Allah belongs the plan entirety. He has full control over it, their plans turned against them.

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You see so many people, they tried to harm the messengers in McCall to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam didn't the people of Makkah get together in order to kill him. They did right.

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But did it work? No. Because we get stuck in this Oh, it's all a conspiracy. You know, this is all a plan to finish the Muslims and destroy Islam. Okay.

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So nobody can cause you any harm unless Allah allows. And if Allah allows us to suffer, the shame is not that we are suffering at the hands of people. The shame is that Allah let it happen to us. Why? Because of our own sins because of our own shortcomings. So don't get stuck in this it's all a plot. It's all a conspiracy. If it's a conspiracy, nevermind Allah has greater control over the plans of people, he can cause them to fail.

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Your alarm will mattock Cebu, Ko Lunas he knows what every soul has earned. He knows what every person is doing. What Every human being is earning what every person is committing. Our deeds are before our Lord him we should fear him we should be conscious of him we should turn to seek forgiveness from and repent to what they are alone will go far and so on. The disbelievers will no lemon or colada. For whom as a final home, the people of Makkah will find out who will have a good end. Did they not find out? Yes, the Prophet said a lot of them left Makkah he did Hijra to Medina and soon after that, the victory of Islam came. So don't worry about the status quo worry about your

00:33:51 --> 00:33:54

own work always what you have to do,

00:33:55 --> 00:34:19

the enemy will no guru will have stability in the land who will have the final home, they will have it or Allah servants will have in this dunya and in the accurate way according Medina Cafaro and the disbelievers say less than more Salah you are not a prophet, they would insult the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by saying you are not a messenger. Think about it. If you are given a certain role,

00:34:20 --> 00:34:30

and there are people who don't want to accept your position, and they say, Oh, you are not the principal. I don't accept you as a principal. I don't accept you as this.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:32

It's very hurtful.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

It's very, very hurtful. If you have been made in charge over something and somebody comes in says, No, I don't think you're in charge. Who said you're in charge. So what I don't accept it. It's very hurtful. Allah says yes, the people who disbelieve say less than Musala you are not a messenger. All say to them Kapha Malaysia hidden by any webinar come sufficient is Allah as a witness between me and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:01 --> 00:35:07

So what? If they don't accept? What are they anyway? Who are they anyway?

00:35:08 --> 00:35:50

What's the big deal? If they reject you? They reject your sincerity, your honesty, your prophethood your innocence. So what what's the big deal? Allah knows, and that is sufficient. Women are in the war in multitap. And those with him is the knowledge of the Book, their testimony is sufficient. There are those who say you're not a messenger, but there are those who have the knowledge of the book and say with certainty that You are the messenger. Who are those people who are given the knowledge of the book and reverse of the aroma of Allen kitab? Believers Gibreel. Okay, so many who have the knowledge of the book, what do they say with absolute certainty? Muhammadan rasul allah

00:35:51 --> 00:35:52

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:35:53 --> 00:36:11

So what's the big deal? If there are a few unfortunate people who say, you're not a messenger, ultimately, they will be embarrassed, they will be embarrassed, ultimately, they will suffer. So again, a very beautiful lesson. People don't acknowledge you acknowledge your position, acknowledge your rights.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:29

Doesn't matter. What's the big deal? Allah knows. Allah knows. And how long can people reject a reality? How long can they do that? Allah subhanaw taala extends the rope of the slalom for some time and then he seizes him

00:36:30 --> 00:36:43

in such a way that completely destroys him. So if someone is rejecting reality, blind to it, trying to be blind to it pretending to be blind to some reality, let them be very soon the veils will be lifted.

00:36:44 --> 00:36:50

Very soon, they will see they will be forced to accept and it happens in life all the time.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:07

Use of artisan arms brothers, they didn't want to accept the fact that us over the salon was good. And what happened ultimately, they were the ones who said Laqad ethanolic Allah who are Elena, certainly Allah has preferred you overstay accepted.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:28

They tried to be blind to this reality for very long, but how long could they? So the people of McCall so again, and again, less than, less than, or less than Musala but eventually, one by one, they came and they confessed. They came in they accepted and those who didn't They humiliated themselves. Let's listen to the recitation Walla

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Cooley angeling kita

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beat wire

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up now you do

00:38:31 --> 00:38:31


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while long way

00:38:39 --> 00:38:43

the burly hooked me or who was already on his

00:38:45 --> 00:38:47

walk or the McAllen levena

00:38:48 --> 00:38:49


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told me yeah

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born on levena gumbo last Salah

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00:39:25 --> 00:39:28

Is panic alarm will be handing the Chateau a La ilaha illa Anta

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a center more equal to Lucha Libre

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