Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 041E Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 18-19

Taimiyyah Zubair
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To be learning the Shavon rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim.

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Shaheed Allahu Allah witnesses. And you know who? La ilaha illa? Who, that there is no deity except Him. There is no one who deserves worship except him. Who else witnesses to this? While Mala Iike? Two were older in me, and so do the angels, and those have knowledge. So Allah, the angels, and those people who have knowledge, all of them testify to the fact that under hula ilaha illa, who, that there is no God worthy of worship, except Allah

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Shahida is from shahada and what is your head I mean, to inform of something that one has in

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that one has knowledge of

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so Allah witnesses to the fact that there is no god except Him? What does it mean by this? Allah gives shahada, Allah bears witness to this fact Allah testifies to this fact.

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Allah subhanaw taala testified to this fact means that he informs the people, he notifies the people, he declares it to the people very clearly, that he has informed us that there is no ILA except him.

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For example, when a shahada is given in a court, the person who is bearing the witness, what is he doing? He is informing the other people about what exactly happened. So Allah bears witness to this means that Allah informs the people, Allah declares this, and he makes it clear for His creation, that there is no God worthy of worship, except him.

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So Allah gives shahada, meaning Allah has begun meaning he has clearly made it known to the people he has notified to us how, in the Quran, through the messengers, through the Scriptures, that he has revealed. And also, he has clarified this to us how, through His creation, that all of them point to what to the fact that there is only one being after all of this. Because if you imagine, if there are two or more figures, who are running a particular system, then obviously there's so much facade, just imagine a company or a government or a house or an institute, if it is run by more than one people, then what happens? There is power struggle, and there is fitna in facade everywhere. Nothing

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can run smoothly, nothing can run properly. So the fact that the heavens in the earth are functioning so perfectly from the beginning, till today, what does it show that there is only one beam behind all of this?

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So Allah has Shahida meaning he has informed us how through the Scriptures, through the messengers, and that he has made it very clear to his creation, that there is only one God worthy of worship.

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Shaheed Allahu Allahu La ilaha illa. Who,

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who else bears witness to this fact, while Wella Iike the angels also testify to the fact how, through their acknowledgement, through their affirmation, that there is only one either,

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who else bears witness what we do.

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And those people who have knowledge, the knowledgeable ones also bear witness to the stack, who is included in Google URL. What is that these people have? This URL over here refers to the microphone Allah, the recognition of Allah, those who know Allah, those who recognize Allah, those who have their name of Allah.

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And who are they?

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It's not just those people who are professors of biology and science, but who are they,

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those who have the will of the deen of Allah,

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they bear witness to the fact that there is only one pillar, there is only one who is worthy of worship.

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Now we see over here, that Allah, others witness to this fact. And along with him, the angels and the people of knowledge also do the same.

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Now, isn't it so that the testimony of Allah, the shahada of Allah is enough? If Allah tells us something, is that not sufficient? Is that not enough? Of course it is. So how come the shahada of the angel and other people of knowledge has been mentioned over here?

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It is for their honor,

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that Allah subhanaw taala honors them by mentioning that even they testify to this fact.

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It is a source of honoring them, that even they testify to the fact that there is only one

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what do they testify that under hula ilaha illa who there is no god except Him and

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that Allah is called Eman Buildbase.

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Karima is from the root letters off well meme and karma Jacobi means Christian and karma be means to maintain something, to look after something.

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So, Allah is our iman meaning that he is maintaining, he is upholding, he is looking after what? His entire creation, the entire Hulk. How is he maintaining and looking after the entire creation, because with the justice,

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the word pest is from the ruthless cops, the employer, and the word this is used for justice, literally, the word gives us the meaning of a portion of something, a part of something, the caster is to divide something.

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And this gives us the meaning of being just being equal. And in particular, this conveys the meaning of refraining from staying away from injustice, that there is no injustice, no law is done upon anyone.

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So, Allah is a Eman Bilquis, meaning he is maintaining and looking after the entire creation, how, with justice, he does not do volume on anyone on any creation.

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And he bears witness to this fact. And the people of knowledge also bear witness to this fact that in the decree of Allah, in the system of Allah, in the way Allah provides for every creation, there is no injustice in the way Allah looks after every creation, there is no injustice

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and also, our aim will test maintaining everything with justice. It also means that in his commands in his

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in the commands that he has given in the commands that he has legislated in the decisions that he has made, whether their county or their shuttering, there is

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there is justice. Allah does not do well, on any one, as we have learned in total Dakota, now you can live Allahu nevsun In nosa. Allah does not overburden the soul with more than what it can bear.

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So whatever decision that Allah makes, it is with us, it is with justice. There is no injustice whether that decision is of the deen or it is of the dunya.

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For example, when it comes to the commands of the day, Salah you have to pray five times a day is one

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either unfair, no. Similarly, when it comes to the God given 2.5% Is there any injustice in that? No. Similarly, fasting only one month of the entire year? Is there any injustice in that no injustice would be if we were required to fast 11 months, that would be very difficult for people similarly had it only once in a lifetime.

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So the commands that Allah has given, there is no injustice in that

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the decisions that Allah makes the decree of Allah, even in that there is no injustice, everything is based on

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we see that the system of Allah subhanaw taala the way that Allah subhanaw taala runs the universe, even in that there is justice. For instance, we learned in Surah Yaseen, I have 40 Less shunsui Emily and today we can come over when a lane of Serbia canal Wakandan fee felonious Varun it is not allowable for the sun, to reach the moon, meaning to surpass the moon, Nor does the night overtake the day, but each in an orbit is swimming.

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So everything that Allah has created, everything that Allah has legislated. It is based on justice.

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Law, you know her Allah Who there is no god except Him. Who is he under Aziz the always Almighty and He is also and hacking. He is also the one who is most rice. If you look at this is La ilaha illa, who has been mentioned twice.

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First of all, it has been said that Shaheed Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah.

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And then after call him and Bill fest, he again says La ilaha illa who, so how come la ilaha illa who has been mentioned twice?

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Jericho Sodom, he said that Leila Illa who has been repeated because the first time that has been mentioned, it informs us Allah subhanaw taala is informing us of the fact that there is only one God

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and the second time that you mentioned that. He's telling us c'est la vida in Gulu law.

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When you see that everything is running with the system of Allah is based on this. Then say Allah Allah in now, when you see the commands of Allah, when you see the rulings of Allah, when you see the decree of Allah, what does that prove to you? That there is only one either there is

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is only one Allah. Allah is One, therefore believe in that except that.

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So we see that Allah subhanaw taala is maintaining everything with justice and we must also avoid violence. We should also maintain justice.

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We learn from a hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked the Companions, do you know who is a Muslim? Meaning someone who is very poor, who doesn't have anything, the companion said, and hopeless amongst us is one who has neither did hum with him nor any of a person who does not have any money. He doesn't have any cash. He doesn't have any property, no assets, nothing. The Prophet said a lot of them said, The mirthless of my ummah, would be he who would come on the Day of Resurrection, with prayers, with fasts with Zika. But he would find himself bankrupt on that day, as he would have exhausted his funds of virtues. Why? Because he hurled abuses upon others.

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In the dunya, along with doing good deeds, what did he do? He abused other people, he unlawfully consumed the wealth of others, he shed the blood of others, and beat others.

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And sometimes literally, people are physically violent against others, that when we can't say something to the other, when the person is not listening to what we're saying, what do we do? Physical violence, physical abuse, and sometimes we see this within siblings in a house.

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Children learn violence in their own houses in their own homes.

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So such a person will come on the Day of Judgment, while he will have committed all of these abuses, and his virtues would be given, would be credited to the account of one who suffered at his hand, meaning they will be given to the one whom he did wrong upon.

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He will come on the Day of Judgment with a whole lot of good deeds, but he will become bankrupt. Why? Because he did slow down on people. One person, he was rude to another person, he beat up another person, he hurled bad words at him, abuses at him.

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So what will happen,

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his good deeds will be given to them. And if his good deeds fall short, to clear the account, then the sins of other people who needed volume upon they will be given to him, and he will be thrown in the hellfire.

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This is a room of listeners.

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This is who I am of this is someone who does one

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watt of justice, that whatever the right of the other is, it is given to him and what is learned, when we don't give the right of the other day when we want something else for ourselves and something different for other people.

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Allah subhanaw taala is just and he likes justice.

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In Medina in the law, Hill, Islam, indeed their religion in the sight of Allah, meaning the approved religion, the approved way of life, the acceptable way of life, the only Deen that Allah approves of what is that way? It is Islam.

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It is the way of Islam it is a way of submission to Allah. And what does Islam include?

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Believing in all of the messages from Adam already sent out to Muhammad Sallallahu is believing in all of them. So the deen in the sight of Allah is Islam it is the only religion that is acceptable. Why?

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Because it is the religion of Allah.

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That is the deen of Allah.

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It is the deen that Allah has taught mankind from the very first day. That is the deen that he gave to Adam that have been that he gave to Ibrahim to know to Musa Teresa and finally to Muhammad Sallallahu sunnah.

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And today this deen is what beam which was given to Mohamed salah.

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And it's the only religion that is acceptable to Allah. Why? Because all the other religions, they're either not divine. They're either not from Allah, or if they were divine once upon a time they have been altered.

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So the only religion that is acceptable to Allah is which religion Islam, which includes believing in Mohammed salah.

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Many people say that there is a person who believes in the prophets, and he doesn't believe in Muhammad Salah dolphin and what's the big deal? But the fact is that Islam includes believing in all of the messengers, all of them, none of Article Nine I had the middle of Sunday. And if a person disbelieved, even in one messenger, that Imam that Islam is not acceptable.

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Therefore, if a person claims to be a believer in the prophets, but he rejects even one messenger, His email is not acceptable.

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Well, Martha, and he did not differ who did not differ? Alladhina O'Toole Kitab those people who

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Given the book for the people who were given the book, the Jews and the Christians, they did not differ concerning what concerning the prophethood of Muhammad Salah is concerning the truth of the Quran concerning the correct Dean

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in November the magia, whom will excel except only after knowledge came to them,

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meaning they only differed after knowledge came to them. And what was the difference than that Some believed, and others disbelieved.

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But why did they do it, they love building and buying a home because of envy. amongst themselves.

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We see to the Jews and Christians, they refuse to accept the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, after they had known about His coming after they knew about the fact that he was definitely going to come.

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And those at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they saw all of the prophecies being fulfilled, in Muhammad Theravada

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all of those prophecies that were mentioned in their scriptures,

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and then they found the Prophet saw a lot of fun, and a lot of them, they also believed, so this is what their elements referring to. They knew of the signs of the Prophet sort of are different. They saw Him, some of them believed, but still, they disbelieved

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and because of this, their disbelief is based on what our knowledge, it's deliberate. And Allah says, it is by him. It is because of bullying. It is because of rebellion. It is because of jealousy.

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Meaning they're different, because of buddy, not to prove the truth, but out of stubbornness out of jealousy. And what was the jealousy? That how come he is from the but he is married, and not the Bani Israel?

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Many times we see that a person sees the truth, he recognizes the truth. Yet, what does he do? He doesn't accept it. Why? Because it goes against his desires. It goes against his wishes.

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And sometimes it goes to the extent of Eman and prefer

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Well My yoke for and whoever disbelieves be it Allah in the Ayat of Allah, for in Allah studieren herself, then indeed Allah is Swift in taking the account

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set here is from the newsletters similar in surah. What does it mean to be fast to be speedy? What are the mean by this that Allah is Severe in herself, that in bringing about the hisab of is very serious. The dunya is going to end very soon.

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It could thorough but the PSA, the PSA has already drawn near. It's not too far away. What is it that makes us think that we can do whatever we want?

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I have time, okay. No big deal. I have a long life to live. What does Allah say? In Allah Surya herself, Allah is Swift in bringing about the hisab the Day of Judgment is not too far, Your death is not too far. And secondly, in the last video herself, what does it mean by this? That once Allah will begin the hyssop, he will begin questioning you will begin the accounting, then he will do it very quickly. In Allaha, so you will herself. So what should we do?

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We should take account of ourselves, we should analyze our actions, our deeds.

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What is it that is driving me? Is it Billy? Or is it truth?

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What is it that my actions are based upon? Is it just stubbornness, that just because I don't like this person? So no matter what they say to me, I'm not going to listen to them. Just because I don't agree with them, just because they're not my type? Or is it the truth that we're following?

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When we desires we think about the Jews and the Christians who existed a long time ago. Yes, they were very bad people. But we see that very similar actions are also common amongst us.

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Look, they had a they had knowledge, but still despite having knowledge, what did they do? They did not accept it. Why? Because of Billy because of jealousy because of envy. And many times the person is offering the truth to us. He's telling us that which is right when we don't accept it. Why? Because she is telling me because he is telling me Don't tell me. This is what we want. Nobody should tell us anything.

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Bullying by no bullying amongst themselves.

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Shahidullah who know who lie

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all all

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Ah Isla in wall lodging is helping in Medina the law he is

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one of dalla Lavina autoneum kita

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the Majah

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in law has said he is

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning

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long long

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sure here

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long as

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it's pentacle lovin will be handy gonna show

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Mr. Hudak one or two. I said I'm already

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in Medina in the law in Islam indeed the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. What does it mean by this, that the only religion that is acceptable to Allah subhanaw taala is the religion of Islam, the religion that he gave to the first prophet, and the religion that he also gave to the last prophet muhammad sallallahu sallam, which is why we learned in the Quran surah earlier man i edify that we may ever tell you later on Islam Medina and fellow Yoko Bella Minh who, whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him.

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Anyone who seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him. Why? Because the only approved religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. Because that is the religion that he has taught. That is a religion that he has given to the people. That is a religion that tells people what Allah likes and what Allah does not like.

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One after another Medina Otto Gita, and those people who were given the book, they did not differ. Concerning what concerning the deen meaning you wonder if their religion is Islam from the very beginning. Then how come the people differ concerning Islam, especially the people of the book because they were the Muslims before Prophet salallahu Salam came. So how can they differ about the prophethood of Muhammad salallahu Salam, how can they different concerning the deen that Some believed and others disbelieved? How come what's the reason?

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Allah tells us over here that they did not differ concerning Prophet sallallahu wasallam 11 by the merger who

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Wondering except after knowledge came to them what knowledge, the knowledge or the fact that he was indeed, the true messenger. How from their book and then after seeing him and then after so many of them also believed in Mohamed Salah.

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So, when still there were people who did not believe in the Prophet salallahu Salam, Allah tells us that they differ after knowledge came to them. They disbelieved after it. Why Boolean Boehner home out of jealousy, out of envy, out of rebellion, meaning they recognize the truth, still, because they were envious, that how come he is a Messenger from among the bunu is married, they did not accept him.

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What does Allah say? Well, maniac fo be a Atilla whoever disbelieves in the Ayat of Allah for in Allah has said even he said there indeed Allah is Swift in digging the account. So what should we do?

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When the truth is presented to us, after we have learned about something, after we have gained knowledge about something, then we must accept it.

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And many times it's the body it's Genesee. It's animosity, it's rebellion, that why should I submit? Why should I go against my wishes? This is what stops us. So we should remember that in Allah surreal. hisab This dunya is not forever. I am going back to Allah and He will ask me about what I've done.

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