Consultations – Power Moves Only

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hamdulillah Salah Serrano Sula, the setting is her debut the prophets of Allah they sent him had seen a dream. After migrating to Medina. For years the companions had not returned to Mecca, and the prophets of Allah, they send MCs a dream where he is making Amara and so he takes the companions on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and they're going to Mecca until they reach out who they be at the Meccans are not going to let the Prophet Salah litas and enter the city. And so they come out and meet the Prophet sallallahu. They are setting them for negotiations. negotiations happen. Finally, the conclusion is that the Muslims are not going to make Amara this year, they're going to go back to

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Medina and they're going to come back and make Ramadan next year. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam agrees to the terms and he turns around to the companions, and he says, shave your heads, it's time to go home.

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And the Sahaba do not respond. And it's very awkward. This is the first time I've come across in this era, where the Prophet sallallaahu said it tells the companions to do something. And the companions are so emotionally charged. They came all the way they felt that the treaty wasn't really that fair to the Muslims, that they kind of got the lower hand of the treaty, and they just weren't feeling it. And so the prophets that Elijah set it up, commands them to shave their heads for them to sacrifice their animals and to go home. And they're just not doing it. And so the province that the lightest and then goes home,

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he goes to his quarters, and he talks to his wife sedima. And he tells her, they're not responding to me. And she says to him, oh, Messenger of Allah, shave your own head, go, don't tell them to do it anymore. Go and shave your own head, go and offer your animal. And they're all going to do once you do that. And so the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim goes out and in front of everybody, he shaves his head. He goes and sacrifices and then one by one, the Companions when they see him do that, some of them begrudgingly, they all go, though, and they all shave their heads, and they all make their offerings, and they all leave.

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The point here is that the most awkward scenario with regards to the Prophet commanding the Companions, how was it resolved, it was resolved by consulting his wife. So consultation

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is definitely a power move.