Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 081D Tafsir Al-Anam 68-70

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of avoiding offensive language in conversations, avoiding dislike or excuse, and being held accountable for actions. They also emphasize the responsibility of individuals to protect themselves and stop attacks from others, and the importance of living in a healthy life and offering compensation for those committed to protecting their loved ones. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions and the importance of remembering and not being caught for doing things that bring about harm.
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What either and when what Ada you saw a Levina those who your whole buena they are engaged in their engrossed in fee i attina in our vs. Meaning when you see some people engaging in offensive discourse offensive conversations about what about our if you hold on as you know means it's from the root letters how well bought and hold is basically to enter into water and stay in it and you hold on to is to basically enter into conversation and just be offensive, be vulgar be obscene, lose all respect, not care about the limits, just talking endlessly you know, with disrespect. So when you see people talking in this manner about our ayat that they're not stopping anywhere, and our if

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that means the Quran, I act, as you know, is not just shutter II but also County, right. So when they're talking about Allah's idea in this way, they're making fun of Allah, they're making fun of the Quran, they're making fun of the Day of Judgment. They're making fun of Jana, they're making fun of hellfire, they're making fun of Hudler even as people do, when they want to have some fun, when they want to crack some jokes, what do they talk about things that I've mentioned to you. So when you see people having such conversations, Allah says, For our ideal diamond home, then turn away from them, turn away from them, meaning you don't be a part of that conversation, there could be

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different levels of turning away, depending on what kind of gathering it is. If it is a physical gathering, turning away sometimes could mean that you get up and you go to the other side, right? Or that you get up and you leave, or that you ignore what they're talking about, and you start talking to somebody else, you pretend as if you're not listening, you're not in that conversation. And you try to do that to the best of your ability. If it's, you know, a virtual gathering, like for example, an online one, then what does it mean for our to learn home, leave them, sign out,

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get out of that place, had that until you're who they are engaged in the Hadith and lady in a speech that is other than it, meaning leave them until they start discussing other things until the topic changes. Allah subhanaw taala is not telling us to cut off from people completely. Rather, the instruction that is being given over here is that when they're talking about the Quran, Allah says, if this manner, then at that time, leave them, and when they start talking about something else, then go back to them. Because sometimes it could be on family members, how can you get off from them? Could be people in your classroom, how can you cut off from them leave that course, if you

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leave that course, you might never qualify for that degree. Right? So sometimes you have to be with such people, but when they're having such conversations, get up and leave, you could be in a classroom, the professor could be talking about the Quran in this way. Even at that time, you cannot be a witness to such conversations, you have to get up and leave you have to try to change the topic. If anything, you have to dislike it in your heart, make an excuse go get yourself a glass of water say that you have to go to the washroom. You know the first thing is that you defend the right that when somebody is talking in this manner, you will refute them. You can only do that when you

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are equipped with knowledge. Right? Sometimes you try to defend the religion and then other times what happens that you have nothing to say you don't know how to answer their questions and then you fear that you're gonna start having these doubts as well. So then stop right there, get up and go get up and leave.

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Try to change the topic. And if you cannot leave then at least hate what they're talking about in your heart dislike it. Seek Allah subhanaw taala honest forgiveness immediately. So for our Lauren home had they a whole goofy Hadith in lady what ima and if you don't see a Nikka he makes you forget he definitely makes you forget who a shaitan with the shine upon you and Sienna from what's through letters. Known Senia if Shavon makes you forget makes you forget what this is that you're not supposed to be part of these conversations you're supposed to get up and leave. You're supposed to avoid. You're supposed to change the topic. If shaytaan makes you forget and halfway through the

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conversation you remember. Then at that time fella then do not talk a route you sit BARDA after a vehicle the reminder, Mara with a coma loyally mean the wrongdoing people meaning one

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To remember that don't continue to sit there. Once you remember then get up and leave, because you're forgiven until you have forgotten. But once you remember, then you are responsible. Remember that once you remember then you are responsible so you're not allowed to sit there anymore. So what do we learn in this is

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that the one who has love for Allah, the One who has true Eman, he cannot tolerate such conversations about Allah subhanaw taala and about his team. It doesn't make sense that a person loves another and there are people who are mocking his lover, and he just continues to sit there. No, he will not sit there. He will either defend the one whom he loves, or he will get up and leave and if he cannot get up and leave at least he will hate what they're talking about. So the same attitude we have to adopt with the deen of Allah subhanaw What's the harm if you continue to sit there? You will lose respect for the deen Correct. Today you are listening to such things. Tomorrow

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you will be repeating such things you will be saying them. So I find that if you don't stand up for what you believe in, either by walking away or by actually saying something or trying to stop them. People lose respect for you and they believe that no what you're standing what you think you believe in is not worth really standing up for yes. Because if you truly believed in it, then you would have done something. And when you don't do anything, and people don't care about you either. People don't have any respect for you. So Falletta or BARDA, the cloudmile Comilla mean once you remember then do not continue to sit there. Wilma and not Allah upon a Levina yet Hakuna those who have Taqwa. The

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one who has taqwa, what does he do? He saves himself, right? He protects himself. He's he's a big thorn. He takes a step back. He shields himself. So a conversation like this about the deen of Allah, what is it? Like the Thornybush when you come across it, what do you do? You protect yourself. So you are you turn away. So when you turn away, Allah says such people who have Taqwa they are not responsible for what men he says, Be him from their account men shame from anything, meaning they are not held accountable for those people at all. Which people, the people who are having such obscene conversations about the religion of Allah. So the one who leaves gets up goes

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away. Because his Taqwa demands that from him, then he is not responsible for the people who are completing Samson.

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Because the thing is that when somebody is doing something wrong, when you see Mancha, when you see wrong, what is your responsibility, that you get up and you stop it? Correct? And if you know, yet, you don't stop, you just go away. And people are doing wrong in ignorance, then yes, they are at fault. But you are also at fault. Why are you at fault because you didn't stop them? You didn't educate them, you didn't tell them?

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala stunning us get up and go leave. So then you're wondering, Am I not responsible? Will I not be held accountable for not telling them for not stopping them? Allah subhanaw taala says no, you are not responsible at all, well, I can but the claw reminder meaning you are responsible for reminding them you have to tell them like I love them you have to own so that they can adopt the code they can have fear of Allah. So what does this mean? That, that if you get up and go, You are not responsible, but remember, that you are responsible for reminding the people you will be held accountable as to whether or not you conveyed to them whether or not you

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educated them whether or not you informed them and you can inform them either when they are talking about the deal in that way. Or later on.

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You know, sometimes it's appropriate to stop people when they are in that conversation. But sometimes it's not appropriate to stop them at that time. Why? Because they will start attacking you or they will become more vulgar. Right? Right now they're joking about angels. Next up, they're joking about Allah subhanaw taala. So then what should you do? Stop right there go away and then later on, tell them later on, tell them for example, your professor you could be talking about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala in a wrong way. At that time. You don't find the confidence in yourself to speak out. Okay, understandable everywhere.

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As soon as different in their nature, you don't find that confidence in yourself. Okay? So what do you do you get up and go. When you get up and go with the intention of speaking to your professor in private later on, you're not responsible. But if you just get up and go saying, you know, these people are going to *, I don't care about them. Forget it. They're Cafayate. Anyway, John Nummies ease. And then you just mind your own business, you are responsible. Allah can question you. Allah can question you that, did you even tell them? You might say, Oh, they already know. So and so this professor of mine, he says he's read the Quran, I have studied only seven Jews. And he says he's

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read the Quran. So what am I supposed to tell him? What is Allah spent of us every year, the crow reminder.

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Because you never know. You never know. Your reminder may be helpful. It may benefit them. Just recently, I heard a story of this young man. Somebody saw him, you know, talking to a girl, okay. And it was in a public place. And it was quite clear that these do this man and woman they were not related.

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So anyway, this man, he walks up and you obviously he's got a beard. And this is an incident that happened somewhere in the Arab world. Okay. So as he came, the girl ran away, okay, and that guy, he's just afraid that I'm going to be in trouble now. So, this man, this religious man who came up and he said, You know what, I'm your brother. I'm not here to punish you. I'm not here to, you know, take you to court or, you know, hold you guilty or anything. I'm just here to remind you. So he sat down with him. And he started reminding him about Allah subhanho data about the alcohol. Someone saw that that guy, he started crying. And he wept and wept and wept than he did, though. But he changed

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his ways completely. And then what happened? He gave him his number. And he said, please keep in touch with me.

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So after a couple of days, I lowered him how many days? This religious man he remembered him. So he called him. He said, How are you doing? You recognize me said, Yes, of course. How can I not recognize the one who saved me?

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The one who guided me, how can I not recognize him? So anyway, they plan to meet this was in the morning, they plan to meet at Arsenal time. This is religious man. He was going to go to his house at some time, but he got busy with something so he got a little late. Afterwards, he thought you know what it was my promise, I should still fulfill my promise. Even though I'm a little late. Doesn't matter. I'll still go. So he wanted his house knocked at the door. An elderly man came out. So you said salaam to him asked him is so and so here. He said is so and so here is so and so here. Like he was asking himself the elderly man is like he we just buried him.

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We just buried him. He died earlier during the day. And we buried him at wrestler prayer.

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So that elderly man was a father of that person. He asked this religious man that who are you? So he said that I am. You know, I spoke to your son, Once Upon a Time said you are the one who guided him. You are the one who reminded him

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he said this was my son who used to openly commit sin, openly commit sin in the house and we couldn't do anything. He was the one who wouldn't pray salah. And now completely different. How many conversations did it take to change that guy? One reminder, while I can Vicara one reminder, when we become very judgmental, we say so until they're so knowledgeable but you have to talk about in this way. Forget it. It's not worth it. Why should I humiliate myself by talking to them? No. One email one message, one conversation. One thing even is sufficient. Well, I can Vica and you will be asked about that the crop that did you tell them?

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Did you tell them?

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Laura Lumia tahune? Because where you are concerned about your iman,

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shouldn't you be concerned about their Iman, you're concerned about your offer? Shouldn't you be concerned about their offer as well? So remember, as long as you tell them you are not sinful but if you don't tell them at all, then Allah can question you.

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Home just after the party. We all the students like we we know about it, we should not waste the food. You know, many plays first full of the food. And when we were you know putting in the garbage. It was really very difficult for me as well, you know, to put it all the food into the garbage. And one lady. I said to her she was really helping the group to put the things back into the garbage. I said to her Can you put all that food into the garbage

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Uh No sorry I can't do this. But you should be we should be very careful when you were telling about this I was I was feeling myself my heart was very heavy you know you're learning Quran and we were just waste if you don't need it we can pack this and if we can take it at home we will not waste it. So take this as a reminder what I can vichara La La hyung Yetta cone weather and leave a Lavina those people who it to her do they have taken Dina home they religion Larry burn a play wala one and amusement. While Allah Tom and it has deceived them, I'll hire to do near the life of this world. Leave the people who have taken their religion as a player and amusement. The worldly life has

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deceived them. So just leave them. What does it mean by leave them keep away from them? Don't be in their company all the time. Don't be under their influence who? Those who have taken the religion as Larry, what is Larry? Game sport? It's basically physical activity. Right? Think about it people playing soccer? Does it involve a lot of physical activity? Of course. So it is what Larry Lerab is with Jawara it is with the body with the limbs. So it is they have taken their dean as just something to keep them physically occupied. Something to keep them busy, you know, in the physical sense. So it's an activity for them something for them to do, while law one law one amusement

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pastime, something that a person does do find enjoyment. So Larry is with the body with the limbs and LO is where in the heart. So they have taken the Dean as something to keep themselves busy with an activity something to do and as an enjoyment, something to have fun with something to enjoy. So yes, they are busy with the rituals. They're busy with the dean. But there's no spirit, there's no love of Allah, there's no striving to please Him. They're busy Dan night with their religion. Why? Just because it is a play and amusement for them. It is just something for them to do. And something for them to have fun with something for them to enjoy. If they're doing something with the dean for

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the dean. It is for selfish reasons. physical benefits, pastime enjoyment. They're not getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala by what they're doing. It's just Lerab and low. So today, they're doing Larry Ben law with the dean. And tomorrow when they get bored of it, they'll do Larry binlog with something else. And when they get bored of that they will do Larry Bonilla with something else. It's just a phase. It's just something for them to do something for them to be occupied with something to enjoy. This is why at times they market the deen sometimes they take the matters of the very lightly. Allah subhanaw taala says leave such people will not whom will hire to dunya their

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worldly life has deceived them, deceive them. What does it mean that the thing is life is everything. So they keep chasing it? This is why all they want is enjoyment. All they want is comfort and fun. So they want fun in the Dean as well. The Redeemer has said that this idea is about people who have invented many things in the deen for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. And they take the deen as something to enjoy themselves with Allah subhanaw taala how many reads has He given to us in the year to two days where we dress beautifully when we you know eat good food we treat ourselves we have fun we enjoy. But for some people do this are not sufficient. So what do

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they want? Every other day there should be a party. All right. Every other week, there should be a day off. Right? Every few months, there should be some fun. They want fun in their lives. And this is why they want to have fun through everything they're doing even if it's the dean. So if they're going for erotica photo, there should be games. Right? If they're going for trial where there should be, you know, some food. If they are going to Islamic conference, there should be a huge bazaar and a lot of time to shop there and to walk around there. So many times it happens that there are people who when it comes to eat all that they're concerned about is what they're eat clothes, and the food

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that they're going to eat and the font that they're going to have. When it comes to the month of Ramadan. All that they're concerned about is what if thought,

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right? When it comes to Islamic events. What are they concerned about bizarre food Goertz. Yeah, it's the same food that you find other places as well. What's the big deal? Fried chicken.

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Jomo, you can find it other places as well. But the lectures are going on, you can find them everywhere else. Right? So some people what they want is fun, fun, fun all the time and everything. So a class is just too serious for them.

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Too boring for them. This kind of attitude, Allah subhanaw data doesn't like a believer. Yes, he lives a balanced life. He is serious about the matters that require him to be serious and he also has fun when Allah subhanaw taala has allowed him to have that fun. So people who are you know concerned about having fun and enjoyment all the time? And even through the deen they're deceived by the worldly life Allah subhanaw taala says leave them leave the company of such people whether your behavior but again don't just abandon them rather remind remind with what with it it refers to the Quran remind them with the Quran why on that not meaning lest dooba Salah enough soon a person a

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soul is tube Salah tube center, from the root letter is burned seen lamb? It is taken as hostage?

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Absolutely. You absolutely. Basically is when someone is taken as a hostage. Think about, let's say a bank, okay. And a couple of robbers day walking with huge weapons, okay, huge farms, and they come in and they say, everybody down on the floor, okay? And they're like, do three people are standing by the door, and they've got the gun on the head of the manager. And they're getting all the money out. And then the police comes in, and they're like, Get out of here. But they're like, no, if you try to come in, we're gonna kill the manager. You're what I'm talking about. So imagine the manager whose life is taken as what as a hostage. So then they strike a deal. They say, let five people go.

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And we'll do such and such. So that I go fine. We'll let three people go. All right, and then back and forth, back and forth. Now imagine that manager

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against whose head is the gun constantly, right? He's taken as what as a hostage. His life is at risk. This is what Uppsala needs. Allah subhanaw taala says, remind with the Quran, lest a person is taken in as a hostage why the maca Sabbath because of the sin that he is committed, taken in as Astrid were in the hellfire, meaning he is doomed to the fire of *. He's just stuck there. He cannot get out. Why? Because of the sins that he is committed. And once he's there, lays on her it will not have been doing Allah besides Allah will lead you in any protector, any friend what is your fear nor any intercessor? No one can say them, no one can intercede for him. If that manager is

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there any relief for him? Yes, the whole police is there. Right. The Army even can show up many people can come to try to protect him while he is someone who saves who protects with his own power and might and Shaffir on the other hand is someone who protects who says out by his intercession by his request. But a person who is in hellfire No one can save him. No one can intercede for him. What in and if Daraa dill, it offers compensation 30

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For minder lamb and others what equality but it also means equal value. So it gives meaning of compensation. So if that person gives some compensation, Kula Ardalan every kind of compensation now you have made her it will not be taken from it. If the manager says I have a cottage I'll give that to you spare my life just let me go maybe the robbers will say okay, fine. Or he says I'll give you all these big big code so that you can access all the government's money okay, so there might be like okay, fine, yeah, we'll think about it. Maybe some compensation will be taken so that his life was spared the once a person is caught because of his sins. Normally, no should fear nor either lie

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you heard me and her hula Eagle those are the ones who AlLadhina obersee law, they have been taken in as hostage meaning they are given up for destruction be my customer because of what they have done because of the sense that they have committed so there is no freedom for them. No getting out for them. Let them shot album and her meme for them as a drink of her meme boiling water. I mean, how me mean? extremely hard water, boiling water.

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for them is such a drink. Why are they gonna leave and painful punishment? Be mad Can we look for own because of the cover that they used to commit? Because of their disbelief? So what do we learn over here, that a person himself should stay away from actions that bring about Allah subhanaw taala as wrath and punishment, and they're not just actions that are haram, or actions that are equal to kufr. But also those actions which are just Larry below. Lulu, Tamil HYAH to dunya. He should stay away from these things. And also, he should stop others. You like a person? We wonder? I'm not watching any * and was watching the movie every day? What's the big deal?

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That's it's a cartoon movie. It's appropriate for children watching it every other day. What's the big deal? Okay. Can't say that it's haram. But does this Buffett a person who is supposed to remember Allah every day? Or is it something that's going to distract his heart? If you spend an hour and a half to two hours, sometimes two and a half to three hours watching a movie? Every weekend? Every other day? What's the state of your heart going to be?

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I'm asking you a question. Tell me what's the state of your heart going to be is going to be remembering Allah is going to be distracted. There's going to be distracted. I mean, I understand if it's once a month, okay. But if it's every other day, every week, it doesn't refer to someone who is of those who are learning is Quran, Allah aka yam, and we'll call them warlord up him. That doesn't fit that person. To this I almost reminds us that we have to raise the standard for ourselves. There are some people who take their life who take their Deen as Lerab and love, play amusement, fun, entertainment, enjoyment all the time, every weekend, every other day. Today, I didn't go anywhere.

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I haven't gone anywhere since the past two days. I didn't go out to eat this whole week. I have to go somewhere, I have to go watch a movie, I have to rent a movie, I have to do this, I have to do that. You know, life is just not complete without these things. Larry Allah, Allah says, leave such people. If Allah is telling us to leave such people, doesn't mean that we should become others people know. So first of all, stop yourself from being of those people who are constantly engaged in Larry been the hope. And secondly, remind others as well, if it's your brother, even could be your sister could be your children. Remind them not all the time so that they dislike you. But having

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every now and then well, that gives me remind them because they could be caught because of the wrongs that they're doing. Because today, it's one movie, very innocent, then as a person gets desensitized, then what happens? And you go further and further and further. You don't like children to start playing innocent games, innocent games. The other day, I took my children to Chucky Cheese. First time ever. I don't like such places. But anyway, I took them there because it was read. And there was a very a pretty innocent game. Okay, that you're like a firefighter. And there is fire. And you have to spray water so that you can finish all the fire. And it seems like a very innocent

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But what happens next step will be this game is boring. I want more action, more action. So what happens and games become more and more violent in their nature, to the point that there are certain games which are not appropriate for certain ages, but still, children want to play them. So what happens they beg and beg and harass their parents to the point that the parents go and purchase those games for their young children. Right. So what happens? Every live and Lucha that you engage in? You go deeper and deeper.

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You go deeper and deeper into it. It's like if you're in the habit of watching movies, then what happens? You can't stop after watching five movies. You have to watch another one.

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If you get hooked on a show, you can't stop after watching three episodes. Come on. You're gonna watch the next one. And if it's on the internet, you can download all of them and watch the entire series in one night. One weekend. All day you're watching all night you're watching. It's like a marathon. Right, Larry and love have a lot who will hire to duniya life of this world has deluded them. They think this TV show is everything. And this movies everything.

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And this particular actor is everything. And I have to follow them and they performed in another movie as well. So you want to watch all the movies

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You get stuck in this vicious cycle

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and it takes you far and far from Allah subhanaw taala so don't be of such people. And if there are people around you who are like this, you have to remind them because it's a very steep slope. It takes a person down until he is to Santa until he is arrested.

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He's arrested and then he cannot get out. Once he's got that's it he cannot get out

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or either or

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the you know your whole movie fie Tina

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had a whole bowl he had he seen more hearing we're

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gonna show you on top on the crawl now an old mill Wally knee well now

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the owner I mean, he's being

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shady you

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me God I love

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Oh, we're very levena Dofasco Dean Lowry.

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kid me

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to be

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the man that lays

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Shafi lays

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dunya Ali Yola, Shafi

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da da

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Ecole levena obersee you know de casa bola Shah Moomin Hammy. Le whom Shah

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hammy me

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