Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 081C Tafsir Al-Anam 63-67

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the struggles of losing a job due to the pandemic and the importance of being in a home to save. The speakers emphasize the importance of gratitude and not forgetting others, as well as the need for acceptance and forgiveness in actions. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of actions and behavior that cause problems for people, such as causing problems for their parents and children and causing problems for their car. The segment emphasizes the need for forgiveness and finding ways to make things easier for others.
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inshallah we'll listen to the recitation from is 63

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old me Ana de Mille Valona

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retarder owner who was

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the owner hold on more

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Jana the learner Coonan Amina shirk eating

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to shriek

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Julian can be sent home she

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gave and all sudden new phone

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welcoming me Paul moocow who would help

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us to

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be working Nikolina in

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was selling fat

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were either

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Dena Yahoo Munna fee Tina

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hobo bofi IDs in Malloy heating we're

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gonna show you on top on the about the call now and wholemeal Wally me well now

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debone I mean he said

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God I love him yet double Hoan where that he levena Dofasco de nom Lowry

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Hayato dunya was that kid be

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told tuba Salah

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Bhima Casa that lace Allah

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Dooney la

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Shafi laser la

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Duni new Ali yo Yola Shafi

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Ecole levena odunsi you know de casa bola Shah moving hammy le whom shall

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be makan with home

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Babina one on Douala duala Babina

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this one will Shailene coloriages stem want to share

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more oh

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oh that Tina

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law here

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Whoa man

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earlier on

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were unhappy masala

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Oh 101 levy levy to show

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well, who will levy follow up on summer?

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model will help ya Oh man.

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Oh 101 Halki move Bobby.

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Paul say, man who Yoona G calm he saves you he delivers you. Who is he that rescues you men from Lulu Murthy darknesses unbury of the land, well, Barry and the sea. When you're in the darkness of the land, when you're in the darkness of the seat, meaning you're in the middle of the ocean, or you're somewhere on the land, and darkness falls over you, you don't know where to go, you are lost, you're afraid at that time, who is it that saves you? Who is it that rescues you from your distress from your fear? The thing is that a person does not always remain at home. Nor does he always remain in the same state in the same place. There are times when a person has to leave his comfort zone, he

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has to get out of the house, sometimes he needs to travel. And while he's traveling, he may go in an airplane, he may go in a train, he may be driving on a highway. And there are times when he is in darkness in the middle of the night. Sometimes he traveled by sea as well. And a storm comes whatever it may be, it could be the middle of the night. And at that time a person realizes that he is in great trouble. If someone doesn't rescue him, he cannot get out because he cannot help himself. There are times when you are in difficulty, you can do something to save yourself. But there are other times when you cannot save yourself anymore. You cannot help yourself. You need

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someone else's help. And you call upon others. You call the police you call the rescue team, but they are going to take some time to come. So who is it that really rescues you? Who is it that lets you get in touch with someone who can come and save you? Who is it that sense? Help Allah subhanaw taala who is it that rescues you from your difficulty? Allah azza wa jal, Allah asks us who saves you from the darkness of the land and the sea. And sometimes a person could be in his own home city. But what happens driving on the highway, huge storm, and in the middle of the day, the lights are turned on. Why? Because it's so dark, such heavy Clouds are upon you, there's so much heavy rain

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falling down from the sky over you, the streets are flooded, and you're just stranded, you're stuck. So who rescues you in that situation? Allah does. And at this time, that the owner who you call upon Him how double run will healthier than the love run, imploring Him with humility will hopefully attend and privately the work the long run is from through letters blog online. And the borrower literally means should that in fact, illustrate extreme neediness of something. When you are extremely needy of something, you're literally poor, like you need it, you desperately need it. And when you desperately need something, then how do you ask for it? How do you ask for it? If you're

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extremely tired, you're unwell, you're sick, you're on your bed, you cannot even get out. You need a glass of water. How will you ask? Go get me a glass of water? No, you will bring about this really painful expression on your face, right? And you'll start whining or something and you'll struggle to speak. Even if you have the energy, you will make a face right? You'll show that you're really sick, you're very, very desperate. And then you will ask for help. So this is what the borrower is to ask with humility, to bank to request earnestly like literally pleading someone. So at that time, this is how you call upon Allah, that Ya Allah, please help me, please save me. You call upon Allah with

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so much humility. And also we're healthier and healthier than half a year, privately secretly, that just in your heart, you're too afraid to even say something. Because at times, it happens that you're in so much danger, you're in so much difficulty, that you're afraid that if you speak if you say something out loud, someone's going to hear you and you will be in a greater trouble in more difficulty. So what happens when you call upon Allah who feared and secretly just in your heart, or you call upon him secretly because you don't want others to?

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Know that you are asking Allah.

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Sometimes you cannot even find the words to ask Allah. So you just ask in your heart how phiaton secretly quietly just whispering to Him in your heart you call upon him and what do you say? Let in surely if and Jana He saved us he rescued us who? Allah that Oh Allah, if you save us now mean handy from this meaning from this distress learner Conan, surely we shall definitely be minutes check it in of those who are grateful, yeah, Allah, if you saved me this one time, I will be forever grateful. I will be forever grateful to you, I will never forget this favor of yours upon me. If you save me this one time you help me, you take me out of this distress, I will forever be grateful I

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will do this. And I will do this to show my gratitude to you. What happens is that when we are living our lives comfortably, then what happens is that we just different things, different people. We are in the pursuit of many goals, many things we want to please others. We want to be friends with others. And in that chase in that pursuit, who do we forget and neglect? Allah soprano.

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Think about it all day long. Who is it that we are trying our best to keep in touch with? We're texting them? Right? We're messaging them. We're touch basing with them, right? We're updating them as to what's going on throughout our day in our night. Likewise, every hour, what is it that we are going after? Sometimes we are striving to satisfy ourselves one meal after the other one treat after the other? Or in sometimes we're just trying to enjoy life, right? One thing after the other and who is it that we neglect? Allah soprano Dar, this is why literally sometimes the only time that we remember Allah is when we have to pray. And how much time do we dedicate to Salah this five minutes

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each, just five minutes each literally five minutes to eat salah. That's the maximum that we remember Allah through our day. And this is unfortunately true for the majority of our days, for most of our days. But then what happens when we are in a desperate situation when we are in difficulty? That what happens? We begin to forget other people and then eventually, who do we remember only Allah soprano. You are in difficulty. You try to call your dad you try to call your mom, you try to get in touch with your friends, you try to get in touch with 911 Whatever. But you can't get in touch with anybody then what happens you know that nobody can help you. So who do you

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call upon Allah or lonely you can help me. And sometimes what happens is that people are not used to making the are regularly they don't call upon Allah that often. So even when they are in so much distress, they find it difficult to call upon Allah. So when they do ask him for help, they cannot verbally do it. How do they ask him for help yet and just in their heart? Because they don't want anybody to find out that they're making girl because otherwise they'll seem to be very weak, they'll appear to be weak. So they just call upon Allah how who fear that? Oh Allah if you save me now, I will forever be grateful. Allah says Ponce Allahu Yuna de Caminha. Allah saves you he rescues you

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from it from what from the darkness of the land and sea, meaning when you are in extremely difficult situations you call upon Allah who saves you. Allah saves you, women and also from Coonley carbon, every distress, he saves you from every other distress as well. Sama, Antonia Shikun, then you all associate partners with him. He saves you from every difficulty, smaller, big, yet you associate partners with him afterwards. When you're in that agony. You say Oh Allah, if you saved me, I will forever be grateful. And when he saves you later on you associate partners with him how that instead of thanking him, you thank others. You thank the doctor, you thank the nurse you thank the doula you

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thank your family, you thank whoever people are around you at that time to support you to help you. You thank them. Yes, they did help you, they did support you, but who sent them for your help. Allah sent them, who taught them how to help you Allah, who gave them the ability and the strength, the technology to help you at that time, Allah. So ultimately, you should be thanking who Allah. This doesn't mean that we don't thank the doctor. We don't thank the family. We do thank them for sure. But most thankfulness should be shown towards Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah says

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He rescues you from every difficulty, but yet you associate partners with him. Notice the word come, he rescues you from every curb. What is curb curb is extreme distress, basically, in such extreme pain, or you can say, distress that causes a person to suffocate.

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And what I mean by that is that, you know, sometimes you have so much pain, that you're finding it difficult to breathe. Have you ever experienced that you're finding it difficult to breathe, that there's extreme, let's say stomach ache that you have, how will you breathe? How will you breathe, you start sighing eventually right? And you start taking deep breaths or you hold your breath and then you let go. And after a few moments, again, you take a deep breath and you hold it and then you let go, this has come. Likewise, in extreme stress, what happens people find it difficult to breathe again. Right. So come extremely, in a stressful situation, extreme agony, distress, this is what

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curb is. So every kind of God who saves you from it, Allah subhanaw taala. But yet, you forget him, and you remember others, you turn towards them later on, and you say thank you for the medication, thank you for such and such, whereas in reality, it is Allah subhanaw taala who saved you. And then once everything is back to normal, you go ahead, living your life as normal. Allah subhanaw taala says, say, Who will he is able, whoever he is an audit, the one who is able, the one who is competent, the one who has the power, the ability, Allah upon and that Yaga I thought I like him, he sends upon you. Allah is all able to send upon you either been a punishment, men fo pecan from above

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you. You think that if you came out of some distress, safe, you're not going to be in difficulty again. You cannot be caught by Allah again. Of course you can be Allah subhanaw taala put you in that camp, and he can put you in another cup as well. He made you go through that difficulty so that you turn to Him, you turn to Him and then you forget him. You think life is up, you think difficulties are over? They're not over? Allah subhanaw taala can send upon you punishment from above you from above you in what form? The person could be in a building just like we are and literally the ceiling can fall upon us. Can it not? Is Allah subhanaw taala not able to do that?

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Where are we safe? Tell me. Where are we safe? Nowhere. You could be in your own house, in your own house and the ceiling can fall upon you.

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The heavy lights can fall upon you.

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Lightning can fall upon you as you're walking on the sidewalk. There could be a hurricane or a storm from above. Different things can fall upon us from above. If Allah subhanaw taala wants to inflict some harm upon us info become o or mentality of God confirmed beneath your feet. He can also send punishment to you how from beneath your feet tell me this ground that we're standing on that we're sitting on going to not burst open.

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This very instant if Allah subhanaw taala wants can it not burst open? Yes, it can.

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Aren't there are so many places so many times that people were peacefully sleeping in their beds, eating their meals in their homes, enjoying themselves and what happened. Sudden earthquake and the earth splits beneath them. And down they go. Or the earth splits open and something very dangerous, comes up and hurts them. So Omen daddy of duty come, it can come to you from beneath your very feet as well.

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Allah can send punishment on you from above and below. And this is in the tangible form and also in the intangible form in the physical sense, like literally some physical punishment falling on you from the sky, from the ceiling, something coming from the earth and also in the intangible sense, what does it mean by the intangible sense that those who are above you and those who are below you can be a source of punishment for you how who are those above you, your leaders, people who have authority over you, it could be a boss, right? Racist boss, for instance, who makes life miserable for you? Every working hour very, very difficult for you. Right? Just like that. It could be you

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know, a woman's husband, for example, very oppressive of

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abusive, so her life is full of domestic violence, right? She's being oppressed every single day. And she doesn't know how to get out of that relationship, how to get out of that situation. And it happens many times that women want to get out, but they're too afraid. They're too afraid. So they are almost forced to be in that situation. Likewise, sometimes parents can be sometimes a father can be abusive. Sometimes a mother can be unfair, and a person is stuck. They don't know how to get out of that situation. Sometimes grandparents could be uncle's could be in laws could be, but they are socially above you. So you cannot even do anything to protect yourself.

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What does Allah subhanaw taala say? That he can send this form of punishment to you? Many times, when we think about punishment, we think of what you know, thunderstorm, lightning, earthquake, volcano, some natural disaster. But we don't think that the punishment of Allah can also come in this form, which form people who are oppressive on you, people who are unfair towards you, people who treat you badly, but you can't do much given the situation that you're in, or that women folk they come and mean that they are judical. These are subordinates like for example, a person has employees, we're constantly cheating him. Right? A person has children who are extremely rebellious.

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A husband may have a wife who is extremely disrespectful. Who is cheating on him. What is he going to do what can he do? What should he do? Oh mentality of Judy calm. These are also forms of punishment or yell bisa calm he can confuse you. Into what into Xiang into groups. She on Florin of sheer yell bissa calm she can yell VESA, by the way from Lamba sim labs is to confuse mix up. So you're basically ensuring that your unity is is divided up so you are not united anymore. Rather, there are so many groups, so many divisions amongst you. And you're just stuck in this confusion. You don't know who's right, and you don't know who's wrong. You're just confused. You're basically

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mushy on each group. Each faction claims to be on the truth. And here you are confused. What do I do?

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Oh here bissa, calm Xiang. You don't disunity. Division is also a form of punishment as we learn over here. When people are united, when they are together, whether it is the people of a family, or it is people who are working in an organization, or people who were studying together in a class, or people who are followers of the same religion when they are united. This is a huge blessing and mercy from Allah soprano data, but when they are disunited, when the hearts are cut up, such that the daughter in law in the mother in law living in the same house, but the hearts are completely cut up so that they are not on the same page at all. Constantly misunderstanding one another, constantly

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getting into arguments with each other.

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This is what what do we learn from the I? It's a form of what a punishment from Allah subhana Yes, it's a huge task. But sometimes this is a consequence of our own sins. Yell bissa come Shia, that he confuses you. We muddled you up into our into groups, into divisions. And think about it. If there's anything that we know about Muslim Omar today, it is what differences when it comes to your eID, he cannot be united. When it comes to our alpha we cannot be united. Right? When it comes to anything, we cannot be united. And what do we do we blame scholars, we blame. Misogyny we blame Muslim organizations. And we don't realize that at this time, we need to turn to Allah and ask him for

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forgiveness without the doors of his mercy can open up for us so that we can become united, we can at least come to an agreement as to which day we all should celebrate together. We get into arguments we commit more sin sometimes, right? That instead of praying to Allah subhanaw taala instead of fasting on the day of Allah for what are we doing, arguing, proving who's right and who's wrong? Right, saying why someone has made this decision and why another group of Muslims has made another decision, right? They have some worldly benefits and so on and so forth. You know, we blame people for many things, we commit more sin, instead of turning to Allah, asking for forgiveness, so

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that the doors of his mercy can open on us, we commit more sin, or we will be sacrum Shia on what you do, and he makes to test

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At bol.com Some of you But sir, might violence, Berlin of others, another form of punishment, that some of you test the might of others, that people suffer at each other's hands, that some kill others, some are violent towards others. Like for example, people who are more powerful to have more strength, they are oppressive towards those who are not that powerful, whether it is a family oppressing another family, or it is a community, a tribe, oppressing another tribe, or it is a nation oppressing another nation, whatever it may be, you do convert Allah calm, but several, he makes you test the violence of each other. People suffer at one another's hands. Think about it, the

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Bani Israel eel when they were oppressed by fear our own. What kind of oppression was that? It was literally torture, persecution, that their infants their boys were being killed. Women were allowed to live and the men were taken into slavery. Women were also taken into slavery. The entire nation was being oppressed. And what do we learn in the Quran? Allah subhanaw taala says we're fee then we come Bella on men become or leave in that was a trial from WHO?

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From who? From your Lord. This was a test from whom? Allah subhanaw taala meeting Allah allowed this to happen.

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But sometimes, when we see other people being oppressive towards us, whether it's the husband or it is the in laws, or it is the boss or it is the neighbors, or it is whoever or it is some other country. What do we say? Conspiracy? These people are wrong. It's not fair. This is injustice. This is my right. This is their responsibility. And we don't realize that Allah subhanaw taala allowed this to happen. We blame others, we talk about their faults, but we don't think about the fact that Allah has allowed this to happen to me.

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Why? Why did Allah subhanaw taala allow this to happen to me? There is a reason there must be a reason. And remember, what do we learn in the Quran? That everything that we suffer, it's because of what because of what our hands have acquired. What we suffer is because of our sins, because of our disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala when the Bani Israel eel, they left the deen

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they left the deen It is then that fit our own

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oppress them as long as they were up on the hook, as long as they follow the religion, Allah subhanaw taala also helped them and supported them.

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And when they turn to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala sent help to them again. And we see this throughout the history of Bani Israel throughout the history of the Muslim ummah as well. Because when a person is in the way of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala also helps him in terms of Allah, the answer come. And when a person turns away, then what happens in the Quran, we learn that when our alarm decree for inner humare shut on Wonka, whoever turns away from my reminder from my Quran, then he will live a miserable life, that difficult life, a miserable life. So this misery that we experience at the hands of our children, at the hands of our siblings, at the hands of our parents,

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our relatives. It's because of what many times it's because of our own sense. We discuss our problems, we discuss our issues as if they have nothing to do with our sense. They have nothing to do with our actions. You know, for example, there could be a relative, and we have very poor communication with them. We're in two different planets. And we say, oh, you know what, they're very different. And I'm very different. We just don't get along.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:19

She just thinks very differently. She believes this, she believes that she expects too much of me. Okay.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:59

Okay. Is it entirely her fault? No, it's also my fault. I have to reflect on myself as well. What wrong am I doing? That? Allah subhanaw taala is not making it easy for me to communicate with someone who speaks the same language I do. Who has perhaps studied the sample under I have studied, who perhaps loves the same people I love yet I cannot get along with her. What's happening over here? What's going on over here? Because it's not possible that we speak the same language. We have the same interests yet we cannot communicate properly. What's going on?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

on what's going on Allah subhanaw taala is not making things easy for me why? What's preventing Allah's help from coming to me, my sins, my sins. So remember, the problems that we suffer in our lives have a direct a direct connection with what our sense, our actions,

00:30:24 --> 00:30:46

our actions, they create problems for us in our lives. This is why one of the pious predecessors, he said, that I see the consequences of my sins, I see the impact of my sins of my disobedience in what in the behavior of my wife, and in the behavior of my writing animal

00:30:47 --> 00:30:54

that I see this, when I disobey Allah, my wife, her behavior with me is not great. And something happens to my car.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:06

You know what I'm talking about? Something happens to my car, it just doesn't work properly. So I see their behavior changing towards me, when I disobey Allah.

00:31:07 --> 00:31:12

Let me give you a small example. When a person does not perform the federal Salah

00:31:14 --> 00:31:16

that he does not have Allah's protection.

00:31:17 --> 00:32:06

He does not have Allah's protection for the day. When a person does not remember Allah before sunrise. He does not do the appropriate call to take Allah subhanaw taala artists protection, then he is on his own for the day. When he's on alone for the day. Isn't he going to suffer many many problems? Yes. Everything will fall apart. So many things will go wrong. Things go wrong. What happens we get upset. We say Can't you hurry up? Conscious speed up? When will my children learn? When will my parents understand? Why are these traffic lights are red? Why is it taking me so long to get to my work? Why am I late every day? Go back check did you say your car? Did you pray

00:32:06 --> 00:32:06


00:32:07 --> 00:32:09

Did you ask Allah for help?

00:32:10 --> 00:33:01

We blame people who are driving slowly right? We blame people who are not fast enough. And we don't blame ourselves we blame the entire world and we think we are perfectly fine. We are absolutely right. Allah subhanaw taala says Caldwell carded either a ye Bertha alaykum or their bum info click on Omen Dottie of Julie calm oh you will be so calm Sharon, where you the Cabal the combat suburb under look kafer how no salary for we diversify, lucidly food from solid fat, the serif to take something back and send it again in a different form. Like for example, the sleeping area, the changing of the winds, that at one time, the wind is very, very nice and slow like a very nice

00:33:01 --> 00:33:47

breeze, cool and comforting stops and the next time it comes violent and chilly. So this is the study for Rhea over here Allah says look how we diversify the eye at the signs the proofs the evidence is that how we explain to people through different ways Lila whom you have a wound so that they would understand? What should they understand that your actions have consequences that if you turn away from Allah, don't expect a very happy, beautiful life. God love them you have Cahoon. But yet no matter what we see an experience, we just don't get it. We blame others and we don't get it. That when we've done wrong we need to turn to Allah and say, La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the

00:33:47 --> 00:33:48

country of La me,

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there is no God worthy of worship, but you will Allah you are perfect. It's my fault, I am wrong. You know, any difficulty that we experience in life, any suffering, realize that Allah is perfect. If he has sent this problem in your life, he has the full right to do so. But that problem came why because I am wrong, I did something wrong. So in the consuming have already made so turn to Allah and seek forgiveness so that the doors of his mercy are open to you. What can and he has rejected he has denied be with it with what the Quran this Quran he has rejected who has rejected it omocha your people your people will prophets of Allah Salaam and who were his people who were his own, from the

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people of Makkah, the Arabs specifically who were his own, the people that he belonged to the Quraysh his tribe, so they have denied this Quran well, who will help while it is the truth? Causes say to them, less do I am not notice a word less to

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If it was less than, then it would be you are not. If it was lace up than it would be, he is not. Here it is less to, I am not just like old to what the spool to mean, old to. I said, so let's do, I am not I lay come upon you we were killed at all a manager, the people of Croatia have rejected this Quran. And this Quran is the truth. Tell them, I'm not a manager over you, meaning I'm not someone who's supposed to force you to accept the truth to accept Islam to accept the Quran, I'm not your protector, nor have I been appointed over you know, my job is just to convey I cannot force I can only convey and so to CalFire 29 We learn what will happen the rugby confirm and chef and human

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woman shot a filioque for tell them the truth is from your Lord. So whoever believes you may do so. And whoever wants then he could go ahead and disbelieve, luckily for every number in news. And over here now that gives a meaning off happening, meaning for every event that is going to happen, and an event it turns into news. So for every happening for every event is what Mr. Kong a finality. Musa org is from the root letters of rah rah.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:55

For our what is Karami to be stable, so most of the call literally is one that is fixed in time, one that is fixed in place. So for every number is a fixed time and fixed place. A fixed time and fixed place meaning a time when it will surely occur, a place when it will surely happen. And this is true for everything in life. For example, the birth of a child

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Okay, when a woman is pregnant, the birth of a child is what Nova but when will the child be born? At its most aka

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the place where it is supposed to be born and the time when it is supposed to be born? Doesn't happen. The woman thinks yes it's time to go to the hospital but before even she makes it to the hospital. The baby is delivered sometimes in the parking lot, sometimes at home.

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What's the call? The doctor says three weeks from now and the baby comes three weeks early? Right two weeks early one week early. So luckily never in moussaka so just like that the machine in America they were hasty for punishment they say yeah you keep telling us about this punishment when is the going to come? Allah reminds them that Allah can send you punishment from above from below. He can make you violent against each other. He can divide you up into factions all these are forms of punishment he can send upon you different kinds of punishments. But remember that for everything is a set time and place Likkle Nineveh in was taka was alphatauri Lemon and soon you will know

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meaning soon it will come and when it will come then you will not be able to escape

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let's listen to the recitation all my

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meal was Roma

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the learner Coonan Amina shirk et

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to Sri can

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call the

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Julian come

00:39:13 --> 00:39:13


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gave and all sudden new phone

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will be co moocow who will help

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us to

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be working see Lee Kalina the

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most the ball was so fat

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so what did we learn in desireth?

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Anytime you're having problems with anybody, even if it's yourself, because sometimes we get frustrated with ourselves that why am I like this? Why am I thinking like this? Why am I feeling like this? It may

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Maybe problems with your family members in your own house, whatever it is, turn to Allah seek his forgiveness. Because when you will seek forgiveness from him, he will create ease for you

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for a moment or for what the call was so dockable who Snell fasten your seal who little Yusra then we will make the easy way. Meaning the way that leads to Allah, easy for him.

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We will facilitate righteousness for him, goodness for him. So if things are made difficult for us, we need to turn to Allah

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