Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 122A Translation Yusuf 1-18

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics, including a shayte, a potential interview, and a rule used by their father. They use various names and locations, but do not provide specific details. The group is instructed to use "fit" to identify the men and women who use it, and to "fit" to identify the women who do not use it. They also discuss a situation involving a cow that was eaten by a dog, and talk about a law firm and a woman named Hope.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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Now whether we want to slowly or that are suitable Karim, Amma Bharat Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rubbish Rocklea Saudi were silly Emery wash Lola rock data melissani Tahu. Kohli or are burners in our Ilma

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Surah use of Lesson number 122 is number one to 18 Translation le flam ro le flambeaux Tilka that is two verses al Kitab of the book. L mu been the one clear

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in there indeed we under now who we have sent it down Quran a Quran Arabic in Arabic, la Lacan so that you dark alone, you all understand

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national way, Nicholson winner it or Laker upon you bison best el Paso's of the stories, beamer through what or because of what? Oh Hayner We inspired a Laker to you Heather this Al Quran, the Quran we're in and indeed Kunta you were men from probably here before it. Lemon Jordi from Allah Filene, those who are unaware

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is when Allah He said useful use of earning Salam li OB he to his father. Yeah. Oh, a birdie My Father in me indeed. I wrote a two I saw a header one I showed 10 or Hadassah 11 Go carbon stars are shrimps and the sun will come out and the moon are at home I saw them leave for me sadly the ones who prostrate

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color he said yeah oh Buddha year my dear son loves do not taco sauce you know it. Ro IACA your dream Allah upon a hortica Your brother's fire ki do so they will plot laka for you. Okay then a plot in indeed a shaytaan the shaitan lil insan for the human being or the word an enemy we're being clear, obvious.

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Walker that Annika and like that. Likewise Yejide Vika he will choose you rob Booker your while you're a limo, and he will teach you men from the wheel interpretation and ahaadeeth of the narratives where you Timu and he will complete near Mata who His favor or like upon you. What Allah and upon and family your Uber of your Kubernetes command just as a Tenma her he completed it Allah upon awaken your two fathers men from Kabul before Ibrahim Ibrahim Ali salaam what is help and it's helped out in Sudan

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in the indeed Rebecca your Rob or Lehman always following hacky Moon always always

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Laqad certainly can. It was fee in use of the use of Ernie salon what what did he and his brothers? I have two sides Alyssa Ilene for those who ask

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it when further they said lay useful. Surely use of any salon. What a hobo and his brother, a Habu are more beloved Illa to Urbina, our father Mina than us one Agnew and we are asked by tune a strong group. A band in indeed abana Our father Luffy surely in Berlin error movie in clear obvious

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Oh Cthulhu you all kill USofA use of earnest Salam o or itra who throw him cast him urban in a land year flew? It will be empty. It will be free la come for you. Where do you face a beacon of your father? What a cool new and you all will be men from birdie after it or after him? Oh man uh people slowly Hain ones who are righteous.

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Allah He said PA speaker men home from them. Law do not talk to you all kill you suffer use of well I'll go through and you all cast him fee in via buddy depth, darkness bottom. A job of the well Yellowjacket who he will pick him up. You

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barrel do some a Sierra of the caravan in if consume you are fairly lean ones who do

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Kalu they said yeah oh a burner our father ma what liquor for you learn not that mana you entrust us, Allah upon USofA use of earlier Salam wa inna and indeed we law who for him law Nelson Hoon? Surely sincere ones. Oh sin who send him Mara now with us laden tomorrow Yatta he will eat freely while you're alive and he will play with ena and indeed we law who for him, the half alone surely wants to guard taller he said in me indeed I layer Zanoni surely it grieves me It saddens me and that that's her boo you all go away be with him what a hassle and I fear and that yet cooler who it will eat him a bit book The wolf we're unto Him and you all and who from him Rafi loon ones who are

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follow this ad learn surely if a caller who it ate him a bit book The wolf when asked no and we are Ross button a strong group in that indeed we even then Mahasi rune surely losers

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phenomena so when the Habu they went be with him was a drummer and they reached a consensus or they unitedly decided a drummer rule they unitedly decided on that yet your aloo they will put him fee in viability bottom a job of the well whoa Hanaa and we inspired in a to him lead to not be unknown. Surely you will definitely inform them be Emery him about their matter. Heather this will home and they learn not Yeah, Sharon, they perceive

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what Joe and they came about home to their father, Russia and late evening or early night. Yeah, Bakun. They were weeping

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although they said yeah. Oh, a burner our father in that indeed. We the habanero. We went Nestor buco, we were racing what Araucana and we left USofA use of earnings sedan or in the near Madonnina our possessions for Ocala who so it ate him? The book The Wolf, work and man not and you removed meaning at all want to believe Lana for us? Well, oh, even if good now we were so detained once you are truthful.

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Well, Joe, and they came Allah upon permiso he his shirt, be them in with blood. Carib false color, he said, bail rather so well that it enticed it tempted Lacan for you and for sukham yourselves, your souls. Umbra a matter for sovereign so patients Jeremy Lin beautiful well Allah Who and Allah, Allah Stan, the one who's helped Assad, Allah upon ma what does the phone you all describe? You all state?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Although bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah

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AR he came early

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to kita Mubi

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job on national Nalco Saudagar saucy Bhima hyena

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Bobby Lee walking in Oreos hopefully heavy

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in your eyes to

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your age

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Oh shumsa

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To whom Lisa GB on I am

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also solo here.

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It was in Cafe Aikido like okay

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in shape on Annie in Sanya movie Organica GTV Go Go Go anyone

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that we need.

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EVO law he is

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in our backyard Eamon Hankey law according Kanaky you so go for it I totally miss

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ed it all I

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why nationals by tune in

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mobi open Toulouse

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be more than

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he bought up all mean homeland on Toulouse movie Elia vente

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lawyer but you do tell people who are here

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money man

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Oh Sue Marina de

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Paula Nila Zanoni

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well haha for a cooler who go to man who all of you all are in Africa who go on a horseback in

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either luck cause your own

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oh he

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be angry him had

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shown one

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Debbie moved Mimi Lerner on

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the wotja

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he be done

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on level someone at Lancome

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Jamie Hola. Hola, Stan Marla foon

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