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At-Tariq-Al-Ghashiyah Tafsir Al-Ghashiyah 17-26

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If an aliens Luna Ll e. v k for holy heart, then do they not look at the camels how they are created? Allah subhanaw taala is questioning us. And this question this is different is for Toby's reproach? That What's wrong with you? Haven't you seen the camel? Don't you take a lesson from the camel? Can you for wholecut? how Allah subhanaw taala has created it?

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What an amazing creature. This is how Allah has created it. Why is it that Allah soprano Dada is directing our attention to the camera, and then after the candle, to the sky, and then to the mountains and then to the earth?

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Because these are obvious signs around us that point to the greatness of a loss

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of the signs around us that point, do the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. That if Allah can create this, if Allah can do this, he can bring about the Day of Judgment. And if Allah so mighty, that he has made all of this in such a perfect way, in such a beautiful way for your ease for your facility, then what are you doing? When it comes to worshiping Allah when it comes to showing gratitude to Allah for all of these blessings? afolayan Luna is an evolutionary for holy cotton. If you look at even as mentioned, the Calvin has mentioned, there are so many other creatures in the earth, but in particular, a lot of mentions the camel, and he says came for wholecut, how it has

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been created meaning with what amazing characteristics that has been created. Why is the camel mentioned?

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Because the most common domesticated animal for the Arabs was which one, the camel.

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And especially at that time, when the Quran was revealed, the camel was used a lot by the people, it was the most functional animal, you could get the most benefits out of it. Because you could ride on the camel, you could slaughter the camel and eat its meat, then similarly, you could milk the camel. Similarly, you could benefit from its hair than its skin, so on and so forth. There were many, many benefits that are in the camel that are not in other animals, sheep, for example, you can use the meat, the milk, the wool, but can you write a sheep?

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You have to save the sheep you have to protect the sheep, but the camel, it protects itself. You don't have to guard it.

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So this is why the camel in particular is mentioned and Kay for holocausts. The camel is also very, very amazing. How is it amazing that first of all, if you look at it, it has such a huge body. Such a huge body. Compared to other creatures, other animals, it's not as huge as there are other animals like the elephant, and the giraffes and so on. They are also huge. But the camel is also huge. And the size of it is such that people can actually use the camel, they can tame the camel, they can benefit from it more. I mean, if you think about it, there aren't as many domesticated elephants as there are camels. Similarly, there aren't as many domesticated giraffes as there are camels. Why?

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Because camels are more useful. So first of all, it's huge body. Then secondly, if you look at the camel, it walks such long distances endlessly through the desert, and people would travel on the camels, and they would load their baggage, their luggage on the camels as well. And the camels would keep walking, walking. This is why it's called the ship of the desert.

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Because in the desert, no other animal can walk the way the chemicals. No other animal can run the way the camel does. No other animal can survive the way the camel does.

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Then, also, if you look at the camel, it's amazing that so much load can actually be put on the camel, it can carry huge loads.

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And in order to load a camel with your luggage Do you have to put it on it while it's standing? No, the camel sits down so that it's so easy for you to load the camel. And once you've loaded the camel, then what is the camel do stands up and it doesn't need your help over there. It doesn't need your support over there that you hold its hand or it's feed. You give it support so that it can stand up. No all the weight is on its back and it will get up on its own. Similarly, if you have to sit on the camel, again, the camel will sit down. Then you sit on the camel and then the camera will get up a horse you have to get on top of the horse.

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So caveau holy cow what amazing characteristics it has. Look at its knees, its legs, and then look at the eyes. The eyelashes are such that when the camel closes its eyes they completely get sealed shut. So that nose hand can even get

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into the ice.

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sandstorms are so common in the desert. Because with the wind, imagine all the sand that blows. And if you were standing over there it would get into your eyes into your nose into your mouth into your ears. But the camel is out all the time. And they're sandstorms all the time. But it doesn't bother its eyes, doesn't bother its ears or nostrils or anything of that sort.

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So FLR yonder una de la liga Holika. That is so huge. Look at all the loaded carries. And look at the heat that it can survive in. Look at the heater can survive in the desert can become so hot, and you don't find huge trees in there, under which you can go and sit. No, the camels stand in the sun. They walk on the burning hot sand, extremely hot sand that we could not even touch with our fingers for a moment.

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Literally, but the standard, they walk on it, they rest on it, they sit on it. So it's amazing fly on Luna 11 k for Holika. And it's amazing how the camel can go hungry even for so many days. for so many days it can survive without water. Because when it drinks it drinks a lot of water and it contains all the water within its body. And so when it doesn't find food or water it can actually use all of that that has been stored within that has been stored inside. Then I mentioned to you earlier that Berea the beauty of this dunya before it becomes dry, it is called chivalric. It's torgny however, it has some moisture in it. The only animal that can eat it is the camel. So it can

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survive on the least amount of food even you can see the least amount of food it can survive for many many days. And this is very, very important for the desert, because desert life is difficult. Traveling through the desert again is difficult.

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So the camel has many many amazing characteristics. And we learn that it will humor the center when he was told to make the announcement for hedge a loss of data set into 227 that will add the infant Nancy will Hadji to curry Jalan while akula bomber in Tiananmen Khalifa Jenner means they will come on every lean camel, camel that has become very thin and lean. Why? Because of the long journey. So what is it true

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that a camel can actually undertake long journeys without food in the most harsh and difficult circumstances it can survive.

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And some camels, they can survive in the desert and other camels are even found in the snow. They can even survive in the snow. So it's amazing. It's an amazing creature. After the camel, Allah says what he does summer he and at the sky. Can you follow? How it has been raised? Have you not looked at the sky? how Allah has raised it up? How is it low res did that first of all, it's so high. It's so high. No matter how high you go up in the sky, you can never get out of this guy.

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Okay, for a ferret, it's so high. And then painful to ferret that without any pillars, without any support. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, about the sky that he has elevated it, believe it or not in the Rhondda without any pillars that you can see. So what either submit a photo ferret, and it's amazing that the sky is not playing, but it has so many things in it. The clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars that we know off that we don't know off. And then after the sky, what it'll do bear like a fantasy but and at the mountains, how they are erected, how they are fixed, how they are planted in their places, newsleave at noon side, but what does NASA literally mean to fix something

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in a particular place. So look at the mountains, how Allah subhanaw taala has installed them in the earth, that they're so deeply rooted, yet they are so high above the surface of the earth.

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Just imagine, they're so deeply rooted under the earth. And at the same time, they're so high above the earth as well. So tall, huge mountains, and how Allah has planted them, that no matter what you do to try to move them you cannot move them.

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And in fact, because of the way that Allah has planted these mountains, the Earth is stable.

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Because if these Ravasi were not there, then what would happen the Earth would move with the people it would constantly sway.

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So energy, barely cave, honestly, but and it's amazing. The way they are planted in the ground in the earth. They're such that people can still they can still go on the mountains, they can still live on the mountains. They can still have agriculture on the mountains. So eligibility for nursery but

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they're not like nails in the ground. steep. Useless. No, they're not

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Like useless pillars.

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They're such that are full of minerals inside, that people can use. And on top there are so many different types of trees and rocks that again, people can benefit from what energetic a fantasy, but

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it's amazing how on mountains, people have their houses. People have their fields, people do their agriculture, cities, literally villages. People live on mountains. So what he loved the valley came from mostly, but

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they're not like nails, which people cannot benefit from, but rather such that people can actually live there. When he left, he barely came fonasa. And it's amazing how, because of their height, they obstruct the view of so many things.

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That because of their height, you cannot see what is behind them.

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And because of the way they are, the wind as it blows from between them, it's so fierce sometimes.

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So what energy rally kayfun will save it.

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And you know, one thing more about the mountains, you hear about buildings collapsing.

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But do you ever hear about mountains collapsing?

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When there's an earthquake? Okay, parts of the mountains? Yes, there will be a landslide. But do you ever hear about an entire mountain collapsing? No. But buildings no matter how strong people build them, no matter how they construct them, solid and firm, deeply rooted. But eventually there are faults, but the mountains are amazing.

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What are we k for? So they had

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and at the earth? How it is spread out? Don't they look at the earth, how Allah has spread out the earth. So they have so they had from the reflectors seen through entities to surface to make something plain.

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and South is also used for the roof, the ceiling, because it has to be made play. So what are the key facilities? How the earth has been spread out? That it's amazing that the earth in fact is round. But when you're standing on it, how does it see that endless so how Allah has extended it made it smooth, so you can walk on it from shoe FEMA and akebia you can run on it, you can build on it, you can construct on it, you can dig in it, you can do so many things on the earth.

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And when people stand on the earth, it's stable weather LDK facade

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for the kid in anthem with a kid so remind or profits on a lot of us I know why, because in the anthem with a kid, indeed you are one who reminds remind, because your duty is to remind people and remind who remind who everyone because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all people but who will benefit from the reminder. Those who believe in certain stereotype 55 we learn for in deco tanforan meaning not everybody it only benefits the believers. So for that kid in number entered with a key, keep reminding and remind people about what about their duty to the Lord about the hereafter about the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed on them. Remind them so that

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they become obedient they become humble.

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Lester lamb was saying you are not over them. A controller will say you played from the rotators saw cidara and cidara is to be responsible over something or someone what does it mean to be responsible over something or someone set auto with scene What does that mean?

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To draw a line and say Tada This is to be responsible over something or someone do have Sultan over them to be the sovereign over someone control them rule over them. So let's start a human will say that you are not given authority over the people meaning you're not to force them to accept and believe your duty is only to remind you keep reminding and guidance that is in the hands of Allah soprano.

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In terms of bacala i 272. Laser alayka who there Who woulda came to La Jolla de Manisha Allah guides also ever he wills and we see that the prophets or the Lord is no when he was given this command for that care in anthem with a cane. He kept reminding people, those who believed and those who did not believe until the last moments of his life.

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What do we learn that even on his deathbed, what was he doing? reminding people about? What about the importance of the importance of taking care of the rights of the women, the slaves that get intimate time with a kid less than a human society?

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In lament our lack of innovation he gives meaning of lacking, however, as for the one who turns away, being turned away from the reminder that you give him what cafaro any disbelieved mean doesn't benefit from the

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reminder for your people who love when other than Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment. And what is his greatest punishment, the punishment of the hereafter the punishment of the Hellfire, because the punishment of this dunya is lesser compared to the punishment of the hereafter.

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What do we learn in the unwilling to the unknown, in Edina, doing an activity before we punish them with the greater punishment, we will punish them with the lesser punishment, why there are no nilgiri. So the lesser punishment is that which is in the dunya, the difficulties, the hardships, the failures that a person faces in his life because of the wrongs that he's doing.

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And if a person learns from that, and changes his ways, then he is saved from punishment in the hereafter. And if a person does not change, then there's our that will occur in the hereafter. So for your people who Allahu Akbar,

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in Elena Abraham, indeed to us is the return he has from the rotators Hamza woba, by

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Roger to return.

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So in Elena Abraham, to us is their return some inner Elena has ever home then indeed upon us is their account, meaning we will question them, we will ask them about their deeds, about all the blessings that were given about the time that they were given about what they did.

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Some inner Elena has

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a lot more question to people, he has sent the message, the ascent the guidance, he has given the reminders he has shown the signs pointed out the proofs, but if a person does not benefit then in Marlena has Abraham Allah who question the person. So the responsibility of the messengers to convey and the rest he should leave to? Allah soprano data inserted nyda 48 we learned it Allahumma Jericho Jim era for you in a vehicle in a quantum field of telephone, you're all going back to Allah and Allah, you cannot hide anything from him. Why?

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Because instead of Baccarat 284 we learn what to do Murphy and for Tsukamoto, you have to become the healer. Allah will call you to account for it. Some inner Elena is ever

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we're out

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elaina No matter how much a person runs away from death in this life can he escape? Can he avoid it? No. Eventually every single person is going back to his Lord.

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This is why a person must prepare for the speedy we learn from a hadith which is reported in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said mermin coming ahead in L so you can live more abou les Sabina who will be noted

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that there is not among you anyone except that his Lord will speak to him. And there will be no interpreter between him and his Lord. Meaning each and every person will be brought for his app to his Lord. No one else between Allah and the servant. He will have to answer directly.

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No one else can come and save him there. So in Elena iava home to us is their return some in Marlena has ever home and then Allah will question people. This is why we should make Dora Allah has given the surveyor zero because if a person is questioned why if a person is interrogated, why did you do this? Why did you not do it? Then he's finished. He's doomed. What is the facade when you see that a person sins are displayed his good deeds or display? And then Allah Subhana Allah forgives him for the wrongs that he has done saying to him that I covered your sins in the dunya and today I forgive them for you. Do you have to bring the change yourself? Allah subhanaw taala has sent a warning

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Hello attacca Howdy.

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Some of

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the profits are allowed to sit and fully convey the warning as well. And Lisa, lamb will say, Please, no one can force you, you have to bring the change yourself, it has to come from within. And if you don't change yourself, nobody can help you. I was thinking that sometimes we look at people who are studying the studying like sciences and things like that. And we think, oh, they're just getting done yet. And they're not focused on the accurate but you never know that maybe these people are reflecting on every single thing that they're learning and they're becoming closer to a lesser that and what are you doing? And the purpose of studying the sciences is, in fact to come closer to

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Allah? Because what's the purpose of saying this Flm Luna in an EBD k for who they got? Why is the last step? Haven't you seen this? Doesn't it make you think? Doesn't it make you more submissive to your Lord? Doesn't it prove to you the power of Allah? So think about it when Allah has made so much so beautifully? What are you doing in return? So, the point is that at the end, we should be studying what we study not just to improve in our information and our knowledge, but to in fact come closer to Allah.

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We listen to the recitation of these iron

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Okay, so

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be mostly

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will be from the federal law either

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a stockbroker

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or Santa Monica.