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Brother Wisam explains that, those who reject the Signs and Favors of Allah, for them is a seal and cover. Allah will seal their hearts and ears and cover their vision from recognizing any good. This will lead to eternal darkness and a great punishment. May Allah save us from showing ingratitude. Ameen.

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saramonic Washington law fellow facebookers. This is with Sam Sharif for Quran Weekly.

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The last verse where we left off was an opportunity for us to work look at the grammatical the root form of the word calf Allah. And we read the verse about those who disbelieve Salah gnarly him and I'm Lampton their home let me known and that was a chance for us to realize that the word gafa came from the root word to bury or to cover something when a farmer digs a hole and puts the seeds inside and then covers because we are innately born with the understanding or at least the belief in Allah subhanaw taala Now today's verse, the next verse reads quite long while

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he while

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he militia I want to Allah humara Boone alim,

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those people who have chosen who have covered up the guidance within them or around them, the guidance that has been sent to them innately or the signs that they see around them, or the reminders that they get constantly those people less power Donna is telling us Hata Allahu Allah subhanaw taala has set a seal Allah who looby him on their hearts, why the seminary him and on their hearing. So Allah subhanaw taala has placed a seal on their hearts and on their hearing while about Swati him Alicia, and on their vision on their site. There is a cover what a Hamada nauseam and for them is a great punishment. Here, brothers and sisters, there's many lessons that we can retract.

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Number one thing that I want you to look at, and it's a bit of a nuance, it's a bit of a tiny thing. If you read this verse through it shows the perfection in the word placement in the Koran just for example before we get into the actual lesson, what time Allahu Allah boo boo him Allah seminary him and Allah subhanaw taala has placed a seal on their hearts and on their hearing. But do you seal someone site? No, not exactly why Allah Allah Swati him Leisha, that's why there's you'll see a little pause sign there in the Koran when you read it. In the most half, you'll see a little plus sign. So we pause there, why not have a solid English hour and on their eyes, or they're seeing is a

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covering? Now let's not I didn't say that there was a seal on their eyes or the seal on their scene, because that really doesn't make too much sense. It's the perfection in the word usage. But again, we don't want to marvel on that in this very serious section of Quran. The real question that comes to you sitting at home, you're thinking and you're sitting you're saying, well, well, God's sealed up their eyes in their hearing. So that's that's it for them. What took place first in endless Xena careful Silva, naughty him and London did home law, you know, Allah subhanaw taala did not seal their hearts first. They took the first step. They said, Well, whatever I have in mind, I have a

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rationale. I'm going to seal off any concept of God. They took the first step. And once they said, well, there's nothing to believe in. There's nothing this book that he's bringing, it's all just rhetoric. It's some someone's writing it for him. No, maybe it's magic. And after constantly, constantly being reminded, remember we're in Medina. Now. We're in Medina, when we read this verse, Allah subhanaw taala has given them 13 years and the entire muck in court and to be reminded that there is a creator and this is a perfect, perfect revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. This is from the Creator of the heavens and the earth. If you choose not to believe in it, then the outcome will

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be the sealing of your hearts. And that is the receiving of guidance, the ceiling, the ceiling of your ears, which you will not actually hear any good. You'll just hear over four wives grow a beard, everything's, how long. You have friends like that, who just hear and they only hear the negative aspects of Islam because nothing spiritual, nothing related to the religion seems positive to them. So brothers and sisters, here's our chance. I mean, this verse is not as beautiful as as in recitation as all the other verses This is very strong. Where are we standing in terms of our own relationship with God? And is it possible that we've heard so much negative orientalist progressive

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ideas about Islam that we're starting to be turned off by it as well? Man, let's keep all of our hearts open to the true and pure light of Islam.

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panatela clear, clarify what we hear and only allow us to understand in the best of ways and most importantly, may Allah subhanaw taala remove any covering that is on our eyes now to see the beauty of Islam because quite frankly very straightforward right now it doesn't look very beautiful. Right now pop culture looks a lot better to me. Everything that's beautiful in this world money cash, cars and clothes looks better to me. May Allah subhanaw taala remove the veil that is on top of darkness and that is hiding the evils that we don't really see and give us the opportunity to find the true essence and the beauty of Quran. This is the sanctuary for an weekly what's said Mr eco wa Taala

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