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An-Naziat 1-46 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala da Sudha Karim another feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rightly so de were silly Andy Warhol watch that Emily Sani of kahuku li probenecid and

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lesson number 303 soldato nazirite is number one 246 Translation

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one nazjatar by those who extract vodka from that, by drowning by sinking one nationality, and by those who draw out gently national with ease was Sir behati and by those who swim sabbia swiftly or a swift swimming for Serbia karate, then by those who raise each other by those who outstrip sterba car, overtaking fell mother Bharati, then by those who arrange by those who direct Umbra each matter yoma on day they'll do food, it will tremble. It will shake a large effect. The one that trembles that borrow her, it will follow it over defer the subsequent one.

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Kowloon hearts yo ma even that day, where dzifa will palpitate will tremble. I will saw her its eyes harsh you're humbled, Yoko Luna, they say in a show indeed we llama do Duna surely wants to be returned fee in a half euro the original state either what when? codnor we were or yellowman bullins nasira decade ALU they said delkor that even then Galois don't return hasura one of great loss for in number 10 indeed not but here it is zero to one a cry a rebuke were Haider single for either so then home the best hero at the Earth's surface has has a darker it came to you had these two narration story mosa of moosari salon is when nada who he called him, Prabhu his Lord balewadi in

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the valley, and Makkah does the sacred for us.

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It has go Isla towards fit our own fit our own inner who indeed he thought he has transgressed for coal, then say, Hell is wood, lacquer for you Illa towards and that does occur, you purify what I do, and I shall guide you either towards or because your Lord for Daksha so you would fear for Allah who so he showed him the sign and Cobra the greatest for kasturba then he belied, who are our saw, and he disobeyed some then adebola he turned back, yes. he strives for Hashanah. Then he gathered fenetre then he called out for color. Then he said, Anna, I wrote a book on your Lord and Allah, the highest, the most exalted for Haida who so he sees him Allahu Allah netqin as exemplary punishment,

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and as of the last of the hereafter while oola and as the first in indeed fee in their liquor that Larry Broughton surely a lesson surely a warning lemon for who yaksha he fears and doom Are you all I should do more hard, more difficult. Hong Kong in creation or a summer the sky banner her he built it but azara Here is some got her it ceiling for so where her then he proportion that what else and he made dark later her it's night was a hoarder, and he took out blew her her. its brightness.

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One of the endeared bar the after velika that the her he spread it. Roger, he took out main her from it, ma her it's water, one motor, I her and it's bestir

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Well gee Bella and the mountains. I will say her he anchored it or he firmly fixed it. Mata on a temporary benefit. Luckily for you, Wiley and amico and for your grazing livestock for either den when it came up

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the calamity and Cobra, the greatest yoma on day, yet other capital he will remember and insano the human being man that which Sarah history was reserved and it will be displayed. Lj remove the Hellfire Lehman for who? Yara he sees for a month then as for man who thought he transgressed what I saw, and he chose and higher to the life at dunya of the world for in then indeed, Elijah Hema, the Hellfire here it Alma were the board or Ummah and as for man who have he feared mahkamah standing or be He

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is Lord, one or her and he's forbade a nutzer the soul on from a lower desire for in than indeed a janitor. The paradise here it were the Abode yes aluna. They asked you, I'm about a sir. The final hour a Yana when mosa her it's Anchorage. FEMA. In what under? You mean from the claw her? It's mentioning Ella towards or bigger your Lord moonta her her it's end in number indeed not but. And you moon zero. A Warner mine who yaksha her he fears it. Unknown as if they yoma on day, Ilona her they see it lamb did not yell Basu. They remain in there except are she yet an evening? Oh, or will her it's morning.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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yo, yo.

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There in

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presenting a new job.

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