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Hud 102-123 Word Analysis and Tafsir 117-123


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the punishment of Islam, including the punishment of individuals who do not do a slot or a slot, and the importance of sticking to one's beliefs. They emphasize the need for finding a way to achieve the goal of changing people's views and finding a way to achieve a loss of energy. The speakers also touch on the importance of staying true to one's beliefs and not giving up. The surah and the lesson learned from the incident in the culture of the United States are also discussed, emphasizing the need for patience and faith.
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Well, America, not a book, and your Lord is not legal, legal Torah, that he would destroy the towns, he would destroy the cities, the people of the cities, Bill men with injustice, well, I flew her while it's people, Muslim, who are ones who do Islam.

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Allah would not destroy a city

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belittlement with injustice, meaning with injustice on his part, that if he were to destroy that nation, it would be injustice on his part, while it's people are doing Islam,

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this is an explanation of the previous ayah

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that when people are doing Islam, when people are doing reform, then Allah will not punish people,

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then Allah will not punish them.

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And when people do not do a slot, when they do facade, and that's what they promote, then the punishment of Allah descends upon them.

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Do you understand?

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Why am I cannot buka leave legal kura billman with injustice on whose part on his part that while the people are doing Islam, he would not destroy them.

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Because if he would destroy them, it would be considered as injustice.

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Secondly, Bill Pullman has been understood as because of the room that the people are committing.

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That if In addition, there are people who are committing law,

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and at the same time, there are people who are doing Islam, then what's going to happen, those people are not going to be destroyed.

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But if everyone is doing one,

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no one is doing Islam, then what happens? The punishment of Allah descends upon them.

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So again, what lesson is there in this ayah for us?

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What lesson is there that we have to

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do is lie.

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Because if we don't, then we could be in probably

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the punishment of luck and descent.

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And also, we think of it in all of the incidents that we learned in the sooner we learnt about the various crimes that the people were committing.

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And one of you also gave a comment that the people were punished for the crimes that they were committing. And if you look at it today, all of those crimes are widespread today.

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They're widespread. They're so common,

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rampant everywhere.

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The crime that was limited to one nation, or the only crime that they were busy in today, you see all those crimes present. So what does it show to us?

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling us what we should do in order to avert the punishment from us.

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And what is that, that we have to do a slack. And if we don't do a slack, we go sit in our homes, say that I have nothing to do with those people. It's their life to each their own. Allah will punish them, Allah will take care of them, then we could be held responsible as well.

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It is our duty that we must stop the wrong.

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We must stop it. Because if we don't, then we will be held accountable as well. All the desire has been understood in another way. That Americana buka lyrical Cora, that your Lord would not destroy downs belittlement with injustice, what? blue hair mostly Hoon, while it's people are doing Islam.

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Meaning if the people are doing Islam,

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if the people are doing Islam, Allah will not destroy them.

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Even if they are doing Cofer at the same time, which is why one of the scholars he said that Allah allows people to live with goofus with disbelief, but he does not allow people to live with one with injustice. So if people are doing soil, Allah will destroy them.

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But if the people are doing Kufa, but they're not doing there are just to one another. They're just to one another, they're fair to one another, then Allah will not destroy them.

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What OSHA or buka and if your Lord wished, ledger, Allah NASA muttahida he would have made the people into one nation,

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one nation, everyone would be believers.

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Everyone would be on the same religion. But what does Allah say? What is aluna but they will never see his mortality as once two different

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meaning they will continue to differ.

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He has aluna is on the roof Tetris z. Well, lamp is a while and what does a while mean?

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downfall similar to you said that it's from the roof letter Z yet lamp z which is

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to cease to abandon. So ally has aluna it will never cease, they will never cease, they will never stop. They will always be multifeed ones with different people will continue to differ. In religion, in creed, in belief in opinions in sex, constantly, people will differ from one another.

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So this concept of having only one religion, everybody being on one religion, this is unrealistic.

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It's impossible, because Allah subhanaw taala says that if he wanted he could have made people in one religion. However, the people will always continue to differ with one another.

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In that except mon Rahim Allah book whom your Lord has given mercy to meaning except for the person who Allah has been merciful towards that person will not differ.

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What does it mean by this, that he will not differ? Meaning he will not separate himself from the truth? He will not leave the religion.

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Do you understand? Because if you look at it at the time of new Hardison, and before everyone was in the heat, wasn't it?

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soon What happened, people began to differ. Some people were under heat, others were uncheck, eventually what happened? Those unchecked, they were destroyed. Then after the flood, who survived, it was only the believers.

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But again, we see that soon people began doing check again, layers eruna metallocene, this extra will continue to happen.

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And then again, those people were destroyed, who survived only the believers. But very soon again, what happened people began to insure again, and this continued one after the other.

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Until we see today that people have now developed into so many different groups, so many different religions, so many different sects, and this will continue until the end of time.

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Who will remain on the truth? Who will not differ from it who will not deviate away from it? The one who Allah is merciful to

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he will remain firm on the right path.

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In Lama Rahim, Allah book, except for the one whom your Lord is merciful to he will remain steadfast on the truth

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will lead alcoholic home and for that purpose He created them.

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What does it mean by that for that purpose danika refers to the left it has been understood in various ways. But for your ease, I'm summarizing these points that he has understood as if data that for this difference, Allah subhanaw taala has created the people what difference

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that people are being tested right now.

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who stays firm on the truth, and who leaves it.

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And based on that, who becomes salaried and who becomes shuttling

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if people were forced to be on the right religion,

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people were not given any choice, everyone was forced to become omata wahida, then there would be no purpose for the creation of human beings. Because Allah subhanaw taala created the human beings why,

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Leah, welcome, you come our son Rama,

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who does good deeds, so those who do good, they will be separated from those who do bad. Those who do good will become married and those who do bad will become shortly. So if our goal is to finish all of the differences that exist on the earth, first of all, it is impossible. It's unrealistic.

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And secondly, it goes against the creation plan of Abbas

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Walid alika halaqa, whom Allah created them for this purpose,

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so that he can distinguish the obedient from the disobedient.

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What Ahmed Kadima Torah bigger and the statement of your Lord was completed with statement was fulfilled and that surely I will definitely feel Johanna Hellfire Mino Jin Mati from the Jin when NASA and the people that you're marrying altogether

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What does it mean by this?

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Kadima statement over here first to the

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minimum energy not even sex marry,

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that this statement of Allah will be fulfilled. And remember, as a marine over here does not mean every single human being every single gene, what does it mean?

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every ship each and every ship, a human being those who deserve to go to Hellfire,

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that Hellfire will be filled up with them.

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In other words, the reason why a loss of data created human beings is so that they are tested

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Who does what, and based on that they will get there and they will get their result. Those who are shocking they will end up in the Hellfire

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and those who are sorry they will end up in them.

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So with this difference that Allah subhanaw taala has allowed this difference that Allah has allowed the Met Karima to Rebecca amla, Anna, Johanna mominul genetti one na, CH Marie,

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with this difference, this is going to be accomplished. Now this does not mean that a lot really wants people to go to hellfire.

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What does it mean? That Allah has allowed this difference so that the good can be distinguished from the evil?

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Who can learn and each No sir alayka we relate to you mean and bear it also from the news of the messengers,

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meaning or Cullen all that have been mentioned over here, we are relating upon you. And these incidents that were relating upon you, these are of the bad news. And that is a Florida never

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a news of who are also the messengers. So all who were mentioned in this little were who messengers of Allah.

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From New heart s&m to Sherry Bredesen, they were all possible messengers. And why are we relating these incidents to you, man was a b2b for either

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that by which we make firm your heart

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through it, we make your heart firm.

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My refers to that meaning those incidents, new sub beta we make firm from the root letters set, but sebat What does that mean

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to become firm, so no sub veto, we give stability, we stabilize we make firm for other, your heart, meaning we make your heart firm, by mentioning these stories to you.

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We give you confidence, we give you endurance

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we give you is the karma persistence. How by mentioning these incidents to you.

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So what does it mean by sabad? What does it mean by the stability is the karma.

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steadfastness on Darwin on giving the message.

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So the reason why these incidents have been mentioned, is to give comfort and confidence the heart of the prophets.

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And after him, every diary, every person who is calling people to a loss of hunger,

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because in the stories constantly what has been seen how with so much force, with so much confidence, the messengers, they delivered the message, look at how Srebrenica them delivered the message.

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And also when you see that you're not the only one who is going through a certain problem. What happens, you feel better, you feel as if you're not alone.

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You feel as if other people could go through it, you can also go through it. If they were successful, you can also be successful. So the reason is mentioned over here as to why Allah subhanaw taala has related the incidence of the previous messengers. And what is that reason? Men who serve b2b for either so that we can give comfort and confidence and stability to your heart?

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Would ya Okay, it has come to you he had he in this What does this refer to?

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The surah are these incidents, there has come to you in this I'll help the truth will mozzarella and also an admonition where they call any reminder for who and what meaning for the believers. So we see that in these incidents is a lesson for who

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for the diary

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for the one who is calling people to Allah,

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that he should not give up.

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That ultimately, success is for him that he should be patient. He should be persistent, he should be confident.

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And at the same time there is a lesson in this also for who for the believers for the followers. For those who have accepted the call of the diary that it is again they who will be successful.

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Will call and you say lilina to those people who lie to me noona those people who don't believe say to them, that air manure, mechanical, keep working on your position.

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Keep doing what you're doing work according to your position. In our army alone, indeed we're also working.

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You do what you have to do, and we will do what we have to do.

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If you're allowed to practice your religion, we should be allowed to practice our religion. If you want to take the position of opposing us. We want to take

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preposition of remaining firm of spreading the message one time later and say to them that keep waiting in montale room indeed we're also waiting.

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Wait for what?

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wait to see what happens.

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wait to see that who is going to be successful

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and who is going to be defeated?

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Let's see keep waiting, one Toledo in mo W.

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This is similar to a last parameter the statement that for silverthorn amona manter kulula hoor aka de in the hula, you focus on the moon, and you will come to know for which of us will be the happy end in the hereafter. And certainly the wrongdoers will not be successful.

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So keep waiting to see the results.

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When he learned he is able somehow it will have and to Allah belong the unseen of the heavens and the earth.

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Meaning whatever that is hidden in the heavens and the earth from the servants who is aware of it.

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Allah soprano data is fully aware of it

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will lie and only to him, you'll generally American law, all matters are going to be returned to him for what for decision. So he will give recompense to each that he deserves. For Buddha, who therefore worship only him. Why? Because all matters are ultimately going to return to Him. What the local array and also trust upon him. Trust upon him for what?

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For what rely upon him for what?

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In order to accomplish your mission in order to do your work. Because in this surah constantly there is emphasis on what delivering the message holding on to the religion, not giving up. What's the claim?

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Well, I thought, Oh, well. ethercon. So what what can I trust upon him? One out of Booker and your Lord is not beloved in at all unaware. I'm not that Malone about what you all do.

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Allah is not unaware of what all of you do. Who does you all refer to believers and disbelievers.

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Those who responded to the call of the messenger and those who did not.

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Allah is fully aware of what each and every single person is doing.

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What you are busy in, what efforts you're putting

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what you are trying to accomplish, and he's fully aware and he will recompense you.

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We will listen to the recitation then we'll do the summary of the soul.

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free foofy numurkah

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to throw out the sort of, we haven't seen the two distinct ways

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of living.

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One way is off obedience to Allah, of worshipping Allah, of obeying Him, and the other ways of disobedience.

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And the entire sort of revolved around the theme that we learned in it number 24. That method will fire your tiny girl armor, while Asami while Bosley was Samir, Halle estar de Anima thela. I felt

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that there are two groups of people for Ukraine.

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One group is of those who are armor and Assam, blind and deaf. And the other group is of those who are bullied and severe seeing and hearing. They are not the same.

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They are not the same in what they do,

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in what they accomplish, in their end result. They're not the same.

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Those people who are seeing who are aware of the commands of Allah, those people who know those people who follow they're not the same as those people who turn a blind eye to it.

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They're completely different.

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And we learned at the beginning of the sutra as well, that a comparison was made between people who are grateful

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and people who are ungrateful.

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People who are dunya oriented, and people who are oriented.

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That whether in other corner incentive in naramata someone is there another man who he becomes Laos and careful. And if he's given blessings, he becomes left at home for whole except for who? alladhina Saba who, where I'm in a solid

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sabbatical. panicle long will be humbucker a shadow Illa and the stockbroker wanted to relay I said, I'm already coming to life.