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Are we let him initiate one of the gyms we let her off manual him Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he while early he was having him Allah rubbish he said we instantly Omri looked at the melissani of how holy Robin adds enough into the center of it after that he has another one that said I want to come to LA he will Barakatuhu Welcome everybody to a juice a day. Today we are covering the 11th jewels of the Quran hamdulillah we have completed the first 10 that's the first third of the Quran. And we are also in our 10th fast. So hamdulillah a third of the way we are done, we ask Allah to give us the ability, the feat, the divine grace, to complete these these fast in the

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best possible manner and also to complete our study of the Quran. I mean europen I mean, the 11 years of the Quran begins with surah, adobo ayah, number 93. That's 993. And it ends with surah, hood, iron number 511. Five. So what as you can see is it spans a surah, the last part of surah nine, all of our attempts are the units, and the first few Ayat of Surah houde, which is

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crying baby,

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he is being taken downstairs right as we speak.

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All right, hamdulillah.

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So that is the, the Jews, that's what it is in front of us hamdulillah. And the Jews that we were discussing is, you know, at the end of Surah Tauba, there is, or as Surah Tauba, largely speaks about the struggle of the prophets of Salaam, against the hypocrites, and the description of the hypocrites, how they are, how they were, and what are the qualities or the characteristics of hypocrisy that we should be that we should be mindful of. Right? We should be like, we should be cognizant of this, because this is something that could creep into us as well. We could end up you know, having these kind of negative traits. And, and that is what the Quran is warning against. It's

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not the narrative against the, or the narrative about the hypocrites. It's not just some, you know, critique

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exclusively of them. As I said before, every time the person is critiquing a group of people, be it the Israelites, be it the Christians, be it the hypocrites, be it even the Sahaba, right? It is meant to be a mirror to ourselves, we're supposed to look at that as like a mirror to say, Do I have any of these characteristics in myself? Or does our community have these characteristics? And then the warning is to not have those. So let's pick up actually first from

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to connect the last part of the previous just to this, just let's pick up from is 75. Here, I 75 speaks about a very interesting and a very,

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disturbing trend that you might see in people or men oh man ah ha De La Hoya in our dynamin for de la Saad the carnival an akuna nominal Salim.

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There are some among them who pledged themselves to God saying, if God gives us something out of his bounty, we shall give shall certainly give arms and be righteous, we will certainly give charity and be philanthropic and good people. But I'm at home and father Lee, but when he bestowed his favors on them, Berkeley looby they became miserly came, what our low and they turned away in a version. Right? This is a people who made a promise, hey, God, please help me if you just do this for me. I'll be like this. Okay, conditional promise to God or a supplication. That's conditional. He hit a lot. If you give me this, that I'll be that way. If you let me pass my calculus exam, I'll be a good

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person or something, okay, conditional.

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But then when that condition is fulfilled, they are not able to keep the

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And of the promise. So what does Allah do to these people for whom nifa can feel called to be him, he calls hypocrisy to settle in their hearts.

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And this is actually our Aqaba home. This is from the Word of God, which is a punishment as a punishment for their,

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for their

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breaking the promise as a punishment for their character flaws. Allah subhanaw taala allowed a piracy or cause hypocrisy to settle in their hearts that became their trade, the trade of promising and then not fulfilling, promising and not fulfilling that became who they are.

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Eli omeo corner who, until the day they met him, or they will meet him because they broke their word to God and because we'll be back on the moon and because they lied, if you look at the Hadith, of the prophets of Salaam, the prophets of Salaam says that I had on menaggio Pizza last, the ayah, the sign of a hypocrite is basically there's three main signs either had the ketubah when he speaks, he lies with our other acalypha when he makes a promise, he breaks a promise, well, either without domina horn when he is given the ability, he's given a trust something that is to be a responsibility, he is betrayed, he betrays that responsibility, he lets down that responsibility.

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These are three things that the Muslim said characterize a hypocrite and if a person is all these three things apply to them, then they are like a, you know, personification of hypocrisy, okay? But if a person has one of these characteristics, very dangerous, that you have one characteristic of hypocrisy in you. So here you see in this idea, or this, the set of AI Allah is explaining this part very clearly because they lied, right? That's what they used to do. Can we agree the Buddha is actually a very interesting construction. That's what they used to do. They used to habitually lie. And that, you know, that's the character trait of hypocrisy. So, something for us to be mindful of

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as, as believers gave the hypocrites. Also,

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you know, that there is a contrast that the Quran sets up between the attitude of the hypocrites and the attitude of the believers, right, how the hypocrites would react to something, and the, you know, and the believers would react to something. For example, the hypocrites would react to losing out on

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you know, they would, you know, for example, stay behind when the battle was raging. I remember at one they stayed behind gladly, they were happy that the Prophet did not take them along the journey for the very difficult battle of the book. Remember, the Battle of the book was against the Byzantine Empire? Right? So this was a dangerous battle a difficult battle a journey of six months. Yes. So they were very happy Yes, we got saved. Ah, look at who are you j to the hated the thought of striving for God's cause with their possessions in their persons. This for them was just absolutely unfathomable, right because they were not even Muslims in their heart. They were

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pretending to be as such and yet now they're asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. So now when they were left behind the Prophet Salaam, they came and made excuses. Oh, I can go I'm in this situation. I can do this. The Prophet said, Fine. You don't have to go. He let them be.

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So then they would say makalah 10 fulfill her do not go forth in this heat. Because it was very hard. It was a summer journey, right?

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Well, LaRue Johanna, Masha do hora say the fire of hell is far harder. If they could only understand.

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This is the thing. They're they were happy to miss out on. opportunities of good contrast that with the believers, I remember.

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I remember 91 I lost mother lays out the reasons why a person is exempted from you know going out to battle. Of course, if someone is weak, or sick, or they have no means to spend a week here

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is someone who's like physically weak, yes, sick, and they don't have the means to spend to finance the battle for themselves. There is no problem that they don't go out. That's the acceptable excuse. But look at the attitude of the believer when the believers would miss out the Sahaba when they missed out on the opportunity for going with the prophet in this battle. They

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would cry well I Latina illa atoka Lita, Camila home with Allah aji Duma, Manu kumala he notice any blame attached to those who came to you to be provided with mounts. When you said to them I cannot find or I can find no mounts for you. They went back and tears welled up in their eyes with sadness lower lower Are you know whom to feed Lumina Dunmurry has an because but sadness, since they could not find any way to contribute. The believers were saddened at the loss of the opportunity. This is a sign of a man a sign of good faith in a believer that when they miss an opportunity for good, when they miss an opportunity for good, they are, they are saddened by the missed opportunity.

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Whereas the hypocrites they would gladly lie to to hide, you know, they will gladly lie and be happy that they missed the chance of doing something that was good. And that was a situation that this is the contrast of Oran paints between the two. Okay.

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We look at also the hypocrites that they would lie about why they won't participate. Firstly, law says they were happy they were content to not go back. This is the situation they were in. And then they would lie about why they didn't participate. Yeah, the de Luna la comida, Raja Tama him and it for the first I have this juice, they will make excuses to you when you return to them. next idea of the excuse here isn't a legitimate excuse, because you see the legitimate excuses were listed in this ayah. Number 91 lists out what is a legitimate exemption from this participating in this battle. But this is not one of them. Right? That they are making. You know, they're they're trying

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to find an exception for themselves, which is really a false excuse for ladder Arthur dhiru. The Prophet is told to say do not make excuses, we will not believe you. Keep in mind by the way, I maybe I think I forgot to tell you this yesterday, the Battle of the book, The last battle that this the last battle, the process of them, fought and participated in was a was a draft. Everybody had to go, every able bodied man had to go to fight. And that's why this became very difficult for the hypocrites because they were just scrambling to find a reason to get out of this battle. The battle By the way, actually never transpired. The Prophet went there. The Byzantine Empire never showed up

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the Prophet as he was journeying through Arabia to bukas in far north of Arabia, he made all these peace treaties with every tribe on the way and then returned back safely and soundly. hamdulillah nothing happened. And the Byzantine Empire this was a show of force to the Arabian Peninsula, that the the the army of the Muslims is not to be messed around with. And it was a statement for the Byzantines as well. And a few years later, the Muslims on the Byzantines would square off in the Battle of Yarmouk under the tutelage of Omar al Yahoo. And that was a decisive victory for the believers. Okay, but all that aside, this is why they were scrambling to find excuses. So when Allah

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already told the Prophet when he was on the journey to the book there when you go back they're gonna come with all sorts of excuses. And they're gonna say, hey, Greg, congratulations, great job on the battle you know, we're really sorry we're not gonna we weren't able to be there. ladder attahiru do not make excuses. Len not minakami will not believe you, but the number and Allah human ecological God has already informed us about you, we know who you are. You showed your true colors. Sarah was a Allah who I'm Allah Kumara Sula, who the God was your actions as was his messenger, and then you will be returned to the one who knows the scene in the unseen and he will tell you all that you used

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to do.

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So actually if whenever he locum he didn't call up to me, lay him literally do and when you when you return, they will swear to you by God, so that you may leave them alone.

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They will make they will swear to god, I swear by Allah, Well, lucky or lucky, I wanted to come to this battle. Well, llahi

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they will say these things that allies so that you can just leave them alone. Do you know they don't want any scrutiny, right for it to run home? Leave them alone, there's nothing else to be done. There's nothing else to be done with these people. What can be done in a homeless person? They are unclean, unclean, not physically, spiritually. Someone's able to someone This is a person who is to say to run away from accountability, he will say whatever needs to be said this is a spiritually impure person. And law says I'm Johanna Joseph and Bhima can we execute their reward will be held as a reward or as a as a loss

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Just punishment for them for their actions. Okay? Again, the idea here is, is Please don't misunderstand someone who's a liar automatically doesn't become hellbound. Right? It's a major sin. It's a big deal. It's a huge character flaw. But this is specifically about people who are living a lie in front of the prophets, Allah. This is what this talks about, for the rest of us. That exactly the lesson is in the character flaws, right? People just trying to build themselves out by saying whatever needs to be said, that's the character flaw of the hypocrites. We need to be away from that as far away as totally away from that as we can be, right? The character flaw of being a coward,

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that character flaw of being someone who would, you know, insistently lie would break promises. That's where the lesson is, for us. Please don't paint someone or think of someone as a hypocrite or apply these is exactly on their head. Because in reality, these ads are about a very specific type of people. And these people still exist, but largely in places where it's convenient for them to pretend to be Muslims to undermine the majority of the Muslims, okay? This is not generally something that you find is a phenomena outside where there is a minority of Muslims living as a community give the characteristics are for everybody. Okay, hypocrites, or there's a tangent about

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the Bedouins. Right? Who are these veterans? these veterans are Rob right I 97 I should do go for money Falco. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, it's a very severe statement. The desert Arabs are more stubborn in their denial, denial of the truth and hypocrisy.

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This is a very stern statement from Allah subhanaw taala about the nature of these people that desert Arabs not the ones who lived in Medina, not the people of Quraysh these are the Bedouins who are roam around Arabia, and that's how they lived. And because of the constant moving and shifting that they were doing, there, they were very rough and very difficult people to deal with.

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And what happened is that they had some very, very poor interactions with the Prophet Salaam and with the Sahaba afterwards, okay, continue to be like problematic people until you know much later Okay, what was it they would, you know, the cat is demanded of them, and they will see the cat as like, you know, like, just it wasn't like given as charity. Right? They will accept a stamp Okay, now if there is a cat, and now they won't be really happy to give the cat and they would wait the robots will become what

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they would consider like the cat as like some sort of fine that that was levied upon them, not as a sidecar charity you give happily Yes. This is like a fine that's been levied upon us. Why do we have to take Why do you have to pay this very bizarre attitude, and they will wait for misfortune right there like you took our money made something bad happened to you? What a What a terrible attitude right? Compare this to the attitude of the believers right, hold on while he him Sadako I remember 103 take arms out of their wealth to cleanse them to Tahira home what was the key him beer and purify them was suddenly Allah him and pray for them oh prophets of Salaam insalata Casa canola

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home, your prayer will be a comfort for them. Allahu semua Halim God is hearing all hearing and all knowing the person would pray for a person who will give sadaqa right and that prayer would be a source of comfort. The Prophet would pray for us the oma right and he will pray for the oma so frequently like you as he would pray, like as he was making his daily prayers, he would pray for his oma on that frequent basis. And his prayer is a source of comfort for us.

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The attitude of the believers here is the or the the way the believers see them giving their wealth is a way of cleansing our sins purifying us increasing us attaining Allah's mercy, attaining the comfort of the prophets, prayers and the the the the peace and serenity of the prophets prayers. That's how the believers would see their charity compared that to these guys who would see it see it as like a fine, okay, but Allah as I as I mentioned to you again and again, the Quran is not going to paint everybody with the same brush, but there are people from the hypocrites or sorry the excuse me the Bedouins umino biLlahi while yo ma hurry waitaki do my own people roboton and Allah I 99

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those who

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who, those who believe in God in the last day in regard regard what they spend for the cause of God as a means of bringing them nearer to God and of deserving the prayers of the messenger. Right What salvaterra soul they

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see this as a, as an offering, coming closer to Allah, they see this as a way to earn the prayers of the prophet to attain the blessing Allah in the hopper, but Allah home, this ship, so shall certainly be for them a means of drawing near to God, and God will enter them into his mercy and indeed he's Forgiving and Merciful, okay? The Quran describes the believers in this as in the sutra, there's a amazing contrast here between, you know, Sahaba, who are fully committed and the believers, you know, in general, and then the hypocrites, they're described in very beautiful terms, okay? They're described as those who,

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you know, they are the ones that Allah is pleased with them, God is well pleased with them all the alohomora

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and they are pleased with him, Well,

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he has prepared for them gardens, through which rivers flow where they shall dwell forever. And that is a supreme achievement, right? A very beautiful description is number 111. speaks about more of this is number 111. speaks about in the lush that Amina Mina and foster home while at home, be another home. Well, Jana, you call to Nafisa, we'd love for you to Luna where God has bought from the believers, their lives and their wealth in return for the garden, they fight for the cause of God, they kill and are killed. It is a promise binding on him in the Torah, the gospel and the Quran, and who is truer to his promise than God for establishing will be better be by your eco mala

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de by to be, then rejoice then in the bargain, the trade that you have made with God, and that is a supreme achievement. Allah is talking about this as a trade. You see, like our sacrifices on last month, I was like you made a trade. You made a trade, you've invested in your alpha today, and then you will reap the rewards of it later in the best trade of your life. This is the greatest investment that you made in your life. When you invest in your era by doing something good. That is the greatest investment at evil. Look at this beautiful description of the righteous of the believers. May Allah make us of these, I mean, utter even the believers are those who turn to God

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and repentance. Number one, Allah Allah be doing those who worship Allah there, you know, devoted to him. I'll have me doing those who praise Him. Praise Him in good times. Praise Him in bad times. Assa t Hoon for those who go about in the land serving his cause from the word sia how they travel around the traveler not to like take pictures and selfies, the tough foot travel around to do some of God's work to serve the needy to teach the people right to do whatever is required. Or rock your own.

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Those who bow down a saggy Dune, those who prostrate number six. I am your owner Wilma ruffolo. Number seven, those who are enjoying good when na hoona and Mancha number eight those who forbid evil, right? Those who stand up for justice stand against injustice, an admirable motto for na hoona La Mancha. Number nine I'll have your Luna the hoodoo dilla those who observe the limits set by God.

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Nine beautiful descriptions here of who the believers are. And we These are his this is these are generic terms right? This could apply to anybody as long as you fit the bill. It applies to you the IRA applies to you. Over shill meaning give good news to the believers May Allah makers of these I mean

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the surah speaks about as I told you speaks about the hypocrites.

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But before it goes, I'm gonna actually conclude with a little bit about the hypercars at the end. They make three quick points with the surah and then we move on number one about the hypocrites at the very end about the prophets of Salaam and number three about a group of people that got in trouble that were righteous people Okay, look at this I i number 170

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look a tab Allahu Allah and maybe you will mahadji Lena will Ansari God turn in mercy to the prophet SAW salah and the emigrants and the helpers the emigrants. almajiri are the ones who left maka kita. Medina? Well, I'm sorry, are the people from Medina who hosted these people? They're called the ones who help them. Okay, Elina terbaru

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visa it also those who followed him in the hour of hardship. This is what Allah calls the Battle of the Buddha, the Buddha hour of hardship, because that was a very difficult bout. That was a very difficult lead up. It was a very difficult

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journey. That was a very difficult return. Everything about it was difficult. Okay. And this was at the very end of the Prophet's life. The problem is not very young at this point he's 60 to

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61, pushing 62, right? yet he's dealing the army in the Arabian summer, across Arabia, will you all do in north to read the book, as you know, this is a difficult time. But Allah said, every one of those people who accompanied him, Allah has turned to them in mercy.

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mean by the Macedonia zego, Hulu for a man whom after the hearts of a group of them almost faltered, turn towards them. So matabele him, he turned towards them in mercy, for he is compassionate and merciful towards them. This is the thing difficulty was so severe, even the Sahaba were you know, some of them were almost faltering.

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They couldn't keep up. They couldn't keep up. Some of them. Yes. So Allah smart Allah supported their hearts, and they were able to keep up but they were three Sahaba great. They were three Sahaba who and who did not have a valid reason did not have any valid reason.

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to stay behind. You see, they had no valid reason to stay behind. They were supposed to be in the army, right? And this is the three Sahaba carribbean Malik 11, Amaya and Murata. Even Robbie I'm sorry, I forgotten the names. I was quickly looking them up here as I was talking to you and the most decorated of them is gab Eman Malik and all the Allahu anhu who was one of the earliest people to pledge allegiance to the prophets of Salaam. When the Prophet wanted to come to Medina, in fact, he was part of the first delegation to pledge allegiance and tell the Prophet come to Medina, we will host you will support you. Okay, now, this decorated to have

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a lifetime of achievement and good deeds. He ended up procrastinating to a point where the army had departed, and he wasn't able to prepare for the six month journey. And he missed the battle along with the other two.

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So these three ended up staying behind and when the Prophet son came back after the journey, and he asked, okay, how come you weren't there in the battle? In the hypocrites will come and they will lie. They were like, Oh, sorry, azula we really wanted to come but this happened or that happened or someone got sick or I got sick, right? They will make these excuses and the Prophet would, you know, know even though he knew they're lying, he would say okay, fine, right, because he wasn't going to interrogate them. He would take them on their face value their word on face value and kind of move on. Hey, bigots come die. The Prophet Sam says okay, fine. Now comes

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the Sahaba right now comes here. As the promised some returns from the battle, here comes ngadimin Malik and Hillel even on my end Murata, even though beer, and they come and the Prophet asked them, you know, what made you stay behind what caused you to not join us in battle? And they said, We had no good reason. They told the truth, be told the truth. And as a result of them telling the truth. They were under a, like a social embargo, almost right. That's like the best way to say like a social boycott, right? They were basically no one was allowed to speak to them, no one was allowed even to return their salon. Right, the se wallick was set up, no one was allowed to,

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you know, interact with them. Of course, they lived among the believers, they would, you know, walk around, but imagine it's like, they were just essentially like, in like a, like a world by themselves in the middle of the whole community. And that was the punishment that was given to them. But then Allah, Allah forgive them. This, this lasted for many days. And then last month, forgive them when he revealed reveal this IOI la sala de La Nina hulagu, he has turned with mercy to those three whose case was deferred. When the earth for all its spaciousness closed in upon them, and their own souls strained or straight into them. And they realized that there was no refuge from God

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and except in him, he turned to them so that they may turn to him. He turned to them and mercy so matabele him Leah to woo so they may turn to Him in repentance. God is ever forgiving and most merciful. This idea of turning and repentance as a expression. What does expression mean? expression means that you're turning to Allah and you're turning away from sin. And Allah turning to you is Allah is accepting you

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Going to him and asking him for forgiveness. That's the expression and the image, I hope is clear in your mind. This is what happened to them. But you see, these people didn't lie because they were believers. This they told the truth, they had to live with the consequences of the truth. And that is the story of a believer who has like, who made a mistake, right? your mistakes, you should never try to bail yourself out by lying. And this is the lesson from the story of Gabby Malik. In fact, right after Allah says, you know, all believers fear God and stand with the truthful because the truth will set you free. It is going to be the thing that will allow you to attain salvation and

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paradise. So this is those people 100.

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A couple other things that I want to mention about the hypocrites, right? You see, Allah spotland, the very end of the chapter of the surah talks about the hypocrites again. Okay, and you will see there's a lot of discussion about the hypocrites. What is up with that game? Look at this. Look at this passage I number 124 102, Latin for men who may have a Yakuza to Harvey Manor. Whenever a chapter is sent down. There are some of them who say which of you had this had his faith increased by it? But as for those who believe it increases their faith and they rejoice. But as for those with sickness in their hearts, it adds defilement to their defilement, and they die in a state of denial

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to the Nazi that they are tried every year once or twice, yet they do not repent, nor would they be admonished. When a chapter is revealed with Mr. Annunziata to Nevada Oklahoma bomb. They glanced at each other hollier akumina had is anyone watching? Did someone hear us talk in private? How come? This is revealed to the Prophet? No one was there. How come he found out about it? Oh, Allah found out Allah knew about it and told the Prophet about it. That's how he found out the manzara who then they turn away sort of Allah hooba home, they turned away so Allah turn their hearts away. You see how the image is like polar opposites? The matabele him for matabele him the tubu they turn to him

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so Allah turn to them in repentance? Yes, they turned away the hypocrites so Allah turn their hearts away from Islam as well be unknown formula if common because there are people who don't understand. Okay, the hypocrites, I'll tell you something about them, as we were, you know, you know, talking about them. The hypocrites were people who had, you know, not just like, like, not just like they weren't just like a problem in terms of like societal, like they just inconvenient. Right? They were actually plotting against the prophets of Salaam to overthrow him. As the Battle of the book was building up the Byzantine Empire had, you know, planted some of the or had been in touch with some

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of the hypocrites, and these hypocrites were acting like agents for the Byzantine Empire. Okay, and how were they acting like agents, they constructed a Masjid. And that mother was going to be their base where they could run their operations from okay. And to add legitimacy to this, Missouri. They were like, Hey, why don't we get the profit to come for a pray and this mustard that will give it legitimacy. And now our operation will be undercover. You see, they were literally spies, acting as rogue agents for a foreign power while living and pretending to be Muslims. Okay, and to add insult to injury, they're like, let's do it out of a mosque. Last month, I mentioned this in Iowa, no

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seven, then there are those who build a mosque to cause harm, whether the Muslim the Iran were cofrin, to spread apostasy, what the free combined mean, and to spread this unity among the believers. What he saw then as an outpost, the human heart of Allah was open. For those who had from the outset, Ward on God and His Messenger. And this was a Byzantine way they would plant spies around, you know, different, different. They're against the people that they were fighting, promising money and promising land and whatnot when they eventually won. And that's what these hypocrites were doing. They're like let's ally with the Byzantines. Hopefully, hopefully the

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Byzantines can beat these guys and then we will become rich and powerful. Okay. Well, I actually fund the fun in Aradhana inland holster they swear our intentions are nothing but good only only it's a must if you wanted to pray well love your shadow in the home look at the moon but guard God bears witness that they are lying. Lotta comfy, he abandoned do not set foot in it oh prophet solemn, only a house of worship, founded from the very first day upon piety is worthy of your setting for there in in it are men who love to be purified.

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

And God loves those who purified themselves. This is talking about Majid altova The first method built

00:35:07--> 00:35:47

by the promise of them for the sake of the first error message he established that was the message The Prophet said that's the kind of message that you just said step foot in and pray not this kind of mustard the setup for a completely nefarious reasons. So see the hypocrites we're not just some you know, societal problems, some people who are saying like mean things, and then that said, no harm done. No, they were harming the profits of solemn at every level, on a personal level on a governmental level, the army of the profit zone was always compromised by these people, you know, and the value offered a third of them left the army at the battle took many of them failed to show

00:35:47--> 00:36:31

up whoever wanted to go. They wanted to undermine the orders of the province to them at every turn, they were harming the Prophet, even even the person the leader of the this group, his name was Abdullah obey even said I want you to read these two I had the very last two Ayat of Surah Tauba with me and I'm going to talk about this guy, because he's very important as a contrast to how the prophets have dealt with these people. I remember 128, la caja Akuma Suleman unfussy company has come to your messenger from of your own eyes. He's an early Hema I need to him you're suffering distresses him, he is deeply concerned how these alikum is deeply concerned for your welfare will

00:36:31--> 00:37:17

move me Nina oh four Rahim is full of kindness and mercy towards the believers. This is the description of the prophet SAW Allah Salam hammered by into our low but if the turnover Kappa has to be Allah say God suffices mi La Ilaha Illa who there is no deity but he Allah heater Welcome to in him I put my trust well, horrible action on Him. And He is the Lord of the glorious throne. By the way this Dora has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who are a token to our blog Sheila Lim you should read this if this expression seven times after fudger you know in the morning and seven times after answer in the evening Okay, basically you should read it after sunrise and before sunset seven times

00:37:17--> 00:37:58

the Prophet that the one who reads this seven times this supplication whatever it is that they want to you know, whatever it is that they are trying to complete whatever it is that they're trying to do a loss panthella will take care of it. A loss mother will make sure that it gets done in the best possible way for them. Okay, so it's a very beautiful day for us to put our trust in Allah seven times you should say it after sunrise and before sunset, okay. And the time is vast, you can say it like you know, even like 10am or something, no problem inshallah. Okay, so this is a very beautiful supplication. Now, this is how the last one that describes the Prophet. Now check this out, I

00:37:58--> 00:37:59

remember at

00:38:00--> 00:38:02

I remember he says something very interesting.

00:38:03--> 00:38:11

Ask it is the same whether you whether or not you ask forgiveness for them, it's dumb for Allah to stop allow

00:38:12--> 00:38:30

us to see our poster child. Even if you ask forgiveness for them 70 times, God would not forgive them, for they have denied God and His Messenger. And God does not guide the evildoers, the prophet system, the people who undermine him

00:38:31--> 00:39:05

and personally hurt him. And we're trying to act like agents for a foreign foreign government. And we're trying to you know, you know, like, you know, a destroy his army from within the province and we'll still pray for these people. He will still make go out that Oh Allah guide these people, guide them to slam, although they don't know better guide them. And Allah says about these people, that all prophet of Allah, even if you ask Allah for forgiveness, 70 times Allah will not forgive them. It doesn't matter how many times you pray for them, they are not going to be forgiven.

00:39:06--> 00:39:27

The Prophet actually said about this is like if I knew that if I asked forgiveness 71 times and Allah would forgive them, I would have asked 71 times meaning if I knew there is a figure of how many times I have to ask Allah to forgive them. I would do that gladly, just for their forgiveness, while these people are his enemies from within.

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

This is how the problem was all for him. The most kind, the Most Merciful, the man who hurt him the most in his life, the most right outside of like, like a sworn enemy like Abuja, hell or whatnot. Those people obviously were trying to kill the Prophet, right but the one who's trying to hurt him without killing him, was Abdullah bin obey immense Ahlul, the leader of the monastic school, he is the guy who accused the wife of the Prophet solimar mother Ayesha of having an affair. He's the guy who had every turn

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

would oppose the profits seller would undermine his orders would make fun of the browser and behind his back and mark the believers behind their backs and would try to go make deals with the other opposing armies and nnn endless list of grievances when he died. The prophets of Salaam stood there wait about to pray his janessa Narayan who interfered or intervene said oh prophet of Allah, how can you bring his janazah and he said this on this day he did this on this day, the prophet subside Yama, I was given a choice. And I made my decision. I like Elijah and Yama move away from your mother I will pray. When the Prophet son prayed then this I was revealed afterwards why law to

00:40:43--> 00:41:26

suddenly Allah had the men who matter Abaddon ollanta Humala company, and it i 84 never Omaha Muslim, pray for one of them who dies, nor stand by his grave to make the, for that person's salvation. In noncovered ovilla, he would also have denied God and His Messenger, and have died in rebel and died wahome facetune in a state of rebellion. You see brothers and sisters, right? This is how the Prophet son was. He would pray for his enemies, the ones who hurt him deeply and dearly. He would pray for them. And he would say, if I knew a figure of amount of times, I had to pray for their salvation, I would pray for them in that amount.

00:41:28--> 00:42:07

And these are people who tried to do everything to undermine him. And yet here he was continuing to supplicate for them. And this is the kind of heart that he had, for all for Rahim, of kindness and mercy. Right. And this is a very beautiful and fitting end to the surah. Because the surah began with some very stern words about, you know, the polytheists and a very stern foreign policy. Right, but how fitting the ends with the most gentle of the of all humanity, the problem and a description of him. And in contrast to the hypocrites, who,

00:42:08--> 00:42:16

despite everything they done against him, the prophet was still would still pray for them. And that is such a beautiful ending to the surah.

00:42:18--> 00:42:38

Allah Sunday Allah Muhammad Allah sent his players and blessings when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. All right, next surah is Surah number 10 surah Yunus. Eunice is the name of the Prophet of Allah. Jonah Yunus is that Prophet and it's a very interesting thing because his name only comes once in the surah

00:42:39--> 00:42:45

it comes only once in this surah In fact, I will show you that I am because that I is a very interesting hire.

00:42:46--> 00:43:39

That I is at the very end of the surah I number 98 of the Surah falola cannot call yet on am Annette fanaa Emmanuel Illa coma is the only time this word comes there. Lama Manu Krishna and who is even higher to dunya wattana Amina hain, Eunice la Salaam, Jonah, as you might know, it was the one who was sent to his people. And he was calling them to worship Allah, they were like no, as is the norm of the people. And then he was angry, and he left them before Allah gave him permission to leave. And as a result, the message was not fully conveyed. Remember, we've spoken about this, the message has to be conveyed, the messengers are interrogated on the Day of Judgment, are questioned by law on

00:43:39--> 00:44:16

the Day of Judgment, to make sure that the message was delivered. And only then the people are held accountable. The message in this case was not fully delivered. So the people when they saw the punishment come, they were like, yeah, we believe we believe now and last rather remove the punishment from them. And then in turn, unison Islam had to suffer some punishment. He was thrown off the boat that he was on, he got swallowed by a whale. And then he made in that state that Oh ALLAH forgive me, La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah condominial dalemain. And then the last part, Allah, you know, rescued him from there and sent him back to his people. And he found them all

00:44:16--> 00:45:00

believing, right? He found them all believing. So this is an interesting, an anomaly historically. Right? And this is what Allah says here. Why was there no other people other than the people of Jonah, who shouldn't have believed so that their belief would have benefited them? Right, the people of Georgia were the only ones who when they believed their beliefs, save them from the punishment because if not crazy, once they believe we lift them lifted the trauma of shame from them during their worldly life, and let them enjoy our provision for a while every other nation that was destroyed by Allah subhanaw taala. Previously, they believed when it was too late. They believe it

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

It was too late. It wasn't it wasn't going to count. Right? As we will see, for example, right in. If you were to see the story, I'm going to actually go to the story of store numbers and number 71. A story of no Halle Salah. Right? This is a very interesting example. No highest alarm says, My people. If my presence among you and my preaching to you of God's revelations offends you know that I put my trust in God. So agree on your course of action.

00:45:30--> 00:46:15

And of course, they did not do anything they're not believe in me because the bufala Jaina who were my Morocco faithful they rejected him. And we delivered him and those with him in the ark. And we made them successors while we drowned those who belied our science like Subhanallah this is the thing these people had all the chance in the world to believe they did not believe. And even if they believed as they were being punished by the flood, it was too late. Okay, the next interesting person here let's mention is that our own iron number 75. Allah mentions Moosa and Harun right, and moose and Harun the story we've covered in quite a bit of detail, right that Moosa came to them. And

00:46:15--> 00:46:36

he's saying, This is the truth. They say, Well, this is not the truth. You're just a magician. And Musa says, How can you say I'm a magician? I number 77. How can you say this is sorcery? Well, if you don't, I'm not a sorcerer. I'm a messenger of Allah. Okay. They would accuse him that you will come you've come here to turn us away from our culture, right? gitana little feet and I'm

00:46:38--> 00:46:54

gonna have you come to turn us away from what we have found. Our forefathers following. What the Kunal akumal Kibriya Do you want to be supreme in the land, both of you will Messiah and Harun you want to rule that's why you're doing this right? Well, my national law might be moved meaning very, very, you know,

00:46:55--> 00:47:06

you know, Miss directions from the people of Iran, the mela, the chiefs, the leaders, they're trying to misdirect and distract from the message of Musa alayhis salam okay.

00:47:07--> 00:47:08

The whole

00:47:09--> 00:47:26

the whole story about the the magician's is mentioned here. Okay. But now look at this, from Imani Musa Illa Maria two men call me but none save a few youths declare their faith in Moses from the people of the pharaoh

00:47:28--> 00:47:51

for fear Allah hope admin for our anomala him he if Tina home for fear that Pharaoh and his nobles would persecute them, Pharaoh was high and mighty. He was the one who transgressed all bounds. You see, they had all the time the people of Egypt going have accepted the Prophet prophet of of Moses, Moses of Musab Islam, but they didn't accept a very few people. Okay.

00:47:52--> 00:47:54

Musa alayhis salam, as,

00:47:56--> 00:48:44

as he knows that time is about to come before when Allah is going to separate between the good and evil, he invests, he tells his people to be patient and to you know be steadfast bunnies. He says for follow Allah Ito Cana In God We put our trust our Lord let make us not a trial or either subject of persecution for the oppressors latvija Allah fit that a little Camila lemon when that Gina motyka minako mill VersaFine Deliver us by your mercy from the people who deny the truth. Deliver us Oh Allah subhanaw taala from this, okay. This is the thing. Look, this is what he said about you. They have you know, this is the dua of the Israelites the Quran is recording it and we should make it

00:48:44--> 00:49:29

okay because this was a good draw. And this was good that they did. Yes. When they do something that's good. The Quran records it and praises it acknowledges it when it's something that is worthy of critique. They're criticized. This is a point I like to drive home and Sharla Okay. Well, I you know, Eli Moosa revealed to Moses and his brother set aside for your people, some houses in the city and turn them into places of worship and be constant in prayer. And, and who, como como de Mistura booton Roger Alto, Buta compatibility, this is applicable to us today. Turn your homes into a fibula. Turn your homes into a place of worship, not turn your homes into a Masjid. Turn your homes

00:49:29--> 00:50:00

into active la Qibla is the direction of prayer. Meaning be so dedicated in worship it's as if your house has become like a direction of prayer. We'll agree masala and establish prayer there in an abortion meaning Why is the law telling Moosa? Listen to do this because he knows that our own if he sees them praying publicly, or gathering in their synagogues, he's going to come and kill them. So leave your places of worship but congregate in your homes and be very firm innocence.

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

stablishing the prayer because before you are relieved of this tyranny, you have to establish the prayer. Your help will come through your prayer, it will give you strength to have the courage to stand up to this tired. So panela think about us right now, we're not standing up to a tyrant, but we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we are shut off from our messages and everything is closed. Right? I mean, this is an idea that applies to us. What do I do Buta kompletten. Turn your houses into places of worship, let's make our homes into Qibla into a place where we're establishing the prayer. Let's do it as families together. If you have family who's living with you, you know, bring

00:50:42--> 00:51:27

them together and pray together. If you don't have family living with you, you can follow By the way, the recitation of the taraweeh right, pray the obligatory prayer by yourself, but follow the taraweeh and pray within the city. It's okay inshallah, right? We are in unprecedented times, and we are, we have the communication that never existed before, right? The means of the zoom call is, has very little lag You see, so in sha Allah, do that for the sake of establishing the prayer. And if you don't want to do that, establish the prayer by reading the Quran from your phone, reading the Quran in your hand, do whatever is required in your prayer. In even if we have to pray in a language

00:51:27--> 00:51:38

that's native to you, right, because you're having difficulty praying in Arabic. You know, pray whatever you have to pray, establish it, turn your house into a place of constant prayer.

00:51:40--> 00:52:24

This is how Allah's victory and help comes and that's what we should do, in in hope of Allah alleviating this this pandemic from us. We ask Allah to do that quickly. Amina Bellamy, okay. musala salam makes dua against her own grave, he makes more than Allah, destroy their riches and harden their hearts so that they should not believe until they're faced with the grievous punishment. And Allah says your prayer has been granted Don't worry, okay. Now look at this. Remember I said this this the name of the surah is Yunus. Right? Because universalism is a historical anomaly. Only his people believed when they saw the punishment until accepted their belief, but the people know maybe

00:52:24--> 00:52:30

they believed at the time of the punishment was it was too late for our own, with our own.

00:52:31--> 00:53:16

Look at this, we brought the children of Israel across the sea, Pharaoh and his troops pursued them arrogantly and aggressively when he was about to drown. Pharaoh exclaimed, unto another hula ilaha illa lovey and at Hebrew Israel, what Anna Amina, loosely mean I believe that there is no deity save him in whom the children of Israel believe and I am one of those who surrendered themselves to him. I'm a Muslim. That I want to say in the Shahada. It's too late. It's too late Al animoca, Pablo Quintanilla mousseline now you see the punishment, it's too late. You see the angel of death, it's too late. You see the Day of Judgment begin. It's too late. You have to do it while you're still

00:53:16--> 00:53:38

have agency. While you still eat man is still an act of faith still. Once it becomes something you see with your eyes. It's too late. That and perhaps that I was saying this to kind of get out of being someone who who was dying. He didn't want to die. He was trying to get out of it. And

00:53:39--> 00:54:27

probably didn't mean it. probably didn't mean it. Either way, it was too late or got outside. Oh, Pablo contaminant Musudan. So Allah sponsor says, today we shall save your body. So the image serve as a sign for those who come after you. For many people are heedless of our signs. So Pamela, this is that story. This unit, the surah Yunus. That's where the name speaks about. You have to believe before it's too late. Right? You have to believe before it is too late. That is one of the main themes of this surah another important main theme of the surah is a loss padala is the truth. Right? And this is a word that repeats in the surah a lot 23 times in fact, this word comes in this Surah

00:54:27--> 00:54:37

Al Huck The truth of the truth. Okay. If you were to go and I'll show you for example, I have number 25.

00:54:39--> 00:54:52

I am 25. It says well, La Jolla de Rue Isla del Salam. We had the Michel de la serata mustafi. God calls people to the home of peace and guides who he will straight Pat. Okay.

00:54:53--> 00:54:59

He is the one those who do good works shall have a good reward and more goodness besides that live in the accident. Oh,

00:55:00--> 00:55:04

Snap was the other those who do good, they will have a lot of

00:55:05--> 00:55:37

the best and even more, while our Haku autonoma de la, no darkness nor ignominy shall cover their faces, they're destined for paradise. And we're in the shall dwell, dwell for ever. Okay? A very beautiful description, but those one of the anarchists I will say that are those who go to Hellfire, they have castable say that they have earned good deeds or excuse me to earn evil deeds, and thus Jesus didn't mislead the

00:55:38--> 00:56:19

the repayment of that shall be in proportion without ohakune Villa, they will have ignominy and no one is going to be able to protect them from that kanima oceanco, whom kita Amina layli muslimah as though their faces were veiled by Knights own darkness, that's how they will be their faces will be gloomy. They like us harbor Nahum fear Holly Dune is those who are destined to the fire of hell were in they will live for ever, you know, there are some logical arguments that the Quran makes here about in what Allah is the truth, right? They finale como la hora, boom, boom.

00:56:20--> 00:57:09

That is your LORD your God that the true Lord gave What is that? Some, some, some some arguments the Quran makes will mean your zoo animals 31, who provides sustenance for you from the heavens and the earth? Who is it who controls the ears and eyes? Who brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from living? who governs all affairs? Say Hakuna Allah, they will say God they hear is the people of Macau, by the way, the kurush they accepted this yet they wanted to worship other idols as a means to God. Or as those idols were like, as God would be to aloof from them. So these small idols would be more in tune with them, right? That's how they would see things, but I was like, No,

00:57:10--> 00:57:49

uh, last month, I was the one who runs everything and everything is by his permission, right controls that, you know, he is the one who says he provides sustenance from the heavens and the earth, right, he runs this and also he is there when he you know, because somehow he could somehow absorb he hears and sees every one of us. Right? So he is running the whole thing and also very much in tune with us personally. There is no need for other gods. There's no need for intermediaries. There's no need for meaning and fashions to a people for your sins. Nothing of that is needed. Only Allah is the one who you need to turn to.

00:57:50--> 00:58:12

For a fella taco Molina feed him then Valley como la hora buco that is God your Lord, what is there besides that, besides that should but error from other Bible have to elaborate law if it's not the truth and what else is it? It's going to be false? And to sort of foun other examples, I remember. Say 6067 here

00:58:14--> 00:58:45

67 hula de Giada la como la isla de tous goofy one Nohara mobile setup. He is the one who has made the night dark for you let you may rest in it and the day a source of light. Surely there are signs in this for people who listen I attend the army. Yes my own okay. This is something a very important theme of this surah Ayah number three has this is the one who's created this heaven and the earth in six days. Right? He's the one I number

00:58:46--> 00:59:33

five he's the one who's made the sun radiate into a brilliant light and the moon shed its luster Jana shumsa Leah will come out and the sun is like this burning heat. The Newton The night is like the moon is a cool light. Okay Wakanda human as well, because the moon reflects the light of the sun. Kundera humanism he is ordained the moon to have these stages the Dynamo of the scene in our sub, these this this this these heavenly bodies, the sun and the moon allows us to, you know, organize our lives through years and through time through counting and keeping track of time. Yes, that's how we track it. Mahalo. Hello Danica 11 how God has not created the all these without a

00:59:33--> 01:00:00

purpose. Everything is running in such a beautiful civic, you know, such beautiful harmony. It's not random. You fasudil ionic omiya Allah moon, he may explain his revelations for men of understanding enough to laugh in lady when the heart in the alternation of the night and day how this the perfect systems runs like clockwork day in and day out, and all that the God has created in the hemmingsen

01:00:00--> 01:00:35

The Earth there are signs for people who are God fearing people who want to fear Allah subhanaw taala there are signs for them. So the is here of the Quran and the Quran I mentioned it number 67. And others like it are bringing us or bringing to our attention, the Ayat of Allah around us, the Ayat of Allah outside of the outside of the book, so that we can connect them to the Ayat of Allah inside the book and be certain and that Allah is the one was the truth was worthy of worship. The surah

01:00:37--> 01:00:45

concludes, right. It's the pseudo concludes as to the Universe by mentioning something very, very beautiful. Okay.

01:00:48--> 01:00:50

I will pick it up from here.

01:00:52--> 01:01:08

I a number 98k what OSHA or buka am Anna man fill out the caloocan jamea had your Lord policed, all the people on earth would have believed in him, okay, there would have been no evil if God wanted.

01:01:09--> 01:01:16

But Allah spata gave everybody the choice. Everybody has a choice to choose good or evil,

01:01:17--> 01:01:22

truth or falsehood. Everybody has the choice has been given that choice.

01:01:23--> 01:01:51

And it is a lost design. It is a lost plan to have forces of good and half forces of evil. And that's how the world is it's that battle between the two. There's forces of good at through humans, through angels, through Allah's revelations, the sources of evil through humans, through the devil and his advice and his his minions through, you know, false

01:01:52--> 01:02:25

ideologies that people champion. Through all these things. There's good and evil and Allah has allowed them to exist. And then given people the choice to choose, well, they'll shout out on Google m&m and fill out the canoe, Jamia everybody, without exception what I believed, but you can compel people for enter Tokyo NASA hataoka money. So what do you compel people to believe to become believers or not can invest in and took me in love with me, isn't it? no soul can believe except by the will of God, this is a gift from God, that we are believers. This is a gift from Allah.

01:02:26--> 01:02:38

He chose us. It's by his permission that we were believers, and we continue to be believers. Were geologists Allah levina. If you don't, you will place the filter of doubt upon those who do not use their reason.

01:02:40--> 01:02:52

If they're given to their biases, they are not going to be able to use a reason. And last part, Allah will place that on that Colin lumada is somewhat he will say look on whatever exists

01:02:54--> 01:03:28

in the heavens and the earth. Look around you for the science to arrive at the truthfulness of Allah. Well, my toenail is nilaya to a noodle and Camila, you mean, but the signs and warming's do not benefit. The people who don't have Eman. This is a okay translation law you mean is they don't want to have faith. If you don't want to have faith, you can study the universe until you die and never connect the dots. Never connect the dots if you don't want to believe you don't want to find purpose. Okay?

01:03:29--> 01:04:05

This is what Allah says, What am I talking about? I add to another little uncommon law you know, the person has to want it and then Allah Papa has to allow it and if a person wants it, Allah will allow it 100% 100% Allah will never misguide people who want to be guided. He will actually give them even more guidance, but the person has to wanted first and foremost finally until the Runa, Illa, mithila Yami Medina, Holloman accompany him What can they be waiting for? But the punishment that came to those before them what's stopping you from believing you want to see like some people destroyed by a punishment of Allah like before and then you will be like yeah, I believe now. It's not gonna be

01:04:05--> 01:04:50

enough like the example of the pharaoh like the example of the people of Newark. Not gonna be that doesn't work within little ole fantasy in America minimum 13 So wait, I'm one of those waiting with you from Manila Jerusalem, Medina Harmon. Every time this happens, Allah will save our messengers and those who believe and thus Quranic How can Alina noon Gil, many industry have made it incumbent upon ourselves to save the believers? Well, yeah, you heard us say, oh, people in quantum Fisher came in daily. If you're in doubt concerning my religion, Fela agudo Latina Abdul Rahman Daniela, then know that I do not worship those whom you worship instead of God. Well, I can argue the law. I

01:04:50--> 01:04:59

worship god alone and levy at our faculty who will cause you to die wherever you worship will not be able to prevent your death.

01:05:01--> 01:05:39

That's the you know, the brutal, honest truth, whatever it is, will not be able to prevent your death. It is Allah who brings you into the world. And when he wants, you will leave and nothing can stop that. Nothing can stop that. And that in itself, there's a sign there, that itself is a sign then we'll move to an akuna Minal meaning, and I am commanded to be one of the believers. And I've been told and commanded to set the fit in my face or set your face towards the true faith in all uprightness, and do not be of those who ascribe partners to God, and do not invoke besides God, what can neither help nor harm you

01:05:40--> 01:06:11

don't make or worship anything other than the locals. They have no way to help or harm. Find feijoada integrada manabadi mean, and if you did that, then you would be indeed from the wrongdoers what am seska law who we love this is an example if God inflicts harm on you falaqa Shiva Allahu Allah who none can remove it but he how many diseases is that? That happened to a person and the best doctors will be like we don't know why this happened. We can really explain why this happened. We don't know what's ailing you

01:06:13--> 01:06:51

how many times does that happen? What you did can be higher than but and if he intends good for you find out all delicately he no one can withhold His bounty. How many times can people recover from an illness when they're told you have two weeks to live you have a month to live and then they are recovered? And they are you know fully healthy? Because Allah is the one who's in charge. These are just the means he's given us these are means that we take as much as we can, but the one who's in charge is Allah, you'll see will be he may you shot him in the body. He grants His bounty to any of his servants who he will whoever asks for it, Allah will give it to them. We have to ask for it

01:06:51--> 01:07:05

though. Well will afford a Rahim Khan is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful, Alia yohannes, or people are the Akuma will help women have become truth that truth has come to you from your Lord.

01:07:06--> 01:07:48

Amanita Davina Maya, DFC, anyone who accepts guidance is guided for his own sake, It's for your own benefit, right? You're not doing anybody a favor, or only when you are the only one you're doing a favor to is yourself. Amen. Bala. But in Nehemiah lilou, Allah and the one who goes astray does so at his own peril. It's their loss, and not Allah's loss. No one's loss. If a person is like, I don't want to be Muslim. Well, you know what, it's your loss, nobody else's loss. Okay. And if you're like, I want to be a Muslim, or Allah help me it is your gain and nobody else's game. Because the one who gets helped is you when it's in your game, and nobody else's as in like, the one who's a

01:07:48--> 01:08:05

beneficiary. First and foremost is you. Other people will benefit also, because they helped you and you help them etc, etc. That's all secondary, primarily, you are the beneficiary and you are the one who lose. And it's the choice is yours.

01:08:06--> 01:08:37

And the thing is, Allah will always open the door, always open the door, keep it open, as long as you are willing to walk through it. And as long as you want to walk through it, Mama and Allah can be working. I am not appointed as your keeper. I'm not there to you know, police you The problem is being told his job is not to police people. His job is to convey the message then the people decide, but who are you how he like was were follow what is real to your profit and be patient. Right? Be patient here is don't

01:08:39--> 01:08:57

act irrationally. Wait until Allah subhanaw taala brings about his judgment hat by qumola until God gives a judgement. Well, who are Hyrule Hackman, he is the best of judges. This is the end of surah Yunus Abdullah we were able to cover it in some level I not as much as

01:08:58--> 01:09:26

not as fully as the other students will tell but I really wanted to give us some good insight into sort of doba specially how the profit was compared to the hypocrites and I hope that was beneficial to you all in Sharla there's alcohol or heroin at four for everybody for coming out again today. And inshallah I'll see you again tomorrow, same time, same place, and inshallah we will be covering the 12th just tomorrow. Surah who would be the light Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Ganesha, Allah