Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 065D Tafsir Al-Nisa 141-147

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of hesitation as a protection against enemies and the potential for false positives. They stress the importance of not being lazy and praying for others, as it is deceptive and cannot be forgotten. The importance of remembering Allah's teachings and not being lazy is also emphasized. The conversation also touches on the negative consequences of actions and actions taken by individuals, including false accusations and false predictions, and the negative consequences of actions taken by individuals, including false accusations and false predictions. Prayer and making a commitment to Islam is also emphasized.
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Alladhina Atala bassoon have become those who wait and watch you who the hypocrites they are those who are thrombus wanna become Yatra persona from thrombose Rob Assad to lie in wait and watch to wait to see what happens so they're just waiting they're waiting watching you for in Canada comfort home if you have victory min Allah He from Allah meaning of the believers are victorious call who they say alumna Kumarakom were we not with you so insincere, so uncommitted. They are, they just want to take advantage of you. If you are victorious, they come and say, Oh, we were with you. So you better give a share to us too. We are also a part of this great achievement alumna. commerical.

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And on the other hand, what incana And if there was little caffeine for the disbelievers and asleep wanna share if the disbelievers have a shared a share of what victory, that once if they are victorious over the believers, then these hypocrites they go to the disbelievers and call who they say alumnus with early icon. When I'm Narco Minal Momineen, did we not gain the advantage over you, but we protected you from the believers? Let's start with from how well they're number one, is that what it is to have control and dominance over someone completely from all sides to have complete power over someone from all sides that they can't escape, so you prevail over them?

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You have the advantage over them, you gain mastery over them. Okay, so you are able to take advantage of them. So they say to the disbelievers we have full power over you. We had all the ability to defeat you to harm you, to find you. But instead, when a narco middle movement in we prevented you from the believers and American from Menara Menara is to stop Menara I'm is to protect we protected you from the believers who are there saying this to the disbelievers? When the disbelievers are victorious, they go to them and they say, You know what, we had all the power to defeat you. But we didn't. Instead we protected you from the believers. So if you were victorious,

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you were victorious because of us. So you know what you owe it to us. Look at them. They'd go and show favorite to everybody. They want to be praised for things they have not done. They want to take credit for every achievement, whether it is an achievement of Muslims or non Muslims. When Muslims are successful, it's because of us when disbelievers are successful because of us, we are the best we are the best way or the best. This is what the hypergrid wants to do just wants to show it to people that he is the best. And he's always showing favor to others whereas he's never done any favor to them. In the first place for Allah who Jacobina comio Well, PM, Allah says that he will

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judge between all of you on the Day of Judgment. Right Now. These hypocrites are not separated from the believers there are amongst them, right there amongst them. Because especially in Medina, how could they be separate? They were amongst the people and by the way, they would come to the masjid and pray with the Muslims. So how could you separate such people? How could you fight against them? People who are so insincere, what could the Muslims possibly do against them? So Allah says He will judge between all of you on the day of judgment, He will separate those who are truthful, sincere, committed from those who are fake, insincere, uncommitted. He will separate them. When ager Allah

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Allah Who, and by the way, Allah who will never ever make lil Katherina for the disbelievers Allah Mina against the believers. abelian anyway,

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when the disbelievers are temporarily victorious, and whenever can go to them, trying to please them that look, you're victorious because of us. So don't harm us. Don't say anything to us. Let us be with you. Why do they do this out of fear out of fear of the disbelievers that they're victorious now,

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but Allah subhanaw taala reminds that no, a disbeliever may be temporarily victorious, but not forever. Because Allah will never make for the disbelievers against the believers anyway, to overcome them. So what do we learn in this idea about hypocrisy, that it is of the signs of hypocrisy that a person likes to take credit for? Everything?

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For everything in Al Muna? 15 Indeed, the hypocrites you hide your own Allah, they try to deceive Allah, they think that they're deceiving Allah, but in reality will who will hold your home he is the one who is deceiving them. We have learned about this characteristic of the one f 18 earlier as well. That by such added

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Dude, go into the believers, we are with you going to the disbelievers? You owe it to us with this attitude, what are they doing? They're deceiving Allah. They're trying to deceive Allah. They're pretending before him and before His believers, that they are very nice, very righteous, very pious, very truthful, very committed, but in reality, they're not. So what is this being two faced? Two Faced attitude is what? Deception right? Isn't it? Tell me, it is deception. So they think they're deceiving Allah, but in reality, Allah is deceiving them how?

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When he lets them do what they're doing, when he doesn't punish them immediately.

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Because when he lets them do what they're doing, what happens is that they think they're right. They think they're very smart. They think they're very intelligent. So they keep going farther and farther in this behavior. In this manner, they go so deep in it, that it's impossible for them to come out so well who will hide your home? What either camo Illa solidarity and when they stand for prayer, who?

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The hypocrites they pray?

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Yeah, they do.

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So if we don't pray,

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imagine a hypocrite praise.

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And if there is a person who doesn't pray, then is any worse than a hypocrite.

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Think about it.

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The hypocrites at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam would even go to the masjid and pray in congregation. And if today, we don't even bother to pray. Then what is our level? Where do we stand? What is our position?

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The hypocrite at least stands to pray.

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What either calm who Illa sadati when they stand for prayer, Allah says calm Kusa Allah. They stand lazy Lee Kosala por la Castile Caslen capsim. Land Caslen is when someone is lazy

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in doing something, that they should not be lazy.

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When they're being lazy in doing something they should not be lazy. You know some things it's okay. If you defer them for example dishes. It's okay if you don't wash them immediately. You're being lazy so you delay for an hour you did two hours you go sluggishly you go heavily. And then eventually you go and wash them. Is it bad? Yeah, it's bad, but it's not that bad because it's only dishes.

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But if there is a person who is sick, and they need their medication, their water and they can't get up, go to the kitchen and get it. You're supposed to give them their medication and you don't you're being lazy, you're being lazy. Is that bad? It is really really bad.

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This is what

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can Castile is this is what it is to be Caslen. So, the hypocrites when they stand to pray, they stand very, very lazily how that if they go to the masjid to the place of prayer towards Allah. So for example, they have to go do will do in order to pray they go so lazily, as if they're dragging 10 pounds, bind them with every foot

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because so lazily towards will do, they go so lazy towards Allah, and when you go lazy towards something, then you delay it. You wait until the last moment, isn't it? And your attitude? What is it show? No excitement, nothing such a big burden. What either camo era sweaty camo Kusa Allah. And when they pray, they pray literally, they have no interest in it. Why do they bother to pray? If they don't want to pray, don't pray, why do they bother to pray? You're our own and NAS showing to the people from the raw Hamza? Yeah. They're just showing to the people, meaning because the people are there. That's why they're praying. If the people weren't there, they would never pray. Ask

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yourself right now, why do I pray?

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Why do I pray? Is it because my mom's watching me? Is it because my husband will think I'm so bad?

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Is it because I can't pretend that I'm menstruating anymore?

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Because last week, I wasn't the week before I was so I can't be having my period for the third week in the role. So I better get up and pray. Why am I praying? Ask your self

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because if people are because of what your own a nest and when African they pray out of fear of people, well Al Quran Allah Illa kalila and they don't remember Allah except very little.

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In prayer, they don't remember Allah

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anyone outside of Salah they hardly ever remember Allah. They don't say Bismillah before they eat, they don't say to him the laughter they eat they don't say the door when they wake up. They don't say door before going to bed. They don't say there are when entering the washroom when coming out when putting on their clothes. They don't remember Allah in the morning or in the evening, during salah or after sada they don't remember Allah. They don't think about Allah. They have no interest in Allah. They're just busy, busy, busy, about their own enjoyment about their own satisfaction about their own pleasure.

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When I read Quran, Allah Allah kalila the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, this is the prayer of the hypocrite. This is the prayer of the hypocrite. This is the prayer of the hypocrite. He sits watching the sun until when it goes down between the two horns of the devil meaning it's about to set. Then he stands up, backs out for a rocker without remembering Allah during them except little back, notice the word pack who packs birds. So he's such that his record is like packing quickly, quickly.

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This is a prayer of the hypocrites the prophets have a lot of them said the heaviest prayers on the hypocrites are Asia and budget. If they know their rewards, they will attend them even if they have to crawl.

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So what do we learn here?

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That a believer is not lazy? In salah.

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A hypocrite is it is a sign of hypocrisy, to be lazy, about salah to go to Salah lazily and to pray lazily and not remember Allah except very little.

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Which means that in the Salah person has no fear of Allah, no love of Allah. When he says Subhan Allah doesn't mean anything when he says Allahu Akbar doesn't mean anything. He's just praying because he has to.

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He just praying because he asked he says to get over it well i at Quran Allah Illa kalila

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and this teaches us one more lesson that it is of hypocrisy to not remember Allah much Hulu Al Bab Who are they Alladhina is Quran Allah pm and welcome with Anwar Allah you know Bingham Allah says, Yeah, you Alladhina amanu or the Quran Allah the Quran Kathira was a Bihu book, Ratan was Lila remember Allah much morning and afternoon

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muda Bina Boehner Dalek then when I feel clean, wavering between them. Between who

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between believers and disbelievers without the Bina is from then, but or that better than the verb or the the Alba that is to push and them is when something is pushed back and forth, back and forth. Think about a pendulum. How it is pushed from one side goes into the other side pushes back pushes back back and forth back and forth this is what

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we have is someone who is going back and forth wavering fluctuating going to and fro

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some whatever the Bina they're going back and forth between that between the believers and the disbelievers let you know how will I they're not towards these wala Illa Allah a nor are they towards those meaning they're neither with the believers, nor are they with the disbelievers when the believers are successful, there with them when the disbelievers are successful there with them. So who are they? Who do they belong to? What identity do they have? Nothing. A hypocrite doesn't have an identity. This is what a hypocrite is. He doesn't know who he is, he is nothing.

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He is nothing Leila, how will a winner Illa Allah a woman you Lilla who felon 30 dela who sebelah whoever Allah sends a stray, then you will not find for him any way. Because a hypocrite What does he want convenience. So if it's convenient to be here, he will be here. If it's convenient to be there, he will be there. Which is why we learned earlier coolamon Allah Allah home, my shelfie when there's light, they walk what either Allah but when it becomes dark, they stop. Right tamo so this is the way of the monastic going back and forth. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said the example of the hypocrite is like that of the sheep wandering between two herds. Sometimes she goes to one of

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them, and sometimes the other confused over whom she should follow.

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The prophets on a lot of them also said, you will find the worst among the people, a double faced person who appears to some people with one face and two others with another face. So what do we see here that the hippo can where he's uncommitted. He is also not determined. He doesn't have any resolve. He's very shaky.

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very shaky. The foundations are weak, which is why sometimes their Salah and sometimes there is no Salah sometimes, you know, there's very nice attitude other times very bad a flop wavering, he doesn't have an identity you can't understand the person what is he? You know how some people you understand them you understand their temperament, and some people unpredictable, unpredictable. So this is the way of the hypocrite in the matter of religion unpredictable. You don't know where he is.

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You don't know where they are. You don't have they actually wear hijab or they don't You don't have to actually have a beard or they don't because one time you see them one way or the other time you see them another way would have the * Boehner Derek Lila, how will I wanna Illa Allah a, a true believer is never shaky about the foundations about the principle he has intimate Nan. Remember what Abraham read his time asked for Leah toma in Nickleby. He asked for determination satisfaction of the heart. So believer He knows when Allah is telling me I have to do it. He doesn't waver he becomes firm.

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mercurial Munna?

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Naga Lima. Levine is gonna caffeine

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me Tony

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Zetta in real life that Allah hegemony

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feel kita be an aid to

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yoke phobia why you stanza OB Taco Bell taco

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Luffy had even more URI

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e than Miss Liu in a long

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15 hour feeding

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Levine Barcelona becomes gonna come

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along him all Oh

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Marco mwah gonna

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call Oh, god, Oh Allah Mr. Winn.

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Meaning Melania from obeying Uncle

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John along

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meaning SRB Allah.

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Lalo do more either long

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or move

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This is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that believe and was stalking and become firm, so musta came

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back become firm on it. So, it is very important that when we believe when we do something good, when we come closer to Allah then become firm on it, don't fall back, don't leave it. Because that means lack of commitment. That means being non serious about it. And that is a sign off Nephi out. Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu Allah advises the believers or believers learned that the field will carefully and thoroughly I mean doing meaning if you want to save your iman, if you want to preserve your iman, if you want to grow your iman, then do not take the disbelievers as your close best friends other than the believers don't do that. Why? Because you will become like them. Your Eman

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will weaken. If you think about it. Then when after 18. How is it that their Eman became so weak, weak weak until eventually disappeared? Because they were in awe of the disbelievers. They wanted to always impress them. They always wanted to make them happy. They wanted to please

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them their loyalties were with them. So as a result what happened eventually they became like them and in fact worse than them. This is why Allah says don't defend them to such a level that your iman will suffer a duty doona Do you want and that you are alone that you make Nila he for Allah or Aleikum against yourselves so vana Medina a clear case, Sivan and Medina you want to make clear case for Allah against you. Meaning when you befriend this believers to such a level, then you're asking Allah to punish you basically, you're asking for his guidance. If you want guidance, then you better be with the people of guidance. If you're with the people of misguidance, then that's what you're

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asking for.

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In nomina feel cleaner indeed, the hypocrites fit don't kill us fairly mean and now they will be in the lowest lowest depths of the fire. Duck, duck is from dal rock F and duck is the opposite of the raja the Raja is a level high okay the Rajat are levels that go higher upwards one above the other, dark dark cat is the exact opposite lower levels, one after the other one under the other. This is just like ground floor, you have levels above and then you have levels below. Dark, lower level which lower level us fell what is the last fall seen fallen? lowest, the lowest level MENA now of the fire? That is the destination of the hypocrites. Think about it. They will be lower than the

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disbelievers and hellfire. What does it mean that that a monad is worse than a mushrik? He is worse than a cafe. He is worse than an atheist. This is woman if it is worst in the sight of Allah.

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Why? Because he's a cheater. He is deceitful. He's a liar. He's dishonest. He is pretentious.

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He doesn't have any fear of Allah, nothing at all. He uses the deen to amass his dunya

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and such characteristics are so lowly. Think about it. Someone who cheats who's dishonest? Doesn't he fall in your eyes? He falls in your eyes. Then imagine what do you not fall in the eyes of Allah? Even more. So if it doesn't kill us Ballymena now, the lowest deepest level of the Hellfire, that's where the Muna 15 will be well on $30 Homeless lira, and you will never find for them any helper. No one is going to come and take them out. A believer. If he ends up in the fire eventually there's intercession so that he will be forgiven taken out but a hypocrite, no one is going to intercede for them because a cheater someone who's deceitful no one likes them. No one likes them. If someone

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pretends to pray before you because you told them and later on you find out they didn't actually pray they told you they prayed but they didn't actually pray what happens you don't like such a person anymore?

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Someone tells you they'll do something but they don't actually do it. You don't like them anymore. So hypocrites. No one likes them anymore in this dunya and in the hereafter lung digital ominously era. This is why we have to be very, very careful.

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Remember that hypocrisy is basically characteristics having certain characteristics. And Allah has put good in us and evil in us why as a cast, that we purge the evil we get rid of the evil and we develop the good we develop the Eman and get rid of the evil this is what we have to do. This is why if we find some characteristics in ourselves, whether it is of cheating, whether it is telling small white lies occasionally, or it is of looking at things we're not supposed to be looking at, or it is praying lazily or not praying sometimes, then we need to get out of this. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us the way out. What is that Illa Latina taboo except for those people who were found to do

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Toba? What is the Oba? You say I'm not going to do it again. So make a promise now with yourself. Make commitment now with yourself. I'm not going to be of those people who don't pray. I am going to pray. Do Toba now don't delay repentance. Make a commitment with yourself. I'm not going to lie again. I'm not going to do this bad deed again this bad action again. I'm not going to do it DABU was a slow and they fix they repair. They correct themselves is law. What they rectify their actions, their intentions. So before we might be praying to please our parents, but

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Now we have to pray for Allah. Before we might go to the masjid to pray that we just because our mother is dragging us now I'm gonna go for Allah wa tussen will be Lehi, the third step, hold on firmly to Allah, that Allah you save me Allah you help me you're unable to get up to pray for stuff that hola hola hola hola co they love Allah Ya Allah give me the courage Yama give me the strength. Hold on to Allah commit to the deen hold fast to Allah seek His help, see because assistance connect with Allah read Quran do Allah vicar. What is the Quran, Allah's rope, so hold on to it while the sun will be Lehi will often also Dena home Lilla and they purify their religion for Allah. What does

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that mean? They make it sincere. So whatever they do, they do it for Allah. So whenever we're doing something, ask yourself, Why am I doing it? Why am I fasting? Because it looks really bad if I don't. Why am I praying? Because it looks really bad if I don't. Why am I reciting Quran? Because I want to be really righteous. No, I'm doing it for Allah. And when ever this thought comes to your mind, well look, she's watching you. Yeah, yeah, cry more. One more tear your cry more Look, people are watching. They'll think you're so righteous. Yeah, put on a bigger hijab and wear it really tight. And yes, as we're going before men look down, people will think I'm so righteous. Don't do it

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for people. Whenever the stock comes to you, because your thought wants to corrupt your intention, right? So whenever such a thought comes to you say no, I'm doing it for Allah. Thank you very much. I'm doing it for Allah will offer so Dina homely Allah. Allah says for Allah eco Mara meaning, then those will be with the believers in this dunya and in the era, such people are considered the believers and the believers were so for you dilla who soon Allah will give to who to almost many into the believers. agilon are Lima, a great reward, not a smaller award, but a great reward. So this Ramadan, let's strive to do Toba to do is LA to have a stronger connection with Allah to have a

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class LilLah seek Allah's refuge against hypocrisy. Make dua Allahu Allahu Calbee Mina NIFA while Emily mineralia wali Cerney Meenal Kalevala purify my heart from hypocrisy, purify my actions from showing off, purify my tongue from lies. Allah says Melia find Allah who will be or that become may if I do, what will he do? Who Allahu Allah? What will Allah do via that become by punishing you? Meaning Allah has no interest in punishing you. He doesn't want to punish you. What would he do if you get punished? Allah doesn't increase Him in His Majesty doesn't harm him nothing.

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Because he is learning

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Maya for the love of Yarra that become in Shackleton momentum. If you are grateful, and you believe, if you're grateful, obedient and you believe Allah has no interest in punishing you. So when we read these verses, don't think that Oh, I am destined to never pray, I'm destined to show off I'm destined to never be righteous. No, don't think like this. Allah has no interest in punishing you in Ceccato or elementum. If you are grateful and you believe, what does this teach us? That if we are grateful for the deen that Allah has given for the book that Allah has given for the blessings that Allah has given and what does that gratitude mean? Follow the deen read the book, use the blessings.

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So if we're grateful and we believe that inshallah we are saved from from what? From punishment?

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What is something that saves a person from punishment, sugar and Eman which means that when a person is ungrateful, and when his Eman is weak, then he is close to punishment. So this Ramadan, let's be more grateful let's strengthen our iman even more. Because what can Allah who share culinary Lima, Allah is Ever appreciative and knowing shacket from sugar when sugar is used for Allah, it doesn't mean thankful. What does it mean? Appreciative Thorne who appreciates our lien, he knows what you're doing. So he will appreciate your deeds, reward them generously, abundantly and he knows what you're doing.

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So these are either very serious

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and they force us to look at ourselves. Look at our salah. Look at our heart look deep down into ourselves and be honest with ourselves. Is this you?

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Man or NFL and if we see signs of hypocrisy let's try to come out of them let's try to get better to improve and ask for Allah's help and strive recitation

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me a duty Duna

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solo board I've

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been in Ramona we've been Fe

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S Fanny Meenan

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does almost

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for all

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meaning was our

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meaning agilon Now Lima, Maya, long will be on

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to work and along Shaquille Unani

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so hamdulillah we've completed our fifth Jews. That's how much of the Quran

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1/6 of the Quran and hamdulillah Baraka low Fico. If you're in Macomb with er Malecon Subhanak along will be handy gonna show to Allah Illa illa Anta Nasta Furukawa to relate a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Hironaka

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