Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L299A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a person (Speaker 1) and another person (Speaker 2). Speaker 1 talks about a person named Jurnana who wants to join a group of people, while Speaker 2 talks about a person named Jo Ann who wants to join a group of people. They also mention a person named Jo Ann who is a woman and a woman named Jo Ann who is a woman and a woman named Jo Ann who is a woman and a woman.
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Assalamu alaikum wa barakato

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Jean Bismillah over him rubbish rightly so did he wear silly Emery watch that and you're listening of Coco Lee probenecid in

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Lesson number 299 Soto piano is number one to 40 Translation

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not aka simile, I swear, be only by the LTM of the standing wanna and not aka Sumo I swear the knifes by the soul and lo wormer the one that reproaches

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does your Sabu he think insano the human being I learned that never nedjma We shall assemble a llama who his wounds but uh yes padina ones who are able are the upon on that new so we're we perfectly put in order or new so we're we proportion banana who his fingertips but rather UD do he wants an entire new the human being leaf juror that he commits sin a mama who before him yes Aloo he asks a Yana when yo mo de la piano of the standing for either. So when burial it was dazzled and bustle, the vision waha suffer and Eclipse a thermal the moon or Jumeirah and it was joined together I shampoo the sun welcome arrow and the moon yaku he will say insano the human being aina were enough

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of the place of escape. Color. No lair not was of any refuge. Isla towards Rob Baker, your rub yoma even that day and almost the place of rest. You know he will be informed insano the human being yo ma even dat de Lima with watch ever. Adama he sent forth a huddle and he left behind.

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But rather and insano the human being either against Neff CV his sole boss Lila, one who sees much or vasila a weakness

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why no even if

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he casts he presents my idea his excuses left do not do headrick you move be with it listen aka your tongue Lita jela so that you can be here with it in indeed Elena upon us gem or who it's collection worker Anna who and it's recital for either so when taught now who we have recited it but other than follow who it's recital some then in indeed Elena upon us by Anna who its explanation can learn No, but rather to have Boehner you are love Elijah, the one that is fleeting whatever owner and you will leave for the hereafter would you who faces yoma even that they now will one that will be radiant. ILA two words will be her it's Lord. Now Lila one that looks what would you one and faces yoma even

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that the best 01 that will be converted or one that is gloomy. Doesn't know it will think that you've either it will be done be happy with it. Falco a back breaking calamity. Color. No, either when by the word it reached a turkey, the collarbones walk ILA and it was said man who brought in one who cures? Well, one and he thought I know who that indeed it. And Pharaoh is the parting wealth effect and it joined a circle the leg bisac with the leg Illa towards Rob Baker, your rub yoma even that day

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Myself, the driving the precession Feller. So not said that he believed to be true one and nor suddenly he prayed when I can but get there but he denied what when and he turned away. So much then the habit he went Isla towards athlete he his family, yet another thought he walks proudly Ola a big wall locker to you for Ola then a big role some then Ola, a big wall locker for you for older than a big wall.

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Does he think an insane the human being and that you thought he will be left Suda neglected, purposeless alone Did not he aku He is known to fatten a sperm drop men from money gene * yumna it is *. So much then Ghana he was on a pattern a suspended mass, a cleaning cloth for Hanukkah. Then he created for so work then he fashioned perfectly for Allah then he made men who from him. So Jane the two pairs of backup the male will answer and the female and a sir Is he not? The alika that because it definitely one who is able, I know upon on that you're here he gives life and motor to the dead ones.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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Rick here is an attorney

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the EDA

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Al-Qiyamah 1-40 Translation 1-40

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