Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L287D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of not being too busy with one's wealth or children, as it can distract them from their work and leave them behind. They stress the need for people to focus on their life, even during busy activities, and to not get lost in their activities. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning to use one's wealth and not delaying doing good things until death is the Hereafter.
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Out of la mina Shivani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 287 solar to an African. I am number nine to 11.

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Yeah, you have Latina Ave, all you who have believed Latin Hey, come on while you come, what are the calm, I'm the killer. Do not let your wealth and your children divert you from the decree of Allah. Don't be so busy with your wealth. Don't be so busy with your children that you forget to remember Allah

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led to leikam and welcome one if Delica and whoever does that, for Allah ecohome aloha soon, then those are the losers, whoever gets distracted by his wealth and children from the dhikr of Allah. Then such a person is of the losers, he is suffering a great loss, he is losing out on a lot. Lateral he can do e commerce from the route letters, lamb, Halliwell, and level is to be busy in something that distracts you from that which is more important. It is when something non beneficial distracts the person from that which is beneficial. Something unimportant distracts the person from that which is more important. So don't let your unwell and your children occupy you so much. Don't

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let them keep you so busy. So involved in them, that you don't remember to remember Allah, that you forget to do that they have Allah.

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How is it that a person's wealth occupies into such an extent that he forgets the vicar of Allah, how

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that when a person is just busy in making more money, when a person is just busy with his work, when a person is busy looking after his stuff, his belongings, his food, his clothes, his house, buying them, using them, maintaining them. And this is what life is all about. So don't be so busy with your wealth, whatever that wealth may be, it could be your house, it could be your stuff. It could be the things that you use, the food that you eat, the dishes that you own, anything that you have, don't be so busy with it, that you don't remember Allah subhanaw taala

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What are allowed to come? How is it that a person gets distracted by his children,

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it's when a person is just concerned about them. When a person is completely occupied with them, that all the time goes in just dressing them up, in changing them in playing with them, in looking after them in entertaining them whether these children are outside the womb or inside the womb, because even before the child comes sometimes parents are distracted because of that child, the mother especially

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that she's so overly concerned about herself that she doesn't remember to even recite the Quran. She doesn't remember to even do her Earth girl. So don't let your wealth and children busy you so much that you don't have time to do the vicar of Allah. You forget to remember Allah.

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Don't be so busy buying and shopping and using and storing away and cleaning and putting away that you forget to remember Allah. Don't be so busy in talking to your children that you forget to talk to Allah. Don't be so busy that all your time is going in appreciating your wealth, and you don't have time to appreciate Allah

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latterly Come on welcome, Allah, Allah to come and sacred law.

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And what is the code of Allah, the nature of Allah, this is understood in general they can remember Allah, being conscious of him, remembering him when a person is, you know, doing different different things in his day. And Vicar of Allah especially, has been said that it refers to for the obligations such as the Salah. Why? Because all of the obligations that have been imposed on us what do they do, they make us remember Allah.

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So don't be so occupied with them, that you don't have the energy. You don't have the time. You don't have the mind to perform your obligations.

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Then the liquid is also the Quran. Don't be so busy talking to them. Don't be so busy talking to your children all the time, that you don't have time to recite the Quran. Don't be so busy playing with them all the time that you don't have the time to reflect on the Quran.

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That will he come on welcome. What are the commands because whoever does that for Allah

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Echo has no, in fact, he is a loser. He is losing out. When a person spends more time with his wealth and children, what does he think he's gaining a lot. He's making more money. He has more to enjoy children. He feels as though he's investing so much in his children, that he's gaining a lot.

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But what does Allah say? that a person who is distracted from the vehicle of a lot, even if it's for the sake of your wealth, and children, that person is a loser.

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If you think about it, many people present their wealth or their children as an excuse for not remembering

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their they presented as an excuse for not praying solid properly, for not reciting the Quran for not reflecting on the book of Allah for not performing their obligations. And it's also an excuse for staying back from doing good. I cannot do this good. I cannot volunteer here. I cannot do such and such because I'm too busy. We learned instead of number 11, that the hypocrites the said Shah, Latina, Mr. Luna, Luna, our wealth and our families, they kept us very busy. We were so busy, we had no time to come.

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We see that wealth in children are two things that occupy a person do things that keep him busy, from morning until nighttime. If you think about it, every single day, what is the biggest concern of a mother, her children?

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What is her main concern her house? Her things her stuff? So from morning until night, who is a person busy with what is the person busy with the generally it's as well as his children? He's so concerned about them, that even if he wants to leave them, can he leave them? No, he cannot leave them here because his heart is attached to them. And secondly, because Allah subhanaw taala has also made him responsible for his welcome children. A mother is responsible for her children. She is responsible for the wealth that she has. Remember that Hades could look hombre and Coco Loco masala, Andrea tea, and the other woman she will be questioned about what the house and whatever goes on

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over there. So first of all, our heart is attached to these things. And secondly, Allah subhanaw taala has also made us responsible for them.

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So we see that wealth in children, where they are a part of life, where they are a need of a person where they are a human weakness, a blessing, a means of survival. At the same time, they're also a very, very big test.

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They're a very big test. This is why Allah says in Nima and welcome Ola to configure. Indeed your wealth and your children. What are they a fitna? They are a test. So yes, you're responsible for them? Yes, you love them? Yes, they are you need? Yes, a loss of panel data has given them to you. But don't remember, they are also a test. And what is the test that when a person is amongst them and with them? What does he do? When a person is with his family? When a person is with his wealth? What does he do? Does he just get lost in them? Does he get distracted by them? Is all of his mind and energy being focused on them? Or does he strive to prepare for the future as well?

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Does he remember to fulfill his duty to Allah as well?

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Because if you think about it, when Allah has imposed certain obligations on us with regards to our children with regards to our wealth, he has also imposed certain obligations on us with regards to himself with regards to his Deen. But because our wealth and children are always around us, we get distracted by them, we just got lost in them. We don't look beyond them. And this is exactly what the test is about. That while you are among them with them, what do you do? Do you get lost in them? Or do you remember the purpose of your life? Do you remember to prepare for the ACA as well?

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Because the person's main focus in this life should be what? Preparing for the ACA preparing for the hereafter. And remember that when a person will get occupied with his wealth and children, he will not be able to focus on the ACA. When a person gets too busy with them, he will not be able to prepare for his Acura and when a person forgets the answer, it doesn't mean that he can avoid the

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because as we learned earlier, that death is going to meet you for in the hula pecan. It's going to meet you it's going to find you. It's not going to spare you. No matter how busy you are with your children. No matter how busy you are with your wealth. If it's time for you to go, you have to go.

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Doesn't it happen that a mother has such a young child but she passes away

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If a person has such a successful business, but he dies, it happens, because death does not see whether a person is enjoying life or not. It comes when it is meant to come when Allah Subhana, Allah has decreed for it to go.

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So this life is not forever. It's a test. And while we're living, we must not get lost in just the things that surround us. We must focus on the main purpose which is preparing for the affair.

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And whatever a person has in this life, when he dies, it will be left behind.

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What do we learn that when a person is buried his wealth and his children, they accompany him up to the grave, but then when he is buried, that's it the wealth and children, they go back and what is left with a person, the deeds that he performed.

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So if a person has spent all his life, just busy with his wealth and children, can they help him at the time of his death? Can they help him in his grave? No. But while he was amongst them, he prepared for the era he did the vicar of Allah, then will he have something to help him in his grave? Yes, he will have.

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So the relationship with your children, the relationship with your wealth is a temporary relationship. Remember that. And Allah shows this to us in our lives.

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Children, they're born, a person raises them up himself. He gives them so much love so much attention, plays with them, entertains them, enjoys looking at them, admires them. And what happens when they grow up, they get married, and they move away.

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Allah shows it to us that this relationship with your children is a temporary one in this dunya this relationship with your wealth is also a temporary one in your grave. They're not coming with you.

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They're not coming with you. So don't let them distract you from your main purpose. Don't let them make you forget the vicar of Allah. Because the person who will forget the vicar of Allah, such a person is a big loser for Allah ecoman ha soon, then those are losers. What's the last thing a person is incurring? What's the last thing he is incurring that he is so busy in them? He's not reciting the Quran. Think about it. You have 24 hours every single day. All those 24 hours could be used in either yourself looking after your children cooking, cleaning, maintaining your house, or a little bit of that time can also be taken out for the purpose of reciting the Quran. Now, if a

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person does not take time out to recite the Quran, does not take time out to reflect on the Quran. Then is he missing out on something? Every single day he could gain reward, she could gain reward. But she doesn't do it why I'm too busy.

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When she will not do it. Is she losing out? Yes, she is. Yes, he is they are losing out on reward. And if a person gets so distracted by them, that he forgets the AHA. Then such a person is going to be a big loser on the Day of Judgment, because on that day, his wealth will not help him. His children will not help him who are the greatest losers

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and Medina hospital and foster home. What led him to will piano those who have lost themselves and also their families on the Day of Judgment, the same families with which they were so busy. They don't help them under your judgment. The same wealth does not help a person, learn to neon calm and welcome are allowed to come in and share your wealth and children cannot help you from Allah at all. They cannot help you against Allah at all. What is that that will help you? It's your Rebbe, it's your worship, Victrola. And if you don't give time to that, then remember, you are losing. You're not gaining, but you're losing.

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We see that and while I mentioned first over here, because the thing that people get distracted by most is what wealth for the sake of which even they will forget their children. If they can forget their children for the sake of their wealth, they can easily forget Allah. They can easily forget their obligations, their duty to Allah to Latin he come on welcome. What are Allah do? C'mon zicatela

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my father Delica fula.

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And this is very, very important, especially for women, especially for women. Because men, what happens with them, they go to the masjid. They go at least for Juma hopper. They get reminded regularly, but women are constantly looking after their children, dropping them off, picking them up, changing them, washing them, feeding them, cooking for them, cleaning them doing their laundry, all their day can go by without them even remembering Allah. They can barely make time for their thoughts Allah

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barely forgets to not forget enough. Forget extra voluntary good deeds. Why? Because children can really occupy a person

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They can really keep a person busy. It doesn't mean that children have to be neglected. No, this is not what the is telling us.

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What the is telling us that don't let them occupy you so much that you don't have time for the color of Allah. If you think about it, people who work for dunya Do they have children as well? Yes, they do.

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But why is it that when it comes to the deen, we think it's not right, you cannot neglect your children. We think it's unfair that similarly, we see that if a person has 24 hours every single day, can they not take at least 15 minutes out at least half an hour out at least one hour out, depending on whatever their situation allows them? Can they not take the time out? Of course they can.

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And many times mothers will make children and excuse. Many times they will do that. And I think that's extremely unfair. For example, when an infant is born, many mothers say I don't have time, I don't have time, I cannot do this, I cannot do that. Remember, when my son was born, the time for me to study was when I would nursed him. Why? Because at that time, nobody can tell you can you give me a glass of water.

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At that time, even if you want to fold the laundry, you cannot fold it. Even if you want to test something, a surface, you cannot do that even if you want to load the dishwasher, you cannot do that you are stuck to a place for half an hour minimum.

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And when the child is an infant, in the first few months, every two hours, every one hour, every three hours, you're stuck for half an hour sitting, you cannot move. That's the best time to open up the Koran and recite it. That's the best time to open up a book of ours and read it that's the best time to write something, read something. But what do we think at that time?

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I'm so tired. I can't do this, I can't do that. Or that time we'll pick up the phone. And we'll talk to other people.

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All of you who are mothers that I'm sure you've experienced this, and those of you who will become inshallah, remember this, that the best time to do the decor of Allah is when your children are small. And you know, when children are even toddlers, we think, oh, we're too busy. Children love to be spoken. They love that you should read to them, they love that you sing to them. They love it. I was talking to one of the volunteers in these classes in these little classes. And they were saying that the only way that we can control the children is when we sing with them. When we sing obviously like different different energy than read the doors with them. That's the way of controlling them.

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If we become silent, quiet, that's it, we cannot control the children hear one hits the other one wishes the other one falls down. One is complaining about something, you cannot control the children.

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Our problem is that we get so distracted by our own comfort, our own pleasure, that we don't realize what's most important when a child wakes up in the morning. One is that he hears you banging dishes in the kitchen, yelling at other people, or that you have you know, some on on or some doors on that the child is also listening to he is also memorizing she's also memorizing and with that you're also able to your

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children don't like silence. They don't like silence, but we are quiet ourselves. The children are also quiet. And as a result, they will end up doing things you know making a mess. But the same time you can use to read out the drawers out loud, recite the Quran out loud, listen to a good lecture, and they will pick up so many things.

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So it's all about you. If your focus is the alpha, you will automatically use your wealth and children for the alpha. But if your focus is not the answer, if your focus if your greed is not to make more good deeds, then you know what's going to happen. your children and your wealth are going to distract you so much that you will even forget yourself.

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Remember, whatever your focus is, your children and wealth will fall in place.

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They will fall in place. mothers who have a routine, their children automatically have routine mothers who have to go out for work their children automatically leave with them. You know sometimes I'm surprised little babies, how come they're here at eight o'clock in the morning, nine o'clock in the morning. I was it possible? It's because the mother has a routine. And if she didn't have a routine, she would be in bed till 10 o'clock

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and still should be exhausted. So what's the solution? Cutting off from children cutting off from wealth? No, the solution is that you make your focus the Hereafter, you make your focus to be the unsoldered law. And when you will do that your wealth and children they will fall in place.

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And if you don't have that as your focus, then they will distract you for the rest of your lives. Until you have nothing in your hand. You don't even have your wealth. You don't even have your children because the same children you spend all your life with they have left you the same wealth. You have it but you cannot enjoy it. They can also be a source of Sahaja for you. But how is that possible when you use them in the right way.

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So many of our velyka for Allah eco home will host your own,

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that whoever does that, then those are the losers, meaning they're suffering. They're not gaining, they're losing out. We're unfaithful and spend mimar was a canal come from what We have provided you spend out of what We have given you? What is it that Allah subhanaw taala has provided us with wealth, and children. Allah says, spend them, don't hoard them. Don't keep them to yourself, but rather invest them spend them.

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Use them in the way of Allah,

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your child, don't just raise him up, don't just look after him so that you can be entertained by him. You can be amused by his cute gestures. No.

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That should not be the focus of your life, your children, your wealth, whatever it is, you're investing it, why deserve the Dean of law? What unfair Coleman models are gonna come

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and do this man comedy, and yet they had a call mode, before death approaches one of you before death comes to one of you. Because when your life is over, then your children and your wealth will leave you. And if you haven't spent them in the way of Allah, they cannot help you now, even if you want to give them away in the way of Allah, they cannot help you spend mementos or kanakam melancholy and yet they had a common mo too. Because at that time, if you haven't used them for the sake of Allah, then a person will only have regrets for your cooler B, then he will say oh my lord Lola, Tawny Illa, agilan corrib Why did you not give me rest bite until a near term, meaning you

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should have given me just a little bit more time, just a short time just a little bit more time. Had you given that to me, if you could only Give that to me for a sadaqa then I would give charity. We're a convener sila hain, and I will be of those who are righteous, I will do many good deeds, I would give sadaqa I would stand in your way, and I will become a very righteous person. What is this ayah show to us

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spend before it's too late. Do something before your life is over. Don't get lost in your children and wealth. So that all your life goes in them, but rather use them for your hereafter. So that when death comes, you're not full of regrets.

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And desire also shows to us that the solution to nofap is infer

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from the beginning of the soda, we have been learning about what neufeldt is hypocrisy is and what's the root cause of hypocrisy, love for wealth, love for family, love for oneself, not love for the because of a person has love for Diem, that is the greatest priority, then what will happen he will not give preference to his self. He will not give preference to his own children. But rather he will give preference to what the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. So the solution to nofap is, in fact, if you want to get out of hypocrisy, what do you have to do? Spend,

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give, do something, spend before it's too late, do something before your time is over.

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And we see that generally we tend to procrastinate, we tend to delay doing good things, making one excuse children. And well. That's the excuse that we have. I'm too busy right now. My children are too small. I'm expecting right now. Therefore I cannot do this. I cannot do that. But you don't know when your death is coming. We say that we will do it later. How do you know later will come? You don't know.

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You don't know if later will come in your life. You don't know if you will live that long that your children will be old enough so that you can do something else.

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You don't know when your time will come to an end.

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Therefore spend now do something now

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in certain would be known as 99 to 100. We don't have either Johanna who will Mode to Color a big room. Now only ermelo, Saleh and female are locked. Until when death comes to one of them. He says Oh my Lord, send me back. Send me back that I might do righteousness in that which I left behind. I neglected many good things. Just send me back so that I can do something else. I can do something more.

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But once death comes, then can a person live any longer. Will you a hill who nevsun Elijah juluca but never will Allah delay a soul when it's time has come once the time to leave has come

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That's it. No more time will be given to a person will help you don't be mad at him alone. And Allah is fully aware of what you do. You cannot hide your actions from Allah. Allah knows what you do. When the time of death comes, no one is granted rest bite.

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In throttle alafaya 34, we learned while he couldn't do much in Agile, for either aluminum layers, the hero in a certain way is stuck the moon and for every nation is a specified term, and for every individual as well. And when their time has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they proceeded. Not even one hour will be given. A person will beg for more time, but he will not be given even a single hour.

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Take advantage of five matters before five other matters. Your youth, before you become old.

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Don't wait until you're older.

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And your health before you fall sick. Don't just wait for your health to become better. Because you don't know if it's going to become better. Or it's going to deteriorate even more. And your richness before you become poor. And your free time before you become busy. And your life before your deaths.

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Many times people say our children are too young, we don't have time. But the fact is that as children grow older, you get busier and busier with them. Before you only have to be concerned about feeding them. Now you have to be concerned about what they're learning.

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as they grow older, you get busier with them.

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Similarly, well. A person thinks this is the beginning of my career. This is the beginning. I just got it now. I just bought the stuff now. Now's the time to enjoy, I have a reason. But the thing is that the more you have, the older you get, the more your responsibilities increase, isn't it so

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the older you get, the more your responsibilities increase. So don't delay for later. Because you don't know if later will be easier. And if you're not used to doing something now you think you'll be used to doing it later. You think you'll be able to do it later you won't be

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so whatever is important, do it now. And spend now do it now unfaithful because you don't know when death has come in? Even our best so the Darren who said every person who has fallen short of his duty regarding the cat and Hajj will ask to be returned to this world at the moment of death.

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Every person who has fallen short of his duty regarding arms and pilgrimage, he will ask to be returned to the dunya at the moment of death. So what is this show to us that whatever obligations are imposed on a person whatever his duties are, he should not delay performing them. He should do them as soon as possible because he doesn't know when that is coming.

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And many times people make children and excuse I can go for Hajj because it's such an easy reason. And we see that people who make up their mind, they actually go they will save up, they will find alternatives. They will make sure that they do it. So it's all about you at the end of the day. How badly do you want it? How much are you focused on the outcome? If you're focused, everything will fall in place. And if you're not focused, no matter what anybody advises you, it's not going to help

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On party

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now not later

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so panic alone will be handy condition to Allah Allah Allah and Luca wanna to relate Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Al-Munafiqun 1-11 Tafsir 9-11

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