Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 027A Translation Al-Baqarah 197-203

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are about to

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have another one also Leonardo Solihull Karim and avert further bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Furbish Rouhani Saudi UAE Sidley Emery Weschler of the Tamil Lissoni of Kahu Kohli. Robin has it in her enema.

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Lesson number 27 Susan baccara is number 197 to 203. TRANSLATION I'll help you the house the pilgrimage. A Sharon is a month martlew Merton once known for months so whoever forever he made obligatory fee hidden in them alhaja the hedge further so not Rafita any sexual conduct Wella and nor for suka any disobedience wonder and nor Judah, any dispute any argument fee in a hedge the hedge

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warmer and watch ever to follow you all do men from hiring any good? Yeah, Allahu he knows it. Allahu Allah.

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What is overdue and you all take provision for in. So indeed, how you best Zadie. The provision of Taqwa is the Toccoa

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what Takami and you all feel me? Yeah. Oh, really possessors and Bob of the internet.

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Mesa it is not. I may come upon you. Jehan Ellison and that debater who you will seek Falkland bounty grace, men from have become Europe.

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For either so when a photo you all descended, you will emerged.

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Men from our 14 out of four Kuru then you will remember Allah, Allah in the new and mesh, the symbol, the landmark and Haram the Sacred

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word Kuru. And you all remember him karma just as or because

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Huracan he guided you

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were in and indeed, condom you were men from Abdullahi before it, lemon surely from abroad lien those who are a stream or those who are ignorant

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cinema then a field will you all depart your return name from Heisel where a father he departed. And so the people were stuck through and you will seek forgiveness. Allah Allah

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in the indeed Allah Allah was a foreign most forgiving, or human, always all merciful.

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For either so when Kobe to you all completed when I see Coco, your worship rights, your rituals. For the Kuru then you will remember, Allah Allah COVID recon like your remembrance, I buy a comb of your forefathers or a shed the more intense the Kra in remembering

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for men so from a master people man who you call he says Rob burner or our attina You grant us, you give us fee in a dunya the world Rama and not low for him fee in an era the hereafter. Men from hallmarking initial

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women whom and from them. Man who you're calling he says Rob burner or our Rob Artina you gave us fee in a dunya the world has an attend good Wi Fi and in

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the hereafter has said nothing good. Well and Tina you save us or the other punishment and now of the fire

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it all equal those law home for them. Mostly been abortion. No more from what? Guess who they are and we'll know who and Allah, Saudi or swift and who said in the reckoning in the UK

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I'm taking

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what Kuru and you all remember, Allahu Allah. Fie in a Yemen days. Ma do that once numbered, once appointed

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for men, then whoever the agenda he hastened he hurried fee in yo Maney today's for more than not it's not any sin. I know he upon him

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well Ron and whoever the Ohara he delayed for that so not It's not any sin I may hit upon him Lehman for who? It took Ah, he adopted taco he feared Allah

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what the cloud and you all fear Allah Allah wherever no and you all know and Macomb that in the video in a towards him to Sharon you all will be gathered

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let's listen to the recitation

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and had you assurance

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G then if you had

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fiery law what does the word

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what Taccone

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beam come

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to me now author Gordon law has the luxury to hunt on was the Google come

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was feeling a lot in the law * a whole walking

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by either calling to

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go to law hug

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daddy crawl Fermina

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along was ready on his

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way with golden law heavy

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a follow up

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email dump on what

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was shown

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