Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 081B Tafsir Al-Anam 60-62

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the implementation of Islam in the United States and India, including the use of angels to visit people during the night and during the day. The process of recording and keeping up-to-date on one's behavior is discussed, including the shiny eye and the use of angels to protect individuals. The importance of protecting one's soul is emphasized, and the speakers discuss the importance of being careful with one's actions and not letting anyone affect them.
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Lesson number 81 Surah Al Anon is number 60 to 73

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Wahiawa and he is a lovey the one who yet our Falcom he takes you fully, he recalls you in full belatedly in the night, we are alone and he knows man that which Jura tome you all have committed been to have in the day? It is He meaning ALLAH who takes your souls by night. And it is he who knows all that you have committed during the day. Yet our fare come from welfare Yeah. He takes you in full meaning he takes your souls when, during the night, meaning when you fall asleep, how is it that you have fallen asleep? Because Allah subhanaw taala has taken your soul? This is why it is said that sleep is like the sister off what of death. Sleep is like the sister of death, it is very

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similar to death. Because when a person is asleep, there may be sound waves hitting his ear. But can he perceive those sounds? Flew? He cannot? Can he understand the conversations that are taking place around him? No, he cannot. Just like that a person who is dead? He's lying down. People may be talking conversing? Can he be a part of that conversation? No, he cannot. He's very similar to a person who is asleep and a person who is sleeping is very similar to the person who is dead, they resemble in their state. So, the word for sleep that is mentioned over here is also used for death yet on welfare calm, because the soul is taken away. But what happens is that when we are sleeping,

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the soul is not taken away in full, you can say that half of it is taken away and it is returned to the body. So a person wakes up. But when a person dies, then what happens the soul is taken away in full and it is never returned to the body. So what who Eleni? Yeto ufer, come belaid you he is the one who takes your souls by night, meaning you cannot fall asleep until Allah takes your soul. Does that happen to you ever, that you're lying in bed, sometimes for 45 minutes, sometimes for an hour, and you cannot fall asleep? Why? Maybe you could have just had a cup of coffee, or because you're very anxious and nervous about what's going to happen tomorrow. Or because you're unwell and you're

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not able to fall asleep. There may be different reasons. I remember once I was extremely sick, and I had been taking Tylenol throughout the day, you know, like literally you wait for the four hours to enter that you can take your next dose. That's what I've been doing all day long. And during the night, I could not sleep. I just could not sleep. You know, the first time ever I experienced is that you're lying in bed and you cannot sleep. It's dark, you're tired, keeping your eyes closed, there is no noise, nothing at all that would keep you awake but still you cannot sleep. Why? Because until Allah allows you to sleep, you cannot fall asleep. Well, who Allah the Yeto affair Combi lay,

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he is the one who takes your soul by night. And this teaches us that sleep is in whose control your sleep is in whose control Allah subhanaw taala so if you're suffering from insomnia, or you're suffering from the inability to control your sleep, then who do you need to turn to? Allah subhanaw taala if you're suffering from excessive sleep or lack of sleep, then who do you need to turn to for help Allah subhanaw taala Yes, you can take some meds to help you fall asleep or to help you control your sleep on the other hand, but still, they can never be 100% effective unless and until Allah subhanaw taala allows them to so we're who Elodie at our FeCO belaid where Allah Who and he knows

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Madurai to Binda, ha whatever that you commit, whatever that you acquire through the day. Jonathan was from the root letters Jeem Allah Ha, da. Remember the word doodle?

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Doodle. What does that mean?

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Well, Drew had the sauce. That's joaillerie Okay. Jawara or what limbs? But John Drew, what does that mean? Wounds injuries, okay. So DeRuyter literally means the injuries that you have caused. He knows about the injuries that you have caused through the day, but that's not the meaning over here. Okay. There are two jaw is used for wounds but it's also used for any action that a person has committed. Anything that a person has acquired, whether that action is good or it is bad.

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So anything that you've committed through the day, who knows about it, Allah subhanaw taala. And think about it, sometimes really, during the day, we injure one person, we hurt another, we break something, we destroy something else, we damaged something else, we scratch something else. All the things that we have heard all the people that we have heard all the things that we have damaged, all the effects that we have caused during the day, who knows about it, Allah subhanaw taala. And sometimes they're in a good way. And sometimes they're in a bad way. So just ask them as a general word, not just evil actions, but also good actions. Everything that you've committed, you know,

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sometimes you're working, let's say on this desk, and maybe you're writing or something, and you accidentally scratched the surface of the table. That's also what gelato. So what does this word show to us? Every small action, and every big action? Sometimes we're standing against a wall, and we scratch the paint off accidentally. But what is that a small action, unintentional deed? Every kind of action that you commit during the day? Who knows? Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. And what does this show to us the supreme knowledge of Allah soprano, his great knowledge and his great ability, because who can know everything about someone, the one who is very, very careful, because

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we as human beings, sometimes it happens that we want to know what others have done or what others are doing. For example, as a mother, you may want to know everything about your child, Where is my daughter going? Who is she going to talk to? What is she going to eat? Who is she going to sit with? All right, everything parents might want to know. So they ask you everything. They interrogate you sometimes. Sometimes they call your friends, sometimes they talk to your teachers, but still, can they know 100%? About you? You know what I'm talking about? Right? Can they know 100%? About you? No, they can't. Why? Because there are times when we managed to do things without letting them have

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any idea. But your mom may not have an idea. Dad may not have any idea but who knows. Allah subhanaw taala where Allah will murder right? Don't didn't have, he knows everything that you acquire throughout the day. Likewise, there may be someone who we really love and we want to know what they do. You don't like sometimes people follow others. So the check, okay, where are they going? And what are they going to do? Where are they going to eat? They want to follow them. What can they know 100% about them, they cannot only Allah subhanaw taala knows and this is amazing that every creature on this planet, every human being in this world, whatever they do during the day, Allah subhanaw

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taala knows, so long as they live, so long as they're moving and they're performing various actions. Allah subhanaw taala knows from the moment they wake up to the woman, they fall asleep. Think about it. Since this morning when you woke up until the nighttime when you go to sleep, everything that you've done every step you've taken, Allah knows where Allah mama didactum the MaHA and this goes on, that in the night your soul is taken in the morning, it is returned everything that you do during the day, Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. However, remember, that sooner then you were asked to come, he will raise you fee in it. Then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala raises you in it

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meaning he gives you he returns your soul to you when during the day. Leo Koba and this keeps going on that every morning your soul is returned to you, you have another day to live you have another day to acquire more, but this is going on why you Koba so that it may be complete, a Jalon, a term Musa Minh one that is fixed, meaning every morning your soul is returned, so that eventually the term that is specified for you may be completed. This is not going to go on forever. Every morning the soul is returned but it's not going to come back at one point. When Allah subhanaw taala will take it away, that will be over it will not be returned to the body. Meaning then eventually death

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will be given sama la he then to him Madeira come your return. Sama then you know be calm, he will inform you Bhima with that which continue work that Malone you will do. Meaning that eventually your soul shall not be returned, you will be instead taken back to Allah and He will inform you about everything that you have acquired in your life. So what do we learn in this idea that Allah causes us to sleep he causes us to wake up during the day. He knows everything that we acquire throughout the day. And eventually when the life term of each person is fulfilled, then the soul shall not be joined with the body

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instead, the person will be taken to who? Allah subhanaw taala. That is our return. And over there, what will happen? You will be informed of what you did. What does it mean by this, he will inform you about all the two acquired? Meaning, don't think that whatever you are doing right now doesn't mean anything. That just because you did something yesterday now yesterday is over and your deeds are over? No, they're not over. They're recorded. They're saved. And you will see them they will come before you when, when you will meet Allah subhanaw taala. And what does it mean by this? What's the purpose of you seeing your actions, so that you are given your recompense? You know, just like,

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throughout the year, what happens is that we take several tests, each test that we take, the marks are recorded, but what happens, we get the test paper back and we put it away, or we lose it, or we get rid of it. But just because we have removed it from our site, it doesn't mean it has become non existent. Eventually when the course will end, the result will come before you isn't it so, the results will come before you. So just like that, whatever we are doing today, it is being recorded. Tomorrow we will see it meaning the results will be given to us. So my tuna bill can be my content, term alone. So we started from a certain point, we are now here for a term when the stirring will be

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over. We're going back to Allah answerable for all that we have acquired. Wahiawa and He is Allah hit the subjugated folk above everybody his servants, Allah, He is the subjugated over his servants, Allah hit. It's one of the names of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it's from the root letters of her. God. God is to overcome someone how that whatever you say, will be done, whatever you decide will be done. It's 100% your authority, your control, your say your power. Uh huh. So the other on whom you have power, has no control. They have no liberty, no freedom, nothing at all. So I'll go ahead. He is the subjugated focus phulkari. Buddy he above his servants. Remember that the word God doesn't

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necessarily give the meaning of oppressor, oppressor gives meaning of someone who is unjust and unfair, right? Someone who is forcing other people to do something, you know, against their will? No, our head is someone who has full authority over someone full control over someone so that they have no say no freedom at all. And it doesn't mean that they are unjust and unfair. It just means that they have full control and authority. This is just like a mother. Okay, or an adult person has full authority over who an infant, okay? The infant doesn't want to be changed. But the adult person will change them. The infant is crying, screaming, but still, the mother is changing the baby. The

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infant wants to be picked up. But the mother decides no, the baby should not be picked up right now. He needs to cry it out for a few minutes, at least for instance. All right. So the baby does he have any control? All he can do is just scream and cry. That's it. But who has ultimate authority, the person with more power. So it's like as though the mother has a horror over the baby. But still we see that adults don't have full authority. Because sometimes what happens is that you want the baby to sleep.

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And you will try for hours sometimes do have the baby go to sleep but will the baby sleep? Can you have full control over there? No, you can't. So, ultimately, what happens is that before others we see our weakness we are defeated even by little children sometimes. But Allah subhanaw taala he has full authority, full control, he is his subjugated over his servants. And this means that whatever he decides for a person, that person has no control. He has no Ceylan nor freedom, that nothing at all, he is just weak. It is going to happen to him he has no control over the situation, or who will call hero focus everybody. And it doesn't matter how strong the person may be, how powerful they may

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be, how much money they may possess. When Allah subhanaw taala he decides something than his will prevails. His decision. It prevails, then people have no control for their own. Didn't he have supreme authority in the land? Didn't he? What did he claim that he was a god? He said that look

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got all these rivers they flow at my command, look at all my power. He said to the people, that I do not know of any God for you except for myself that I am your God. But still what happened to him when he was in the middle of the Sea and the Sea started closing in on him, whose will prevailed. Allah subhana wa who will die hero folk or EBRD. He is the subjugated over his servants, he has complete control and authority all are subservient to his supreme will. And this means that he cannot be opposed his will cannot be resisted in any way. Well, we'll go ahead and follow Clary by the way you'll see Lou and he sends our lay come upon you have forgotten guardian angels. He sends

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upon you guardian angels. Why, in order to guard you the word half Allah is the plural of Hatfield. It is the plural of the word Hatfield and Hatfield is from the root. What's the root? Ha, fell? Wha any word that comes to your mind? When you hear these letters?

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Hips? What does this mean Duffield to memorize the Quran? What does that mean that you are preserving the Quran, where in your heart and your mind and your memory? You're keeping it safe. I remember once a sister she shared with me what her teacher said to her. She said when she started memorization, her teacher asked her why do you want to memorize the Quran? She said, Because I want to be able to preside it. I want to be of those people who will be honored on the Day of Judgment. Right? Because the one who has preserved the Quran, he will be honored on the Day of Judgment, right, there's much reward for him. So she kept going on and on. And finally the teacher said that

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good. This is all good. However, your intention should also be that you want to preserve the Quran. You want to be of those people who are the carriers of the Quran. Because the Quran is preserved, not just in writing, but also in memory. There are some papers, some books, some sheets that contain the Quran, or maybe some gadgets, okay, and then there are some hearts that have the Quran in them that have preserved the Quran inside of them. So you want to be of those people who have the Quran in their hearts, you want to preserve the Quran.

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You want to convey it forward you want to be of those people who are carriers of the Quran. So hips, what does it mean to preserve to look after to ensure that something is safe.

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So you sooner alikhan Half Allah, Allah sends you, Guardians on you, those who look after you, those who ensure that you are safe.

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So radical, I remember once I saw you to this person, he doesn't know how to speak. He doesn't know how to talk to others, but you memorize Quran and then the shift asked him, Did you memorize Quran? What he replied he said, Al Quran who unhappy so the Quran the one is broken up to

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that we think that we are preserving the Quran but in reality the Quran is preserving us.

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So anyway, we use sudo Alikum, half Allah so half Allah over here gives us two meanings first of all, as you know plural of half, half gives the meaning of firstly protector. So Allah subhanaw taala descends on us who are angels who are like protectors, guardians, why, to protect us to guard us to preserve us from what from harm from danger. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, so that the Lord I 11 Lahoma Aktiva two min benei a day he women huffy, Yafa, Hoonah Humann umbrella for each person or successive angels, meaning who have shifts like no security guards, they have shifts some of the night duties on the day duty. So just like that successive angels, okay before and

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behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah. And so the product I afford, we learn in Kullu Nuptse lemma. I really have no there is no soul except that there is a guardian appointed over it. When a person recites AYATUL kursi, for example, in the morning or in the evening, then what happens Indians are appointed to guard him.

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Salam Alikum I just want to share this one. I tell you how is great. I remember once a sister she was sleeping in back home and she always read a little corsia She always do a car. So it was very dark and I'm seen light, huge light beside her. And I said what is that? And she told me? You see it too? I said Yeah. And she said I don't know. I see every time but I don't know what is it? And I was super

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Right. So while you sit around a comb half Allah, Allah sends angels to guard people to preserve them. And this happens at various occasions throughout a person's life.

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Like example was given off when a person goes to sleep, he resides outdoorsy, he takes refuge in Allah, He seeks protection of Allah subhanaw taala, then Allah sends angels to preserve and preserve and protect him from all from the evil of shaitan from the evil off various harmful creatures. Okay, recently what happened? My son, he had a nightmare. Children do right. So he had a nightmare, and he woke up really, really scared. So I told him that you should read it to see before you go to sleep. So, when we had a conversation and Mama, you do read it, so I read it for him, but I said no, now you have to read it yourself. So Hamdulillah he started reading himself and he said now shippon is

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not going to bother me. Inshallah shippon is not going to bother you. So this is true that the angels are appointed to protect a person. So the Shavon also keeps away. In the Hadith, what do we learn that the angels they do not enter a house in which there is a dog or in which there are pictures? And why is it necessary to have angels come to your house to protect you and preserve you because they bring Allah's mercy and think about it? If the angels are present can be long gone, then will he have the confidence to come and if he tries to cause any mischief, if he tries to create some facade, ALLAH SubhanA Carla's angels are there to protect you and preserve you. Just

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like that. Another occasion where the angels protective person for our hotel is also at various battles. Fighting against them, we're seeking the enemy, Allah subhanaw taala he sent groups and groups of angels to protect the Muslims. Right? In the Quran, we learn that in the medina cholera Buddha Allah to muster camo turnersville Rene will melodica that those people who say our Lord is Allah, and then they become firm on this, they don't give up this belief at all. They remain firm. Then what happens? The angels descend on them. Alert Hafele one a person that don't have fear. And don't be sad. No Olia filha to dunya. woeful, we are your friends in the life of this world and we

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will also be your friends in the hereafter. So your friends in this world, what does it mean? That they come to preserve you and to guard you? And you know, some scholars have said that there are multiple angels guarding the eyes of a person protecting just your eyes, multiple angels. And sometimes you'll see that you fall or someone falls, they trip and they get hurt.

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Just on the side of their eyes just saved. Their eye is just saved.

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So what happens? Allah subhanaw taala protects people, right? And these angels, why do they protect a person? Because Allah subhanaw taala has sent them where you say no, he ascends or they come haha what can Allahu Allah Kulish Are you lucky but we learn the Quran that Allah is over everything and observers so Allah himself is a greatest protector, and then he also sends his troops in order to protect the servant. Secondly, have Allah over here also means keepers and watchers, meaning those who record and preserve what the deeds of the son of Adam, the actions of every single one of us not just the actions but also the words because of the Quran we learn myofilament Colin in less than a

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year of people in our team, a person does not utter a single word except that there is an angel that is ever present prepared to record it. You utter you say and the angel has recorded immediately. So not just our words, but also our actions everything we do the angels preserve and record in so to infer thought I attend 11 We're in gnarly con la haffi lien kilchoman. Cathy been indeed upon you are preservers keepers, who are they kill Aman, honorable angels noble Angels that are Cathy bean, that are writing and recording everything you say and do. Now again, Allah subhanaw taala he knows whatever we're doing, he knows whatever we are saying, but it is at his command, the angels are

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keeping this record they are maintaining this record. I will hold I don't know Bula on who reported the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam said, there are angels who take turns in visiting you by night and by day. There are angels of Allah who take turns in what in visiting you by night and by day. So some angels that come to visit you during the night and some angels that come to visit you during the day.

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and they all assemble at Fudger, and are sorta at the time of Fudger. And at the time of Arsal, all the angels are present, what does this mean? This is just like, if one person has the morning duty, okay, the day shift, and other person has the night shift. So from the time that the morning shift begins, okay, at that time, who will be present, both the individuals, the one who is finishing his night shift, and the one who's going to begin his day shift, both will be present, right? And just like that, when the day shift is going to end, both will be present, the one who's ending his day shift, and the one who's going to begin his night shift. So the angels, they visit us some during

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the day and some during the night, but at two times all are present, which two times at the time of Fajr. And at the time of acid. Okay? And then what happens? Those who have spent the night with you, they ascend to the heaven, and their Lord, who knows better about them asks, in what condition did you leave my slaves? They reply, we left them while they were performing Salah and we went to them while they were performing salah. We left them as they were performing also, when we came to them, they were performing Fajr were you sudo are they come highfalutin. Allah says on you angels to watch your deeds, Allah knows already, but he sends angels to witness our actions. For the next time we're

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finding it difficult to wake up for Fudger think about it. Angels are right here. And they're gonna go to Allah until I want that I'm still in bed, that I'm still hitting snooze.

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Though I'm still saying five more minutes, five more minutes, five more minutes. And the next time we're doing our prayers, also prayers again, remind yourself that the angels are here right now. And they're gonna go to Allah what are they going to tell him? That she's just finishing up her TV show? She just almost done reading the book, and Salah Yaya, she'll pray later, maybe perhaps. So will your pseudo Aliko have a letter and he sends on you guardians and these angels they remained with a person during the day during the night and the visit him like this at regular intervals. Had the until either when it came a hudec on one of you allow to the death. This keeps happening. Their

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shift nightshift keeps changing, until eventually the time of death approaches a person. Then what happens, though affect Hooroo Soluna then the angels don't just come and witness the action and go report to Allah, but rather they take him to affect who they take him also Luna our sent once our messengers over here messengers means the angels who have been sent by Allah, specifically to take the soul of the person, the warfare total Soluna the taker soul or whom layer you for report, and they do not feel they do not fall short in what in fulfilling their duty in taking the soul of a person. So what do we learn over here, that a person is never alone during the day, and during the

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night, anywhere, anytime they're always angels with you,

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either protecting you and guarding you, or protecting and guarding your deeds. And on regular basis, the deeds are reported to Allah Subhana Allah knows already but still the angels are being made to witness our actions, and they go in report to a loss parameter.

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And this keeps happening until the time when

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a person is supposed to die. Then what happens Allah sends whistle and these rustle are the angels of death, who come to a person and do not leave until they have taken his soul until they have taken his soul. In her these we learn that when a person is supposed to die, the Angel of Death comes with multiple other angels. There are multiple angels who come to take the soul of a person. If a person is a righteous person, a righteous servant of Allah. Then which group of angels can

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which group of angels come those who look beautiful those who smell beautiful, those with shining radiant faces. And if a person is sinful and disobedient, then what kind of angels come those who are horrific in their appearance, scary and when they come, they wait until the exact moment they come

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and they wait. They keep looking at the person waiting for the exact moment to take the soul away. And when the time comes, they say, he has eaten what he was supposed to eat. He has already drank what he was supposed to drink, meaning he has consumed everything that was decreed for him. And now, his time has come and the tickets that were fed also Luna or hula, you find your phone you for return is from further apart. And it means to neglect. So, they do not neglect in taking the soul, meaning they do not leave any of it in the body. Now the take it fully likewise, they do not lose it on the way No, they take it

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and they deliver it where it is supposed to be delivered. There were four total Soluna were home there you for let alone some Medan would do they all are returned in Allah to Allah. When the time has come, the angels have taken the soul that the soul is taken return to who? Allah and who is Allah Mola home their Lord and help the true

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their souls are taken to who Allah their true Lord, Allah unquestionably Lahu for him meaning ALLAH has the judgment meaning the judgment, the final decision lies alone with who Allah subhanaw taala so if he decides for a person to die at a given time, he will die no matter how much people try to rescue him, no matter how much the entire world tries to save his life No. Hola Hola Hola locum judgment this decision lies only with Allah wa Hua and he is a slur most swift and Huseby of those who take account in Hardee's we learn that when other money center was created and he was showing all of his children. He saw a man who was very, you know, handsome in his appearance very, you know,

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attractive. So other artists I'm asked Allah that who is this? So Allah subhanaw taala told him this is your sandalwood. Those are the Sunnah. So are the Renaissance asked Allah subhanaw taala that how much life has that we've been given? Meaning how long will he live in the dunya? So Allah subhanaw taala informed him it was a very limited amount, if I'm not mistaken. 4060 less than 100.

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So Adam, really Salam said, give him these many years for my life. Give him these many years from my life, he wanted that the world should live longer.

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It's almost time to reset. Okay, so what happened when other Islam was in the dunya? And the time of his death came? The angels of death were sent to him. He said that no, I still have these 5060 years.

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And he was reminded that no, you gave that time to your Sunday,

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you gave that time to your Sunday. So anyway, what do we see here that every person's time of death is fixed, the angels come at the exact specified time, and they do not neglect in fulfilling their duties and the matter of death and life is only with Allah subhanaw taala meaning he ultimately decides.

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And here we also see Wahoo Ursula and her CV and he is the most swift of those who take account.

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What does this mean? That Asaro is from seen Ryan and Sora is to be quick to be prompt, then has it been Florida has a passive one who takes herself. So this means that soon after the soul is taken,

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the accounting begins there, he said begins does it?

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Does it begin immediately? Yes, it does. Because when a person's soul is taken, and eventually when he is buried in his grave, whatever that grave may be, whether it's the belly of a fish, or it is, you know, under rubble, okay? Or it is in the depths of the ocean, or it is literally in a grave, whatever that grave may be where a person's body rests. That is where his HERSA begins. What do we learn in the Hadith, that a person when he's left in his grave, and the angels come and they ask him questions, How many questions do they ask him? Three questions, what are they? When Rob look, Who is your Lord? Then, Medina, What is your religion and when are the yoke? Who is your Prophet?

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The HRSA begins immediately and then eventually when the day of judgment will come in, then what will happen? The hisab when it will begin, it will take one time to begin, but once it begins, it will be dealt with immediately. In this dunya what happens a case it takes sometimes years and years

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Sometimes a decade or more to be finally resolved, you know, sometimes you hear in the news so and so person who was accused of such and such crime back in 1990, something back in 2000 and something today finally he got his final verdict after how many years, so many many years. But when Allah subhanaw taala begins the reserve, that he has a slot on her CV in Hadith, we learn that the total time that it will take for the hisab to be over is like from the morning until early afternoon. Morning until early afternoon, just imagine the entire creation there hisab is done in this time, it will take many 1000s of years for the hisab to begin, but once it begins, very swift will who will

00:35:46 --> 00:35:50

assert will has to be in let's listen to the recitation of these verses

00:35:51 --> 00:35:53

well, who will be

00:36:05 --> 00:36:08

me so

00:36:10 --> 00:36:13

comfy to you all

00:36:23 --> 00:36:24

you're gonna be open

00:36:27 --> 00:36:27


00:36:31 --> 00:36:36

a whole on your phone, Bye, buddy. Well, you see no

00:36:37 --> 00:36:38

hustle mountain

00:36:41 --> 00:36:41


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00:37:08 --> 00:37:11

in law email, we'll learn how

00:37:13 --> 00:37:15

to qu

00:37:16 --> 00:37:18


00:37:20 --> 00:38:11

So, we have come from Allah, and we shall return to why? Because ultimately we belong to Him. He is the true Malik, because He is the One who created and every single one of us will return to Him and His will, will prevail over us in this dunya when we come to life, when we sleep when we wake up, and ultimately when we die. So what is very important than that we are careful about our deeds, because this is what we have to show. This is what we are preparing to present to Allah subhanaw taala when we finally meet him, whatever we are doing, and for that, to witness all of our actions, Allah subhanaw taala sends half Allah, guardians to watch us to preserve our actions so that they're

00:38:11 --> 00:38:54

not lost in history. No, they're recorded, preserved. And this shows that we should be very careful. But sometimes we're very heedless about what we say about what we do. When we're writing. We're writing carelessly, when we're talking. We're talking endlessly, without even thinking that everything is being recorded. We pollute our lives, and we pollute the lives of others with so much junk, junk, meaning our actions which are useless, our words that are useless, our thoughts that are useless. And think about it, whatever we are doing now, we have to show it to Allah. When we say in a solidarity one who Sookie over here, a woman Murthy delay, hello, Bill. I mean, what does it mean?

00:38:55 --> 00:39:29

That my prayer, my sacrifice, my life, my death? Everything is for Allah, this life of mine, I dedicate it to Allah, what kind of life is it that we are dedicating to Allah? Is it worth dedicating? Think about it every day? Ask yourself this day, I dedicate to Allah. Is it worth dedicating? What have I done in this day? What good have I accomplished? What bad did I leave? That I can say? Yes, Oh Allah, this day of mine is for you so that you can be happy with me.

00:39:30 --> 00:40:00

And if we don't perform our you know, actions with your son, if we don't bring about your son in our day and our night, then again, eventually we are going to Allah. And he's going to question whether we're a Surah Al has been, he is the most swift in taking account. Because death is certain each one of us has to return. In a hadith we learn a lot Robin Azzam, he reported the prophets of Allah to send them said, Indeed when a believer is at the point of departure from the one

00:40:00 --> 00:40:22

worldly life, meaning when the time of death comes to him, and he is about to enter the next life. angels descend from the heaven, their faces white as the sun, white shining radiant as the sun, they carry with them a shroud from the fabric of gender

00:40:23 --> 00:40:46

and embodiment from the fragrance of gender being fragrance from done to apply on that person. They sit away from him at the limit of his eyesight. And sometimes it happens that there is a person who is at the verge of dying. And they keep asking that, you know, these guests are here, please make them sit somewhere. And everybody's like, which guests who are you talking about?

00:40:47 --> 00:41:14

Have you heard of such stories? That people who are in that state of near death, they're saying they're referring to people who are around them, but nobody sees any people around them. This happened with my grandmother, she was having cancer. And even my auntie, my Cooper, she was a doctor. And she was saying to her, Look, the people are coming here, they're going to take me and everybody was looking and say, No, nobody's here. And after like five minutes, she will know more about them.

00:41:15 --> 00:42:06

So it happens that sometimes people even see the angels and because they're in that state of, you know, between consciousness and consciousness between life and death, really, they add that bridge. Sometimes they also talk about who they see. So they sit away from him at the limit of his eyesight. The angel of death, then arrives, the angel of death and arrives, sits by his head and says, all good and peaceful soul depart to Allah's forgiveness and acceptance. On hearing this, the soul leaves the body as easily as water drops from the spout of water ski. Think about a water bottle. When you're boring it how easily does water come out? Just flows out so easily. So smoothly. Just

00:42:06 --> 00:42:50

like that the soul leaves the body so smoothly, so easily. It doesn't mean that a person will not experience any pain. No, he does experience pain. Think about the Prophet saw about a sudden what did he say? When he was in NASA? That inner emoting Sakala, indeed, that has its agonies, it brings agony. There was you know, he almost had really high fever, sweating profusely, experiencing a lot of pain. So that is going to happen, I shall go on. And she said that when I saw that, I don't think that if any person dies and easy that under necessarily a righteous person know, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he experienced so much pain in dying than every other person is perhaps going to

00:42:50 --> 00:43:00

experience more pain. Imagine if he suffered so much pain, other people will do. But we see that the soul leaves easily of who a righteous person.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:45

And then the angel of death takes the soul when his soul leaves his body. All the angels between the heaven and the earth and all the angels in heaven pronounced salah upon him, meaning they ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his blessings upon that person, that his soul has left the body imagine all the angels between heaven and the earth, all the angels in the skies? What are they praying for? That person that May Allah bestow His blessings upon him? All gates of heaven open for him and by heaven, I mean, the skies, okay? All the gates are open for him. And the guardians of every gate implore Allah that his soul ascends in their direction. So the angels they asked, Oh, Allah, make

00:43:45 --> 00:44:14

this person come, I will we we want to meet him, we want to greet him, we want to welcome him. When the angel of death takes the soul, the other angels do not leave it in his hand for as little as a blinking of an eye. They take. And they place it in its route, which route the trail from dinner, and they put the fragrance on it. And from IT issues, the most beautiful scent of musk that ever existed on Earth,

00:44:15 --> 00:44:30

most beautiful fragrance. And to this the words of Allah subhanaw taala from middle of her total Soluna or whom lay for return these words apply, that the angels take the soul and fall and they do not neglect at all.

00:44:31 --> 00:45:00

In another Hadees we learn indeed when death descends upon the believer, and he witnesses things being the reward that is awaiting him. He wishes that his soul would depart quickly as he sees the angels of death coming and he sees that they are with shining radiant faces. What does he want? My death should come quickly my soul should be taken quickly. He wants to go quickly to Allah and Allah loves to meet him. When he is being taken. The angels of mercy come to him with the beat

00:45:00 --> 00:45:16

Some white silk, and the Angel of Death says, depart all good soul that inhabited a good body, by your soul in a body, your body, a good soul in a good body. And ask yourself here, that How clean is my body,

00:45:17 --> 00:46:08

clean in the sense that according to Allah subhanaw taala, this standard of cleanliness, How clean is my soul, according to standard of Allah subhanaw taala. So he says, depart a good soul that inhabited a good body, depart gracefully, and receive good news of happiness, sweet fragrance, and the Lord who is not unhappy with you receive the good news of happiness, of sweet fragrance, and the Lord who is not unhappy with you. And this continues to be sad, until it leaves the body so as the soul is being extracted, the angels This is such comforting words to him. And eventually, when the soul is taken out, then the most beautiful scent of Musk is issued, the angels pass the soul to each

00:46:08 --> 00:46:49

other, each one smelling it. Just imagine, you know, when you find a flower that smells really beautiful, you smell it, and you pass it to your friend who passes it to somebody else who passes it to somebody else. Or if you're at a store and somebody you know gives you a sample to smell, what do you do you smell it, you pass it around, so that everybody can enjoy that beautiful smell. Just like that when the righteous soul is taken out the angel smell and the basket around that you also smell you all the smells so beautiful. And on the other hand, what happens that when a person who doesn't believe in Allah, when a person who is sinful when he is at the point of departure from the worldly

00:46:49 --> 00:47:39

life, and is about to enter the hereafter. The angels with her rific faces carry appearance, they descend to him from the heavens, and they bring with them dark fabrics from the fire, meaning from the hellfire. They sit away from him at the limit of his eyesight, the angel of death arrives, sits by his head and says, Oh evil soul depart to the anger and punishment of Allah. On hearing this, it becomes terrified and clings to the body. But the angel of death extracted by force, like a skewer is pulled from Wet wool. Just imagine something very thorny. Okay, that is pulled away from let's say, a woolen scarf that you may have what will happen to the woolen scarf, as you pull that thorny,

00:47:40 --> 00:48:24

sharp skewer away, what's gonna happen to the wall, it's gonna get torn apart, it's gonna get ripped. So just like that the soul is pulled out, extracted forcefully. And imagine the pain and the agony that a person experiences causing the veins and nerves to burst. And the angel of death takes it. Every angel between the heavens and the earth and every angel of the heavens, curses him, the gates of Evans are shut, the guardians of every gate implore that Allah do not send this person towards us, we don't want to see him. We don't want to be those who have two witnesses arrival, we don't want to know Him. When the angel of death takes the soul, the other angels do not believe in

00:48:24 --> 00:48:37

his hand, for as little as the blinking of an eye. They put it in that tough fabric and from it emanates the most repugnant smell of a decaying carcass that ever existed on Earth, nasty smell.

00:48:38 --> 00:49:21

In another Hadith, we learn when death descends upon an enemy of Allah, and he witnesses things, meaning his punishment, that he wishes that his soul would never depart. And Allah hates to meet him. He doesn't want to leave. And Allah doesn't want to meet him. The angels of punishment come to him with course fabric, and the Angel of Death says depart or evil soul that inhabited an evil body, depart disgracefully to Allah's punishment and receive evil tidings of boiling fluids and dirty wound discharges to Greek, and other types of suffering of similar nature all paired together. And this continues to be set until it departs smelling like the worst of decayed carcasses. So death is

00:49:21 --> 00:49:25

something that is real, every person is eventually going to die.

00:49:26 --> 00:49:31

And how a person dies, depends on how he lives now.

00:49:33 --> 00:49:39

Think about it. What do the angel said, oh, good soul that lives in a good body.

00:49:40 --> 00:49:45

clean soul, clean body, evil soul, evil body.

00:49:46 --> 00:49:48

So these are two things that we need to focus on.

00:49:50 --> 00:49:59

What's in my heart? What's in my mind? What kind of thoughts what kind of feelings what kind of hopes and wishes? What do I like? What do I dislike? What do I yearn for? What

00:50:00 --> 00:50:11

My repulsed by it matters a lot. My body, how much effort do I put into keep it clean? And by keeping it clean? I don't mean taking a shower every day or every other day. I'm talking about voodoo.

00:50:13 --> 00:50:17

Voodoo, how much effort do I put in to make wudu? Because sometimes will become lazy making.

00:50:19 --> 00:50:32

Right? How much effort do I put ensure that there is no unnecessary hair on my body, which we have been told very clearly to remove from certain parts of the body.

00:50:33 --> 00:51:12

Because a good soul cannot be in a bad body. You know, one of the companions, he was jailed literally for a long time for several days. And eventually the machine of Makkah, they were going to execute him publicly. So when they came to take him, in order to execute Him, He requested that he should be allowed to pray. And before he performed salah, he asked if he could get something in order to clean his body in order to get rid of unnecessary hair from his private parts. Because he was jailed, he wasn't able to keep his body clean. So he wanted that when he dies, his body is clean.

00:51:14 --> 00:51:18

So he asked for it, he cleaned himself, took a bath,

00:51:19 --> 00:51:22

performed salah, and then he was publicly executed.

00:51:24 --> 00:51:35

Just imagine how careful the companions of the Prophet said about a certain word about their body being clean. So this is something that we need to pay attention to as well. But you have soul in a play your body.

00:51:36 --> 00:51:42

In the Quran, we learn that those whom the angels take, but you been when they apply here.

00:51:43 --> 00:52:12

And what does it mean by that, that they're good in their arcs good in their bodies. So we've made a lot of emphasis on beautifying, perfecting our face, that there should be no extra hair above our eyebrow below our eyebrow, between our eyebrows every year bothers us. But when it comes to we'll do that we don't pay much attention. And when it comes to taking a morsel properly, at the right time again, we neglect that. So these are things that matter more.

00:52:14 --> 00:52:23

So death is certain it will come the angels of death will come but who will come to take my soul. This is something that we need to ask ourselves every day.

00:52:24 --> 00:52:37

Who is going to come to take myself whenever we are alone? Think about it. There may be angels who are waiting to take my soul away? What kind of angels are they? What kind of melodica rd

00:52:38 --> 00:52:57

and have the yearning to meet Allah because the more a person wants to meet Allah, Allah subhanaw taala wants to meet him too. And yes, we are afraid of dying, death is difficult. But it is easier to accept it when a person has something that he is prepared to show to a loss promoter.

00:52:58 --> 00:53:16

So every day question yourself, what have I prepared to present to my Lord? What have I accomplished, to show to Allah, your last powder to help every single one of us to do that in our lives, which will really prepare us for that final meeting with him.

00:53:17 --> 00:53:24

That will help make that meeting a good one that will make our departure an easy departure from this life.

00:53:27 --> 00:54:15

I just wanted to share that online puzzle Hotel. My Thai women are that elder brother he passed away. He came from Asia Salah and he was sleeping and they were just preparing for eat. So he was talking to his kid. And all of a sudden he had had an Hypertech and within five minutes to pasture. But the thing is that after the next like he passed away at nighttime, so next day right after eating, it was his janazah. So there were so many people who came on his funeral. But like our family has sons, nobody knew everybody was a stranger for for them. So everybody was crying for him. And whoever came the thing they said about him he was there because he was a teacher in the school.

00:54:15 --> 00:54:39

And he taught for 35 years in the school. So there were students who came and there's like we were or orphan. And since we came to the school, your dad was paying for our piece. There was one guy he was crying and crying and crying. He wasn't stopping. So my cousin went to him and he said he was my dad. I'm not crying that much why you are caring that much. So he said that.

00:54:40 --> 00:54:59

When I was young, my mom came to the school. And she asked the admin to give me permission but she didn't have the fees. So the admin said no, go get the fee and then bring your child but he was there. So he said, Sister You just take him to the class.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:33

I will take care of him. So now that guy was a professor in a university. So he said, like, your dad paid my fee from the beginning of my school, to my university. And now I'm a professor in the same university. And no, but like most of the time, what happens when men do something, they come home, and they discuss with their wives. Even my time, I never knew what he was doing. Nobody was ever and there were so many people. But we will never know who those people are

00:55:35 --> 00:55:47

secret deeds between yourself and have us pound data that nobody knows about. And there's something that we need to pay attention to, every day do something that nobody knows about,

00:55:48 --> 00:56:26

once it was mentioned, but they met a really famous color. And they asked him that, you know, how do you do this, that everybody knows about what you're doing? And your lectures and everything? How do you keep your knees straight? You know, don't you have this fear that you will begin to show off? Or that what if your actions are not accepted? How do you deal with this, and they said that whatever actions of mine are public, I consider them to be nothing. I think, though I have not done them, I have not performed them, I don't give any importance of any value to them. So when Electra given any, you know, public effort, that I've started anything at all, any movement, anything, I don't

00:56:26 --> 00:56:32

give any value to it, in front of my eyes, it's like nothing, I don't count it as a good deed for myself.

00:56:33 --> 00:56:43

So then it makes me do other things which are between me and Allah, because that hopefully inshallah there will be something that will bring me benefit on that day.

00:56:46 --> 00:57:25

Only you and Allah knows about that. You should go for such kind of things such deep to go process things, whether it is secret sadaqa, or helping somebody anything or reciting the Quran, because sometimes I'm reciting the Quran, we want to make sure that Yeah, my mom knows I read the Quran today. Okay, so that she doesn't have to tell me again and again, right? When we're praying, we want to make sure that everybody knows that yes, I perform my soul so that nobody nags me again and again. So yes, there are things there are actions that will become public, inevitably. But at the same time, there should be some actions that are really a secret between you and Allah, because this

00:57:25 --> 00:57:39

is what produces is loss. This is what brings love in your heart for Allah. This is what makes you look forward to meeting Allah. This is really a day. This is really a life that is worth dedicating to abundance.

00:57:41 --> 00:57:48

And when the angel of death will come, then in Java, there'll be those with radiant faces giving him good news.

00:57:50 --> 00:58:05

This tip for being a PA Hara embody Inshallah, remember the ayah Allah said in Allahu Bhutto was, you know, your siblings are hearing. So if you remember that, as you will say, I will do what you saw Allah can love me

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