Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 065C Tafsir Al-Nisa 136-140

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of maintaining faith and increasing it throughout the day is emphasized, as it is crucial to grow one's ego and live a stable and steadyNet. The speakers emphasize the need for personal commitment and practice, as well as learning about different foods and actions to increase one's range. The importance of avoiding hesitation and practicing is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve success in life. The use of "has been" in religion is discussed, and caution is advised against showing one's weight or accent to avoid embarrassment. The importance of avoiding humor in media and calls for caution is also emphasized.
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Yeah, are you Hola, Dina Manu all you who have believed me know biller he wants to solely believe in Allah and His messenger

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who is being addressed. Those who believe for those who believe will believe in Allah and His Messenger, but Allah is telling them believe in Allah and His Messenger while kita and the book Alladhina Zilla Allah Rasool Li, that which He has sent down on His Messenger, while kita Villa de Anza, lemon Kabul and also believe in the book, which was sent before so believe in all the scriptures. But who are the believers? The believer are the ones who actually believe in all of these things. So why is Allah subhanaw taala telling them to believe when they already believe? Why? What comes to your mind? Nothing. So should I tell you?

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Okay, so when the believers are being told, believe, then what does it mean? Continue to believe? Okay, it's like you are walking.

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And your friend says, Walk. So what does that mean? That keep walking, don't stop, right? You're eating and somebody tells you eat? What does that mean? Eat more. Right? You're at somebody's house, your plate is full. And like eat, eat, sister eat, right? And they keep boring on your plate. What does that mean? Eat more, don't stop eating, test everything. So me know. It means here. Continue to believe. Continue to maintain your faith. keep increasing your faith, strengthen your faith, complete your faith, perfect your faith, revive it adhere to it, be serious about it, don't neglect it. Keep believing in Allah keep reviving your iman and Allah keep increasing your Eman and Allah

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and his book and his messengers.

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Why because Eman is something that is like a plant that is like a tree

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a plant? Does it need water? Does it need nutrition? Does it need food? Does it need sunlight? It does it needs nourishment right from everywhere from above and below. And if it is not given that nourishment than what will happen, it will dry up and it will die just like that your iman needs constant supply constant food and nourishment, it has to be watered it has to be energized it has to be filled in it has to be revived again and again. Why? So that it can survive and so that it can grow? Why do you water a plant so that it can survive and also so that it can grow because if you don't water it, it will dry up? It will die. So just like that Eman is something that is not

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stagnant. It is something that is not stationary, it is either always increasing or it is decreasing. It's either going up or it's going down just like temperature is it always the same, never you can make it the same in your refrigerator. All right, but not anywhere else what happens outside it will increase or decrease. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala told us to constantly increase our faith constantly strengthen it constantly work on it, because when you will constantly work on it, it will remain at one place and it will grow. So basically you don't want it to reduce you don't want it to fall down you don't want it to go down because if it goes down that is very

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dangerous, that is very harmful. You have to maintain it within a certain range and your goal should be to increase it to increase the range to go higher and higher. So this is why Allah says um you know, believe in Allah, His messenger and the book that he has sent down on His messenger and the book that was sent before when maniac for Billahi and whoever disbelieves in Allah wa Mala Ekata he and his angels what could be endless books what also Lee and as messengers while you will actually and the last day for Kado Bala Bala number either when in fact he has certainly gone far astray. Eman and COFA. They are not the same faith and disbelief. They're not the same. This is why it's

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necessary to maintain the faith and to increase the faith.

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It needs food you have

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have to grow it it doesn't grow by itself.

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In Alladhina amanu indeed those people who believed some maca follow then they disbelieved. Thumma Amma no then they believed so maca photo then again the disbelieved some must Dadoo co Fran, then they increased in their disbelief is there due from Zaya Xia to increase, so then they eventually increased in disbelief. Such people lamea Cooney, Allah who Allah is not going to Lea Phil Allah whom he is not going to forgive them while earlier Dr. Sevilla, nor will he ever guide them for such people, no forgiveness and no guidance. Why? Because look at their attitude between Eman and Cofer, wavering between faith and disbelief. At one point, very good. At another point very bad at another

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point very good at another point very bad. And eventually what happens? They go in coffee. They excel in coffee. This is just like if you have a plant, okay? you water it one day becomes really nice and fresh. Okay. And then for a week, you don't water it, what's going to happen by the end of the week, it will begin to dry up. It's drooping. So then what do you do you water you're like, oh my god, it's dying, I better water it. So you water it, then what happens? It comes to life again. But then if you ignore it for a week, what will happen? It will start to die. But then you watch it again, it gets back to life. But if you continue such an attitude towards the plant, a time will

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come when that plant won't be able to come back to life

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isn't at all, when it won't have the strength to come back, then it will die.

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No matter how much you water it no matter how much fertilizer you put, no matter how much you expose it to fresh air and good sunlight still is going to survive. It won't eventually it will die.

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So just like that, if we have this kind of attitude with our iman, one day, we're praying the other day we're not. Then after a week, we're like, oh my God, I didn't pray at all I should better pray. So then a person goes and prays and then he doesn't pray again. And then he prays and then he doesn't pray again. Eventually what will happen a time will come when he will stop praying altogether. Doesn't it happen? When a person skips a prayer or two in a day? Then eventually what happens? He begins to skip more and more prayers until a point comes where he says yeah, I used to pray. But now I don't. I've become so bad. That's what people do. So thermos Dadoo cough run for

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such people. Allah will not forgive them, nor will He guide them. Why? Because they themselves are guilty. They themselves are at fault. It was their own neglect that caused them to come to this point.

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Earlier we learned about the importance of justice establishing justice between people and what does that mean give every deserving one their right. What do we learn here that give a law his right give your Eman? It's right because if you neglect it, that is going to be harmful for your own self. Let's listen to the recitation.

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A human Nadine

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only one kita

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while kita laziness wants to lean he wants to kita be LADEE.

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warming the

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new one

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he wants to the new

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Lavina maca

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Folsom Missoula

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lamea Gunilla.

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sebelah so what do we learn in these verses?

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That we should always strive to increase our iman how does the mind increase? Let's say I feel that my Eman is law and I want to increase it. Tell me an action something that I can do to increase my Eman? What can I do? Yes.

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Okay, I'm making dua Oh Allah increase my Iman. Okay, if I'm hungry, and I need to get rid of that hunger. I asked you what should I do you tell me make dua

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Oh, okay, very good. I should make dua Oh Allah, I'm hungry. Please solve my hunger for me. Okay one is to make the robot don't have to do something yourself as well, then what will you tell me if I'm hungry? What will you tell me if I'm hungry? Just sit there and appreciate the different foods that Allah has made and just think about the different different foods and things that Allah has made and you'll be fine.

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What do I have to do?

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Eat something go find something to eat

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and just sit with it. Sit with the food. No, put it in your mouth, eat it that will do away with the hunger. Likewise, Eman when you want to increase it. What do you have to do something? We can't just be like, Yeah, you know, I just love Allah and you're looking at the book at the Quran. Like, Quran is so beautiful. It's so amazing. It is so inspiring. And you say all these big words about the Quran, that itself is not going to increase your faith.

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Right? You can't just be looking at the sky and the clouds of the creation of Allah Allah Yeah, this is increasing my faith. What do you need to do some action? And what is that? That when you look at the beautiful creation of Allah, you say, you do. What do you do? You go and obey Allah. Right? You do something to make Allah happy. You want to increase your Eman. You do an action, you recite the Quran, you do the vicar of Allah. You pray a Salah you go give sadaqa you forgive someone you help someone in need. You pray a Salah early, you fast. You pray enough?

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Okay, this is what will increase your Eman.

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As I was saying your Eman increases when your knowledge increases. Otherwise you don't know how you can praise Allah you don't know what you can do or what you can do. Because you don't know what you can do to please Allah. But when you open the book and you learn these verses, then you know how you can apply them and thereby increase your Eman? Yes, but again, knowledge alone is not sufficient. This is just like a person going to the grocery store, buying a lot of fruits and vegetables. And then he sets them up on the table. And he says yeah, I have food isn't going to do away with his hunger. What does he have to do eat that food. So when we're learning, we need to use this knowledge

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we need to apply it. So for example, we learned about justice, when we will be fair, even if we're going to suffer, then that will cause you to increase your Eman. It will every command of Allah that you obey. Remember, it will increase your faith.

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I was just recalling a hadith that was about that taba all the companions of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam they came and AstroSolar Salah Salem that when we are in your company in this mosque, we are just we don't want to get out of this environment in this learning situation. And in your company, we feel so comfortable and so relaxed. But when once we are out of this mosque and we get in touch with our businesses and their families and everything, we just forget about coming back here and we need to force ourselves that we have to come back here in this mosque with you. So basically they meant that they're exactly the state of the heart is different exactly in the company of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam exactly when they're busy with their business and who exactly and so did I sort of salons and he told them that your effort is important for Allah Tala and he will focus on your how much you strive to come here to me and to Allah Tala and this is all Allah needs. Basically he said that if your Eman would always be high, then you would be meeting angels in the streets. So the point was that the state of your heart cannot always be the same. There will be a difference, but you always have to work on making it better. Making it better making it better. It's like you eat food you get hungry but then what do you do? You eat again and you get hungry you eat again and you

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get hungry you eat again. Right? And what is it you keep snacking throughout the day, one cucumber here, one carrot here. One salaries stick here or some other kinds of food whatever. You keep snacking throughout the day, and the other is if you have a proper meal in the morning, proper meal in the afternoon, proper meal at night. That will last you longer. All right. So just like that you need Eman food throughout the day. What is the man for good deeds, good deeds that is your Eman food that is what will feed your Eman. That is what will grow your Eman it will nourish it and strengthen it

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So good deeds, whether it is the Corolla, whether it is still our Quran, whether it is saying something good kulula, nasty husana forgiving someone stopping yourself from backbiting, telling the truth, all of this will increase your iman, you understand something, also staying in the company of righteous people, yes, staying in good company that will also increase your image. Why? Because good company good people, they will be busy in good deeds. So when they will do good things, you will do good things. And as a result, your Eman will also grow. Just being in the company of chefs is not going to do away with your hunger,

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you're going to work with the chef's to make good food, and then you're going to eat it, that is what will satisfy. I was also really interested to say that when you are sick, you go you went to the doctor, you know, and when you are going to be in the righteous company, they're gonna guide you over that you know where you're gonna go. And first of all we have to Jordan are points where we are lagging behind, we are all the time along with yourselves. I was used to tell my kids before sleeping, just think about what you did, you know, in the morning, what was you know, mistakes you did, and what the good deeds you did. And this is what my teacher said, before going to sleep think

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about what you did whole of the day for the people and for yourself has Cebu publican to hassle, then we wanted to do something sound like him. So I'm gonna give you an example of how a man is it's like the sign the square root sign, so it's stable, then it goes up, then it goes down. And then if you continue it, it goes stable again. And then you need to pull it back up yourself, you need to make the effort yourself or else it's gonna keep going down, exactly keeps going down, but you have to go up, and then you maintain it but then it falls down, then you have to jump up, you have to go higher, then you maintain it. And there's a dip again and then you go higher, you maintain it, there

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is a dip again, but then you have to go higher. So you have to keep going higher, higher, higher. And there is no limit to how high you can go. There is no limit. Because you see there is even Islam, your son, what's the height of your son? Nothing. There's no height to it. There's no maximum limit. It's how much ever you can do. Right? There's always room to do more.

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So we learn from the idea that when a person neglects his Iman, he doesn't take care of it. He doesn't look after it. He does not strive to maintain it to increase it. Then what happens eventually time comes when he has such a dip that he keeps falling down and down. He increases in his disbelief.

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He was at a point of Eman. He neglected his Eman and he came to a point of Cowfish Allah says Bashir will Munna Filipina give glad tidings good news to the hypocrites. What good news be another home that indeed for them is either been a Lima, a painful punishment.

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painful punishment is a good news. It's not good news. So why does Allah say give them good news of a painful punishment. This is basically sarcasm,

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that they're so happy about what they're doing. They're so happy about their deceit, about the wrong actions. They're doing their worldly life. They're so happy about it. Tell them give them the good news that there is severe, painful punishment for them. Now this idea is a clear warning against hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is something very serious it takes a person to hellfire and what is Nefab? What is hypocrisy? Hypocrisy if you think about it, it is lack of commitment. Being non serious with the deen

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not being fully committed to the deen being non serious about one's religion.

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It is when on the outward a person appears to be very committed, very righteous, very nice. But on the inside, there is no fear of Allah, no love of Allah, no desire to do good. No fear of doing bad nothing.

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The heart is somewhere else. Outwardly very committed internally somewhere else. This is what hypocrisy is. Because what do we learn about them with African in the Quran? Those who say we believe but Allah says in reality they don't believe on the outward is Iman in the heart? No Amen. We learned about those who are hypocrites, that they are deceitful, that they are treacherous. How a deceitful person never goes to the face of a person that says, You know what? I'm going to break this promise that I made with you. He doesn't say that. He pretends that he's going to fulfill it. He pretends that he's committed, but in reality, he's not going to fulfill it.

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No person will go and say to the face of another, that I am going to not fulfill the trust that you gave me. Does he say that? No. Rather he says, no, no, I'm going to do this work, I'm going to fulfill my promise, I'm going to fulfill my commitment. This is what he shows them the outward. But in reality, he goes against it.

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So in effect is basically lack of commitment with the dean.

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It is something else on the outside, something else on the inside, it is taking the dean, non seriously not giving importance to the dean, having a very casual attitude with the team. One day a person is praying, another day, he's not praying one day very serious about her job another day, I don't care.

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There is no stability. A believer is stable. If he does have a dip, he goes higher.

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But most of the time he is stable. And when alpha, what is he like constantly up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. There is no maintenance of faith. And the graph instead of going higher, it goes lower,

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lower and lower until there is coefficient. Now Eman is something that requires commitment from a person just like your work. Does it require commitment? Does it? Yes. Marriage does that require commitment? Yes. Anything in life that requires commitment from you. Which means that when you have said that you're going to do it, you're going to do it, you are going to stick to it, you're not going to leave it. So if a person has a very casual attitude with his work, so one day he goes to work on time, and the other day, he takes five minute break after every 30 minutes, okay? And the third day, he calls it and he says I don't feel like coming. So I'm not going to come today. And the

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fourth day, he doesn't even bother to give a call the fifth day he shows up what's the boss gonna say? You are fired. You're not welcome over here. We cannot have people like you working in this place. Isn't that so? This is why we take our work very seriously. We take our school very seriously. Because we know that we're going to suffer otherwise, we have to show we have to prove our commitment. Likewise the deen it requires commitment from us. It can't be that one day we're praying another day. We're not one day we read the Quran for three weeks. We're not unlike this. We feel that we are very strong, very good believers. No.

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When it comes to work, we don't even think of taking the day off no matter how difficult it is. We don't take a day off. Instead we go early, we come late we bring work home. But when it comes to the dean, what does shaytaan tell us? It's okay, skip a day. It's okay. We'll leave early. It's okay. We'll go late. It's okay. I'll listen to the recording later. It's okay. I've studied these verses before. It's okay. I read through the translation. I know it's okay. I'll borrow somebody's notes. What does it mean lack of commitment right. Everything in life demands commitment from you.

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Everything in life demands commitment from us. So, then when African at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam they were uncommitted how when it came time to go for battle, Excuses, excuses, excuses, right? One reason or the other to stay behind. When it came time to give money to spend in the way of Allah excuses. Lack of commitment. Allah says tell such people be another Homer Adam and Lima. Because Islam is submission. It is not moodiness. It is not that you follow your mood, your desire. If you feel like it, you do it you don't feel like it. You don't do it. No. work, study. Do you do it when you feel like it? And when you don't feel like it? You don't do it? No, you do it

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anyway, because you have to do it. Likewise, de Sala Quran rabada when you have to do it, you have to do it, even if you don't feel like it. So the believer He overcomes his desire, his laziness, and the hypocrite he falls before his laziness, and shaytaan has more power over him and the person weakens and weakens until he loses the most precious treasure that he ever possessed. Who are the unethical? Allah says Alladhina yet Duffy, Donal Katharina Olea those people who take the disbelievers as their close friends mean dune Elmo, meaning instead of the believers, instead of taking believers as your close friends, who did it take as your close friends, disbelievers. Now, it

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doesn't mean that you can never be friend or non Muslim. This is not what the meaning is. We have read the meaning of Olia before Wilaya is a very close friendship, intimate friendship in which a person shares the secrets with the other as well shares us

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lands his goals. He takes the shooter discusses his problems so that he can take their advice. And when he takes her advice, he follows them. Right. So what's the harm in taking a non Muslim as your close best friend? What's the harm?

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They may not give you the correct advice. Right? They may encourage you to do something wrong. Why? Because they want you to be evil, because they don't know what your dean tells you. Simply, they don't know what your dean tells you. They may be very sincere to you, they may want the best for you. But to tell you Look, if you don't want to wear hijab, I don't think you should wear it. And by the way, I'm honestly telling you, you look very, very beautiful. Your hair is very, very nice. Be confident about yourself, take this off.

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And they tell you as such a loyal friend is such a good friend. So this is the harm of having people who don't have Iman, as your close best friends because they will affect you, they will inspire you. Their personality will rub off on you. Correct. If you are with someone who believes in Allah, when you're suffering, they will encourage you to have hope and Allah. But if you are friends with someone who doesn't believe in Allah, when you're suffering, are they going to remind you to be hopeful and Allah know,

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if anything, they're going to make you lose your faith. If you're suffering, they cannot make their offer you they cannot remind you that Octo who's in charge of right that this also is a purification in sha Allah.

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Allahu Isla Dini Holly a person is on the religion of his friends, what they will do, you will do what they will eat, you will eat the words they will say you will say why? Because you want to fit in, you want to be like them, you have to be accepted by them. And so when you want to be one of them, you will become like them. So you will dress like their dress, you will pluck eyebrows like they do. So you will say things that they say, right? And then what happens a person, he loses the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

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He loses the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, then the wrong becomes the norm. It becomes Okay.

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Isn't it? So? So for example, think about clothing. Even when we all come here, we make sure that we dress properly, right? Even if we're not wearing a bio, we're wearing pants, and we know we were like decent clothing. Okay? And I mean, like long or whatever. But if you are amongst people who are amongst them all the time, you want to be like them, you want to be praised by them. You want to go to the mall with them. Aren't you going to dress like them?

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Aren't you going to dress like them? Yes. So there will be times when a woman may be wearing a hijab, but her neck is showing why because she has to reveal her earrings just like her friend, or that she is wearing hijab, but the face is covered in makeup just like her friends, or that she is wearing clothing. But it's as though she's not.

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Why? Because her friends have affected her. You understand what I mean? Her friends have affected her. And believe me, it happens. People's accent changes, their vocabulary changes, right? The way they make their hair. Something as small as that it changes the way the way their hijab changes, isn't it? I'm not saying in a good way or a bad way. The saying it changes your friends do affect you.

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Sometimes not even intentionally, unintentionally, some follows like when I knew one of my friend, she told she had a new friend who used to like literally scold her kids like anything. And unintentionally when she used to come back home. She used to literally scold kids and she wasn't getting like why am getting this habit of Manchester. Oh, because of my friend. She scolds her kids. So I'm getting so it was unintentionally very true. Very true that sometimes it happens unintentionally. So this is the reason why a believer will never make someone who does not have a man as his close best friend.

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But the one who is uncommitted to the deen was not that serious about his Deen then what will he do? He will go and make friends amongst to those who disbelieve close friends Best Friends min dune and move meaning. Allah says I have a donor in the Himalaya reserve. Why are they doing this are the seeking from them some honor, power what is reserved, honor and also strength

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Why are they making them their friends, they want to be honorable. They want to be powerful for Indian horizontally Lehi Jumeirah, indeed all that reserved. It belongs to Allah. So they're befriending them in order to seek worldly honor. Their befriending them in order to impress them in order to please them in order to be accepted by them.

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Why? All honor belongs to Allah. He is the one who gives honor. He's the one who takes it away. He's the one who gives power. He's the one who takes it away. So we need to ask ourselves, when I dress when I talk, when I do anything that I'm doing, who Who am I trying to please? Who am I trying to impress? Who do I want to look good in their eyes? Who is it? Is it Allah?

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Or is it someone else?

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I was just thinking how yesterday we were learning about Ibrahim alayhis salam and how he was unswerving and he repented Allah subhanaw taala. So if we want to be unswerving and we want to be on the right path, and we have to prevent people like then set an environment like that as well for ourselves, exactly.

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What God to Nasrallah alaykum filthy Tabby, and in fact, it has been revealed to you in the book meaning already this instruction has been given in the Quran, and that it has Samaritan when you hear I Atilla he the verses of Allah youthful will be heard they are being rejected they're being disbelieved when you start that will be her and they're being mocked at you stanza Oh remember this word follow international muster zone, what does that mean to market someone to laugh at them? Right. So when you hear the verses of Allah being rejected being marked at than Allah has already told you that Furlanetto karuma whom then do not sit with such people the Corrado from further that

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do not sit in the company of such people had that until your whole do they indulge in your holdovers from Cowell blog hold is to enter into water and from this It's also used for entering into conversation and going deep in it, okay. So until they are engrossed fee Hadith, in in a speech in a conversation lady other than it meaning until they start talking about something else. So while people are mocking at the verses of Allah, they are rejecting the verses of Allah. Allah has already told you don't sit with them. But when they change the topic, when they start talking about something else, then you may go and sit with them. So this instruction has already been given where

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instrumental and arm is 68 Allah says what Ido eight Alladhina you who don't have the attina for our to learn him? When you see people in gross talking negatively about our verses? Then turn away from them, meaning don't be with them. Don't sit in such a gathering. By the way, what are the Ayat of Allah? The verses of the Quran? Remember, I add County I chattery? So I add, Sheree, what do they include the verses of the Quran, the messenger SallAllahu wasallam, the Kaaba, right? The different things that signify the religion that are part of the deen rituals, acts of worship, all of these things, if somebody is mocking at them, rejecting them, Allah says, Don't be with them. Don't be in

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their company. Don't sit there. Why?

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Why not sit there? Just sit there silently. You're not taking any part of that conversation. So you're just sitting there silently. What's the harm?

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Why does Allah subhanaw taala stop us?

00:33:40 --> 00:33:42

Yes, this will lower your iman.

00:33:43 --> 00:33:54

Does it ever happen that there's a person and somebody you know passes a sarcastic comment about them? They say one thing. Now the person says another thing and then who's next?

00:33:55 --> 00:33:55

You are,

00:33:57 --> 00:34:42

isn't it? You are? This is why Allah says in comb II then Miss Lou home. If you sit with them, then indeed you will be like them, you will become like them how? That first of all, you will be equal in sin. How they're the ones mocking you're not mocking they're the ones rejecting you're not rejecting. So how do you become like them? Because you are silently approving them. Silence is approval. So if you just sit there you are approving of the cover of the mockery. And also you are like them how that you will become like them because your company affects you. What do we learn in the Hadith that a bad friend, example of a bad friend is like a blacksmith,

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

someone who's working with fire. So what will happen that you will also smell of smoke and the blackness will come on your face as well because of all the smoke, right? And then some colder sparks they may come and burn your clothes as well.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

You're not working with the fire. They are, but their company will affect you. It will rub off on you. So Allah says in a coma then mid flow home in Allaha Jammie Romana, Filipina well Cafe Idina, indeed Allah who will gather them when I feel clean and the caffeine the hypocrites and the disbelievers be Jehan nama in the Hellfire gymea. And altogether in this world, they sit together in their gatherings, mocking at the verses of Allah mocking, and what the messenger SallAllahu sallam said, mocking at a hadith rejecting them. Today, they're together in the hellfire, they will be together as well.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:01

And desire? What do we learn that it is a sign of hypocrisy, that a person sits amongst people who mock at the verses of Allah, and he lets them talk. He doesn't get up from there. The thing is that when people are talking about something negative, and you get up and leave, what does that show your extreme disapproval?

00:36:03 --> 00:36:05

That you say, I don't tolerate such things.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:32

If somebody is insulting you, your parents, your siblings, your country, your constitution, whatever, do you tolerate that you don't, you speak up. And if you don't have the ability to do that, you go away from there. Because you know, sometimes you're watching a video or something, and they're saying such nasty things you can't tolerate, even to listen to such things. So what do you do, you turn it off, you close the window. And that's what you're supposed to do.

00:36:33 --> 00:37:08

All these videos out there in which they mock out Islam, they reject. You're not supposed to be watching such things. By the way, we're not supposed to be watching such things. Because only watch them, we're silently taking a part of it, we're approving it, because every time we watch it, and we've already had two people, what happens, it becomes more and more and more and more famous, popular. So we're promoting that, isn't it so so we have to stop it right there, how close the window, don't forward it to anybody. So when you go, when you think about it, if like, there's always been an example, when we're kids that, you know, like the police officers will come to your

00:37:08 --> 00:37:46

class and be like, you know, if your friend is stealing something and you're with them, you'll still be considered guilty. It's guilty by association, just the same thing, just because like, even if you don't know they're doing it, you're still considered guilty, because they're the ones who stole the thing, and you are with them. So it's assumed that you are just by being there, you are considered a part of the crime? Yes, in Nicomachean methylome. So here we need to ask ourselves at what kind of friends do I have? Whether Muslim or non Muslim? What do they talk about? Do they refuse to obey certain commands of Allah under casual conversations? Do they mark at maybe a verse,

00:37:46 --> 00:37:47

a word

00:37:48 --> 00:38:27

at a hadith at a verse of the Quran? Do they market it? Do they openly reject it? If they do so, then we have to be very, very careful that sometimes we see ourselves doing such things, saying such things, openly refusing the verses of Allah, like I would never do this, I would never allow this to happen. I would never be in this situation. We openly sometimes criticize refuse reject the verses of Allah. So first of all, we have to check ourselves, are we mocking at the death of Allah? Are we mocking at the commands of Allah? Because unfortunately, in the name of humor,

00:38:29 --> 00:38:41

in the name of comedy, mockery has been made permissible mockery of the Ayat of Allah has been made permissible. So we have to check ourselves and then we have to check our company as well.

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