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The importance of following Prophet's teachings and following people with care and attention is emphasized. The responsibility of individuals to submit their will to Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieving profitability. The speaker also discusses the loss of good deeds and the consequences of actions and emotions, including the loss of reward and failure to follow instructions. The segment touches on the issue of the d union and potential consequences of the Bani Israel's actions.

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For in her Juca, then if they argue with you had Dukkha is from the roof that has hurt Jean Jean from Hijjah, which is to argue with another, to debate with another. And basically, it is to present arguments present evidences in order to defeat the other in a dispute.

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Because it's from her, what is a her an argument, something that a person presents in order to defeat the other in order to prove his point. So if they argue with you, if they debate with you, who does you refer to the Prophet sort of all the sudden? And who does they refer to a Ladino? Tokita? The WHO THE Nosara? What do they dispute with you? About what concerning the Dean concerning the religion concerning the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam?

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furcal then say, what should you say to them? Aslan to, I have submitted What have I submitted? What do you hear my face? For who lillahi for Allah say that I have only submitted to Allah, I am doing only that which Allah has commanded me to do.

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Why is the wedge mentioned over here? Why is the face mentioned over here? Because the face is the most honorable part of a person's body. And if a person has submitted his face to someone, what does it mean? That he is completely and totally submitted to them.

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And also, if you think of it, the face has most of the faculties of a person abilities of a person senses of a person, you see, you smell, you speak, your ears are on the side, your head is above with your brain. So what he doesn't just mean that I have submitted my face, but that I have submitted entirely completely. And obviously, if the face submits, then other limbs will also follow other parts of the body will also follow. If a person has submitted his ankle, his intellect, his mind, then what does it mean that his body will follow?

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So say that I have submitted myself for the sake of Allah? What does it mean by this, that I obey Allah, I am doing only what Allah has commanded me to do. Woman Cavani and whoever has followed me as well, meaning Whoever follows me. Whoever follows the Prophet sallallahu sunnah. Whoever believes in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he has also submitted to who do Allah? Remember that in Islam? We don't worship the Prophet salallahu Salam,

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we don't worship Him. We follow him. But who do we worship? Allah subhanaw taala. So the prophets, all of our listening was told to say that I and all those who follow me have submitted to who to Allah, and that is Islam. That is submission, which is the religion. That is correct. In the sight of Allah. Notice the word it Divani it apparently is a new letter stubborn from the word etbr, which is to completely follow someone

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in the sense that whatever they do, you do exactly the same. For example, if a person walks in a particular way, and they leave behind them, footprints on on the ground, so what is it Deva, to follow all of those footprints, to step exactly where the other person stepped to take the same route. So it is to follow someone completely follow someone precisely, every action, every detail, every word, every gesture, this is what it is. And it DEVAR also gives a sense of following someone intentionally. Like for example, if two cars are going to get somewhere and one is leading, and the other is following. So what are you going to do if you're following, you're following them

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deliberately, intentionally, it's not by chance, you happen to go the same place, now you're following them. And when you follow, you take care of every turn. You take care of the speed, if you slow down, and they are fast, you're going to lose them. If you don't care about where they're going, if they're turning right or they're turning left, what's going to happen, you're going to lose them you're going to get lost. So it developer is to follow someone with care with attention with intention, and to follow someone precisely, to follow someone completely. And this is how we're supposed to follow the profit side of

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it divide up the profit or loss and which is why we don't just follow him in the sense that we pray. But how do we pray, which is the best Salah that which is closest to the sun.

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Similarly, when it comes to eating and drinking even what do we do? The same way that the prophets have allowed us to eat and drink

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With the right hand, sitting down, saying Bismillah.

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So say that I have submitted my face to Allah and also those who follow me. So basically over here the Prophet salallahu Salam is being told that if they argue with you concerning the deen do not follow up the argument, do not dispute with them, Do not argue with them, do not prolong the dispute at all. Why? Because if you prolong the dispute what's going to happen, it's never going to come to an end. Which is why sometimes we see that if people are trying to give the power to another person. And if they start arguing of the start discussing and debating what happens, it never comes to an end.

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And if you're just trying to make them understand that Islam is about submitting your will to Allah, that I will do what my creator wants me to do, just prove this point to them.

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I will do what my creator wants me to do call us. And if they agree with this, then Islam will make sense to them. And if you try to prove to them through different different different ways, if you get lost in the argument, it will never take you anywhere. You will never be successful.

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So the prophets are aloneness and was being told, Do not prolong the argument. Just say I am doing what my Rob has told me to do. That's it.

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And also those people who follow me. They're supposed to do the same. Do what Allah has commanded us to do.

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We learn in the Quran surah number 12 i 108. Allah says, girl had he severely adieu in Allah, Allah Abbas Lila teen Anna woman eater Garni say oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is my way. I invite to Allah with your knowledge. i And whosoever follows me.

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Welcome in linear auto Kitab a well oiled machine and say, Oh prophets, Allah, Allah said unto who do those people who were given the book, who are the, the Jews and the Christians, and also say to who will begin at and B unlettered people. Oma Yoon is a Birla will meet and what's the route?

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Hamza mean me from the word of and who isn't only an unlettered person, someone who has not gained any formal education, any formal training, because it's from home. All of their knowledge, all of their training, all of their socialization is based on what and what they have learned from their mother. They haven't had any formal training.

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And the word Omi as a term is used for who, which people?

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The Arabs, why were they called me because they did not have any scripture. They did not have any divine book, as opposed to the people of the book. They were the educated ones. They were the knowledgeable ones. And the Arabs. On the other hand, they had no scripture. So say to those who have the book, and those who don't have the book, the knowledgeable ones, and the unlettered ones, the Jews and the Christians, as well as the witch seeking everybody doesn't include the whole of mankind.

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Those who have the book, those who follow some divine religion that was given to them before, but obviously they altered it. It changed over time. So say that the Jews and Christians and El Amin, those who don't have a scripture, what should you say to them? A flinto. Have you submitted? Have you submitted to, to Allah? Just as I have submitted? Have you submitted to Allah, just as I have submitted? And how is it that the Prophet said a lot of them submitted a stem to Waje? He, I have submitted entirely completely.

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Everything of mine, due to Allah.

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So have you submitted meaning have you brought Islam the way that I have? Have you submitted to Allah, the way that I have submitted

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for in Islam, then, if they submit FERPA data, though, then they have obtained guidance. Remember, this is

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for in a slomo *a data though, if they have submitted to Allah, the way that the prophets of Allah anism submitted, meaning they accept Islam, then only they're rightly guided. Why? Because in Medina in the law in Islam, the only true religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.

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So it doesn't matter who a person is other ones. Only if he submits to Allah only if he accepts Islam, if he follows the Prophet, only then he is rightly guided faculties.

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Were interval and if they turn away, turn away from what from submitting to Allah for

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in the article below the need upon you a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is a responsibility to Albula to convey Balestra. bellaonline. What does bellava me to read somewhere and below is to convey something, to deliver something? Because when you convey something, what you have you make it reach the other person.

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If you're the delivery guy, what are you doing? Your job is to deliver what has been given to you to the other person it is to convey to deliver so upon you is the responsibility to convey, convey what is the message of Allah to the people?

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That's it.

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That's the only responsibility that you have. Well, Allah who will sleep on billary bed and Allah is watching his servants.

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So what do we learn from this part of the idea?

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That if the people, if they submit to Allah, outwardly and inwardly, the way that the prophets are allowed has been submitted, that in the heart is submission to Allah, and outwardly in actions also, what is the person doing that which Allah has commanded a person to do? And how do we know about what we're supposed to do?

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From the profit side of autism, the Sunnah of the Prophet?

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So who is on guidance? Vaca datadot, who isn't guidance, a person who has submitted to Allah, inwardly and outwardly, and he follows the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu sallam was sent to all of mankind, everybody, not just the Arabs, not just the people of that time. And if anyone wishes to be guided, he has to follow his way. Because in a dinner in the line Islam, and the teachings were given to who to the Prophet salallahu Salam.

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We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, By he, in his hand is my soul, no member of this ummah, no person of this OMA, no Jew or Christian hears of me, but dies without believing in what I was sent with, but will be among the people of the fire, meaning if a person, whether he's a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Christian, or anybody else, if he hears of the Prophet sallallahu.

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And he does not believe in Him, He does not follow Him, and He dies in that state. He isn't gonna go to Jenna, he's not going to be successful. Because in Medina, in the law in Islam, and it has been given to who to the Prophet salallahu Salam, and if the turn away, if they don't listen, your job is only to convey you're not going to force people to accept Islam. Why? Because like a karate D, there is no compulsion in religion. We learn in order to learn I have 40 for innama alagille below where Elena hisab on you is the duty to convey and upon us is to take the account of people your job is to convey for that kid in nama anthem with a kid, let's delay him, we must later so remind your only

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reminder, you are not over them a controller.

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So what is the responsibility of the day?

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What is the responsibility of the one who is calling people to Allah? convey the message.

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And we learned from the previous idea, don't prolong the argument. Don't get lost in arguments. Just make the other person understand that Islam is about submitting your will to your Creator.

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And if you try to argue you're not going to get anywhere.

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And how does the IR end? What is the last part of the ISA? Well Allah who will see you Ron Miller, Ebert, Allah is watching all of the servants and remember that everyone is a servant of Allah.

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We learned sort of Medea, I remember 93, Allah says in koloman, for Sama, wet, you will have enough money or whether there is no one in the heavens and the earth, but that he will come to the Most Merciful as a servant. No one in the heavens and the earth except that it or he or she is a servant to Allah is an art to Allah. So Allah is watching all of the servants. So who is included in the servants, all people, all creation, whether they're messengers, or they're ordinary human beings, all creation, whether they're human beings, or they're angels, all people, whether they're all or young men or women, righteous, or very disobedient. Allah watches the actions, the words, the

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gestures, the behavior

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Out of all of his creation.

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So what do we learn from this is

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that if a person submits his face to Allah, what do we learn that he will be able to see the face of Allah as well?

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What is required of us in our the Submit yourself completely to Allah submit your face to Allah. And remember the Hadith about don't mister to cool prayers because at that time you really have to submit your YG to Allah that you have to get up you have to submit your entire body despite the fact that you want to sleep you want to stay in bed, or you want to be busy with your work the time of us. But you have to leave what you're doing, stop what you're doing and go and literally submit your face to Allah put your head on the ground.

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And then a person will be able to see a loss.

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This Ira teaches and as to how to do that, how to call people to Islam. Many times we wonder, how should I do it? I don't know anything about Christianity. I don't know anything about this other religion? How do I call the other person to Islam? What should I say? The main thing is, make the other person understand that Islam is about submitting yourself to Allah. Again, when it comes to doing Dawa, follow the Sunnah of the Prophet serveis.

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Many times when we're doing our our focus is that the other person should just convert. And after they convert whatever they do, I don't care, but I just want to make sure they convert that I win.

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And we forget that our responsibility is to convey the message to the other person. If we have conveyed the message, then neither to Allah. And if you haven't conveyed the message, then even if they do convert, and if they have incorrect beliefs or incorrect practices, or their ways don't change, the main point is to convey the message to the other person. And one more very important thing also is that when anybody is disputing with us, when anybody is arguing with us, whether it is about the beam, or something else, what should we do?

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Don't prolong the argument. Don't get lost in the argument.

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Sometimes it's even with the Muslims, within the Muslims, you go to a particular masjid, they're praying in a particular way. And they tell you don't pray like this. And you're like, No, no, no, no, this is this oh nine I read that in that book. And they will bring something else and you will bring something else and they will bring something else and the argument will continue. So don't get stuck in arguments. What should you say? A call them toward God now. I have submitted my face to Allah subhana wa tharn. I'm only doing what the Prophet said of all the sudden do. I'm only doing what I learned in the Hadith. And the dispute will be over.

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In the medina Corona be a Atilla, indeed those people who disbelieve in the Ayat of Allah, in the verses of Allah,

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whether these verses are shuttering, or the IRS, our county,

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so those people who disbelieve in the Ayat of Allah, were called to Luna, Nabina, the lady, and they kill the prophets without any right, and begin as a foreigner, and be who is Nabhi? Prophet newbiggin prophets, so they kill the prophets, without any right? They killed the prophets of Allah, and they have no right to kill the prophets. If you think of it, can it ever be justified to kill a prophet of Allah? Ever? No. So over here, when Allah says the lady heck without any right, this is emphasizing that they have absolutely no right to do so. And their act of killing the prophets is completely unacceptable. It's one it's unjust.

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Who else do they kill? Welcome to loan and Latina and they kill those people who which people, yet maroon abacus. Those who order this? What is this? Justice. And remember, invest? The focus is to refrain from zoom.

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So if anyone tells them, don't do your Morona will test those people who tell them don't do will be just what do they do? They kill them. While you're called to Luna Alladhina. Yet Morona will basically mean a nurse from among the people.

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So over here we see that certain type of people haven't mentioned who those who, first of all disbelief in the eyes of Allah. Secondly, they kill the prophets of Allah without any right

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that when these Prophets when they told them believe in Allah, submit yourself to Allah.

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First of all, they disbelief and secondly, they go to the extent of killing the prophets. So it happens sometimes, that you invite people to Assam.

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but they don't accept, they don't listen. Some people will reject and others will go to the extent of opposing you. And this is something that the prophets faced as well. This is the Sunnah of the Prophet as well, that when you do Dawa, some Listen, some don't they oppose you, and they become the enemies of your life. What else do these people do? They also kill those who order justice from among the people

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isn't so common, that somebody who's trying to tell others about that which is right, that which is good. He's not given the freedom to speak.

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And if he tries to speak, he is opposed. And sometimes he is literally killed. This behavior demonstrates the worst type of arrogance.

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So those people who disbelieve in the Ayat of Allah, then they kill the profits, and they kill ordinary people as well who tell them to do this, who tell them to be just

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if someone kills the profits, if someone disbelieves if someone kills the person who's selling them to do justice, this demonstrates worst type of arrogance. Why? Because arrogance, Gibberd is what? Give it his butter will help with openness. It is to refuse the truth and degrade the people.

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What are the Ayat of Allah? Truth? What are the messengers telling the truth? What are the people telling them? Truth?

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What is Keba bopper will help refusing the truth, wantonness and belittling the people degrading the people. The Prophet of Allah is telling you, a human being is telling you, a person is telling you and you have no respect for their life, that you go to the extent of killing.

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So those people who do this, those people who disbelieve and oppose those who tell them to do that, which is right. What does Allah say, from a *hole we are they having a lien, give them good news of a painful punishment.

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Notice the word Bashir whom Bashir is from Bashara, what does Bashar Amin good news? Give them good news have either been any a painful punishment? Why is this been said Bashir whom this has been said sarcastically

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give them the good news of a painful punishment.

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And remember that the word mashallah is used for such news that affects the skin of a person that is felt on the skin of a person, but should humbly either

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tell them about the worst type of punishment? We learned from a hadith? And we'll write that on it on who he asked the Prophet salallahu Salam, who would have the severest punishment on the day of judgment. He said, the one who killed a prophet or killed someone who enjoined the good and forbid the evil.

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This was very common in the Bani Israel. What did they do? They killed the Korean peninsula. Yeah, here an incident they tried to kill. Restarting Sudan. And also we see that when Musa Salam had gone to Mount Abu, and the Bani Israel behind him, they made up the calf. How do I listen, I was amongst them and he tried stopping them. And when Musa salon returned, he asked him, Why didn't you stop them? What did he say? That I was afraid that they would be events fitna. They would go to the extent of opposing him and killing him and they would be literally war amongst the people. So those who disbelieve and those who kill the prophets of Allah, those who kill the people who tell them to

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do that which is right for them, there is a painful punishment.

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Hola Iike. They are the ones who are living in a habitat or MaryLu those whose deeds have been wasted. Have you got it from the route veterans have Allah who will? And what is horrible to me, when something becomes worthless? When something produces no good benefit, that becomes invalid.

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It's wasted. It's futile it's of no avail whatsoever.

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So Hola, Ecole Ladino habitat or maroon, Armand is a Florida farmer. All of their deeds have been wasted, meaning what ever good deeds they performed.

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Like for example, whatever sadaqa they gave, whatever kindness they showed to people, whatever good treatment they show to people, whatever salah they prayed whatever is a Catholic a whatever how much they performed. Any good deeds they performed, all of them will be wasted for dunya in the dunya habitat or an island with dunya in dunya. Also, their deeds are wasted. They will not bring them any benefit when accurate and also in the after 30 To be completely wasted. We don't in total for con i 23. What are them net Ilana? I'm Illumina Amylin Fajr

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And now who have an unmanned thorough, we will regard of what they have done of deeds, and we will make them as dust that is dispersed.

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All of their good deeds are them now, we will advance towards them, and we're going to make them as dust that is dispersed, completely wasted. All of those deeds they performed good deeds wasted, while man or woman NurseLine. And they will have no helpers at all.

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So first of all, they will get no reward for the good deeds that they have performed, all of their good deeds will be wasted. Because of the crime they committed, what is a crime they have committed disbelief and killing,

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it will waste all of their good deeds. And once their good deeds are wasted, is there anyone who's going to come and help them? No one man or woman NurseLine Nasod is used for someone who comes and helps a person out of a difficulty.

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So imagine someone who's already in some problem already in some difficulty. So NASA is someone who comes and takes them out of that difficulty helps them out of that difficulty.

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Nobody is going to come and rescue them from the punishment.

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No one is going to come and help them. In the dunya. We see that people they work together, they join together as gangs as groups, they cooperate with each other, in,

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in disobeying Allah, in opposing those who tell them to do that, which is right. But on the day of judgment, all of these people who support each other on that day, they will be left alone, all of their deeds will be useless. And they will have no helpers to come and help them out of the problem either.

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Because remember, in the dunya, nobody can oppose the hawk on his own individually.

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There's always a backup a support that he has in the dunya.

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Like, for example, the Bani Israel when they killed the prophets, it wasn't just one person who went up and killed the Prophet. No, it was a whole group of them. It was a whole nation.

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So in the dunya, you might be together, you might have a lot of friends who support you, in your wrong action, who support you against those who tell you to do that which is right. But in the Hereafter, these people will not come and help you. And okay, low, close friends, Barbara won't be violent or though on that day, some of them will be enemies to each other. Except for those who fear Allah.

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So many times in dunya, what happens? We know about that, which is right, but we don't do it. Somebody is telling us to do that, which is good, that which is beneficial for us, but we don't do it. And if they tell us, we don't listen to them, we oppose them and who support you we take the support of our friends.

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And sometimes it's because of our friends that we don't accept the truth. We don't listen to our parents. We don't listen to our teachers. It happens. Our friends provoke us. No, no, don't listen. It's okay. They should listen to you.

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But in the Hereafter, no monopoly, no helpers for them at all.

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That's the recitation

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Dorji early he was doesn't want

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to keep

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me in a slum to

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move up or down

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you can

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will long

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in Lavina cool NaVi.

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NaVi NaVi longing to help do elbow tone on

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morn I will display me in the sheet room further Shivan beyond being early Hola, hola calorie in a hobby account

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning

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Zooey Zoila

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You want to Danny in our on our

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one on Ltd remoto. Do you mean that has to be one of you wanting one plating and Musa one or do you want me one held there you can only hire Donia a lot more.

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Pole owner

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don't beat him

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Jerimiah Dashti

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got enough he was

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on hold on to what it was

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more well long hold I'll see

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on our BANA in

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German learners

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also add in our saw the Athena a look on et now and move up in our theory in

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Shahid Allahu

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Allah in kathua Old lady may

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be looking sports la isla

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is a little hacky in the

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law he's

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one of

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the Murgia mobile

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or may be

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the in

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slums What do you hear you? He won and he

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was ready to locate

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me in London in as the mover body was

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room and maybe intervene while you're in

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control Luna

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Moon disclaiming

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Welcome to Luna lady Moon streaming.

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You can have your thoughts

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