Hasan Ali – Misconception Of Allahs Existence And Creation

Hasan Ali
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email Eman kotomi says

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in a hadith of Bokhari, and it's been righted and others have kind of La wa shaimaa Allah was there and there was nothing at all that was there create in terms of creation, nothing at all, nothing at all allows them in his existence in his pure existence, and nothing was there. Now, just to quickly go over this, and explain this because the ultimate was fossa that, that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that shaytan will give to people is,

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if this is how the law This is the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, who created Allah is the ultimate was was or no deviation of shaytan will try trying to lead people astray is to actually start to get you to think of Allah to the extent that you start thinking about Allah Who created you. So there's certain things that we don't think about Allah, certain things. Number one is, now we have to we have to remain within a

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within limits.

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Because if you go too much into thought about Allah, you may spoil your aqidah you may spoil your beliefs about Allah. So one of the things is that we don't know how Allah azza wa jal looks,

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and we will never find out how Allah azza wa jal looks, until we get on to the Day of Judgment. If Allah blesses someone with seeing him on the day, gentlemen, they will see him If not, when we get to Jana, everyone will see him in Jana. So when in when you've got to one of the extremes is to try and imagine Allah azza wa jal in some form, Allah has no form, whatsoever that we can put him into. So there's no concept of, you know, a lot of Muslims actually don't know this, that this this is actually exactly completely forbidden to do. But they, they kind of hear the out of the here Allah czar for his throne. And they imagine that Allah sits on the throne. Now the villa is absolutely

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forbidden. To do this. Allah has said he has out of which in our world means that it is, it is a throne. Now in our world, we know how a throne looks like

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it will have, you know, you probably have a few legs and a lot of place to sit and you can sort of rest your arms on to the sides and so on. And a king normally sits on a throne. But what Alan meant by his throne, we don't exactly know even if you say that there is something similar to the to the throne that we have on this earth. If you imagine if a Muslim imagines Allah to sit on the throne, that will be Kufa, that will be disbelief, because what you've done is you've limited Allah within dimension. You've limited Allah within dimensions. So if I, for example, I'm sitting here right on this chair, so my body is limited, my thighs are within this, the edge of this side of the of the

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chair, and my other side on the left side is limited here to this side of the chair, my back is now sitting comfortably within this little shape that has been, you know, made into the chair so that I can lean against it. And my whole body is is on or within the limited space of this chair.

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If one imagines Allah subhanaw taala in any way on the earth,

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it will be careful because

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Allah has got no

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space that limits him.

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There's no space because space dimension is his creation.

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dimension is this creation. Right now I am sitting on this chair, this is in front of me.

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This is to my right, to my left, above me, beneath me. And behind me These are dimensions that exist. Allah has no such thing. Because all these diamonds that are pointed to all these dimensions are pointed to these dimensions are the part of the creation of God

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They are his creation.

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So if a person limits Allah to anything first and limits Allah to anything,

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it will be. Another extreme is to another set of a hadith I will talk about, talk about Allah azza wa jal him descended.

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And Allah like for example, in the last third part of the night, Allah comes to the first day and he says, Who is there to ask me for forgiveness and forgiving who is there to ask me something, I will give it to him and so on. Now, if one imagines that our lives are just moves, he moves

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and he is sometimes here and some are not here, but he's over there again that is not right.

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What those ahaadeeth mean, is that Allah's mercy is close. Allah's mercy is close to the to the human beings at that time, Alice's readiness to accept his sevens. Toba or repentance is closed at that time, not the fact that Allah actually moves in time of space, that is that is not that is not something which allows the region has done because time and space are part of his creation.

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Another extreme issue, imagine Allah azza wa jal because Allah has said Allahu

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Allah is the light, if you literally read you realize the light of the heavens and the earth.

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But if you look into proceed, this is an eye in sort of node and certified pseudo node, Allah who do some articles, if you actually look into to see is Allahumma will send me nowhere which means what, which means that Allah is the giver of light, the provider of light in the heavens and the earth is the provider of light in the heavens in the earth. Which means that it is wrong of people to just imagine Allah as as a light.

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It's wrong to imagine that he you know, he's a light Oh, his, his, his there in front of me Look, and now what we do is we just know his existence. We know Allah's existence. And we know see, one of the things that you can do is

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Allah azza wa jal has said,

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in the who be kulesza in Allah.

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Allah knows everything, so therefore he knows my place. Allah Sameer he, he is everything. So he is me, as I'm saying something to him. Allah is Allah is one who sees everything, sees everything. So therefore where I am, he sees me exactly what I know what I'm doing, what I'm intending what I'm saying what I'm thinking, Allah knows that. And that's how we think of Allah that He is there his existence is there, we do not say and we do not say that he is under the debate between the between the

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certain people of certain different sects of al Qaeda. And I know some people accuse others accusations going on both sides.

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One party says that he because Allah has said he is used estaba Allah loves and so on. So he is above

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or estaba is used the word stellar stellar means that he has ascended. That's what they they allude this meaning to be that he is ascended. So he's ascended to the sky descended to the to the earth. So they take a kind of literal meaning of this. But again, it is wrong to say that a lot is it is wrong to say a lot is above there are not here. That is one extreme. That is one extreme, because what you're doing again, is you're limiting a lot what

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you will live into a lot one

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dimension is wrong to say that. Now that's one party. The other party says there are lies everywhere,

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lies everywhere, mineralized in every single space everywhere would mean what lies in every single possible space. That is also incorrect.

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That is also incorrect. Because if you say that lies everywhere, what have you done,

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you have put away

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creation, we say within his his own in his own creation of dimension, you put him inside that you you're saying that he is in his creation. So and we we can't we have got nothing in the actual Quran or the Sunnah to either go of this first party that says he's just above all the other one that says he's everywhere at the first party have cited certain things of his tower and said he's he's transcended who is ascended or

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On above,

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again, Imam Malik Rahim Allah he has said so much who

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is still at what did Allah actually mean by what he said the word he used the word is derived from self, we this is this is something which has which we have no knowledge of came here to mala we know on this earth if you say somebody has ascended, somebody descended, we know the meanings of these things, but with regards to Allah we don't know. And he has said the best thing is not to question

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and even if you if you question his color Aveda his color innovation,

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so, as you said, this is invasion which means what some of these things that Allah has used for himself, we'll leave it to him. That's the best way to to live it. If somebody says to you, well, what do you believe in Allah always a lot. The thing is, thing is Allah, I believe is in existence. And I'm a movement by that.

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I believe in his existence, and I'm a movement. And this, this phrase of an ally in July. In another part, we'll cover the hadith of this. It was only used a couple of times by Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam to verify the amount of a young girl

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is only used a couple of times to verify the amount of a young girl when Sahabi came in, he said, Mr. Bhalla, I have to I have to release a slave that is a believing slave. So can you tell me if this girl is a believing slave? And to that,

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to that individual, Rasool Allah has asked Allah. Now there's there's about three or four different narrations regarding this. One of them suggests

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one of them suggests that she couldn't speak.

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So Rasulullah, Salah has had to question her in a different way, different to what he done in many different hobbies. How did you verify the man in many different hats? He said, at the Chateau Allah, Allah, Allah. He said, Do you actually witness that there is no no, there is no one where the worship of Allah or he would say, you know, I took me to Villa Do you believe in Allah, and so on. But in on this occasion, he decided to say I know love whatever the reason is, it does not give reason to anyone to use this one method, which is only used once or a couple of times in Asana over the many different methods that Rasulullah saw allows us to verify one's email.

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So an alarm should not be a question that we use, you know, Tony ways, like if you get that answer wrong, then you're going to be a Catholic. That's not the way to actually go about to try and know if you say this answer, you might be a Catholic design. So you might because that's not the way to go about it. What is important is Do you believe in Allah? If you want to find out when do you believe in Allah? Yes, I do believe you don't need to go into, you know the details of, you know, if I just believe in his existence, that's fine. Coming back to this thing about

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Allah azza wa jal, it is wrong to believe that he's everywhere. He's wrong to believe that he's in a particular place. Why? Because you don't know. I don't know. You don't know from something that is absolutely clear in the Quran and the Sunnah, the best thing we can say is that Allah has made one thing clear, instead of Quran Sunnah, which is his existence, we believe in his existence, we believe that he is there. And we don't need to go into details of exactly where now if there are lemma scholars who go into those debates, let the scholars go into the debates, but it's not something which the common people need to go into as a debate. The other thing I was going to cover

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is from this hadith of Bokhari

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in 3191, a Bahati there's that Hadith about

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it says kind of love Well, actually a man who allows that there's nothing else at all that was really now if a person starts to think, okay, I'm thinking about Allah and I'm thinking, one of the things that also lasala has said that he said, perfect Kuru Fie. Hello Killa wala filler. He said, think, ponder. And continue to think about what about the creation of God?

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And he also told us, Allah, Allah has told us, don't think and ponder about Allah. Don't think and ponder about Allah is one thing wrong to do. If one thinks about the extent of Allah see part of his attributes, if one thinks about how merciful Allah is, how much it will say, for instance, in Subhan, Allah, Allah gave mercy to that bird to feed its young Subhan Allah, Allah gave mercy

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To the mother to fear Sinhala, I like a message this person has killed them, Swan law has given mercy to you know this person and first forgiven that other person, this is fine. So you think about the creation of God where Allah Mercy is there in the creation of God, you think of Allah, Allah, Allah, the aim of how Allah has given this person knowledge and that person knowledge and so on, this is fine. But if you actually think about Allah Himself, okay, I'm not thinking about Allah, how wonderful you are without thinking of the creation, you start thinking about Allah, this is something that this is a dude is no goes on. Because you will eventually end up starting to have

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doubts about Allah because the ultimate was so solid, the shaytan will put inside is this is the creation of God. So where is Allah? Now, this is the creation of God. So who created God who created the law?

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Now, we don't go towards that. But it's a question that might occur, and especially, you know, us living in this day and age.

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And, you know, youngsters who go to school, they always are bombarded with these questions. And so who created God, especially with the atheist? Still the last question, Who created God? So we've got, you know, what was there before God?

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Now, if you, you know, we, as human beings, you used to always have thinking of things in the time and dimension. We were bound with that. We've never been out of that. Never. So for example, if I asked you who was there before us, our my mom and dad were there. For me, well, who was there before them, oh, he was my grandparents, who was there before that was my great grandparents. And then you can go with a triolo to add malasana.

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Okay, you can go back and say, if I say this must be who came first, you say, Well, you know, Uncle over there came first, or the caretaker come first, and he opened the mustard. And then he came in, and so on. Okay, and so, but then if you say, well, who was before the caretakers, all the mustard was empty.

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Now, normally in this world is always a thing of something possibly didn't exist, or wasn't there before something actually came into existence. With a larger agenda, this thing does not work.

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This thing does not work. Because something to have a beginning, to have a beginning to create the beginning. That is a lost power.

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Because he's budhia. But they are means that he creates something without having any prior existence. Any molecules, anything whatsoever before that, Allah azza wa jal created a formula to bring something to an end. This is also his doing, he can bring something to an end. But to apply these rules, these roles to the Creator Himself is wrong.

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And people people then might get still stay confused. They think, well, what? How can Allah just be there? How can I just be there?

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How can he have just come into because you're so used to this rule of you see a you see a wooden table. So you think of a carpenter,

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there must have been a carpenter to create the wooden table, you're so used to thinking of, you know, this is steel here that I've got, there must have been a blacksmith Pharaohs that has shaped the steel induced place. We're so used to everything in his entire world. Allah has put it into the physics of this world is or the norm of this world is that you will find one thing that has been the source of another thing that is in this world, but with Allah azza wa jal, it doesn't work with him. That question has worked with him.

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And he's given us a couple of things. He's given us a couple of things to think about.

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Which is what which is up to you the human yourself. glasses, Holy Quran, this is my creation. Allah said knowledge and this is what I've created. And alas told is now go and explore my creation. So he's told us in a lot of things, okay, he's told us, he is essentially him it natural Africa, he emphysema

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severe, beautiful I have a last verse, or towards the end of pseudo harmony.

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So then Hamza is Allah said, I will show them my signs in the horizons and I will show them within the human beings themselves. They two things he said, in the horizons and the human beings themselves. I will show my signs

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and what does that mean?

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Have humans explored the whole of the universe? Yes or no?

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Yes or no?

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Have they now completed the extra exploration of the whole of the universe? Yes or no? No? How much percent? Would you say that they have explored Allah's universe of the cosmos of the galaxies of the Milky Way's of the, you know, stars? That is, how many percent would you say that use?

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Less than 5%? Thinking? Even then it makes even then even claim less than 5%? Because we don't know what's beyond that the galaxies we know today. It's even then it would be a far claim to make that. And how much have we discovered of the human being when you look inside the human being? So you're looking right at the depths of the nerves and the cells and the, you know, parts of the brain? Or the or the heart? How much have we discovered of the human being?

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You said, 50%? Yeah, I wouldn't even say 50%. Because before they discovered the DNA,

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in the 50s, before they discovered the DNA, doctors thought, and, you know, researchers thought that they had, like you saying, a good 80% a good 5060 70% and discovered as a human being, and tell me, you know, there's a doctor, you tell me, what has How has the the discovery of the DNA, revolutionize the way we think about the human being?

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How has it done that? It's been phenomenal, right? absolutely phenomenal. It's like almost discovering, it's almost like making us feel, makes us feel that you know, what, we did not even know anything about the human being, I wonder DNA, they discovered that and it came to the gene code. And now they've said that they've they've broken now they've come to the end of the gene concern. It's still just the beginning.

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Imagine human beings on this earth have discovered this body, they were looking in this body for centuries, for millennia, they were looking this body. And in the 50s, just just 50 years ago, 60 years ago, a large says, Well, you think you know, you think you know, you're okay, he is DNA. It's always been a human being. So now they nothing a while, you know, they've got millions of genes to work with Now, what happens if I put this gene with that gene? What is my take away the gene, one of

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the committee that they just baffled is now opened, open fields 400, hundreds of new scientists to be born. To just discover the human being now about the cosmos, in our brother said that maybe less than 5% has been discovered.

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If less than 5% is true, I would say less than 1%.

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We don't even know because humans haven't even landed on Mars yet.

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They haven't landed on, you know, Venus or Mars or whatever, you know, the closest planets to us. They haven't landed on those. Once they land on those, if they ever get there.

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There's a lot of discovery to be done. And that's only one star.

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One planet out of the millions and millions Allah has created who knows what's on the who knows what's on what planet? Who knows? What is beyond these stars that we see every night? Who knows?

00:23:40 --> 00:23:53

A lot of them and they they've just about you know, they say they landed on the moon. And that was a whole hoax in the 60s whether they did it or not. But they whether they did it after that or not. They the movie just one just one.

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They only know a little about the sun. They only know little about these, you know, the Van Allen belt they know little about you know space and they've been okay, we've been to space but this is only just outside of this just a side of the Earth is almost like saying it's almost like saying imagine this. Imagine in this hole right now. We've got a small

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Man, you've got a small bacteria inside the cotton under the carpet has millions of bacteria in order, right? And remember that we do sudo

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Don't worry about it don't get don't get carried away by now there's a lot of bacteria inside there.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:47

Imagine one of them. A clever little bacteria. They're in a carpet just comes to the surface of the carpet and he sees this entire copy.

00:24:49 --> 00:25:00

He says Wow, that's a universe. But they say that's the universe and it's so small that you need you know a good Microsoft Project.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:15

Just just about able to see him, but he feels with his his little mates and the few bacteria that that they all feel that they now have seen this then added to discover, imagine, imagine they discovered his whole room? What's this room to the whole? dunya?

00:25:17 --> 00:25:20

What's this room to the whole of our planet Earth?

00:25:21 --> 00:25:27

If they feel that they know Planet Earth, the whole of existence by just knowing this, this whole here?

00:25:28 --> 00:25:43

Are you going to agree with me that they've totally lost it? That you'll agree with me? They totally lost it? Why on earth do they think this is the same way as humans if humans sing that they've discovered the whole of the Universe by having, you know, telescopes and the, you know, the

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certain strong lenses that they can look through to the new This is nothing at all. And what I like doing is jazz. What a jazz, jazz is to make you feel absolutely powerless.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:11

This is one called modules. amoda. When a when a prophet comes with a modular, or he comes with a miracle, why is the miracle color modular? Because when you're in front of the module,

00:26:12 --> 00:26:25

you're absolutely powerless. You've got no explanation, you've got no theory that will help you. You've got no equipment that you can use to try and verify you got nothing.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:32

If you look at musasa, when he when he put his his stick under the ground,

00:26:33 --> 00:27:06

as vanilla, as you know, this is modular because all those other magicians they came and they put the ropes in the stakes, and it was the people's eyes were mesmerized. And the eyes saw these things moving, wow, these are snakes on wall, I've got a massive circle is that they have a day of celebration, the whole cities here. And they've got massive circle and the magicians and the middle ground is is sitting there on his throne. And he's laughing because these, these, these

00:27:07 --> 00:27:42

socialists or the these magicians, they've come and they put the sticks and the ropes down and everyone's now seen snakes, they're seeing snakes and they think things actually move. But the Quran says you Hi yellow la demon Salim Anahata it was made to the eyes. There's a power that be which the eyes and the eyes will be wished. And the eyes were made to see certain things moving when none of these things were actually snakes and they were not moving the way that they saw them.

00:27:43 --> 00:28:03

Now what's the what's what's the magician going to do? A magician if he came to challenge these are the best magicians these are the ones that they they they used to you know mesmerize people all over Egypt and Egypt at that time was one of the biggest major cities across the whole of Arabia and Arabia at that time was one of the centers of the world.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:22

So now you can't get better than these. And as their their their feeling well, who's who's gonna know what's a magician and the magician is gonna come he's gonna probably put a biggest day one of his God and it's just gonna be another thing that's going to force you to make a scoop you move what's what's gonna make the third okay? They know the laws of magic.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:28

And musallam he feels that his his he feels that

00:28:30 --> 00:28:31

Europe You know,

00:28:32 --> 00:28:35

I'm, I'm overpowered, overpowered here.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:45

And Allah says, Allah says founders of Phoenix Akiva. He had a he had a fear inside in which he didn't reveal on the outside Shiva.

00:28:46 --> 00:28:53

And then Musa RSM was told to throw his stick and he threw down What happened here? What happened is

00:28:54 --> 00:29:07

his one actually turned into a real snake. And it wasn't just a real snake it turned into a massive huge towering

00:29:08 --> 00:29:26

you know one of those Anna condors what have you and uh, you know, imagine I don't know what but it must have been bigger than that. Because that it was towering over you but it was so large that people actually were ready to run and said because Don't forget that the first time was a lesson I'm sorry, he ran

00:29:27 --> 00:29:42

the first time who started I mean, man, you know, Allah said to you, what have you got in your hand and he said in my hand, I've got no steak I I take a leave done with it as I basically lean on it and I look after my sheep with Allah says, okay, throw it as you threw down when he turned to the cell.

00:29:46 --> 00:29:49

comma, comma, comma, comma, touch it, touch it.

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

You turn back to a reason. He came slowly stolen, stolen, stolen, he touched the thing and returned back to the state. Now he's lost that fear.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

But in this circle when he threw down this snake was a real snake, a massive one. Turn give the head did what when

00:30:14 --> 00:30:17

I'm sucked in all the sticks and ropes inside.

00:30:18 --> 00:31:06

Forget showing the little trick. This thing sucked all of them inside it. And the musasa he touches snake turning to stick an ad in his hand. Now they've got no sticks left. They've got nothing to throw magically. Now this is more jeiza this is out. Like what what is it? This is absolutely powerless. These magicians absolutely powerless in front of the modular. So what Allah is doing in the cosmos and what a lie is doing inside the human being is when he shows the scientists, the doctors, whoever they are. When Allah does this, he is showing more desert. He's he's he's showing them that they are absolutely powerless, powerless in front of his his mercy. And in front of his

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squadron is power. And that is Allah azza wa jal so when we did this one thing Allah has given us to think about when we want to think about his existence, I'm coming back maronna to my original point, or your point is that if you human beings, imagine that you're talking about bacteria on the ground,

00:31:24 --> 00:31:36

can you ever make these bacteria on the ground? that it thinks that this whole is is universe? Can you make that bacteria understand ever what it is to know the world? Can you ever do that?

00:31:37 --> 00:32:24

And if he was to look at you as a human being, and wow, these are the people that you know, rule the earth, right? So if I know one of these, then I know who it is, has he got that bacteria got any way of understanding the human mind? The brain? Yes or no guys? No. Has he even got point? 000000 1% have any way of understanding the human being what we are Yes or no? No. So Allah is telling us and showing us that if this is your creation, if this is you, and this other creation, no way they will ever understand you and your creation, there is no way you will understand me.

00:32:26 --> 00:32:57

There is absolutely no way a human being can sit here and start thinking about Allah. Allah was this allows that all these philosophers, all these philosophers are just wasting their time. Because what they're doing, if you start to think about a lot you're doing 111 is conjecture. You play a guessing game. You've got no proof. You're just playing with your mind and about possibilities. And Allah said in your own love,

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all they're doing is they are pursuing their conjecture, their own guesstimation their own guesses and their own estimation, what are you going to call it about Allah? Allah says, 1111 Allah, you will need mineral hockey, she

00:33:17 --> 00:33:36

says, One conjecture, thought where you've got no proof gives you reveals you nothing of the truth reveals nothing of the truth. So, the whole of philosophers, all of the philosophers, philosophers, and all of the different

00:33:37 --> 00:33:53

different departments and people and all of their books and all of the literature and all of the, you know, all of the AC centers on whoever has thought about a larger region, and they made this conclusion that conclusion, they are just bacteria on the carpet.

00:33:54 --> 00:33:55

What are they brothers?

00:33:57 --> 00:34:10

They just bacteria inside the carpet on the surface of this cup. And they think that they have known and reached the end of knowing Allah azza wa jal How will Allah

00:34:12 --> 00:34:35

and any Muslim that feels that they can think about Allah and come to conclusions you cannot there is absolutely no way you can I mean, if I give you if I just say to you, can you actually imagine what it is about infinite infinite infinite means that it has no end? Allah is infinite

00:34:36 --> 00:35:00

allies infinite so let's just think about you know, people peoples was foresight is about about about the past. So what was there before Allah this was sort of the shaytan gives. Now Okay, let's let's just say, let's just say to those people who have that was inside them, okay? Allah azza wa jal is infinite yes or no. So the circle is infinite. Now ask any human being to think

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

About infinity for tripe.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:06

Think about something that is endless

00:35:08 --> 00:35:23

that you try and come to the end of but it doesn't end it just carries on going and try and see the end of night doesn't end he goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Now, if I leave you here for 24 hours, yeah, I still thinking about infinity, you can even go mad.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:26

If I leave you for a week you'll be hospitalized.

00:35:28 --> 00:35:34

Because the human being can't think about it, you can, you can understand infinity by concept.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:38

But you cannot actually physically

00:35:39 --> 00:36:24

feel it or comprehend it in a way that you fully, you fully can, you know with your with your mind, you've got an experience of you can't experience infinity. The same way. If you can't do that, that way, you cannot understand Allah infinity backwards, was to you is backwards. So Allah is not backwards to human being, they will think, oh, allow us this all before thinking about backward. Why? Because the human being is got a past behind him. He's going to present right now and he's got a future ahead of him. So the human being can only think about past present future. Allah has no past. Allah has no prison. Allah has no future because Allah created the past. Allah created the

00:36:24 --> 00:36:27

present and that creates a future Allah has done.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:53

So Allah has never had a past. Allah never had a past. Never had a president never had a future. None of these, none of these apply to Allah. None of these apply to Allah. Allah azza wa jal simply, he was there. That's a hard he says, kind of La shaped man. He was he was always just they're always just there. And then once he decided he wanted to create, he created the pen.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:01

I want to show you in Haleakala, the first thing that Allah created called Muslim is the pen. So he told the pen,

00:37:02 --> 00:37:14

he created the tablet. And then Allah said to the pen, right now onto the tablet. So the pen wrote on the tablet, and it wrote, everything that allowed would now create

00:37:15 --> 00:37:44

the whole of his creation, it was written on this tablet, then he created the angels, we created some existence of this so that you know, of the of the cosmos or he created whatever he created on you know, of this whole universe, of the earth of the skies of the gases, whatever he created, he created that, but this was when Allah decided to do that. But Allah just always been there a lot. You know, who will our laser coupler? Who should

00:37:46 --> 00:38:16

he if you want to think about first? Do you just say Allah is the first but we don't, we don't mean allies, the first in the sense that there was a zero and then there was number one, no, there's no such thing as zero with Allah, he was, he was always there, existence has always been there. And if you cannot actually get this concept in your head, best thing to do, as I said, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, Is takatoshi halkyn law. You think about the creation of Allah, but you don't actually think about Allah azza wa jal

Sh Hasan speaks about the misconceptions that people make when it comes to the existence of Allah SWT as well as His creation.

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