Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 069D Tafsir Al-Maidah 11-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of the Bani Israel eel, including its covenant and club role as leaders. They stress the importance of avoiding distraction, respecting one's potential, and not giving up on mistakes. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to practice healthy eating and not be afraid of others, as it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. The importance of avoiding distraction, respecting one's potential, and not yelling at people is emphasized.
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Over the blemishes on your routine Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim,

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what are called the Aqua de la Humi Salka. Benny is saw ILA, and Allah had already taken a covenant from the Children of Israel eel. Earlier we learned, Allah tells the believers remember the covenant that you have made with Allah. And now he tells us about the covenant that were made with the previous nations before us. What kind of promise did Allah make with them? What promises did they make with Allah? And who failed and why and what were the consequences? So Allah took a covenant from the Children of Israel eel, while birth now I'm in home and we appointed from them we delegated from them. If they are I showed up 12 Naki been leaders.

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A covenant was taken from the entire tribe of Bani Israel, all the descendants of your Cobra, listen, what covenant the details are mentioned later. But we also find out from various places in the Quran of the different covenants that were taken from the Bani Israel, that they would worship Allah alone, that they would hold on to the book. So we have learned this in detail in total Bukhara. So anyway, the Mesa was taken. missa means covenant means that you have promised Allah that you will obey Him the commands that he has given you will accept and you will follow.

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But what happens is that if there are five or six people and there is one leader, or there's 50 people and one leader than the leader, he can make sure that all those 50 people all those 10 people under his care are following the rules. They are obeying Allah they are observing the covenant. But if there is an entire tribe of Bani Israel eel and on them as one Musa

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one Musa alayhis salam, then how can you make sure that the entire tribe of Bani Israel would obey Allah? He couldn't make sure himself and besides Musa Sinha was not there forever. Eventually, he was going to go so what happened? Allah subhanaw taala chose 12 People from the Bani Israel you who were made leaders amongst the Bani Israel, what does it mean by leaders? What kind of Nepali what kind of leaders were they? Basically to ensure that the Bani Israel were following the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. Now the word that has been used for leader is nickim.

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Na P is from Nakaba, non Kapha. And Nakaba is to make a hole to pierce through to, for example, a wall to make a hole through the wall.

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If there is a wall, something's happening behind it, can you see it?

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You can sense it perhaps by the sounds that you hear?

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Or what's happening behind the wall. If they're loud noises, people talking, somebody's screaming, somebody's crying, somebody's laughing, then you can have an idea of what's happening behind the wall.

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But you can only be sure when you see it yourself. Now how can you see it, make a hole, make a hole and see yourself open the door. A door is also like a hole, open the window, which is also like a hole so that you can see what's happening behind the wall. Now now Klebe. nakivo is someone who doesn't just observe people from behind walls.

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But he also observes them with his own eyes as to what they're doing. What is happening. So one is, for example, that everybody's coming to the class, for instance, everybody's sitting with their jaws open, they're taking notes. This is what I have to see if somebody's sitting without a Quran, that means they're not present in class, right? So I will tell them to open their mouths have to open their juice. If somebody's just sitting and I spot them, then I will tell them to pick up their pen and start writing. Now if there are 20 people in front of me, I can take care of them. But if there is a class like you guys, I can't do that. So what is needed somebody who will not just look at the

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overview, but who will go to each row and look and then go to the next row and look

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why you don't just look at the wall, but you make a hole and look behind what's going on. You don't just look at the desk but also see what's in the lab. Okay, you don't just look at the fact there's a pen and paper but also what is being written.

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You see what I mean? This is who a narrative is. So basically the club is a leader ahead someone in charge, whose duty is to check the inside and out

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Outside of those who are under his care why

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you're gonna suffocate the people, you're stalking them.

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So why is this done?

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Why is this done this is to ensure the improvement of those who are under their care. This is to ensure their well being the fact that they are benefiting, they are doing what they're supposed to, they are following the rules.

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So for example, in our class, if there are certain people who are assigned to check what you're writing, what's in your hand, what you're doing, when you are coming, when you are leaving, where you are sitting, how you are sitting, it's not because they have a problem with you, and they're suffocating you. And they just want to make your life miserable. No, it's just to make sure that since you are coming here spending so much time and money and effort, you might as well do your best in order to take advantage.

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This is exactly what happened with the Bani Israel, that the nickim their role was to make sure that everyone was an observant believer, everyone was worshipping Allah, everyone was performing their prayers, giving their charity, doing what they were supposed to do. This is just like you can give the cat to yourself. However, in our deen, there are certain people who are to be appointed AMI lien, who are to go to people and collect the cat from their houses. This is why, as long as the philosopher was there, certain people were appointed by the government to go to people's houses and collect as a cat from them, and bring it to the beta men and from their distributor to the poor and

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needy, and so on and so forth. Why weren't people left on their own to give the cat because if they were left on their own, then many would not do it. Remember, it's not because they don't want to do it. Sometimes it's just pure negligence. So what people need is a bush. Like, for example, all of you guys are really good. You know what the classrooms are, you are active in class, but sometimes what happens we are human beings, and we're sitting and all of a sudden, we get distracted, we get a thought in our head, let me just check my phone quickly, nobody's around, let me just check my phone quickly. You won't do that generally, but you are a human being. And sometimes you will make

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mistakes. So the leaders they're appointed to prevent you from making those mistakes, so that you don't get into trouble later. So that you don't miss the explanation of that one word, which will happen to appear on the test eventually. So whose favor is this in it is in the favor of the people, it is for their own good, that the leave is appointed over them, to check everything to make sure that they are performing their obligations, they are fulfilling their responsibilities, and they're not doing anything wrong. Because if the Naki was not there, then what would happen? Tell me if the key was not there. If there was no one to keep an eye on you constantly, then what would happen?

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We lose track.

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You know, sometimes it happens at school, there are certain teachers who don't leave you. They're always checking on you. What you are doing your test, you know, everybody's test, they will hand them out. And then she will discuss your test with you. And she will ask you everything's okay. Why aren't you studying? Check the homework with you, like, get on your case, basically. And when you are successful at school, when you're successful in university, then who do you give the credit to, to that teacher who was on your case, who made your life miserable.

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And honestly, with myself also, I can tell you the same thing that I remember when I was studying the older course. I was very young. And I remember I would sit sometimes at the back and just due to the series going on, I would be doodling like making patterns and stuff behind my juice or, you know, on a notebook, and I would pay attention, I will be writing my notes, but at the same time, I would like to do these things. And my group insurance, and I love her for the sake of and I am so grateful to her. She would come to the class looking for me, looking for me literally and I knew it because she would come and I will be watching her. She'd look around. Okay, there she is. And then

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she would come take around and then come and sit close to me. Okay, and sometimes she would stand on my head. And she would look at the way I will be writing my notes. And then she would tell me later yeah, you write your notes like this. Why didn't you write in this way?

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One day I didn't go to class. She got on my case one day I missed

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First, and she came up to me and she asked me, Why didn't you come?

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And she basically didn't accept any of my excuses. None of my excuses, nothing. She didn't accept it. She was very firm, very firm. Every single group study, she would ask me, Did you do your lesson seven times? Even if I didn't make a single mistake, she would ask me, Did you do your lesson seven times, and I will do my lesson seven times out of her fear that she's gonna ask me, it's gonna be humiliation, I have to say seven times I can't lie. So I have to do it.

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And every little mistake she would make, if I said who was supposed to be them, right? And I said he wrong. minus point two, five. Literally, you guys get what minus point 05 or something, we're getting minus point two, five.

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And then later, we'd be asked, Why did you do like this on the test? Why didn't you do better?

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Till today, I am grateful for her because if she was not on my case, then I don't think I would have understood the Quran the way I understood, I don't think I would have memorized the translation the way I did. I don't think I would have taken the course seriously. If I succeeded at the course if I'm able to teach today. All the people who have a big share in this is my group in charge.

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My group in charge, and I'm so proud of her.

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She's sister said the phone key. I'm sure some of you have read her online posts and blogs, Google her. She's an amazing author. She's written many amazing posts in many Islamic newspapers, magazines, and I'm so proud of her of being her student.

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This is the benefit of Nikki. But when I was doing the course, when asked me if I liked her, then

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you know what my answer would be any young girl, if they're grouping charges on their case, calling them and checking on them even outside alHuda. And you're like, leave me.

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Let me breathe, you're suffocating me.

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But if it was not for that suffocation, I would not have survived until now.

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So if your group in charge asks you, did you do your lesson? Where were you yesterday, I didn't see you last week, then be grateful that you have a group charged like that. And if a group in charge is too lenient, then I pity you.

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If your group in charge is too lenient, and easy with you, I'm really sorry for you. Because I'm telling you, you're not going to perform that well in the course, then you're going to be satisfied with average marks, you're gonna be satisfied with the 25

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My group in charge if we got to 25 it was like, not acceptable. And if it was 29.25, then they're like, yeah, good, good job.

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And if it was 30, good. So sometimes we have to be hard with ourselves. And sometimes we fail at being hard with ourselves. So what is needed is some other people who will push us who will kind of force us to do what we have to do and they know our potential. It's not that our leaders don't know what we're capable of doing. And they're just forcing things on us. Even though we can't do them. No, they know our potential. This is why they are telling us to do what we're doing.

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So never, ever mind never ever get upset over what your teacher tells you. What they point out of your mistakes. Nevermind never ever always be grateful for it. So the Bani Israel for their own good Allah subhanaw taala appointed the Nakaba then a P, the 12 Nikita, and why 12 Because they were 12 tribes. So for example, there are 12 groups in the class and how many groups and charges would there be 12.

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So, what kind of Allah who and Allah said in the Mara come indeed I am with you. With you who does is you refer to some scholars have said you refer to the entire Bani Israel and others have said that no, it refers to the peeps the leaders amongst them, that Allah promised the leaders amongst them his help, his support, his special assistance, like we see was granted and Muhammad salallahu Salam. So what caught Allah in the miracle I am going to be with you meaning my help is with you my support is with you. When let in accountable salata if you establish the Salah,

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so any person who is in a position of leadership has something to benefit from here has something to learn from here, because as leaders we find ourselves sometimes ineffective. So we need to check. Allah's help is guaranteed to the leader who first of all affirmed the Messiah that establishes the prayer. What are

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Tatum was the character and you give this occur while Salah so important. Scholars have said that the word Salah is also from Silla from masala and what does Leela mean? Joining to connect connection. So Salah is your connection with Allah basically, it is your connection with Allah. Basically, if you don't establish the prayer, what kind of connection do you have? connection is broken. If the connection is broken, then you can't get the help.

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If you want your bulb to light, then you need to put the plug in, you will put the plug in and then you will get the electricity and then your load will light. And if you don't put it in, into the socket, are you going to get electricity? No. Are you going to have light? No. So what's necessary then? connection. You can get the help of Allah when you have a connection with him in accountable Sarada what Tatum was Erica but you can't ignore the people you have to give us a cat as well. Man to be Rosaleen. And you believe in my messengers, which messengers, all of them, all of them, whether they have come before, or they will come later in the case of Bani Israel, which are also

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where they're required to believe in all of them, those that were sent from among themselves, and those that will be sent from others. So Mohammed salatu salam as well. So um, and don't be roeselii they were required to believe in the messengers of Allah, and not just believe, but also was to move home and you support them, help them assist them. The word result is from rain ze and the word Thorazine is to help someone, why, out of respect for them, to support someone to assist them out of respect for them? Who do we help?

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Who do we think we should help someone who is needy, someone who can't carry their stuff themselves, someone who's sick, we feel that, oh, we should help them, we should help them.

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But what is to help someone who needs help, and the other is to help someone out of respect for them. Which means that they will get their work done even without your help. But if you help them, then you are respecting them. This is just like, your mom can do the dishes. Her back is not hurting, but even if it's hurting, she's used to it. This is what we tell ourselves. She's much faster at washing dishes anyway, what is Darzi over that, that out of respect for your mom, you tell her mom, I'll do it. You have a seat. You go take a break, you go take a nap, I'll do it. She is capable of doing it herself. She's not needy, but you help her out of respect. This is what our ZT

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is. So Allah says that you have to do Thorazine off my messengers, what does it mean that the messenger is the mission that they have gone with? It will be fulfilled. Even without your help, the messengers don't need the help of their companions of those who believe in them. There are some prophets will come on the Day of Judgment alone. Because they had no helpers from among the people. Some prophets will come with just one or two individuals, because they're the only ones who believed in them. Are you sorry, listen, um, how many disciples did he have? How many disciples did he have? A few, right, a little over 10.

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So the messengers, their mission is accomplished, even without the help of people. But if the people help them, then this is what there is Eve. If the people support their mission, support their cause continue it, then this has respect for the messenger. This is just like in Surah Toba, we learn that Allah subhanaw taala says that it does not affect the people of Medina, that they sit at home. While the messenger is fighting in the way of Allah.

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He's gone on a mission, he will be successful, even if you don't come along. Allah helped him when they were only 300 men. If you don't come along, still you will be successful. But it doesn't affect you, that you leave him like that, and he's on his own. Therefore, you must go along with him and you must support him was out to move home.

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And this is something that we must bring in our lives. That there are people who deserve respect an elderly, a person who has white hair and elderly person he deserves respect and older relative, you might feel that they're 100% capable of looking after themselves. But because of their age, and because of their status, it befits you that you should help them. They can cook themselves but it fits you that you cook for them. And if you don't do it, that is disrespect.

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So where are the tomato home? Well, I'll call up the mullah Hawk garden has Santa

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And you lend to Allah a beautiful loan, what is this that you spend in the way of Allah? So, four things are mentioned over here, established Salah gives the cat believe and support the messengers and spend in the Cause of Allah, if you will do this or leaders. If you do this or Bani Israel then you will have the help of Allah. And another advantage along with Allah special help is what that little girl feel on noncom say to come, I will surely remove from you your misdeeds, forgiveness and pardon for sins. This is the benefit. What else is the benefit when it Odle halen Nakum And surely I will definitely admit to you into Jeanette integrity mentality Hill and hop into gardens beneath

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which rivers flow. So admission in paradise. If you do these four things, you get three advantages. Allah's help, forgiveness and admission into Paradise from an Cafaro BARDA Danika. But whoever disbelieves after that men come from you for Kabbalah. So a civilian such a person has strayed from the soundness of the wave. So it means middle. So already him it's the same same on either side. So it means that which is in the middle. So that was in the middle, it will lead you to the destination. But if you go too much on the right, too much on the left, eventually you will go off track. So the person who disbelieves after this, then he has lost the right way. Meaning it is his

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loss. It is his loss.

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The one who doesn't put an effort to invite Allah's help, and he suffers, then it is only his loss because Allah doesn't suffer at all. We suffer. So what do we learn in this is that if we want Allah's help in our personal lives, and our family lives, any kind of situation, we need Allah's help, then what do we need to do? These four things? Check yourself, how is your Salah, if the cat is something that you have to give? How regularly how properly do you give it believing in the messengers helping them you'll say, messengers are not there, but supporting the mission, the cause of the messengers, they came to call people to Allah? How much are we doing that? Are we calling

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people to Allah? Are we conveying the Quran to if we're doing that, only then we'll see Allah's help than spending for the cause of Allah. Those who will do these four things will get Allah's help. So if you're in trouble, if you see yourself in difficulty, start working on these things to earn Allah's help. But what happened? Fatima Napoleon nice alcohol then because of their breaking their covenant, the Bani Israel. They didn't fulfill their covenant. What happened then? Consequences. law now we curse them. They were removed far away from Allah's help, his mercy, his assistance, his still feel far away, disgraced, humiliated in this world, because this is what happens when a person

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gets the learn of Allah. Then he fails in every endeavor. He doesn't accomplish anything he fails. He's covered with problems with difficulties distress, inner anxiety, inner restlessness, lack of peace, this is all nirvana. They were punished, severely changed into fantasy in Canada because of their disobedience, then the humiliation must come to poverty. All of this was struck upon them. Why? Because of their breaking their covenants with Allah. Learn Now when we curse them, what you're allowed Kulu boom Cassia Another consequence of breaking the covenant with Allah. What? That we made their hearts hard. Casia obscene? Well, their hearts were hard. And when the heart is hard, then

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what does it mean? It doesn't soften. It is not receptive. It doesn't accept it doesn't melt. It doesn't cry. It doesn't change. It doesn't move.

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A person learns yet unaffected. He learns what to do, but no change in the action.

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As well the heart this is hardness of the heart. So why does this happen? Why does it happen where a person doesn't feel the fear of Allah? He doesn't feel the love of Allah. Why does this happen? Because of breaking the covenant with Allah breaking the covenant with Allah means disobeying Allah. So when a person disobeyed Allah in one aspect, then what will happen? His heart will harden.

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His heart will harden. And this is what we see you do one thing wrong, you feel bad over it. And then you have to bring another thing wrong. And then another thing wrong and another thing wrong and by the time a person realizes he's so far away from the monopoly, you miss alcohol.

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are now home. Would y'all know coloboma Garcia hard hearts as a result what happened? When the hearts are hard? You heard the phone call Kenema on Mulberry he they change the words from their proper places, even if it means it's the words of the book of Allah. It's the words that he revealed that he sent down still they will change them and the Bani Israel are famous for this one a Suhag woman mother Kilby and they forgot a portion of what they were reminded off nesu Misia, noon Senia.

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They learned certain things about the dean, but then they forgot them. Why? As a punishment?

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What do we see here? That sometimes a person learns the deen

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and then he forgets it? Part of it or all of it? It's as though he doesn't remember he cannot recall it. Why? Because he broke the covenant with Allah, meaning because he disobeyed Allah. The Prophet said a lot of times said that, you should not say that I forgot such and such portion of the Quran. Rather, he should say that he was made to forget

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that the Quran was taken away from him

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that he learned but Allah took it away from him. Why? Because he did not deserve it anymore. Why? Because he committed a sin because He disobeyed Allah He broke his covenant with Allah of the consequences of sins is what memory loss what kind of memory loss

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that a person cannot remember? Good things, things of the deen. So for example, the Quran he memorize the Quran, part of the Quran and then he forgets it, memorize it just now forgotten completely. Memorize the meeting now has no idea what it means no idea. Completely new.

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Why? Because of since NASA will have a member look up, and remember the business Yan is of two kinds. This Yan is Amy and Amelie. earliness Ian is that a person knew some knowledge. And then he forgot it. He knew, let's say part of the Quran, and then he can not recall it at all. You know, one is that yes, we are human beings, we're bound to forget certain things. But the other is that a person knows that I did not revise, I did not take care of this knowledge. And as a result, I have forgotten it. With age also people forget things. That's something that's normal. But the other is that a person should know it's expected that they should know. It's obvious. If they have read

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something seven times they have memorize it, they have taken tests, they've sat through hours of classes. And yet they forget that this is something that's not normal. So first is Miss yen or enemy. And the second is Miss yen or Amelie of action, that a person used to perform a good action, a good deed. And then he completely forgets to do it

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completely forgets to do it. So much so that the habit that he had developed is now out of his life completely.

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It's like a person recites their morning as God recites their evening of God as a habit. And then one day because they're angry,

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they're yelling at people, they're furious. They forget to say they're ugly, as they forget to say their God once, then what happens the next day, they forgot to say their God again, and they forget to sit there with God again. And then the habit that they had is last.

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Check yourself, are there any good things that you used to do habitually, perhaps it was reciting sorts of guff every Friday? Perhaps it was reciting the Quran every morning? Perhaps it was reciting Surah Mulk before you go to bed

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whatever good habit it was, if it's not there anymore, what changed?

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What changed when us who held them in Medicare Ruby, many times it is our own fault.

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Well as a result of polio, and you will still observe lead Desilu restaurants say well Lanza wireless downfall lattice No, it will never descend, it will never have a downfall. You know, the while is also used for the sunset. So it will never begin to decline. It will never begin to set meaning it will always remain like this. What that you will always continue to the funnier from it'll allow for them to become aware to come to know. So you will always come to know every now and then of what are they

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Hot enter to minimum of treachery from them. Every now and then you will hear, you will witness treachery on behalf of the Bani Israel, you will find them to be deceitful people, that they will make a promise, and they will break it. They will make a treaty and they will go against it. They will make a commitment and they will not fulfill it, you will continue to see this from them continue to inner Cadila minimum except for a few of them. There are some among them who are honest people who fulfill their promises were true to their word, far from home. So what should you do when they break their promise? When they proved to be treacherous? What should you do? Get angry, go out

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on the streets, revolt, give your own people and burn some cars and destroy some buildings, because you're very upset because some people are treacherous. This is what you should do. What does Allah say, for our foreign? Well, so forgive them? Pardon them? Why? They don't deserve to be forgiven. You forgive them, and Allah will take care of them. Allah will ask them,

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but you can't do anything. So your anger, your frustration is only going to harm you. So what do you have to do? Ignore them don't make a big deal about what they do. Just ignore them far foreign home was fine. For our food is from our phone and our flu is darn cool. To not call to account do not hold accountable and was suffering is Iran aren't who just turned away from the mistake that someone has made. So just move on.

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Don't ask them, Why did you do this?

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Don't confront them. And secondly, just ignore move on. And this is something that everyone has to do. When they find out that somebody is being treacherous, somebody is being deceitful.

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Whether it is parents, or it a spouse, or it is a friend, whoever it is,

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when you see that someone is not being honest with you, they say that they will be back in two hours. And they will have done some work. By the time they come. They're going for some work. And then you find out when they come the smell of coffee and the smell of food. So yeah, you are working for two hours you went out to eat with your friends instead. So don't confront them. What is this that I smell? Where were you? And how come you're burping every few minutes? Where did you go? You weren't working you were eating out. Don't confront them. It's not gonna get you anywhere. Likewise, sometimes parents are very suspicious of their children.

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And they want to see what the children are wearing under their or by under their sweater. Show me what you're wearing inside out. They want to see what their kids are wearing. Because they want to make sure that it's nothing inappropriate so that when they go, they don't take their eye off and they don't take their sweater off. No, this is not correct. If you see treachery from someone, if you see that they're disobeying you dishonest with you. They say something they do something else. What's the solution? Ignore them you're ignoring doesn't mean that you're approving of the wrong action. You're ignoring means that eventually they will come to know. Mom knows what I'm doing. I

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can't hide from her. Her attitude shows she knows. And this is something very, very important. People who are successful as leaders, as parents are those who don't start pointing out every single fault of those who are under their care. Because those who start highlighting the faults every little thing, then what happens? The people under them they become rebellious, and they become even more dishonest, they become even more treacherous. Think about it. The hypocrites who used to live in Medina weren't a dishonest. Clearly you hide your own Allah they were trying to deceive Allah, the art of the rule. I like them, they will come and make false excuses lie to the Prophet

00:34:07 --> 00:34:11

sallallahu sallam. What was the command that Prophet sallallahu sallam was given to ignore them?

00:34:12 --> 00:34:21

Because eventually people learn. Either they will change or Allah will give you authority over them, Allah will make you victorious over them.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:47

Remember this, but you have to wait it out. And you have to be patient. If anyone is being treacherous, deceitful, this is the rule that Allah is teaching us far foreign whom was far ignore them. Pardon them, overlook them. This is just like, if there's a child and you give a child a glass of water to drink from and as they're drinking this pellet.

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

And if you start yelling at them, if you start slapping them at that time, isn't going to work. Not at all. Because a child will not learn how to hold a cup property out of your fear.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:38

But if you let the child make a mistake, you pretend as though nothing happened. Just grab a towel, wipe it clean quickly fill the glass again, give it to the child to hold, what will happen eventually the child will learn. And he will also realize this is something I'm not supposed to I'm not supposed to spill water deliberately. This is why many mothers who are successful they will tell you don't stop your child Don't say no, because when you will say no, what will they do? They will go to it again. They will go to it again. You wait for a few days and the children will forget even what they were doing. When you make a big deal of it when you say no, no, no, no, then what happens

00:35:38 --> 00:36:19

to children also they will do the same thing. They will do exactly the same thing that you're stopping them from. But if you will ignore don't make a big deal out of it. They will get over it. Either they will learn or Allah will give you authority over them so far foreign home was five and remember that in the law your head when we're sitting indeed Allah loves the people who do your son so do this with their son. Do this when you're burdening them you're forgiving them you're doing it for Allah sake, hope of earning his reward hope of earning his love for foreign who was fired in the lawyer have been worsening. So write these two words down for foreign loan wells.

00:36:21 --> 00:36:28

Some mistakes need to be pointed out and other mistakes they need to be ignored. Eventually people learn.

00:36:29 --> 00:37:11

On the other hand Wamena Alladhina Carlo in Nana Surah those people who say that we are Christians they claim to be Christians in reality they're not followers of recited sunnah. Allah says a hudna Meetha chama, we took their covenant as well. Covenant was taken from Jews covenant was taken from Christians and now taking from Muslims what happened to the Christians Allah says fun so but they forgot what one a big portion from how lava they forgot a big portion of Mamadou QB of that which they were reminded off they were given the book but they forgot a big portion of it. So what happened consequences so we see the earlier the you who they broke the covenant deliberately the

00:37:11 --> 00:37:15

Christians didn't pay much attention so as a result they forgot

00:37:16 --> 00:38:00

again in both cases consequences what in this case for Elena been a homeowner I dealt with a whole bunch of Reina from Elena oh well, era is to produce something to cause something to grow to bring about. So Allah cause to bring about he produced in them what a ladder with a well, Baba. animosity and hatred, so they have no friendship, and they have no love. And when people have no friendship, there's no love than what does it mean? There's just unity. They're enemies, and they hate one another, or that was a Marine Dodwell. And it's basically the opposite of friendship. So it's when people are enemies to one another. And they express this enmity through their words and also through

00:38:00 --> 00:38:44

their actions. But Allah on the other hand, is the opposite of love, which is hatred, which is kept in the heart. So imagine if people aid one another in this way, in their hearts, and through their words and actions, them can they ever be united? Never. They may appear to be united. But in reality, there are disunited Isla yomo piano until the day of judgment was sofa Yuna, Bo Hula, hula be McCann, Maria snare on and so on, Allah will inform them of what they used to do. So what do we learn over here, that when people forget the teachings that Allah has given them, they learn the book and they forget, then what happens? They relationships they get corrupted, there is hatred, no

00:38:44 --> 00:39:31

friendship, even between those who are very close to them, those who should be friends with them. So we see that when a person is obedient to Allah glucomannan Illa he then a person deserves the Nirma of Allah, that he receives the help of Allah. And on the other hand, when a person deliberately violates deliberately breaks the promise with Allah then learner, Curse of Allah, Goswami of the heart, sins upon sins. And if a person doesn't pay much attention to what he has promised Allah subhanaw taala then what will happen? Enmity hatred, no peace, no happiness and life only misery. And we see all of these problems in our lives. People complain I don't get along with my mom. I

00:39:31 --> 00:39:43

don't get along with my dad. I don't get along with my brother. I don't get along with my sister. We're like strangers under one roof in one house. Why? Check? Are you remembering the book of Allah?

00:39:44 --> 00:39:52

How often do you pick it up? How often do you recite it? are you implementing what Allah has stopped? Or do you learn and you ignore?

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

This is so true. I was just thinking that since Ramadan has started, I haven't gotten into a fight with my brother.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

maybe except once. But this is because we read the Quran every day now like before Yeah, we used to read it but not that much. But now it's like every day and we read a lot of it so I don't know why that is. And when everybody's fasting everybody's going for PM, everybody's reading the Quran making dua then what happens people come closer together as well. I was just reflecting me and my husband that this is the first time in a long time that we've managed to sit together and eat together every single meal constantly for so many days. And when you sit with one another you eat together you talk this brings people closer as well.

00:40:39 --> 00:40:55

And when there's no further violation of Allah's rights, His commands then people move away from each other as well. There's fights arguments distances grow then so if you want to be close to people will be a lot more

00:40:56 --> 00:41:00

because when Allah will love you He will spread love for you

00:41:01 --> 00:41:03

let's listen to the recitation of these

00:41:05 --> 00:41:06

what up on the

00:41:09 --> 00:41:13

other knee is all

00:41:16 --> 00:41:18

neon shot on MTV

00:41:19 --> 00:41:21

all along in

00:41:23 --> 00:41:25

the in Amman Thomas Florida

00:41:31 --> 00:41:34

also really dumb to

00:41:37 --> 00:41:37


00:41:39 --> 00:41:46

dumb to move on to Milan Vaughn has an ogre fear on

00:41:49 --> 00:41:49

the ogre

00:41:52 --> 00:41:53


00:41:55 --> 00:41:56


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wala Odin feelin

00:42:06 --> 00:42:07


00:42:14 --> 00:42:15

he can

00:42:20 --> 00:42:25

be Verbena not only him me

00:42:28 --> 00:42:34

gentleman who was here you heard the phone and Kenny now

00:42:36 --> 00:42:38

you want us how long

00:42:40 --> 00:42:41

Nokia holding

00:42:44 --> 00:42:47

Banyana or

00:42:50 --> 00:42:50


00:42:51 --> 00:42:57

mean for most in law

00:43:01 --> 00:43:08

Wamena levena Although in all

00:43:10 --> 00:43:15

fairness who have more fairness who helped one

00:43:17 --> 00:43:18

kill me

00:43:23 --> 00:43:25


00:43:28 --> 00:43:34

was gonna be long will be my wheels now.

00:43:39 --> 00:43:44

Subhanak along will be handy Crusher de la ilaha. illa Anta Mr. Fuuka to will make a Santa Maria

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