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Can Adhan Be Set As An Alarm For Prayers & Work

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim explains

Episode Transcript

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Can I use the other than as the sound to wake me up for my prayers or at work and so on

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100 level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala MOBA, whether it's the recording of that van or somebody who actually employ to make event for you, all of it would be permissible in shot law. Whether you have a tone that wakes you up or a reminder or a buzz or somebody calls you, whatever it is, that's going to assist you to wake up and fulfill your obligation to a law, use it to the best advantage, then it's something that insha Allah inspires us hearing how yada yada come alive, come to faith through your prayer. I'll select Ohio Minh and now your prayer will be much better for you than your sleep is something that is the rallying call of a believer, I encourage it inshallah.

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