Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 276A Translation Al-Hadid 1-15

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics including a war, social media handles, and a possible return of the rain. The group discusses various characters, including Lavina, Yama en de Daraa, Linroid, and Lavina's "monster" status. They emphasize the importance of learning from successes and mistakes and emphasizes the need to learn from mistakes and successes in learning from them.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad everyone suddenly Allah Rasool Karim I'm about Ruth bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Rocklea. Saudi were silly Emery. What Hello looked at a melissani of Kahu Kohli webinars in our in surah. Al hadith is number one to 15 Translation

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Sabha, he did this be Villa he, for Allah, Ma, whatever, for summer word in the heavens while out and the earth waha and he is a disease, the always Almighty al Hakim, the always always law who for him, monkey kingdom, a summer word of the heavens, while and the earth you ye he gives life where you need to, and he gives that Wahiawa and he is honor upon coalition everything or the rune always all evil.

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He is a world before first one here, and the last was the head and the manifest while bottom and the hidden. Were who and he because only with every che in thing or Lehman always all knowing

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who he is unlike the the one who Holika he created a summer word the heavens will have and the earth fee in Sector Six a year is summer then you store heroes Allah upon a lush the throne urine amo he knows more whatever yearly do it enters fill in the earth warmer and whatever year Raju it comes out men her from it warmer and whatever. Yen Zulu a dissents in a summer from the sky

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warmer and whatever year you drew it ascends fie her it were her and he Marco is with you. I'm gonna wherever quantum you were, Allahu and Allah Bhima with whatever, there are Molina you will do Basilone always all seeing

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now who for him, my uncle kingdom, a similar word of the heavens, well, and the earth were in Allah and to Allah Tov Giroux, it is returned and all matters. You do he makes to enter a mela the night from the hair in the day, where you will need you and he makes to enter and the hara the day for nail in the night. Well, who and he is our Lehmann always all knowing be that with possessor of pseudo of the chests. I know you all believe the lie he in Allah wa rasuluh he and his messenger were unfaithful and you all spend more money from whatever Jah Allah Khan he made you Mr. Levine and successors fee in it.

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For Lavina so those who are money they believed men come from you were unfair, and they spent the home for them, Edge Iran or reward, Kirby Iran great,

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warmer and what Lakhan is for you learn not take me manner you will believe the law he in Allah wa rasuluh while the messenger you had your income he calls you let me know so that you all believe there have become in your workout and in fact, a whole other he took me Sakurako your covenant in quantum if you were meaning ones who believe

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he is unworthy the one who you know zero He sends down upon or the he his servant working versus the Unity one's clear. Do you read your column so that he takes you out men as needed Matt from the darknesses in a no to the light we're in Namaha and indeed Allah be come with you all lower often. Surely most kind Berhane always all merciful. Roma and what local is for you Allah that not 10 filco you will spend fee in Seville Allah way of Allah when Allah He and for Allah niras inheritance a similar set of the heavens while out and the earth. Law not yes

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The way he is equal, men come from you, man who unfocus he spent men from Kabul before alpha, the victory. What cotton and he fought America those are women are greater. There are 10 in rank women Lavina from those who and 14 they spent men from body after workout and they thought what can you learn? And to each one either he promised Allahu Allah and her smell the best will know who and Allah Bina with whatever Dr. Molina you will do have your own always all aware, man who there is that? Anybody around who you can really do? He learns Allah, Allah. Alone, Hassan and beautiful for you bury for who so he multiplies it. The whole for him. One a whole and for him ajilon A reward

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karimun generous. Yama en de Daraa you will see a Nina but believing men will not minute and the believing women. Yes, it runs out of their light binary ad him before them will be Emani him and by their right hand.

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We shall come. Good news for you. And Yoma today, Jonathan guidance, perjury it flows men from dirty hair under it and her the rivers. Holly Dina once you're biting eternally, she had it Velika but it unfolds the success and resume the great Jana on de Jacobo he will say

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the hypocrite man well when I feel caught and the hypocrite when Lin Medina for those who are may know they believed older. Wait for us. Nakata this we take light men from gnarly calm your light feeler it was said if you turn back water or come behind you fall turn you soon then seek more light for the Rebbe. Then it was struck then it was bought by your home between them be soaring with a wall. Now who for it bourbon adore balcony who inside it. fee in it of Rama the Mercy was our hero and outside of it. Men from either the direction of it either boo the punishment you know Dino whom they will call them alone did not makan we were Marco with you.

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They said banner why not? What are chemical that you all fat and you will talk to trial and forsaken yourselves? What are our best? And you all waited till the time and you all doubted? Well what ended deceived you and I need you to false hopes had until it came to order Allah Allah will overcome any deceived you the lie he about Allah on the whole road, the Great Deceiver, failure OMA so today law not you holding it will be taken. Men come from you failure to any ransom, where more and more men and Lavina from those who prefer the disbelieved more welcome your abode. A mouthful is to hellfire, hear it, molar calm, your guardian will be TSA and how bad and mislead the destination.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This means you're

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one who analogies Heike love Santa

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Fe, ni Oahu

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for the whole one

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volume one Boulting Oahu RV Felicia you already hold

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a Santa was

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Z Dominus. You wanna be

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Wahoo American

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to Maula Hobbema

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A town maluna Go see a loved

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one in a law you owe your

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name really well who already be there I can sue

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you also the One

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Stop levy levy

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told me on your console

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to me you know

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what of Rasul calmly to mean all the people more according

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to meaning

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only Eunice Xin Hua Ji

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we're in a lot of

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you want to learn me or

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you want to

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learn so we

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already looked at

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lady or Marie Avila

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meanie now Nina gsrn

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vain add more Be a man

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Bushrod imagine

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body nothing

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Tony levena

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Tony soon

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Goody Ballina Hoon de su

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P he'll walk much more volume

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you had

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not while

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setting mosey

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