Abu Bakr Zoud – The Journey to Allah is always close

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the journey to join a social event and the importance of being honest and honest in one's journey. They also mention a person named Pamela Allahu who experienced pain and pleasure while on the journey. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding struggles and being satisfied with one's journey.
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What you guys carry bed yummy? For me, de la la kebab is the relief? Is the answer to the question. There is the answer to the question of Sahaba. They asked is our old clothes so we call him in secret? Or is he far away? We screen out to him. The answer came in the last version recorded.

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So that not only that asked the question would know the answer, so that every single person until the last day enjoys the answer is enjoyment in this to know the last part of Medallia's close? Are my brothers and sisters in Islam or law heat, the journey to a last question is always close for a new carry along his clothes. Therefore, the journey for him is close is not far, like people imagine it, who I still got a long way to get

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a lot older, me I am close. So the journey to Alliance close, its needs just round the corner. All it requires is from a person to be sincere and honest in his heart, and approach the way of the last panel who died and you began your journey to a lot of social,

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it's pain free. And if there is any pain in the journey to allow social then the pain is a joy. Pain is a moment of happiness. And Allah

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subhanaw taala listen and relate and reflect on the story of musala his setup, when he had two journeys in his life, one journey in where he visited others who wasn't on a sleeve of a lot. And another journey in where he went to the mountain to speak to a lot. So here are two different journeys. One journey which is the journey that is a journey to the creation of human to human right. And the journey to Allah is a journey to the creator when he went up to the mountain to speak to a lot of social get if you look at the case of Osama you see what happened with him in these two journeys, the journey that he undertook to meet which is a human being just like him. What did the

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law say about Mussolini's setup? He said to the boy that was with him. And you know how the luck of lapena I mean suffering I have no saba. He said to the boy bring the food because they had a fish with him half cooked fish he said then bring the food. We've experienced exhaustion. We're tired in the strip, Casimir let us eat something.

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A journey from a creation from a human being to another human being this type this inner there is pain there is difficulty there is hunger in it. Yet when masala is said I'm journey to a lot to the mountain to speak to a lot of social that Allah spoke to him. He fasted 40 days 40 days. And every moment of difficulty he experienced was a joy and happiness for him. And eventually when he got on the mountain, a lot of social he said the Mona Angelica and komik Why did you rush? Why did you get here early blog about pain free. There was no struggle in this journey to learn. So again, because the journey to online is a closed journey. It is close because Allah is close to Pamela Allahu

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Akbar, for in new caribou, Sally, Sam 40. These are fasting.

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And he doesn't see the words that he said when he traveled to Allahabad when he said that we experienced in Titus with a lot of social he didn't say that. He said they're all by rushed. I got here. He said that you could be pleased with me. soprano de la

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la Nika. I am me

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