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Idris & Nuh Part 1

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The importance of guidance and the use of signs and symbols for shaping the world is highlighted in the context of the Prophet's guidance. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the generation of the first generation and the importance of forgiveness and balancing good and evil. The heart of the brother and sister is emphasized, as it is the only area where the world can be resolved, and Money and wealth do not always bring the truth, but they enhance the smile and look at the face of the person. In a video, a woman in a video was a bunch of liars, and in another video was also a bunch of liars.

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alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Okay, we've come to the end of the story of Advani salatu salam, and also the story of happyland COVID, which we did last time. And after this, what is important to know is that otherwise alignment however, as I said previously, they were in the whole civilization started around Macau around our world. And from there, obviously, they had children according to one Hadith,

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which Imam tabari has narrated, however, she gave birth to 40 sets, such as a 20 sets of twins. So that's 40 children. And if there's half

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there's another generation there that says, there were 120 there was those 120

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sort of children altogether that she, she gave 120 sets, or there's one that says 20 sets, one of them says 120 sets. And I know I said another another generation differently, which was more than that, nevertheless, they gave birth to those to those children. One of them that was born Well, she's, she's, now this becomes the next prophet after administer lamb. She is not one of the one of the 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran. However, his name has been mentioned, in a hadith.

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And also integrations that are found in the Torah. He was the son of Adam alayhis salam, and he was given to other malleshwaram as a gift sheath means he was law, but it means a gift of Allah, why he was a gift was because when kaabil killed the habit, when kaabil killed Javi in the last story that I told you, that's when Allah azza wa jal gave as a gift to other women Salaam sheath. Now this was a very, very righteous man who grew up. And don't forget that the early ambia so we're talking about in the time of administration, most of the things that he did apart from giving them some education, about the law, about the athlete and so on, they all gave that apart from that, he taught them how

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to be civilized on this earth. So him his son would carry that on, and from the progeny of sheath would come

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would come. Idris la sala, which is a prophet mentioned out of the 25 prophets in the Quran. So you have Adam and then you have Idris and then later on, you have no Holly salam, which is going to be a major discussion of today by Mohamed Salah. So Adam, you have Idris a note all these three of you mentioned the Quran in between Adam and Idris that is the son of Adam and Adam whose name is sheath. Now, they say that there's a there's a hadith that says Rasulullah sallallahu. wasallam has talked about

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the different

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MBR. So he was asked, this is a Hadith, according to ignacy ban in his Sahara, in his in his authentic narration. I will go with the alarma said he said O Messenger of Allah coming and how many prophets have been sent? So perhaps Allah has sent me says 124,000 prophets have been sent to this earth. And then he says almost sure of Allah. Can you do Suliman home? How many messages have been sent amongst them? And he says 313 messages have been sent amongst them, gentlemen who have a great, great amount. And then I said Mr. Bhalla, Mancha, Allah whom who was the first of them, and he told me that it was Adam and I Salaam and then I said messenger of Allah, was he a prophet that was sent?

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And he said, Yes, Allah azza wa jal created him with his hand. And then he blew into him, his his the soul of others around and then after that, he made him a human being in a form and so on. Now, there's another

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Hadith that talks about the cipher, the different different things that allows Odell had

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sat down so far again in a heartbeat from the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam

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This is a hadith Sahih Hadith. And again, that says that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said that in Allah and Allah Allah had revealed onto the earth me at asahikawa abbasov. Allah has sent 100 scriptures now scriptures are small books, and

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large books that we've got are for the Torah zoo in Geelong and the foreign however, the small scriptures that are larger than they might be seen, as you know, the equivalent of some surah or something in the Quran. So Allah sent 100 of them to the earth, and of them, 50 of them were sent on to sheath alehissalaam she was given 50 of those scriptures, these are Saudis.

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And we can take benefit from that. Again, we don't know the details of those but what we have is we have got

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we have got part of those part of them of the Scriptures then just the fact that they were sent I mentioned the Quran and there's a reason for that is that Allah azza wa jal vo he sent for great books to the earth and they will for the, for the for the great guidance of mankind. Allah always has informed his servants of how to connect with him, and allow wanted those servants to know about him. And Allah wanted them to be guided by these prophets individually in small ways. Now the guidance of Allah azza wa jal is from the greatest guidance to the smallest guidance. In fact, if you know right now, we haven't got profits. Right now you haven't got profits, and you've only got

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the book of Allah and you've only got the sooner the prompts a little awesome. So how do you know that Allah is guiding you? Well, there's many ways and one of those ways is that you either get guided from the Quran so you see an IC Well, you know, that relates to me, that relates to me, so that's one way. But another way is that though Allah is not going to send another prophet to the to the earth, there are many signs that a human being can see. And there are thoughts in the mind that occur. You know what, I shouldn't do this, you know, what I should be doing that Allah azza wa jal guides people right directly in this is not what he does not revelation. But this is where Allah,

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Allah guides is his Alhaji, and He will guide us in our thoughts in our minds, maybe through a friend, maybe a friend might tell us one day that you know, you should be doing this or maybe a friend. Or maybe you might even see something like, you know, in the last story, our villain had been there was a fight, one brother killed, and another brother and then the crow. And through that Crow, he sees what the crow is doing. And from that he gets a message that he's supposed to bury his brother into the ground. So there are many ways that our laws of jail can guide people in the modern world without us having to have a prophet coming. But the greatest of all of all, of course, is the

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Quran because the Quran has got messages in there that are interpreted in new ways, the same old message in a new way in the modern world. So what are the benefits? There is the alarm. Allah knows best but all I want to say is that there are a hadith or other if they are weak regarding she's alayhis salam. So I'm not going to even go into those.

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All I mentioned to you is that

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you had

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admired Salam had cheese, and then from sheath he had anoosh was one of his one of his sons. From there was Dana and from there was me, Lyle, and from Eli. He was Uri, the URI, and his son was Hulu, and Hulu is the one who is returning insulin. Right. So this is the progeny but they say that it is alayhis salam he got part of now this is this Sunday. I'm gonna reveal to Emacs thing. This is slightly weird. But though we've got like, how many have we got? Yeah, we've got one. We've got sheath as the son of Adam, then we've got a new the new God caner. Kenan, the new Camila, isn't it five and the sixth one becomes a digital SLR. Okay. But Idris got part of

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the era of Adam Isilon anything What? sixth generation down and he still sees his sixth grandfather above? Well, the thing was that Adam and I sent him got a miraculous life. His life was 1000 years. And that's, that's in acoem certain generations, he got 1000 years of life and other malayalam, his life of 1000 years Allah gave why because he wanted him to have this, you know, he wanted him to establish the way that that the children of adolescence should be on this earth. So it is an essential part of his great, great, great, great, great grandfather's life. And according to some nations, it's about 10,000 years before the before today's sort of date.

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It's about roughly 10,000 according to summarizations is slightly less than that. It's about 8000 years from today. Now, you might think what the the children of Adam have been on this or otherwise Salaam has been here on this earth like 10,000 years ago, or 8000 years ago. How can that be? Well, this is a controller historians. According to our historians, this is the case. Again, I can't say for certainty if that's the thing but with our su sallallahu wasallam, you've got a clear lineage of the prophets of Allah has marked up to Ibrahim al Islam is definite is definitive. The lineage of Rasulullah saw last name his father Abdullah and his father and his father and Carissa goes to

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Hashem and so on, carries on until it gets to Ibrahim Allah. definitive from Ibrahim alayhis salam to new Hello Sam Oh to admonish Salam is also recorded. That we don't know for definite if there's any of the any of the grandfathers that are missing there. However, many of the historians they say that from today, till he Salah salam, if you go backwards to Isa lesson period is about 2000 years roughly, from a Salah salam to musala salam should go back, it's about 2000 years, from musala Sunnah you go to Ibrahim Ali Salam is roughly another 2000 years from Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, you go back to New Holland ceram is about another 2000 years, and from New halation to administer them is

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roughly another 2000 years. Now, again, I can't tell you for certain what is there, what is not there and so on how much of this is valid? Not but it's certainly not, you know, a continuation that it is not 50,000 100,000 years or whatever. Now the earth is much older, don't don't get me wrong, the earth, you know, the scientists that might make discoveries on the ground and so on the fossils and how old they are. Now, the Earth is certainly a lot older. And you know, we we believe that there could have been a prehistoric age or whatever else is that we've got no qualms with that. And we don't have any qualms with whether the earth actually expanded from Mondeo core and came out of

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different lands and breaking off whatever, whatever that is. We don't have anything definitive.

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You've only got one small idea in Surah ambia, which talks about Canada Ratan Tata know that the Earth was together and Allah and split it up? So we've got something like that. That's, that's all you've got. But you haven't got anything else beyond that, about the actual age of it from the Quran. You've only got certain things that are from our historians, and they say this might be the sort of timeframe. So anyway, as I said, He's living 1000 years, and then either one of them he passes away. And after him the next messenger is Idris Ali Salam. Now the reason why Sam has

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mentioned 25 times in the Quran 25 times others have mentioned the Quran irisa mentioned twice in the Quran only. And new Khalid Salam who's who's next one and the main one we're going to discuss today Today has been mentioned 43 times in the Quran. Now, Allah says that I have related these prophets to use some of them are given the giving you details and some of them I haven't. And whatever was given us that's all we need. We don't need to know the other details of these profits. So all you get about it. These highlights from the Quran is Allah has said Siddiqa. Allah said this is in Surah Maryam number 56 no 57 surah number 1956 and 57 Allah says what could affiliate Kitab

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Idris remember in the book, remember, Idris Li Salam in who can sit deep and nebia he was a truthful Prophet, a truthful prophet mean that all prophets are truthful is not it's not just because he sets the cut to him. That means others were not truthful. nebia he was a prophet what a foreigner who and I lifted him mccannon Alia to a high lofty place. Now these are the three things three qualities that Allah says about Idris Ali Salam. One of the things immediately we need to understand is Siddiqa. Why did Allah say about him? Siddiq are very, very honest and truthful, just like Abu Bakr Siddiq, his his title is studied. Now when you get the title of Cydia it means that you are not only

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truthful in yourself, but you attest to the truth that is outside of yourself wherever it needs to be tested. And that's where he did you know, he called his title from so about Idris Li Salam Allah mentioned that he did. His very truthful. One of the things we learn from here is that allows as well obviously he likes truthfulness. And the more truthful we are, the higher your rank will be with Allah because straight after that Allah says, what a foreigner who McCann Alia I gave him a high status.

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Second thing of course, he's a prophet.

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And then about this mccannon Alia about this high status. What was this? Was it a status that Allah gave him? Or was it an actual place that Allah put him into the historic facility and they they differ here. Some have said that this is a high station like Rasulullah sallallahu was said,

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Allah to Allah, some what a foreigner laka de crock, I will raise your remembrance, that means I will raise your status of the prophets of Allah. Allah insha Allah in the Quran, however, other mufa silin have disagreed, and they've said that doesn't mean it's the status of his in terms of rank. No, it's actually that Allah put him in a high place because the word has been used McKernan, I put him in a place, what does that mean? That means that it reads Allah Salam is actually in the heavens. Allah has put him his soul in the heavens. And when Rasulullah Salallahu, according to a hadith of Bokhari and Muslim, when Professor Lawson went to Mirage,

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went to Mirage, he saw him on the fourth heaven.

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And he was introduced to Idris Khalid Salam. And he was he was, you know, he was told he said, Who are you and when he when he told himself it's a matter of you know, the dissolution said to the Prophet Lhasa, welcome, welcome my my brother in Prophethood, and so on, welcome, you know, to this to this world, and so not to displace. So they have said that it's actually a high place. So this is the this is the difference they have. The only thing we can take from here is that allows the hotel when we die, according to our actions, Allah is going to choose for us a place for our solar roof. And this is well known, if you look at the kitamura josiane. He has said this, that the soul will

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get different McCombs when you go to the next world. So if you are a Shaheed you will get a certain status and the status in Hadith or Muslim says that your your soul will go into the, into the into a green bird, and a green bird flies all over Ghana flies around Eleazar. And then it sits on to allas on the one of the corners of the lanterns of Allah's throne. And then it continues to fly. And one of the times he sits down and law says you know also Is there anything I can do more for you and the soul says that Oh Allah, if only you will send me back to the earth and the way that I became a Shahid I want to go back again and do that for you again and I want to go back into the same state

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and die for you in that cause again, and go back again, do it again go back and do it again. And so up to 10 times it says it and then Allah says Well, I can do anything else for you but I can't do this for your content you back to the earth once you've come come to this world. So even though human Joe's your IMO license, well, this is the status of the Shaheed but there's others who get released into certain zones that Allah has created in the in the next world. And you could find yourself that you you you come back and have connection with Israel, or you might not have connection, what Rasulullah sallallahu saw on Mirage was the souls of the prophets, it doesn't mean

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that the bodies are also there, the bodies can be here in the earth, the only body and soul his soul up there was that of a salesianum. Up there, but the soul only was rest of the ambia that Rasulullah sallallahu saw, but it shows that they had a high status. So above him, he saw had on Ali Salam and above him, he saw musasa on the sixth. And above him, he saw Ibrahim Allison on the seventh and the Prime Minister has the highest status. Now why does he have the highest status? Well, he has the highest status because he has done the most sacrifice, but on the one of the lowest levels rasulillah some, so otherwise, I'm not gonna tell him is the first but it's not necessarily the

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highest of all the prophets. There are many progeny sons of him that are higher than him in stages and his rank in the next world. And it's quite clear, you could be a father today, what we learned from this is you could be a father today, your son could go ahead of you, your grandson could go ahead of you, your grandchildren could go way ahead of you in terms of the rank in front of Allah azza wa jal, and that's what the Mirage also shows us that other lessons in low rank, but his his sons are much higher than him in rank. And the highest, of course, is the right hand side because he's done most of the sacrifice. And now otherwise, and I'm one of the other things in Hades, he

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says that when Rasulullah sallallahu saw him in the marriage, he saw him sitting down and when he looks to his right, he smiles and when it looks to his left, he cries. And then he said to develop jabril What is this? This is from Sahih Hadith. And he said, Well, when Adam and I said I'm looking towards right he's seeing all the children of his there are many children on the right side and one of many children left side. And when he looks at the right side, he sees the children that are going to go to China. So he smiles and when he sees the left side, there are children that are going to go to jahannam these all these children that are going to go to China. So he's sad and he cries over

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that. Nevertheless, that

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This study is all we can say from the authentic sources about individualism. There are obviously things from Idris Li Sarang.

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that are, that are been mentioned

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for some of his statements, okay, now these are not from a hadith. These are from the scriptures of the past of some of the things that we've managed to inherit from the the teachings of the Torah and so on. So what do we have from the well

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one of the statements is that you could never thank Allah would never thank Allah from Idris Allah Salaam,

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for the gifts that Allah has given you,

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the way he has given you the amount he's given you, and you're able to actually thank him for that you can never reach that status. So there's something for us to think about that allows him to do what he's given us a love of God, you know, you can't, you cannot thank him. And I can't thank him enough. One of the other ones is that when you actually call to God,

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then make sure that your intention is pure.

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You know, some people that call to God, the intention is not pure, their calling because it's for themselves. Yes, we all call for ourselves, I know that you would make God for life, you didn't, she didn't need anything for yourself. But what it is, is that you're supposed to call Allah because in the end, in the midst of all of that you have love for Allah azza wa jal, and you want to do it, because he is a creator, and you've got a connection with him.

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Higher to not see Phil hikmah. The life of a soul is in wisdom. The life of a soul is in wisdom. If you want serious, if you want to have a good life, then you start thinking that one of the things they say is that you think, before you speak, you measure things before you actually do things. So you make a good plan before you actually, you know, go out and start acting out your plan. One of the things he said is

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a lie yesterday, Ronnie Abbott, and he said, the love of the world, the true love of this world, and the true love of the next world, they cannot ever mix together. You can't have a real love of this world. And a real love of the next well, you can't do that. You can have a real love for the next world. You're in this world, you're working for this world you're earning for this world, you are part of this world, but you don't really love this world. But love of the world is something different because love of the world is actually a disease. And in for this world, earning a livelihood is a student of the province of philosophy. But loving the world is a disease of the

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heart. Right? On the other ones, he says hi to dunya hacer la or shahana them, he said the best of this world is actually regret

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the best is regret. Why? Because you don't want to have yourself permanently attached to this world. Anyway, this is from Ed Salazar, and now we move on to from his progeny, of course comes normalizer now what happened with in terms of the time in between that was shaytan Kane, and this is from the teachings that we've got from the early from the early sources that shaytan came and when people started to die when people died shaytan said to them, You know what, what a wonderful person he was, what a wonderful so shaytan came and he grieved now you're gonna look at the shady tactics here. She then came along and he agreed with him he said man that person who died like sheath Li Sarah if he

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died or somebody else really good died, they said man this person died

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you know the fuse Oh, what a wonderful What a wonderful was and he was so she turns there and he's actually grieving over the soul that has passed away. So they they they start to know these personalities wonderful person who's grieving over a good soul. Then what happens is the next generation dies. So the same shaytan comes along and he says, Man, another soul, you know, we just lost another soul, a good soul on this earth. How much corruption is there on the earth? And when a good soul goes like this and so on, so he's preaching he's making people feel Wow, he's he's a good you know, preacher right? So he's given that next time it happens again he says you know what, what

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we should do guys guys what we should do, we should have a remembrance for this person.

00:24:37--> 00:25:00

So how you going to have a remembrance for this person? If we don't quickly make something that reminds us of this person? So quick, you know, what did they do in the early days you know, you see these early drawings on you on the on the, on the walls and caves and so on. Have deers and lions and whatever else it is of their nature, right? So what he told them to do

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is to make a certain drawing of this individual look, we need to do this, we need to remember good people like this and all of them, we need to do this. So they go ahead and they do this next generation of now he's got rolling Daisy. He's got a few drawings that are coming up of these pious people that are passed away. Next Generation he said to them, he said, Hey, listen, listen, young boys, you know, you're gonna die soon, right? You're gonna die. You know, you respect your elders, respect them, and how you respect them is see those carvings on the

00:25:34--> 00:26:11

paint with respect, they respect. So it's like, look up to them, revere them, show them that you like them, right? When the next generation came, he said, You know, you're the grandchildren of these of these figures that went, ah, what great grandfather's you had, you know, these pictures, what you should do, you should take them and we should, we should honor them more respect them by carving out certain, you know, stones out of the shape of these heads. So they did, because that was respect. Next Generation came shaytan said, you know, respect just just just just

00:26:12--> 00:26:14

just just by your head, just only do

00:26:16--> 00:26:58

so this new generation is like, banging their head down. Next Generation he comes and says, These are the things that give you your life and bread and everything you've got the you realize that did you see your father's do that when you should get onto the floor, the salute to that thing. So they do that next generation, he's got some food, he tells them look the gods so now bring them food, bring them water, bring them you know, things and you watch you watch, you know, there's going to be miracles that will happen and these this is not look, this is something which happened in the first few generations. But by Allah I switch, you know, I swear to Allah azza wa jal, you know, by his

00:26:58--> 00:27:13

name, these things haven't gone, they have disappeared, you go today to Bangladesh, you go to Pakistan, you go to India, you go to parts of the world, and you'll see the same thing. Now all the will are happening in the name of Islam.

00:27:14--> 00:27:51

In the name of Islam, many of these things are happening, right? Not maybe a sculpture or something, but the might be a dead person, the grave, and they do know all these things, right? The taking foods and, you know, sweet things and lighting candles, and, you know, going around the graves and making sudo to the graves and whatnot. They're doing right. And I've seen it with my own eyes. So, you know, it's not like I've heard stories about this, I've been to this place, I've seen it. What the mentality of these people is that they've started to believe in something that does not exist, they're starting to give these statues in these stones. And these dead people, they started to give

00:27:51--> 00:28:29

them certain beliefs that don't belong to them. So they start to say that this is the one that gives us you know, rain, that's the one that gives us children. That's the one that gives us this nut. So this admin believes, so in the end allows, he said no Holly, Sarah, Sarah, no one knew Alison Cain. He was already with the people amongst the people that was saying to their sons and daughters Latifah that they were dying. These are dying individuals who are old and on the deathbed, and they tell the children, don't you ever leave? Don't you ever forsake the God of what the God of

00:28:30--> 00:28:45

the God of your who's the God of your own? The God of NASA, right? These are names, actual names that are mentioned in Surah? A No. I number 23. And number 24. You know, the beautiful thing I like about this verse.

00:28:46--> 00:28:59

And beautiful thing I like about this verse. If I was to tell you, the names of certain statues are things that are absolutely false out there. Right.

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absolutely false out there. So you might have I don't know, Kotaku and mogul and Buddha, right co whom are going to put up just make this up right now. Right. cohoon Magoo and Dr. de

00:29:16--> 00:29:51

se, Kaku Magoo. And Dr. De, if I told you, or if I saw you, Z is another one. So kaahumanu Dr. De z, Kakuma gudo. proto z is a bit of a tongue twister. But if I told you to say that again and again, then you say a few times fine call home agudo. Put that Zd, whatever, you know, you told me these things to say, and I'll put it in your history book and whatever. But if I told you to say it again, and again and again, I mean, are you actually really finding any benefit from repeating these names?

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

Are you going to enjoy saying these names over and over again? Yes or no? Don't tell me. No right now. So handle the luggages five

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statues names in the color five statues names. And every Ramadan weariness every time we finish the Quran we read in this a lot of the times is sort of fathered you hear this. And now listen to this year.

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Well all at

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a time, Walla

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Walla, Walla, kawana, surah, waka Lu Cathy Ra. Yep, I've said the five names. I've said, What Swami yavuz yoke, NASA, the five names.

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But Suhana law, when you take kokumo, Gouda food, and whoever, whatever z or whatever else I said right before, you don't get, you don't get any sort of, you know, good feeling from saying those things. But just because Allah put those things in the Quran, and these are his words, you say that in sudo? No, I am number 23. And number 24, you read this and people read this. And a, they can read it without getting bored of it. If you tell me to just just read this all day, if you can just read this out of the love of a larger subject, or HoloLens.

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kumala our

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booth Oh kawana saw, I've seen all the five names, and you tell them to read it again. Time to really again, I'm not going to get bored. Because it's our last words. That's the miracle of the Quran. Subhana Allah, that if you have some, what does what mean? Nothing. What is Swami? Nothing goes, we don't even know. Well, there were certain things that got extracted from the Arab language. We don't even know whether they were even Arabic names. Right? But you saying this, and and you don't get bored of it. And the other thing is, of course, if you normally said what to say what? What you get no reward. But if you say in the Quran, well,

00:32:05--> 00:32:24

now what? That's about 30 toward the while. So while you get mobile swag itself, you got 40 reward. So just by saying these statues names, you get reward for it, just like your own frown is one of the worst worst enemies of Allah. If you just have your own, you get no reward. But if you say all

00:32:25--> 00:32:44

Iona musala Sam said for any reason put on for firearm, you get 50 reward. Just saying Your Honor, you get 50 reward. So this is one of the beauties of the of the Quran. But anyway, so he found that they were saying to one another, don't let go of these gods that we've got the statues and gods of God. Now

00:32:46--> 00:33:31

what what is Allah Salam was dealing with he was dealing with a very, very stubborn people. There were people who had been blessed with wealth. And they had been blessed with good progeny. They have been blessed with a lot of good crops. So the range is to come nicely onto the lands. And the crops used to go grow enough. And they would feed all the people they would have access as well. They had enough children, enough cattle and so on. And this was the reason why they big they became so stubborn because everything was everything was working. In fact, when new ally salon came in, start to preach after he preached. That's when these things stopped. So there was a drought. And when the

00:33:31--> 00:33:38

drought came, they said, Why is this? All these years?

00:33:39--> 00:33:48

We've been fine with good rain, good crops, good, good survival, right? And now this man comes along and everything gets

00:33:49--> 00:34:32

damaged. So this man is the crook. He is the one that we need to kill or throw out of this community. So they blame it on him. Now what happens is, whenever you're going to get hired, the what we learned from him is whenever you go to start calling people to good, you're not going to just get it get an easy ride. Allah never gives a die an easy ride. If you're a person who's calling to good you can have enemies natural enemies. Allah said that in the Quran, he says we're Cavalli caja, Allah liquidly Nabina Dawa. I have made for every prophet and enemy. So if you call to Allah, if you call anyone to Allah, you're naturally going to have enemies. Why? Because he bleeds does not

00:34:32--> 00:34:33

like you.

00:34:34--> 00:34:41

He does not like me. He does not like you what we're doing here right now. We're really cheating. it bleeds off

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

the man's you know, having a real bad temper out there. But don't worry. Allah said indicator shape on Canada, the plot of the shape that is weak. Allah said that so we don't have to worry about it. You know, he's not not suddenly gonna jump out in front of you with a with a white thing and Ooh,

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

scare you. Because you came to this gathering whatever that's not going to happen. But with with at least what you've got to understand is that his he's going to hate you and he's going to create other other

00:35:12--> 00:35:17

men and women that will start hating you so these humans will hate you. So anyway,

00:35:18--> 00:35:26

know Allah Salam was dealing with now with the enemies of himself and enemies of God. Now what happens is, he has another miraculous life.

00:35:27--> 00:36:15

Adam and I somehow had the first miraculous life of 1000 years, and no Hello, Salam guessing miraculous life of 950 years. This is in the Quran, Allah, Allah says in Surah, Allah and Caboose and number 14, so surah and carboot, which is 29 suit of the Quran. And number 14, Allah says we sent mahallesi lamb to his people, and he remained amongst them for 1000, but 50 years now, either this was his age, or this was the age he preached. So some say that this was his full age 950 years from birth to death. And some say that the age of preaching was 950 years. Nevertheless, he's telling them, you know what they should do? He was first messages. These are not your gods, just

00:36:15--> 00:36:49

leave them. Elijah, Allah is the the God, Allah is the one that you should worship. So when he's saying this, of course, he's given them two sides. Now every prophet was sent with two sides. One is bash Iran, and one is NaVi Iran is very important for us to understand. Bashir, Iran is when they are a giver of good news. And now v Iran is when they are warning them of an evil that awaits them if they happen to deny the message of the messenger or the Messenger of God.

00:36:50--> 00:37:01

Now, Allah when he mentioned our professor Larson, he said Bashir on one Avira, he's a giver of good news and he's a warner of the evil that awaits them if they don't believe in this message.

00:37:02--> 00:37:07

Nuala Ceylon did the same thing. So on the one hand, he said,

00:37:08--> 00:37:10

on the one hand, he said, Oh my people,

00:37:11--> 00:37:50

he said to them, yuk, philippou Allah, Allah will forgive you sins. Just believe in this message. When you come in as a Muslim, Allah will increase your lives. If you believe in this messenger Subhana Allah one of the things we learned from here, from Surah Surah, no 71 71st surah number two, and number four, you will find that Allah says, Allah says to His Messenger, tell them that I will increase their lives if they believe in this What does that mean? That means if you and me Do good actions, if we listen to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam if you follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, Allah awesome, and you listen to Allah, his words, then your life will increase to more than what it

00:37:50--> 00:38:28

should have been. Now this is guaranteed from this is the Muslim version of said that your life will be longer than what it should have been. But anyway, these are these are the good things he said. He even said, Look, Allah will give you a range back. Allah will give your cultivation and your children and all that back. And I'll get get to that later on. What my whole point here is he gave all of these good things he said. But at the same time he said to them, he said, if you don't listen, if you don't enjoy a half our Lake mother by Yeoman alum said I fear that there's going to be a great punishment of Allah, severe punishment that will befall you. Now he had two sides

00:38:29--> 00:39:08

Rasulullah sauceman two sides, many of the premises are two sides, please my brothers and please my sisters, whenever you give anyone, please balance it with both of these. Whether you want to start with the warnings first and then give the good news, because that's what happens in mohalla solemn statements. He actually starts with the warnings first in Surah. And then he gives the good news, both tactics can be used, or whether you use what Rasulullah sallallahu was, did many of times which is he said in Sahara Desert, dasheroo wala tuna Pharaoh? Yes. 010 he said give good news to people and do not make them run away from this Deen.

00:39:10--> 00:39:52

Do not make them run away. He said yes. It'll make it easy for people facilitate for people while at zero. Don't make it difficult for people what his promises from saying him. He's saying that whenever Look, you're going to give $1 to a person who's not practicing right now he has got or she's got no reason to come and accept your dollar. They in the lust of their desires. They're enjoying the dunya they're enjoying the the cause of God the house of God they free life there's no sunlight in the life Imagine there's no sunlight free life, man. Hey Me, me and you are praying five times a day, right? We make an effort. There's no solid physical freedom free life. There's no

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

Ramadan fasting. So is that what 30 days fast mean? You are staying hungry for 30 days, especially in the summer. We

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

Quite a bit, but for them, there's none of that zeca does not suck at what? You know, 2.5% of his wealth is really himself. There's no hedge, there's no, there's no giving, you know, to two people, there's no looking after people. There's no good manners, nothing that I have to do. There's no responsibilities like me, myself, and I, the three of us rule as well. Right? So he's in charge, she's in charge you coming along and you trying to tell them? Hey, listen, you got to start to give 75 minutes of your day to Allah azza wa jal by praying for Jehovah mokuba you've got to give 30 days away to a lot too fast. You got to get to professional. You got to go too hard. You got to be good

00:40:40--> 00:40:46

to parents. You got to be good to people. You got you got to love what, what for? Why? Why should I do it?

00:40:48--> 00:40:52

And if the only thing you're gonna tell him is because if you don't do it, you can go to hell.

00:40:56--> 00:40:56

I mean,

00:40:57--> 00:41:12

he's gonna say to just go to hell, man. He's gonna you go to hell, if he doesn't say with his tongue is gonna say in his mind, what he's gonna come and tell me to do all these things. And if I don't do it, then I'm gonna go to hell. That forget hell.

00:41:13--> 00:41:52

When you've got to do is you're going to balance the good side and bad. Yes, he is going to go or she is going to go to hell far if they don't listen to this. But look, guys, let's get down straight down is when you balance it with the good and the evil. So what you've got to say is, you're going to say, look, if you believe in all of this, Allah will give you his help on this earth. Allah will make you tranquil. You will have a connection with Allah. Allah will accept your dance, Allah will give you in this world, a good life, he will give you in the next world a much better life. Allah will you know, look after many of you needs Allah will give you contentment of the heart. Allah

00:41:52--> 00:42:28

will, you know give you give you a lot of reward which you need for the next life and so on so forth, balancing it with, if you don't do this, then you're gonna have you know, you're never going to be satisfied in your heart. You know, you know, you could face punishment of the grave, you could find it putting in a face and punishment on the Day of Judgment. You could face punishment or hellfire. You this could have not balanced with both. Now if you give it as a package. It's very good. Because they've got both sides. Well if I do, if I don't do this, right? But please, you know, when Dawa when you give Dawa. A lot of people don't understand that each of the dour of the

00:42:28--> 00:43:15

messengers was specifically to the people they're talking to, and they understood the mentality and they gave them something that would relate to them. You've got to do this for dollar. So what is new holla Sam to hear when someone tells them that look, if you believe in this message, Allah will give your crops back. why he's talking to farmers, farmers one crops, he's talking to a civilization that is that is running on crops, running on animals, if the animals are dead, right the because of the drought, the rains are gone. So he said allow give you reins back. Then he said to them, Allah will give you cattle back he said to them Allah will you cross back and he said to them, Allah will give

00:43:15--> 00:43:28

your children he will put blessings in your show is also known as surah number 71. You indeed can be Mr. Rabbani Allah azza wa jal set to set all of this if you want to find it in a specific area

00:43:29--> 00:44:10

of the Quran, you will find it about about halfway of sooner you will find it in there. It's a very short Surah 71 so number 71. Now why did he do this? Is because these people were in the midst of all of that and they needed these things. So he gave them a bargain. Now another beautiful thing that comes out of this is you know, you know the Quran when it says this, it hasn't only talked about the people have nor I've given this remedy to many people and of the people I can say clearly three out of four people I've given this to humblest work for them. What is that? Well, I read it in a book once I read in the book

00:44:12--> 00:44:14

that some people who have problems

00:44:15--> 00:44:24

procreating or having children, some people who have a problem with that whatever it is, now there's nothing wrong with them but Allah has decided to give them to

00:44:25--> 00:44:38

their remedy is what sued in pseudo know what mohalla Sallam said, he said, For call to stop the robber come in who can afara uncle sama la comida rara when it can be

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

the three promises here. If you are affected by not having children, then you should do what no one told his people. He said start to ask and seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah will give you children. So one of the things to do is if you can't have children is to sit down on human Salah.

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

Towards, you know, you know the cowboy or just just just generally just just increase an amount of stuff out of seeking forgiveness of Allah. If you feel that your money, your monetary dealings and your financial state is going lower and lower, and is decreasing, and you want an increase in that, again, this the same sort of gives you the remedy. The remedy is one, that you actually start to seek forgiveness from Allah plentifully at least do 100 times what I'm saying 100 because Rasulullah sallallahu did 100 A contra hadith of Muslim he did 100 times a day, so at least 200 So normally, I tell this, I tell the husband, and tell the wife that both of you sit down, and you know, seek

00:45:45--> 00:46:22

forgiveness from Allah 100 times separately, both of you, and Allah will grant you children. There's a couple in North London, I gave it to humbler within four to six months, the wife conceived the baby, what's his baseline is based upon the Quran, the same thing I will tell you, if you're in a financial situation, where you need to increase your wealth, then just start to seek forgiveness from Allah at least 100 times a day by focusing on you know, a lot of us are saying that Oh ALLAH forgive my sins. So Stafford la la de la ilaha illa. Allah you were to relay.

00:46:24--> 00:47:03

Or if you live in LA, Jorge Mostafa La La to LA was in Allahumma, inni esta Fuca to like whichever one you want to do, many of them are based on a hadith. So So you say that And the third thing is, if you are anyone has been struck with a drought. Then again, you seek forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal and Allah will give you give that advice based on soon as well. Whenever there was there was a drought in the province of last time he used to come out is to make a specific prayer and in that there was a lot of things to say, Well, I forgive us or love forgive us for the things that we are doing wrong. So anyway, notice both the sides and what I want to say to you brothers and sisters,

00:47:03--> 00:47:25

please for Dawa, please remember, you know, the other day I just met this child. And I just felt so you know, he met me in North London somewhere. And a Masjid. And he told me about all the negatives he's been told, and he was sick of religion and thinking, why is this? Why is this kid he's only 13 years old, and he's sick of religion. He just wants to he won't even come suicide. He said,

00:47:26--> 00:47:37

thinking why is this kid suicidal? So I sat there talking for an hour, one hour spent with him to understand what's in his mind. And the thing was, he said, well, what's the point of Islam? I said, Why?

00:47:38--> 00:48:20

He said, because everything you know is like everything wrong and you can't do this. You can't do that, you know, he must have come across this hard on Peter Schiff. You know, it's at the heart on or is better or the shield, you know, one of the three so you better you better be careful. You know, and everything else he wants to do is that Harambee don't have ambition, haram leadership. So it's taking what you know, he got into music right? And he got inclined towards music. And all he heard towards him was haram haram Hellfire Hellfire if a whoa whoa and then he wasn't praying so his mom said to him You better pray

00:48:21--> 00:48:43

if you don't then you're gonna go to hell father hell hell pray otherwise hell so everything that was hidden I miss I was a hell hell Jana Jane, right as you can hear around him. So anything he does wrong again, is that Allah gonna punish you if you don't, you don't get your accuracy Whoa, what happened in the end is that he got fed up with Islam.

00:48:44--> 00:49:28

And I sat with him and I said to him that look it is it is not like that. And Allah has given you so many good promises in the religion. So many colors coated in a quarter this quarter. And he felt relieved. He felt relieved that it wasn't all black and dark and gloomy and just held waiting for whoever doesn't bow down to this God so you you got to be careful cooking paragraph doesn't tell you please don't send me to hell. So come on, give give people the good side of it. So when I finished with them after an hour, I was so glad that our next session he came to the masjid again. The next session he came to the masjid again and that really that really you know, that made my day see that

00:49:28--> 00:49:37

that same kid that had a choice not to come to the mustard again. He decided to come to the mustard again just to hear you know a speech of mine because the thing is if you don't balance it,

00:49:38--> 00:49:51

if you don't balance it with people, they will see you as the source of their problems. You are the Quran says no they said kill messengers. They said

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

you know since surah, Yaseen and other other sources they said, Because of you

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

I'm in my crisis

00:50:03--> 00:50:43

because of you, you are the bad omen that's what they say to them to the messenger they said you are the bad boy. Because in I'm not saying that the messenger did anything wrong, but that's gonna be the nature of these people you're giving Dawa. They're gonna see you as the as a problem rather than solution. You got to find a way to reach through them and give them as much as you can. Now, hopefully you're not dealing with people of this level where they are, you know, like lack of knowledge and But anyway, he told them clearly he said, law taboo in the law, don't worship anyone except for Allah. Now, this was to anyone who was worshipping idols. This was the worst thing you

00:50:43--> 00:50:53

can say to them, because it meant what they did then is their twist and see the people they'll be twisted. They'll twist things around to you. They're gonna say What? You tell me that these gods are not are not right.

00:50:55--> 00:50:57

To you hear? Did you hear him?

00:50:58--> 00:51:29

He just saw my dad. Now you didn't swear is that you didn't swear his granddad. But he took that as an insult. Why? Because he's trying to say that you're telling me that my dad and my granddad, they bow down to just stone and not idle? Are you trying to tell me my dad was stupid enough to do that? You try to tell me that my granddad was stupid. Right? So he's his flips on you. And that's what they did was was a lesson. That's what they need to know how lesson was that? What? That many accusations against him?

00:51:30--> 00:51:36

He gave them he gave them a lot of good promises. What they do, they said, well,

00:51:37--> 00:51:46

they said one of the one of the things they said they said, Why should we follow you, when the lowest of our society is with you?

00:51:47--> 00:52:29

The people that can't even think, think of brains in their heads. These are some of the insults they made to know how to select if you want to find this with sudo hood, which is the 11th surah and number 27. So a group of people who denied from his from his nation does man or aka elaborate rahmatullah wa The first thing they said is, you are exactly the same as why why you we are equal saying there's no difference between you as one of the first things they said. So when you give Dawa, you're going to find people are going to look at us are going to say, Who are you to tell me who you know, you used to do this? You used to do that and your past lives. And I know the time when

00:52:29--> 00:53:12

you stuck in sin. So we come in and preaching to me for one of the things they'll say now of course, the messengers never had a bad background. They never had an evil background. They never had any sin. But to me and you that people may say that, especially if you've got something, someone on your same level who's as like a colleague to you, they will accuse you and they'll say to you, who in the world are you to tell me what to do? So this is the first thing they said, Man araca illa Bashara Mitra, you're just a human just like an ordinary man, ordinary man. And they said in another part of the plan, they said, tackle Tushar, he said, you drinking like us, you're eating like us. You're

00:53:12--> 00:53:56

mortal. And you come and speak to us. They said, If Allah wanted to send somebody down to us, he would have sent an angel. So you're not an angel. You're just a human being. So we're not going to take the mystery from a human being. The next thing they said is that the people who are very low in terms of the weak, the weak in nature, they're also poor in the financial status, they are following you that if you want us the rich ones to follow you the poor ones. Now Suhana has a massive message in this for us. You know, I've gone around the whole country and I've traveled in many places. And I've seen many messages. And I have to say to you is that you know, you've got certain like, I'll

00:53:56--> 00:54:28

give you an example right that this must be for example, yeah, this must be the is in a society where we've got a lot of hustle and bustle. Alright, a lot of brothers are coming in so it's gone. Yeah, you will see people and the people generally who come to this Masjid, they're not your people who are POC mercs outside, and big, big four by fours outside. Now there's some people who come right out to the muscles fine. But generally, they're not those people. Generally the got a normal car, a normal house, and a normal attitude. And when you find these things like in this mastermind, they might kick off really quickly.

00:54:31--> 00:54:56

Quickly, but then it actually dies down really quickly as well. And if you notice, I've been in this matter for a very long time, and we will die down very quickly. And the Brotherhood in this Masjid is you know, everyone walks in here, everyone gives an AMP to each other. The best thing about this machine is you get what you see. So if a brother is upset with you, he's going to avoid you. That's not bad.

00:54:57--> 00:55:00

I think that's good because the

00:55:00--> 00:55:16

As an honest person, he's got a grudge with you. He's just gonna vote you. He's gonna try and tell you I'm upset with you, which is a good thing. In other words, I hate his neighbor certain mustards. They've got they all come with a big car that side.

00:55:17--> 00:55:22

Right? The common side and when they come inside, okay, they'll be selective to who they need.

00:55:23--> 00:56:02

Sir must be the selective to who they mean. All right. Next thing is they all are sweet with you. They all are Salaam Alaikum gala g t co g at hanji. Ola sweet with you. Even the one who's got a grudge with you, or something in his heart about you even his sweet as well. And you think yourself right? Well, this is the perfect master. He's not showing me his grudge. Nananana he is a wolf with sheepskin over

00:56:04--> 00:56:10

his sizing you up. He's sharpening his knife. He wants to skin you. But he's just like

00:56:12--> 00:56:20

with you. He just he is happy and smiley with you. Now, those of us you don't get this hustle bustle those most you don't get these like

00:56:22--> 00:57:08

something spins off really quickly and suddenly dies and you don't get that you get everybody like you know posh and everybody everyone's got the space and everyone's treated nicely. But thing is in the hearts of God crookedness in some of them, and they don't display the next minute, you know, you've been stabbed in your back by someone who you thought was your friend who you thought was was meeting you nice to every time. Now that to me, is a real bad situation. What I want to say to you is whenever the messengers came, most of their followers were poor people. And I like I'm telling this to you will lie. I like to go to those mosques, where there's people poor backgrounds, there's

00:57:08--> 00:57:49

people with, you know, you might have not have the most done up nicely. You might have tattoos and shatters or whatever, right? And there might be people talking here and too disturbing there but doesn't matter. The main thing is the heart of the brother and the sister. If they have a good heart, that was that's what makes a good machine. Not because of good building, you can get a good nice super Whopper of a building. And I can give you a loan in a university walk out of a building go to Dubai. You see banking masters are clean to the from the top to bottom, the looked after all the time. These machines are one of you go there, you know, you pray you you never see a piece of

00:57:49--> 00:58:04

dead on the floor. You see? Yeah, that's how much it should be. Yeah, which is 900. That's how much it should be. I agree with you. But some of the hearts of those around. I'm not saying just in Dubai manier across some of them.

00:58:05--> 00:58:23

They're not the right people to intermingle with. They're not the right people. Not all of them, please, there are many good brothers and many good sisters out there in those masters as well. But some of them are not. So what my message to you is what is that money and richness doesn't always bring you the truth.

00:58:24--> 00:59:08

Money and richness brings can bring you arrogance, it can bring you stubbornness, which many of the enemies of the prophets had. And one classical example is of no Harrison, and they said to new I said I'm in this is pseudo hood. They said you want us to follow you when all the poor ones are following you. They said bad year Raji, they said, they just say what they think they haven't got any deep thinking. Now Subhanallah again, you know, with deep thought, I don't know if I can hit the message home. There are certain groups and ideologies across the world, the brothers and sisters in those ideologies, they're very deep thinking and deep thought. And they're your, you know, think

00:59:08--> 00:59:21

tanks, and they can give you your year brother, this this wonderful vocabulary, and wonderful, you know, they speak the English language, and they will mesmerize you with the language. And you can see wow, you know, these guys, he really knows what he's talking about.

00:59:22--> 00:59:50

And they can they can talk, they can talk and they can think and you think, wow, I need to follow this group. But I'll be honest with you, most of those groups and have assessed them and size them up the real heart and the following of the religion, through obedience to Allah and His messenger is not there. These are the same people that will try and kill each other for rivalry of the chair. Who's going to become the chairman who's going to become the,

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

the head of the society, the Islamic Society, who's going to become the head of this and ahead of that, right. The rivalry kills them all.

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

When it comes to real matters of the heart and so on, they don't have it but the the think tanks the guys that you listen to their to the homeless you listen to their explanation, wisdom you think, wow the guy's got a spot on. But that doesn't give you the smile or look look at this who's following you around is the ones who just are the common simple thinkers. And that's what happens to you know a lot of good followers. In fact Rasulullah saw some said in a hadith he said he said the ones who will reach gender first he says they are what they are the people have clean hearts, shallow mines and clean hearts more or less what he said and I'm not giving you exact interpretation more or less

01:00:42--> 01:01:23

what he said is shallow mines and clean hearts. You know, they are what you see is what you get. These are the best believers. You know, not the he said the moon ask is that Hubbard like he said is treacherous is deceiving. He will want to you know, make his gains where he can see where his gains are. These are not the ones that you won't be around. But anyway, many of the enemies of the messengers were these people who had wealth with them. And they said what they said woman or Allah Kamala and I'm informed. They said, Oh no, you have no rank over us. Nothing. You are more poor than us. You are not more civilized than us. We've got the houses, we've got the children, we've got the

01:01:23--> 01:02:02

crops, we've got the lands, we've got all of that so what thing Have you got above us? Can't even then in the end they said Bella Luna Academy said we think you're a bunch of liars. You just lying about this accurate lying about this next world and so on. So anyway, we come to the end of today's session, I'm going to carry on with no Holly salon. This was the first one about no hologram and analyzing the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. What we're going to do inshallah is next week we will carry on from this point onwards and each of the ads that are mentioned about Elisa Lam, and how is analyzed and why those verses also are in that particular part of the Quran. Allah azza wa jal gives

01:02:02--> 01:02:11

us to feel to act upon whatever has been said. Allah azza wa jal guide us to the truth and save us from fossil duckula hype as inshallah next week 750 inshallah