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Al-Asr-Al-Maun Tafsir Al-Humazah 1-9

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim Surah tomasa is number one to nine.

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Certain who Messiah is a kisser.

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And it was revealed after sort of pm.

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It has nine verses 30 words and about 120 haruf Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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wainer liquidly homas at a Luma.

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War to every scorner and marker war to every skarner and marker. What does he do?

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Larry, Gemma, Merlin, where our data, who collects wealth and continuously counts.

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Waylon, what does it mean?

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To kalama worried of threat of punishment,

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weigh in on for who couldn't leave for every single person who is like this.

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Whether he claims to be a believer, or he's a disbeliever, no matter who he is, for every person who is houmas and lumada, Allah says, water him who is who, and who is Luma,

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Chroma and Luma. Both are in the structure of for Allah. Both of them are on the structure of for Allah farine land gamma booty and for Allah. And for Allah is one of the structures of Medina. Another structure from Viola is foreign hammers, and other structural vitalize. for China, and on that is home, Rosa and Louisa.

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What is homes mean? And what is lums mean? We have done these words earlier, how much it is to poke someone with something sharp, like for example have been a very sharp pencil book mimoza is to strike an animal with a whip, or the side of the stirrup. And usually it's very pointy, it's used to poke the animal. And when the animal is spoke, then what happens it runs faster. From the same route is the word hammers at hammers after shouting, why? Because when shaitan puts the thought in the heart of a person, then what happens? It forks you meaning you're uncomfortable at the beginning. But then what happens? He keeps poking, it keeps working until you get used to it and then a person

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gets up and he does it.

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So humor is one who pokes other people, one who slanders other people, one who hurts other people how exactly I will tell that to you later after telling the meaning of the word lumps. What does lemons mean? lemmas is to find faults in other people

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to be in search of other people's faults to be in search of other people's negative traits and to be in search of other people's mistakes. And when a person finds their mistakes, he finds them or you he publicizes them he highlights them, he spreads them. This is what lambs is so way lonely currently homeless at a lumada It has been said that Homer is the one who is more

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meaningful back bites other people who Messiah is one who back bites. Because if you find out that somebody is backbiting you do that hurt.

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Did that hurt? Of course it's like somebody has poked you. And Lumumba is the one who is finding faults and other people.

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homesites officer is one who defames a person insults a person on his face. And Luma is the one who defends him way behind his back.

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Then it has also been said that houmas is one who defames people in general with regards to their actions or with regards to how they talk or with regards to how they look their appearance, their sifat and lumada is one who defames them with regards to their lineage, their family, their race, their ethnicity, their color, he marks at them because of that.

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It's also said that hums houmas is one who hurts other people Mark set them in South somehow by action. And lumps lumada is one who does that by words.

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Whom is the one who does it by actions and lumas are one who does it by words. What does it mean by hurting someone with your actions?

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Oh, it could be heating, it could be giving them certain looks. Similarly, turning your neck your head away from them, ignoring them, frowning at them scorning them with a shadow with a gesture.

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And with the tongue within the sun lungs, we have learned earlier woman who may yell mizuka inside of God. Similarly Allah says, Allah Tell me Zoo and full circle. So whether a person hurt

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It's others by hand, by actions, or he hurts others by his words, who Mirza lumada whether he is hurting them by his actions, or he's hurting them by his words, what does Allah say? Way lonely currently homeless at a loser? Every person who reviled disgraces others finds faults in them highlights their faults, embarrassing them, humiliate them, belittle them in front of them, or behind them, by word, or by action, war to every single one of these people.

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This is something that is scary.

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Because many times we do these things, and we don't even realize

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we hurt other people's feelings by the words that we use by the expressions that we give them. By the way, we look at them, by the way we talk to them. And we don't care about the consequences at all. What does Allah say? Wayne, only coonley? Who was at Illumina, every person who does that work to him, there's a threat of punishment for him. Who is he, under the Gemma Merlin? The one who collects wealth. He's so greedy. He has so much love for what that he connects with German, and what are the who, and he continuously counts it as you are 3030 is to keep count of something.

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What does it mean that a person count something, and he stores it, and then he counts it over, and he counts it over again. And again, he keeps on checking his bank balance, he keeps on counting the money that's in his wallet, he keeps on counting the change, that's an exchange box is paying full attention to the increase or the decrease of the money, the figures, he's lost in the figures, the numbers.

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So in the morning, when he gets up, he counts all the money he has in eating before he goes to sleep, he counts all the money he has, although he knows that nobody has stolen it. Nobody has taken away from it. And perhaps that money has not increased or decreased. But why is it that a person is counting?

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Why? out of extreme love?

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Because what you like you'd like to see again and again.

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So unless you are a man and what this does not mean that we're not allowed to count money, in the sense that if somebody pays you, or you draw some money out of your bank account, you're not allowed to count it. No, this is great. Now, what this means is that a person is constantly counting. It's $100. Right? Let me count.

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Okay, let me count again, opening the wallet again, and again, looking at the money counting it again and again. What does it show so much love.

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Children do this a lot. Children do this a lot. I remember once I saw the child on read, he was given a lot of money. And he was carrying a box with all his money inside. And everywhere he would go to anybody's house, he would go sit somewhere, open the box and start counting the money.

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And he lost that box.

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So anyway,

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what does it show immense love for wealth and such a childish behavior, isn't it? Now imagine an adult person, someone who is an adult, they are doing this, they have the money and they checking again and again, counting again and again, they sign into their bank account online, okay, I have this much money, right? I have this much money right?

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Under the general data, our data, he keeps counting it

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keeps counting it what is it your immense love. And then some have said that our data, what this means is that kasara that he increased it much that His goal was his money jamara and he made it so much meaning he multiplied it, he increased it and he's so happy about it. What jamara Ola

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and some have said that

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this is from the word or the and what does that mean preparation?

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Well, I do Mr. Barton, that prepared so that is to prepare, prepare for what future. So he has gathered up a lot of wealth and he has prepared it meaning he has hoarded and audited For what? For the future, just in case something happens. Just in case there is a disaster, there is some calamity, there is some problem. Now doesn't mean that it's wrong to save money for future. It's not wrong. But it's wrong when a person does not give from it the hook of Allah when he does not give from it the help of other people.

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Like for example, he's kept a lot of money, he has ordered a lot of money, what if I need this money next month What if I need this money in a few months? Good, you should have it. However, when the time comes to gives a cat give that as well.

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And if a person does not give the cards from that money that he has just kept in his locker or he has kept in his, what he called savings account. If he just kept it there and he's not giving the cash from it, that's when it becomes a problem. So unless you do

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Mr. Merlin

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versus Dr. Sabu anomala, who he thinks that his wealth will make him immortal. He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal. athleta who acleda up to Islam is to make someone harlot, to give someone Hulu, meaning to give someone eternity.

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So he thinks that his wealth will make him eternal, how that people will remember him forever. He was so wealthy, he had this much money. He was a richest man. He loves so much money thinking that his wealth will make him eternal. Meaning he will be remembered forever because of his wealth.

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There are many people who accumulate a lot of wealth and this is what they think

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that perhaps they'll be remembered forever. But very soon what happens, another person comes becomes richer than them. And when they become richer than them, they beat the world record. So their name comes at the top and the rest of the people they're forgotten.

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So you have several Animoto acleda. And certainly a Hulu has also been understood as that it keeps them alive forever, in the sense that it will save them from every difficulty, every problem.

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That is, well is money is a solution to every problem. Some people literally believe like this,

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that if I have money, they're fine. Which is why when they don't have money, they feel insecure. I don't have my wallet. What if I need money?

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They feel insecure thinking that money is everything. Money doesn't protect you. Money doesn't save you. It's Allah protects you. So yes, I will. And Amanda who neither of us has such a person where you don't work for him. Why working? And what's the connection between comas and lumada and Allah de Java man and what are the what's the connection between this? The person who was very wealthy, the person who has a lot of money, and he's very happy, but very proud of it. Then he becomes arrogant. And when he becomes arrogant, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He can treat people however he wants to treat them. He can respect them, he can disrespect them. He can honor them. He can

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humiliate them, he can make fun of them, he can taunt them, he can market them he can back bite them, because he thinks no one can harm him. Why can't anyone harm him? I have money, I can save myself.

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So this person is deceived by his well received by his Well, if you look at it, all of these students, what are we learning? The deception of money, the deception of wealth, so yes, they will and the man who Allah

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Allah says Allah know his wealth is not going to make him eternal, nor is going to save him.

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And just because a person has money doesn't mean he can go and saying and doing whatever he feels like he can treat people however he wants color No, this is wrong. Liam Button Method hakama surely he will be thrown into the crusher human by then known by that? What does it mean to throw something so he will be thrown into where and held on? What is her foma it's one of the descriptive names of the Hellfire from the ruthless hell for me.

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And how am I literally means to crush something to pieces?

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What does it mean to crush something to pieces and Hellfire is called hematoma. Because whatever is thrown into Hellfire, it will crush it. It will break it will consume it. Not that once someone enters Hellfire he will be finished No, he will not be finished but rather the Hellfire will consume him. And once he's consumed Cola, monopoly, Judo, but

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then the word peltola is also used for a person who eats a lot and he's never satisfied a cool, a cool a person who eats a lot. So Hellfire is such that it is pro forma in the sense that no matter how many people are thrown into it, it doesn't become full, what we learn and interacting with a coup. De sakala lumada philhealth oma he'll be thrown into the crusher. Hellfire will crush him It will devour him. Allah says woman at the rock bottom and what can make you know what is that crusher? It's not like anything you have seen. It is no law. It is the fire of a lot.

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What does anybody said is a fire of a lot meaning it is a fire that has been kindled by Oh, Allah.

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Just imagine it's the fire that has been set alight by who Allah and mocha mocha well, that worked. You cannot delight a fire. So it has been set ablaze by Allah. So it's a mighty fire. It's a very intense fire. It's so intense that allottee to Bonnaroo either which rises up to the hearts

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W Bulu What does it mean to rise? So it's such fire that rises up meaning it penetrates deep down to the heart Even.

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Just imagine,

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generally fire its effect is limited to the skin,

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the hand gets burnt, the skin gets burnt. And if it's a very severe burn, okay, it will be deeper than that the effect will perhaps go up to the bone. rarely ever. But imagine this fire is so intense, that yes, the skins are being burned. However, the heat will affect the heart Even, it will consume the flesh and the bones until it will reach up to the heart

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until it will reach up to the heart and let teetotaler either

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I notice the word of either is the plural of the word for

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when something hits the heart. What does that mean? It's a fatal blow. If the heart has been injured, then the person cannot survive. So what does it show that in the Hellfire It is as though a person is dying but he's not dying. So, malaria motivator, when I hear a lot of failures of either the effect of this fire is so deep it will reach up to the hearts

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and also remember that the word for AED is used for the emotional part first the feelings. So homas of lomasa this person hurts other people.

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He abuses other people he hurt them he will be abused he will be hurt.

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In LA you Masada indeed it is upon them Masada close down from the roof letters wellsite then

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and inside is to put a fence so as to lock so as to close what is inside. So for example, there are animals in a place and you put a fence around that area Why? So that they cannot come out they cannot escape. So in her Alayhi Masada it will be closed down upon them, meaning they will be locked inside Hellfire, unable to come out, unable to escape, unable to take a break. In fact, every time they try to come out what's going to happen? Colima urato if you mean her men or men who are either goofy her there'll be returned into it.

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Just imagine if you're trapped in a place locked in a place and there's fire.

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Just imagine

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in this dunya what happens a building a car, anything has fire exits, even buses, don't they have fire exits.

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They have those at the top the doors at the back. Why? Just in case of fire, go from here, escape from here.

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There is no building that you will go in in this country except that you will find fire exit signs inside the buildings.

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Why? Because if there's fire in a place and a person is trapped and there's no way you will survive, it's not possible that you will survive. So imagine Hellfire in the Hurlingham Masada closed upon them, they will not be able to escape Fiamma the method in extended columns ama is a Florida Armada, or a mood or image which is used for printers supports.

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So they will be were in printers that are moment that the moment data from the user doesn't mean that they're mad, what does lead me to extend to make something long moment that I'm a fruit, one that is made long one that is stretched one that is extended? So fear, I'm at the moment data, meaning they will be inside these columns being punished, surrounded by fire, and they will not be able to escape at all. They've been our vessel the guard who said he will make them enter pillars that are extended, meaning there'll be columns over them and they will have chains on their necks and the gates of Hellfire will be shut upon them.

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So just imagine if a person is like in a small cell that is like a pillar.

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pillar just imagine a small cell that is like a pillar and that cell is also in a place that is locked up. How can he escape? Fear I'm reading my data. And someone said that Amada Matata? This is referring to the flames of alpha they'll be rising just like fillers long doll. Huge flames. Fiamma demo Matata they will be amongst ama demo Matata, and they will be locked in Hellfire unable to escape.

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If a person is trapped in a building and there's fire, that fire is not like huge pillars.

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The fire this dunya is much less but the fire of the Hellfire, much more severe

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if you look at it, the word Otama This is also the structure of for Allah, who has a Luma same structure? What does it show

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that the punishment of a crime is

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similar to the crime?

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The punishment for a crime is similar to the crime. And this punishment is for who? The one who slanders The one who backed by it's the one who looks for other people's faults, other people's faults, why? In order to belittle them, humiliate them, insult them?

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The thing is that differences amongst people, they happen. But when you differ from someone, when you don't agree with someone, if you have to speak to them, how should you speak to them?

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With respect? Well, I'm going to slowly have been part of our society has given to the people their rights, meaning respecting them. So when you have a difference with someone, when you differ with them over something, you are allowed to discuss the issue with them, but do so with respect. There is no allowance in our religion, that we go on disrespecting other people humiliating. And it's something that whether in public, or in private, this is something that is not acceptable. Because a person who dares to insult others, whether in public or private, what does it show? He thinks too highly of himself. When he thinks too highly of himself, Allah will humiliate him

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to the person who hurt others, humiliates others, he will be hurt, he will be humiliated. What do you do, we'll come back

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to we must be very careful in the way that we deal with others. And the way we speak with others.

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The way we have fun because sometimes the name of fun also, we don't stop at any limit, and what do we start doing? Walking or others? And then afterwards, we say you didn't mind Did you? I was only joking. You were joking, but it hurt their feelings. So don't forget to respect.

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Every time you feel like this feeling coming in your heart, make sure you remember this. A lotta

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something is literally coming to your heart. Trust me, it helps a lot, then you feel like okay, I'm all I want to get rid of it. This is the solution. This is a kind of shift. That you imagine you remember this thing that's literally coming towards you. That who was a loser. This is a result of what Hamza loves as a result of in feelings that are in the heart.

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Whether it's jealousy, or its graduates or its feelings of contempt, or anger, rage, whatever feelings are in the heart, they will result in harms or lumps, Hamza lumps doesn't come for no reason. It's a result. So at that time, a person should think I'm lucky to have either if I don't solve this now, then there is a fire that will reach the heart

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that will burn the heart. And just imagine the delicate nature of the heart and fire reaches up to the heart. Just imagine the severity of the punishment.

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Good luck is something that's very, very important. It's not just about gaining knowledge. It's not just about focusing on rituals, but o'clock matters or not as well. Because if you notice over here, cover is not mentioned. What is mentioned bad luck, that leads to such severe punishment.

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Just as abundance of wealth leads a person to being arrogant. Similarly, sometimes, knowledge also makes a person arrogant. And when he becomes arrogant, then he starts belittling other people, or you don't know anything. Yeah, tell me the meaning of this. Yeah. How many servers are there in the Koran You don't even know. I know. This is what people start doing, belittling others showing off their knowledge. So we have to be very careful. This knowledge should make us humble.

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It should make us humble. not arrogant, not boastful.

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I remember when we completed the course. My mother she was advising all the students after the defeat

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She said to me,

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it means calm down. Don't be so flared up and emotionally charged all the time. But rather Calm down, deal with respect. Don't start showing off and don't start being too loud. Be respectful of other people. Be humble.

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Because sometimes, obviously, when a person has gained the so much knowledge for something that's so special, and in fact, it is something very special, something that a person should be happy about proud about. But it leads to pride. Sometimes it leads to arrogance, constantly comparing yourself with others. I know, I know, they don't know.

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But you need to come down. We need to relax because if we don't, it means there is arrogance and relaxing doesn't mean relax in your efforts.

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It means that in your behavior with other people,

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when you're dealing with them when you're talking to them.

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Okay, let's listen to recitation again.