Suleiman Hani – In Love With The Quran #20 – A Woman Of The Quran

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © Various female royalty leaders discuss their success in the world of art, including Mossad's success in reciting the Quran and achieving her family's desire to study the Quran. She also gives gifts to students who recite the Quran and receive them. She emphasizes the importance of being content and blessing everyone, even if one is married for 40 years.
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When a person loves an art or a skill, they can't help but study those who mastered it. So how about a glimpse into one of the lives of the recent female masters or scholars of Quranic re citations? Who Mossad she completed She's very famous. She completed her memorization of the Quran at the age of 50. And she went her teacher who was known at that time Nafisa, who is known at that time is one of the female scholars. So she's gonna FISA torture the 10 people at the 10 re citations modes of recitation of the Quran, Fast forward several decades. This is a very quick introduction. On Mossad, she said, it is from the blessings of my Lord, that anyone who has obtained an ijazah which is a

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license to read the Quran from beginning to end, anyone who has an ijazah in the Quran in any Clara here in this city, she was in Egypt, either received it directly from me or someone that I had given a license to and ijazah to. And what proved her unique status was that she was the only woman to whom recitals and her fall, any those who had memorized the entire Quran, they would travel to receive an ijazah in the 10 or Anik re citation of the template or at Homicide Ali najem. Age 77 As of today, is considered to be the most well known woman, female scholar in the world of the RE citations of the Quran. And she dedicated her life to these templates,

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and spent 50 years granting ijazat or licenses rather, in the temporary citations and people would always be coming and going entering and leaving her humble apartment there are students who dreamed of memorizing Quran and of course men and women, old and young. So the classes that she had for women and girls would go from 8am all the way until 2pm. And then the classes for men would begin all the way until 8pm. And she would continue as a teacher or Mossad Have you hola all late with no breaks except for Salah a light meal to basically fuel her. She was born into a poor family in a very low socio economic area, as she says it's a very difficult situation. And she was afflicted by

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blindness shortly after her first years. And she was basically in the area in which there was a lot of attempt to help her there was blindness or a lot of health issues in the basically area. And her family had sent her to learn the Quran. Because when you will memorize the Quran, even if you're blind, you're able to accomplish a lot and this is something that you are able to do. So she went to memorize the Quran. And she reached the age of 23 received her ijazah from her teacher she had on a visa. And then she mentioned that when she had completed her memorization of the little at the number of her fault, those who memorized were few. So people used to request from her the RE

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citation of the Quran, the ijazah that they that they would basically seek later on, started off as invitations as occasions as religious festivals, so come and recite, they would request from her these types of re citations. And she had one of the highest teens of nourishing the world. Her is not in the citation of House had 27 teachers share Hora Shaffer between her and the Prophet sallallahu eleison. And so this puts her at the same level with some of the greatest and most famous scholars of Quranic recitation around the world, or rather those who recite the Quran, with proficiency and with licensing all around the world. Now a lot of different people would come to her

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and they would seek the completion of the Quran or the ijazah in a specific era, because of an objective that they had, they wanted a shorter ijazah they wanted something from her because she she had something others could not offer in terms of the short chain of narration. So she had men and women engineers, doctors, teachers, parents, mothers, fathers, professors, students, high school students as well. And she would single out for each students a specific time. And they would never have more than an hour a day. And a student would recite what they had, she would correct them part by part until the completed their memorization of the Quran with her. And she said towards basically

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the recent years, towards the end of basically 5060 years of dedication. She said 60 years of memorizing the Quran, and its recitations has caused me to be unable to forget any part of it. I can recall every i Every surah in every juice, I know the I ads that are similar, they there are a lot of ad that are very similar to one another, and also how to recite the same idea with the 10 different title at the 10 different re citations. She said I feel like I know the Quran like my name. And I can't imagine forgetting a letter of it or making a mistake in it. And I don't know anything other than the Quran and it's three citations. She said I never learned any worldly

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sciences. I never

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Really listen to worldly lectures, I remember memorize nothing really except the Quran and the Mattoon the texts that were related to the Quran and Tajweed how to recite the Quran. I don't know anything other than that.

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Her students asked about her. And when you think of the students of the teacher, you will realize something very interesting, which is, the student says a lot about who the teacher was. So the teacher herself, she would say about all these people that she taught, she would say, I taught so many people, I remember many of them very, very, very well. And I gave some ages and they were very few in the Tenri citations of the Quran. And these are the ones that I had a special seal for, with the desert the licenses and I keep with me, and I don't give it to anyone, no matter how much I have trust in them. So that's how much she finds us to be precious as a process. And the happiest days

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for her are the days in which a student would complete the recitation of the Quran, they would complete a hutzpah of the Quran. And she has experienced this type of occasion over 300 times. She keeps a copy of every license every ijazah. And the most recent was for a young student who received her ages in the recitation of volume. And on the day of the completion of reading or memorizing the Quran, some people will do a small feast with their family, some people do sweets and pass them out. And a student who's receiving an ijazah will sometimes give a gift to the teacher, a ring or a gold earring or something they can afford a gym bag, or maybe none of those things. And she said the most

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beautiful thing she received was actually an invitation for Hajj and for Umrah and to be hosted in Saudi Arabia for an entire year. So in Mecca and Medina, she was able to also teach many other students of knowledge and scholars and those who are visiting from all around the world. So that gift that she was given was actually a door of opportunity to benefit many other people of hamdulillah from all around the world. And in Mecca and Medina, she was able to give an A Jaza to someone who was 17 years old within that span of one year, when she was asked about the closest student to her, she responded that it was her husband, Chef Mohamed Fareed and our man, now Sheikh

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Mohammed Fareed, before his death some years ago, but him Allah, he was a very well known reciter, on the radio there in Egypt. And he was also the first one to receive an ijazah from a Mossad, as she said about the story of her marriage. She said he used to recite to me the Quran, in all temporary citations, and I became comfortable with him. And he was like me, and that he was also blind. And he memorized the Quran at an early age. So they had some similarities. She said, I taught him for five years. And then when he finished he asked me for my hand in marriage, and eventually I accepted. She said she was married to him for 40 years, and they ended up not being able to have any

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children. But she had many students who were her fall recitals of the Quran. So she was Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen why sometimes people think that they are not complete or they may be missing something if they don't have a child, may Allah grant everyone what is best for them and keep everyone content and bless us all and protect us all. But notice what she emphasized here she said, Hamdulillah I feel like Allah subhanaw taala chooses for me the good in every situation because maybe, maybe if I had children, I would have become busy with my family and neglected teaching the Quran or maybe even forgetting parts of the Quran. Messiah, I'm a law passed away and returned to

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her Lord, in 2006. May Allah subhanaw taala elevate her ranks, who is a recite of the Quran was backstory you would love to hear about or whose backstory you would love to share.

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