Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 121A Translation Hud 102-123

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics related to COVID-19, including the loss of jobs and social media, struggles with the virus, and political activity. They mention various people, including Shaytani, Yona, Zula, and Kalu. They also discuss the impact on media, political events, and struggles with the virus. The group talks about a woman named Hope and Kalu, as well as a woman named Kalu who may be a gangster.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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number one a Sally arnnl Sunil Karim a Mbarara rouda bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish roughly you solder you were Sidley Emery. Hello rockbottom melissani of Coco the Robina xinerama. Lesson number 121 Sudha. Hood is number 102 to 123. TRANSLATION

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what are their Lika and likewise

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seizing Rob Baker of Europe, either when I heard he seized and Cora, the towns were here while it, Valley Mattoon wrongdoing, in indeed, of the who, who is seizing a Lehman painful, shady don't severe

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in indeed, fee in Velika that I attend surely assign Lehman for who Hoffa he feared or verbal punishment and author of the Hereafter radica that Yeoman de Muchmore want to be gathered laahu for it, a NASA the people the mankind well then he got and that Yeoman a day my shoe don't want to be witnessed.

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Warmer and not new, a hero who we delay it, we defer it Illa except li Edgerrin for a term Marta doodle, one numbered one fixed.

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Yona on day, yet it will come love not take a lemon it will speak nevsun any soul Illa except be IDNA ye with his permission for men whom so from them shall be your wretched unfortunate well and Sir Eden fortunate

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for Amma then as for and Lavina those who Shaku they were wretched for fee so in and now the Hellfire the home for them fee her in it the funeral violence exhaling we're sure he can and inhaling

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Holly Dena ones abiding eternally fee her in it ma as long as damnit it remained a summer word the heavens will out and the earth

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in law except Man What shall he willed rabuka Europe

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in indeed Rebecca Europe for Ireland Doer one who does Lima for what you read he wants what Amma and as for a Medina those who certainly do they were prosperous or they were destined to be prosperous for fee so in agenda the paradise highly Dena once abiding eternally fee her in it, Madame it as long as it remained a summer wet the heavens will Earth and the Earth except ma What shall he will rabuka Europe I thought a gift virus not module want to be cut off want to be severed?

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Fellow so do not the COO up fee in media then any doubt member from what year will do he worships hula it is MA Not here we do not they worship Illa except Kumar just as Yahoo he worships Abba whom their forefathers men from caboodle before

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or inner and indeed we learn we're for whom surely wants to give them in full nicely we're home their portion or your other than my boss when diminished. One reduced

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one oh, god uncertainly are they now We gave Musa Musa alayhis salam al Kitab a the book photo Leafa so it was deferred fee in it? Well Lola and if not Kelly Mattoon a word Saba caught it proceeded men from Rebecca Europe local the Surely it was decreed by in a home between them were in their home and indeed they Luffy surely in shocking adult men who from it Marie been one that makes restless

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well in and indeed Colin each or all llama when

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are llama surely lay you will fear no home surely you will definitely give them in full rockbrook or Europe or America home their deeds in the hood indeed he be male with what Yama Luna they do hobby rune always all aware

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first okay. So you remain firm. You remain steadfast command just as emitter you were commanded woman and whoever Baba he returned, or he repented Malka with you

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whenever and do not tell.

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to hold your transgress into who indeed he be now with whatever Thumbelina you will do but so you don't or result seeing

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well and do not that can help you all incline Illa towards Alladhina those who run the route they do wrong furthermore second so consequently it will touch you and now the fire warmer and not look home for you, mainframe Dooney besides Allah Allah main from earlier any close friends so more than LA not done saloon you all will be helped

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well and can you establish a solid does Salah tear off a onto ends and a half of the day

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walk and Xenophon at approach or at early part Zula fan at approach or early part men from a lay of the night

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in the indeed Al Hasan at the good deeds you're given a they take away a say he asked the evil deeds Velika that they call a reminder the vacuity for those who take heed. Or for those who remember.

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Whispered and be patient. For in for indeed Hola Hola. Hola, la not Yulia. Oh he wastes a gentle reward and mercy any of those who do good

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for Allah Allah so why not Ghana? It was or he was men from Al Quran degenerations men from comedy calm before you. Although possessors Buckley yet then of remaining influence or of remaining intelligence

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in Hohner they forbid I'm from alpha, the corruption fee in a lot the earth INLA except Polina and a few maidment From whom and j. Now, we saved men home from them, whatever, and he followed a Latina those who were in a mood they did wrong, man, what? Oh, three, four, they were indulged or they were given worldly pleasures fi in it. What can I know? And they were Majidi mean criminals or senators?

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Well, no, I'm not gonna he was rabuka Euro Leo Lika that he destroys our Cora, the town's government with injustice, or Aloha. While it's people mostly whom are ones who make Islam ones who make reform?

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Well, no and if Shara he willed rabuka Europe. La Jara surely he made a NASA the people in mutton a nation were headed single.

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Well and not you as Aluna they will see is more than even ones who differ with each other.

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In that except man who Rahima he was merciful probook Europe WA and Elisa Lika for that Holika home he created them

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walk and the month it was completed Kenema to word Rebecca of Europe.

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Surely I will definitely feel Johanna Hellfire men from Elgin the Jin oneness and the people admiring all together,

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what can learn and all nakasu We relate alayka upon you, men from combat, special use of rustle of the messengers, ma that which was a bit we make firm, be with it further your heart well Jaga and it came to you fee in heavy this and help the truth. What and moreover, tune and admonishing with a call and a reminder will not mean for the believers

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will call and say Laila Dina to those who learn not you may know that they believe air mallu you will do Allah upon McKenna to comb your place your position in man indeed we are we don't want to do one totally you and you will wait in indeed we won't totally ruin once Wait, what Allah He and for Allah variable unseen a summer worth of the heavens will up and the earth will lie and to him your job it will be returned and Unruh the matter or the decision Kalu all of it for a good who so you worship him. What the outcome and you put your trust or the he upon him.

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Warmer and not rob Booker, you're Rob below filling at all unaware I'm from what Dan maroon you all do.

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We listen to the recitation of these if

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you're a beggar either.

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the Navy daddy gala

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Daddy edgehd In

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the old man can soon behave I mean who shall pay you once I see that the lady in a shampoo that in Rena whom he has Fe you wash sure he called Ed Nephi

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every day one lady in so you do genetic or Ed Nephi

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Madama this

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book on loyal to geography media

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my Yagoona

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we're in

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schools while according

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to data fi

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pick up all the other in our home we're in our homeland VHF Kim Marie

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home in who will be my

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hobby best

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dad America

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will be mad at

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welcome you saw that

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he was

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late in Al Hasan as you say

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that he can be put on the theory was to be in a law hella you will be

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seeing fellow hula again I mean it'll only mean bothering about the D and

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the feel of the Adila ELAB Ali

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Amin whom was

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three movie New Yorker and oh my god mean oh man can go can you

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be alone in me

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Daddy fina

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book already that he got caught up on was met Gary Baker

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at one nursing clean welcome

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b2b For that while

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he had he will have more no worry about to what he put on me. Welcome

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oh oh in

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here label some allons

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y Elaine,

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Morocco Lu

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booked me last evening now I'm down to

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