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Al-Baqarah 8-16 Word Breakup


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various words and phrases that mean different meaning in English, including "ma'am" and "arson home." They also provide examples of words that mean "has been there" and "has been there." The speakers also discuss various words and phrases, including "naught" and "naught," and provide examples of words that mean "naught." The transcript is a jumbled mix of words and phrases, making it difficult to summarize.
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Hello Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim. Okay, that's my one.

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Woman and from Have you done these words before men means from a nasty the people. Is this a new word? Yes in the sense that we haven't studied it before, but no in the sense that you are familiar with it.

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You know about saltiness. What does ness mean? People

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will means the, and NASS the people, the mankind, woman are nasty, and from the people from the mankind, money, who

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this is money. And the word that we read earlier was men.

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Men with a cassava under the mean means from and men with a fat tail on the mean means who

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remember, do not confuse between the two because many times people confuse between the two. An easy way to remember is you have the word member and not Mama, isn't it?

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What member was up to now whom you don't recall? From what minimize a combination of men and men? It's not Mama. Okay. mimma so men with a castle is from and man with a fighter is who? So women are nasty. And from the people, man is the one who yaku he said yaku Jaco is from the route pathway lm as you can see these letters are read

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only means to speak. What is called me speech word statement.

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So yaku he says, Remember, I told you that the words that begin with a Yeah, what do they indicate? a verb, right?

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And inshallah, what kind of a verb It is, in particular, we'll study that later on, but for now, this is enough that yet indicates that it's a verb. So some action is going on. What is that action? What is that action? The meaning that the root letters can lay?

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coal means speech. So yaku he says,

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okay, so YOLO he says,

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if it was yaku Luna with a well known at the end, what would the meaning be?

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They say very good. So you're kulu he said. So from the people. There are some who say that, man now. We have believed.

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Amanda is from EMA. We have done the word miuna. before.

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So I'm going to believe manner, we believe. Why is it we believe, because of the nurse at the end,

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we read earlier, that nurse means we for example,

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Idina guide us, us we flora. So, similarly, manner, we believe,

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we believed in who they say that we have believed in biLlahi with Allah, the lie is B and Allah meaning we have believed in Allah.

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And also we have believed in Warby Leo mill, and in the last day, walk and be with a Leo me

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we have done the word yom earlier, Maliki yo meeting, over here we have what Bill Yoni

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So, therefore, it is alone The meaning is the day

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one and be with a young the day, which day and

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the last we have done the word hero earlier.

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means last.

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So, they say we have believed in Allah and we have also believed in the day that is last in the last day which is which day, the day of judgment, the Day of Resurrection, Allah says warmer home and not be notice the word man over here, previously read the meaning of matter to be

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that which or what isn't itself and now, we have the meaning not

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so much is also one of those words in the Arabic language which have multiple meanings. Just as the word be has multiple meanings. Similarly, the word map has multiple meanings. Now how do you determine which meaning it is in the context? Right, that is a question. Okay. So, inshallah, as you read on, I will keep telling you the different ways to determine the meaning over here. The math is followed by be warmer home be meaning, isn't it warmer home be with me. So when this becomes aftermath, then it gives them

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Meaning of not tomorrow

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and this B is not any b it is a special kind of a B, as we will see inshallah, in the lesson.

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So why am I home and not they? Allah says Be more meaning at all ones who believe. Breakfast we're done we have been at all men, believer yarn at the end, plural so meaning believers, ones who believe.

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So there are some from mankind who say that we have believed in Allah and the Last Day, but Allah says they are not at all believers. Why? You heard the owner data See?

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You heard the owner again, this begins with Yeah, so there it's a verb an action is going on. And notice there is a well known at the end. So the plural is doing the action. What's the action, of hida of deceiving of deception? So you have the owner, they they see

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it's not he deceives? Or what's the meaning? they deceive?

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Who did they deceive? Allah, Allah? They try to deceive Allah. Who else do they try to deceive? What and and Medina those people who we have done the word alladhina many times now. So they also try to deceive those people who which people I know who have been Amano, again is from Eman and a while at the end indicates plural. Just as yesterday we read the word cafo rule. In alladhina Kapha rule? What does cafaro mean? they disbelieved. So what does a new mean? They believe right? So you have your own Allaha when Medina Avenue they try to deceive Allah and they also try to deceive rule alladhina amanu those people who have believed

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Allah says one man warmer and not yo the owner data see. Now again we have yes the owner, Hodder is the root which means to deceive, the word begins with the ends with well known so data.

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So when I have the owner and not deceive in lair, except they do not deceive except to unforced the home themselves. There's a question though, the meaning of mauers not do you see a B afterwards?

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No, you don't. Right.

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So another reason why math is understood as not is when it is followed by the word

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when the word man is followed by a letter like over here,

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well, man, you're the owner Illa and for some

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okay. So when the word man is followed by Illa it gives the meaning of

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So when I have thrown Illa and foster home and force and home and force means selves, and home means there are them. So enforce the home themselves. The word unforced is from naps. Have you heard of the word nuts? What does it mean? So so so they only deceive themselves?

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Woman warmer and not? Yes rune, they perceive they realize yes rune again you see, the word begins with the ends with well known what are the letters? Sheena I know. So what's the action that is going on? of Sherwood of realizing of perceiving my yes rune they do not perceive they do not realize

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when I have their own Illa and for whom woman alone. The second way is also not why because it is warmer connected with the previous message will carry the same meaning. Okay.

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What's their problem? Alice has fee in have we done this work? Yes, we have.

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Oh, looby him their hearts. We have done the word Kuru. Earlier he means there could be him their hearts. What isn't their hearts model bone disease and illness? Have you heard of the word model? Have you heard of the word medela? Who is a person who is sick? A person who is ill? who is suffering from a model. So in their hearts is a model? What happens first? So Zed he increased home for them. zeder home he increased for them.

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Zelda is from zyada.

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What does the atom increase to augment to me

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More so that the home he increased for them who increased for them. Allahu Allah. So Allah increased for these people in what Maraba in disease.

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So, in other words, he increased their disease for them.

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He made their disease grow,

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while a home and for them work and left for home them, what a home for them, either born a punishment, we have done this word before Lehman painful, this is a new word. Lehman means painful.

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Why? Bheema? Because of what now you see B, it doesn't mean with over here

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what meaning does it give? Because,

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so, what are whom are there any one Bheema because of what can know they were This is also a new word, but this will appear so many times in the Quran

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that you will know it inshallah, so Bhima can know because they used to Yak kneebone they used to lie. Again, you see the word yet the bone begins with year ends with well known and action is going on. Who is doing the action? Laura? What action are they doing? offline of gaff dalbello kids, Kathy which means to lie so yet vivo? What's the meaning? They lie?

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Why either and when what you're familiar with either is new.

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So what either and when the left, it was it's not it is that the meaning is it was sent right.

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Now, Peter is from the same root as the word ALU

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ALU means they set the left it was set subpoena is passive. Those of you who are familiar with a little bit of grammar Taylor is passive it was set

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to them will either be Lennar home, when it is said to them the home is a combination of lamb and home do them for them. What is that to them? Learn to see do do not make mischief do not corrupt law means not right over here it gives me a do not. So do not have to do Topsy do is from facade fasting, which means mischief, corruption, okay? And you see to see do

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what's the translation?

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What's the translation? Look at your job. What does it say? To see Do

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you all do mischief? Why is it you are?

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You tell me why is it you are? Because it begins with two and it ends with? Wow. Okay, it begins with two which gives me an image of you. But it is floral. Why is it floral? Because it ends with Wow. So let tuxedo all of you do not make mischief. Do not do facade. fee in we have done this word earlier. And we the earth a lovely is a combination of the and earth meaning if you think about it as an Earth, that sounds so similar.

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So fill early in the earth, when they're told do not corrupt in the earth do not make mischief in the earth. What do they do? Or do they said we have done the word Carlo earlier?

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So far do they said why is it they because of the while at the end just as cafaro they disbelieved Am I know, they believe or Lu, they said while at the end indicates flow. So all they said in indeed not what we have done the word in that earlier. Right? In alladhina kufan Indeed, those who have disabilities so in you're aware of this math is something new inshallah we'll study that in detail later.

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So in Noma, indeed not but Nash new we this is also a new word. What does it mean? We, but if you think about it, we read earlier, no boo boo, Nestor aim in Dena net. What does that mean? We over here Nash, no, we.

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So national, mostly horn, we are reformers. We make reform. Muslims shown is the plural of

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try most leash just remove the well known well known indicates

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All right, and most leash, what does the word begin with?

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Me? What did I tell you about this mean?

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What did I tell you earlier? That when a word begins with me that indicates noun

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that indicates now for example, the word motor.

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Who then Lail motor team who are motivating

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those who have Taqwa right? begins with me Mottaki. Those who have Taqwa. Similarly, men is the one who has iemon most lame is one who accepts Islam.

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So over here mostly is one who does

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Islam, Salah one who makes peace, one roof reforms, so mostly home, once we reform

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we have also done the word mostly home

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owner, aka homeowner, mostly home, mostly home begins with me What does that mean? ones who will attain success? And Allah says Allah unquestionably This is a new word. Remember, you do not break this word down.

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It's a word on its own.

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Otherwise, we have read earlier, that Hamza on its own means whether or it's a question

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and law on its own means not. But over here, we're not going to break Allah as whether or not or do not know. We're going to keep it as it is because it's a word on its own, okay.

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So, Allah unquestionably in the home, indeed, they break this down in the means indeed, and home means that we have done both of these words before

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home they only move cydonia those who make Mr. Breakfast out

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l means the move said is one who makes mischief and well known at the end indicates floor so mostly the ones who make mischief again, the word begins with me What does that show now?

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What I can, but

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this is a new word what I can learn not Yes, una de proceed. Again the word yes Luna begins with you and with well known and action is going on what is that action off? Sherwood shirota means to proceed? Yes, Sharon.

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Yes, Sharon. they proceed

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what Akhilesh own but they do not perceive

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what end either when both of these words we have done before the law it was said this also we have done before the home to them. We've done and me know you all believe.

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Now earlier, we read the word

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You have your own Aloha. When Medina manual. Can you open up that if

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you have your own Aloha, when levina manual? It's a number nine. If you notice, one word is mono with a photo on the meme.

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And over here you read an amino with a guesser under the knee. What's the difference between the two words? What's the difference?

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One has a fat head and the other has a kasra is there a difference in the meaning

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Yes there is. What is the difference?

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And mono they believed this is past tense.

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amino is a command it's an instruction you all believe okay. And mean who is a command you all believe Okay, so either feel at home and me know where to set to them all of you believe karma just as karma is a combination of QA and math Can I just as but remember that when the Mac comes with cast then it doesn't give the meaning of what or not kind of changes so come on just as Amanda he believed and you see Amanda not a mano a mano is they believe Amana is Amana is he believe, okay? So when it is said to them believe just as who believed Amana NASA just as the people have believed palu they said

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should not me No, we believe now you see the Hamza

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it sounds like it's for interrogation. A question now in English depending on

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sentence we change the word isn't I for example, we say what is happening or who said that right or why is it like that? Should I do it? Right. So, the word for question it changes.

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In Arabic also there are several words,

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but the most common of them is this Hamza depending on the sentence, we will change the translation

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depending on the sentence we will change the translation but essentially it means the same thing. So, a note we know should we believe notice a word note meaning what does it begin with? What does it begin with? known what does that mean? We so know me know we believe it or not me know should we believe karma just as an as to for her just as the foolish ones believe this is what they question? a sofa is L and sufa.

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So, for her are the foolish ones. Allah says Allah unquestionably in the home in the day home, they are super hot, the foolish ones. Well, I can but last year alone, they do not know. Your moon

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begins with ya. ends with well known they, what's the action that's going on? In of knowledge, so you're alone. They know they have knowledge. So lionmoon they do not know what either and when lukou Damon, this is a new word. But it's easy for you from the lab because you know that when the word ends with Well, it gives the meaning of day. All you have to memorize now is the meaning of the letter. luckier live, which means to meet.

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moolah, cause what does that mean? meeting? So lako they met so when they met who? alladhina amanu those people who have believed or do they said Amanda? We have believed? What either and when? Hello, they were alone. Now again, it ends with Well, they all you have to do is just memorize the meaning of the roof letters.

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Hello, they were alone.

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Ella to Illa familiar have we done in a in a him Eliza my own Zilla Elijah. So Allah towards shaiya Fellini him Shreya clean as a Florida shavon okay Shailene Satan's him there

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although they said indeed we Ma

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Ma come towards

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ma means with and co means your moroccon with you in NEMA. Indeed not but national we must stand z own ones Houma looks like a big word. begins with me.

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Now ends with well known floral. So most as the owner is going to be one so do something. What do they do? Has a has a means to mark. So most of the own ones Houma.

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Allahu Allah. Yes.

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He bought box that you see, the root letters are the same as Muslims.

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Where the root letters has a democ and yes, the Z o begins with begins with Yes. Which means verb action is going on. And it doesn't end with Wow, noon. So what does that show? singular? So yes, 10 00 means he mocks

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if it was yesterday, the owner then what would the meaning be? Day mark.

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So along with yesterday, oh, Allah mocks be him with them at them. Way more to him and he extends them again, what end yamo do begins with Yeah, it's a verb does not end with well known singular, what's the action that is going on of matter, which means to extend something you know how you have mud in your third week? What do you do? You extend the sound of the word right. So you must do he extends home them into what see in total Yanni. Totally an

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alien means transgression. And he means there, so V and V him together. Together. What does it mean? their transgression

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Yama hoonah. They wonder blinding Yama Hoon

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is from the reflectors. Ima which means to wander blindly. The word begins with yet ends with well known so they wander blindly.

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Ola eco

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Have we done this word before? Yes we have.

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And Latina those who ish Dada whoo they bartered. This is a new word. However it ends with Wow. Which means it.

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Laurel, they they have done something What have they done? Shira which means to buy herself so they have bartered of banana. The misguidance of the letter begins with the word is one Allah. Have you heard the term banana? Err misguidance to be a strict we did the word a bond lien before who are broadly those who are a string. So have Birla letter, the misguidance.

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Bill Huda with the guidance be with us the Buddha guidance.

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So, man, not Robbie had it profited. Okay, one more point now, Robbie has, what does the word end with

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death at the end gives the meaning of it, he or she

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it's a new pronoun that you're learning.

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So far, you've learned the pronouns, home, they care, you know, we do you think you've done so many different pronouns. This is a new pronoun, which is a towel with a circle, remember, this is very important that with the circle, if the third has some hierarchy, like for example, if I pass, then the meaning would be different. If it has a Dhamma the meaning would be different.

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That way, the second gives the meaning of it or she so Robbie hat, what does it mean? It profit.

00:26:46--> 00:26:57

Okay, it profit, not you profit, not he profited not day. But what is it? It probably has a profit in the jar what To whom? their trade?

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The Java means straight home. There's warmer and not care. No, they were.

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We did a very similar word earlier.

00:27:10--> 00:27:20

Or do we do the exact same way? Be Mac can we activate? It was exactly the same? b Mac can Oh, yes. The bone over here reading again. Can they will

00:27:22--> 00:27:29

move to D wanzhou. are guided? Can you break this word down for me? What are the root letters?

00:27:30--> 00:27:55

had earlier? What does that mean? Hidayat guidance. If you look at the word It begins with me. So it has to be one zoo, or doing something right? ends with yen. Remember, while known as well as ya know, both are a sign of Florida. So move. They're the ones who are guided ones who obtain guidance.

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As for the last day, from now, I'll be happy Java To whom? Womack and Walter Dean, you see both the math they're translated as

00:28:05--> 00:28:07

not. But do you see an ill afterwards?

00:28:08--> 00:28:33

You see a V afterwards or you don't. So sometimes, you know, there are other words that give that particular meaning to the word. But other times, even if you translate it in another way, it won't make any sense. Right? Mero be happy, Jada, to whom? What profited them their trade doesn't make sense. Well, Mark, can you move that in and what they were guided doesn't make sense, okay.

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So, sometimes there are obvious words, which give the particular meaning and sometimes when you look at the ayah itself, even the meanings is very clear. Other translations do not fit over there.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Now, when we listen to the recitation after studying the first time, you should look at the must have or your Jews.

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Okay. And then when we have studied the lesson that I want you to concentrate on the listening, but right now I want you to look at the words as well.

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To see free to fill

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either follow

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either follow

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on to mana