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Yunus 1-20 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 11-14

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How's the Billahi min ash? shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 112 sola Tunis will begin from Ayah number 11.

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Well, no you I do the love who the nasty shadow astera Jalla whom will hide?

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And if Allah was to hasten for the people, that evil they invoke, as he hastens for them the good, then what would happen? loco de la him a God whom their term would have been ended for them for another lady in LA or Generico, enter fetal urine, Humira, mahone, but we leave the ones who do not expect the meeting with us in their transgression, wandering blindly,

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whenever you do, and if he would hasten, meaning he does not hasten, and if he would ban such and such, what happened. Your idea is to newsletters I in gene lab, from the word urge la agera. You are Judith RG, which is to try to get something before it's due time

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to do something, to try to do something to try to get a hold of something when before it's due time.

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Like, for example, to get a shipment across the continent, it takes one day minimum, and a person tries that he should be able to get a shipment across the continent in half a day. What is that? trying to do something before it's your time in less time?

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So if Allah would hasten the willow your doodle Allahu if Allah would hasten, Lin nasty for the people, if he would send them something before due time, what I shanwa the evil? What does it mean by evil? Evil has been understood in two ways. First of all, the evil that people Invoke for themselves.

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Like, for example, in a difficult situation, when a person is very angry, when a person is upset, or he is grief stricken. What does he do? He begins to pray against himself, that I wish I could just die right now, I wish all of this could be just over. Or when he's upset with others, he begins to pray against them. So a shell is the evil that a person invokes for himself for his wealth for his property for others when out of frustration, out of anger.

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So if Allah would hasten evil for the people, that the moment they asked for it, immediately, it would be sent to them, immediately it would be given to them.

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For example, a person plays Oh, give me that, and immediately the person would die. So what would happen, the world would not be able to function, a law does not do it.

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Secondly, a sharp is understood as the evil consequences of the people's actions, the evil consequences of the people's actions, the other the punishment for the wrongs that they do. So if a lot were to send punishment immediately, then this world would not function. That immediately as soon as a person does something wrong, he dies. Or as soon as a person does something wrong, his tongue paralyzes or his body becomes paralyzed, or he loses as well then what would happen this world would not be able to function. So Allah does not do that. Well, Oh, you are de la hulan nurses shanwa. Is their agenda home as their hastening Bill Haley with the good. What does he mean by this

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is their agenda home bill high?

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Meaning just as the people hastened for good, just as they want good to be here and for them, that the moment they make an evil draw, they want it to be responded just as they, when they make a draw for good. They want that to be given to them locally.

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So it's their agenda, who will hide what does it mean? Just as they hastened for good, just as they want good immediately, if Allah were to give evil to people immediately as well, then what would happen? The coup de la him Angelou, what does it mean by their lifetimes, and cobia they will be finished. Meaning the people will be destroyed. No one would be alive today. No one would be able to survive the coup de la jolla home.

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So what happens? Allah subhanaw taala lets evil thrive. And he also lets good try both. If a person does some

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Wrong, he is allowed to live. If a person does something good, even he is allowed to live. If a person invokes for evil, he is not responded immediately.

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And further so we leave and levina those people who lay our genetic corner who do not expect our meeting. Those people who do not look forward to meet Allah subhanaw taala, who don't believe in the year after Allah leaves them fetal uranium in the rebellion, he or mahone they wander blindly.

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Meaning he lets them continue in their evil. They are not caught immediately for the wrongs that they do.

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And generally what happens when a person does something wrong? He thinks that he should be punished if he's doing wrong. And when he is not punished when he's not caught? What does he think that he's okay? There are no consequences. So he continues, he persists in the evil that he's doing and this is exactly what is being said that we leave them for you to re engineer a motorhome they wander blindly, in the rebellion, they continue to cross limits. So what do we learn in this ayah? That Allah subhanaw taala does not hasten in accepting evil requests. And this is Allah's kindness, his forbearance with his servants.

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Sometimes when a person is angry, he prays for evil. But the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala knows that the slave that the servant does not truly want that evil for himself, isn't it? So Allah subhanaw taala does not respond to him. The person prays, I want to die. I want this person today. I want this marriage to come to an end. I want to get rid of this. But what happens? his dog is not responded Why? Because Allah knows that the person does not really want that evil for himself.

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And if Allah were to accept the evil requests of people, as he accepts, they're good to us, then what would happen? All people would have been destroyed long time ago.

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Children on little things, what do they do? They prefer that they pray for the end of their lives. Even little children, they do that if they're caught cheating, or if they're caught doing something wrong, immediately, they will start praying for evil to befall them. So Allah does not respond to the prayers of people, especially those that are evil because he knows that they don't really mean them.

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Likewise, it's not the way of a loss of panaderia that as soon as a person does something wrong, he is punished immediately. This is not the way of a law, that as soon as a person does something wrong, immediately punishment is sent his way.

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The Mystic enough Mecca, they would demand punishment, they would say that if we're not believing and you are a true messenger, then we should be punished. But what does Allah say? That Allah does not send punishment immediately. He gets time he gives rest bite

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into little knowledge I number one we learned selesa you know there are there have been worker

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a supplicant asked for a punishment that is bound to happen. So when they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they would demand punishment. Similarly, in Serato, rod is number six, we learned Where's 30 Luna? COVID sejati Oberlin Hashanah, they impatiently urge you to bring about evil before good. They impatiently urge you to bring about evil, meaning evil punishment before good. Instead of asking for blessings, instead of asking for guidance, what do they ask for punishment? The fact is that human beings are generally very hasty.

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We want that if a person has done something wrong, he should be punished immediately. And if he's not punished, then he must be right.

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As I mentioned to you earlier that the theme of the surah one of the themes one of the main topics that is discussed in the solar is what matters with regards to Kaaba will cutter Divine Decree. So generally, what do we think that if a person has done something wrong, he should be punished immediately. But what does Allah say that for each person, there is a certain time to live. For each person, there is a certain time to live.

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We want evil to finish immediately we want good to thrive. However, for both good and evil Allah has set a time

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and if the case was of immediate recompense, then this world would not function anymore.

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Now at the same time, this ayah does not mean that a person should make evil requests, thinking that okay, they're not going to be responded so we should make them anyway. Allah does not accept them, therefore we should make them anyway. This is also incorrect. Why? Because the prophets are

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A lot of them forbade us from doing that.

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We learned from the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, do not pray against yourselves, and do not pray against your children. Do not pray against your wealth. For example, the person who's walking and he stumbled upon a piece of furniture, and then he's like, he prays against that furniture, the poor table, or the four so far that was sitting in whose fault is it yours or that took us fault, it's your fault.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Why, because for your prayer may coincide with a time of response from Allah, and Allah who will respond to you, you don't know when the window is for all doors to be accepted. And if you invoke against yourself at such a time, then what's going to happen, evil is going to come to you, Allah will send evil to you.

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And it's a very interesting incident. Somebody sent it to me, I have no idea about its authenticity. But I was very struck by and this man he had mentioned about that he was listening to a lecture in which one of the reciters he was giving a lecture to the women. And he was advising the women that when you get upset with your children, don't pray against them. Always say something good. because firstly, you're a mother. And secondly, you don't know when your daughter may be accepted. Because generally, when mothers get very frustrated with their children, they begin praying against them. So he said that once there was a boy, and he was extremely naughty, and he did something terribly

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wrong, and his mother got very upset with him. And she said to him, just go away from here. May Allah make you the mama puddle.

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Just like that. She said, like, Look at yourself, what you're doing, may Allah make you the Lamb of heaven? And he said, I am the man. Well, you know who that was? Sure. So this, along with the authenticity of this incident, somebody emailed it to me, I read it. I was so amazed. You don't know. You have no idea. So always utter good. Always say good things, because you never know when those may be accepted.

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What you know, I must say insanity. And when affliction touches man, what does he do? Donna, he calls us, he prays to us, when how Legion v on his side. Jump is the side of a person. Meaning while he's lying down, he prays to us, oh, carry them all while he's sitting on him and all while he's standing. So why he is lying down while he is sitting while he's standing in every state or position he may be in? What does he do? He prays to almost penalty.

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So when does he pray to Allah at the time of affliction?

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Otherwise, he does not make law. He only makes the automa what point?

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One he's suffering from a life where either muscle insane or both?

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And what is the

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any kind of suffering any kind of harm that a person experiences where? In his body, in his mind in his wealth?

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It could be physical, it could be emotional, it could be financial. So when he suffers from a difficulty, what does he do? He begins praying to Allah, when he's lying down when he's sitting when he's standing, but then for them and then when Krishna we removed on who from him, the Rahu his heart, what does he do? Marvel, he passes away. Meaning he becomes he goes by he passes that phase. He walks on Marvel literally means to walk on to go by. So Monroe, he becomes an as if Lum not yet aroona. He was praying to us, lol doesn't do a harm Messiah who it touched him.

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So when that difficulty is over, when it is removed, he passes on, as if he never made the offer to Allah do remove that from him, and many other owner as if he never made the offer to us in the rent to the harm which arm must sell who that touched him.

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And why would he call a lot to that book to remove that door.

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So he passes on his if he never made art before to oma. In other words, he becomes completely oblivious. He becomes completely ungrateful, he does not thank Allah at all. And once that difficulty is removed, he doesn't continue to pray to Allah.

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So, we see that a very selfish attitude is being mentioned in this ayah that some people are very selfish. They remember only when they are in difficulty and when the difficulties

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removed, they forget of law completely gallica likewise, that just how making the law at the time of birth only is beautified for a person and otherwise he does not make the law. Similarly, Xena it has been beautified Lin mustafina for those who are extravagant mcenery or Maroon that which they do, meaning their actions are beautified for them and because their actions are beautified This is why they continue to persist in these actions. If you notice the word mystery fiend has been used.

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mustafina is a Florida Muslim and it was a Muslim. One who does Islam is farfus. To be extravagant to be an extremist.

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So Muslim is one who exceeds the limits of air to Dan have been balanced, meaning he's not balanced at all. He goes to extremes. What is the extreme over here? That endo he will go to an extreme praying to Allah all the time in every situation. And as soon as a load is removed, he goes back to another extreme. He never remembers Allah He never makes the right to Allah.

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This is a missive. Going to extremes there is no moderation. What do we learn that the best deeds are those which are less but consistent, because such deeds are more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So if a person continues to make dua to Allah, even if it's less, but constantly in every state that is much better than going to such an extreme in a book and going to another extreme in a state where a person's blood has been removed.

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So we see over here that in this ayah, the behavior of extreme in gratitude is mentioned. And this behavior is mentioned several times in the Quran. Many times it's like as though this is a complaint, that this is how people are towards Allah soprano.

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And this is a very common behavior amongst people in lambda, sha Allah, except for some exceptions, who are given the trophy to remember Allah to pray to Allah to worship him at all times. When in difficulty and also when in ease during the night and also during the day in youth and also in old age. And such people who remember Allah at all times Who are they will Al Bab

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and Latina youth Karuna la Piana Nakuru, NY legend ob him.

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But a person who only remembers a law in both such a person is an extremist. Such a person is extremely selfish.

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Just think about it. If someone comes to us, only when they want something from us, only when they want something from us.

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And until we give it to them, they keep calling us. They keep writing to us, they keep talking to us. And as soon as we give it to them, they disappear. How do you feel?

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How do you feel?

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They're so selfish. They use me. Right? You don't like such a person.

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But we see that many have this behavior towards almost penalty.

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If we don't like it for ourselves, then how can we behave in this way towards almost no time?

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Now, this does not mean that when in the state of difficulty, a person should not make the law sitting standing lying down? No, it's only natural that when a person is in a difficult situation, he makes the law with more intensity. It's only natural, and it's good. It's a good thing. However, what is being reprimanded over here, what is being disliked over here is that a person only remembers a lot at the time of difficulty. And later on, he forgets. Generally he does not touch the Quran. As soon as somebody passes away, the person will read Joseph Trojans, generally they will not remember. But as soon as there is an exam coming up, they will read the names of Allah 1000s of

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times, this behavior is inappropriate. It does not suit a true believer, because this behavior reflects extreme selfishness. Extreme selfishness

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is reality that Allah will provide us difficulties as well, Allah will provide us good times as well. So because we are not honest to ourselves, we are not accepting the truth. We are not used to accepting the truth. As a result what happens, we just show our behavior too much, you know, out of stress, we just yell or we become mad because they're not happy with the color of Allah subhanaw taala because just yesterday, my son was going through this problem as well. His bird died and they were very sad. And he said, Oh, lucky. He went to the Jenna. And I can't I said why you can we people have to do a lot the way he was crying. He said because for him. It was not too much to do.

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We have to do a lot and I just reminded him no

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Be happy to be honest with whatever you have. So I think if we learn this one reality, then we have no complaints with Allah, or no complaints with people, we are happy with whatever we have, yes.

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So we see over here that the behavior that allows a penalty likes is off moderation that a person remembers a lot in good times, and also in bad times.

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Now, this does not mean that in order to be fair, we don't make at all because then a person goes to another extreme that because I don't remember Allah in good times. Therefore, when I'm going through a difficulty, I don't think I should be making

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some people think like that they do. So in order to be fair, we're not going to make the lotto we're not going to turn into a lighter. This is much worse. Why? Because this is a state of extreme heedlessness. This is a state of being very distinct from a law that a person does not remember a law at all. It's a sign of hard heartedness, extreme of extreme negligence. So what is a law like that we remember a law in both times. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, How wonderful is the case of a believer, there is good for him in everything. And this is not the case with anyone except a believer. If prosperity attends him, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him. And

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if adversity befalls him, what does he do? He endures patiently, and that is also good for him. So what is the behavior that is good, that a person remembers Allah at all times? And if you look at the end of the ICA, radica, Zoo, you know, mustafina, macconnell, yamano, that the most revealing what ever they do, the actions they do, their actions seem very beautiful to them. So we see that a Muslim, he considers his actions of Islam to be very good, which is why he justifies them, which is why he persists on them. This is Yes, in the context, Muslim refers to the one who prays to Allah only in difficulty. However, we can also understand this in a general sense that people who do is

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have and what is this rough that a person goes out of the bounds of obedience to Allah and disobeys Allah? So he finds his deeds very beautiful. How are they beautified? Sometimes by giving them Beautiful Names. Like for example, when it comes to river, what is it called interest? It's in your interest. Similarly, if you look at it, if a person cheats, we consider him to be very smart, very intelligent.

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If a person is indecent, we think that he's very bold, very confident. This is beautifying the deeds. What does Allah say? That those who are Muslim for them their deeds are very beautiful, which is why they continue to persist on them.

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lachenal, Karuna mencoba calm and we had already destroyed generations before you. Al Quran is a plural of karma from the root letters of noon.

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And the word karma is used for a people whose time of existence is the same. So basically, carbon is it refers to those people who exist who live on the earth at the same time. Understand.

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So for example, all of us we are what occurred, a generation. So each codons, the time of existence of each person is different from the time of existence of another codon, isn't it? So, for example, your codon your generation, your time of existence is the year 2000. So on, for example, the 21st century.

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On the other hand, the time when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba when they were alive, their time of existence was different. So they were one codon, and we are another codon. You understand?

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The prophets, Allah said himself hiral qurani corny, the best generation is my generation salmela Dena Luna, then those people who come after them, and then those people who come after them.

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So why not? Lucknow, Karuna men who we destroyed generations before you meaning many generations before you? Who does you refer to? Primarily it refers to the people of Makkah, but then it's not just limited to them. Because the Quran is also being addressed to us, that before us, so many generations came 1000s millions, many, many generations came but what happened to each and every one of them. They're gone

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when they wronged specifically when the people did

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They were punished. They were destroyed by Allah. what Islam is this?

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This injustice is against Allah soprano Tada, for example, by doing

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by denying the messengers by being oppressive towards one another.

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For example, we learned about several nations in total are off. Amongst them were those who are associated partners with Allah. And amongst them were those who cheated one another when it came to business transactions. What is that?

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It's injustice. So when they did warn against a law against one another against the Messenger of Allah, then what happened? We destroyed them. And it wasn't that they didn't know what a tomasulo humbled by their messengers came to them with the parasites. They were told what is right and what is wrong, that what they were doing was when But still, they're persistent. When I can only me No, but they were not to believe those people they were not to believe despite the fact that they saw the beginning they saw the miracles, still they refuse to believe. So what did we do we destroyed them. Kinetic energy almajiri mean, thus do We recompense the criminal people, meaning those people

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who are criminals, those people who do loan, ultimately they are destroyed, no matter who they are, no matter when their existence on the surface of the earth.

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When they do, they are destroyed.

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So we learned from this ayah that the people who do they can never be successful. Even if they progress momentarily. In the long run, they can never be successful. It is said that Allah can allow people to live with Clifford but he cannot allow people with one he will not allow them to live with injustice with one. So we have seen throughout history that people have lived with coffee. But the moment people who were even believers when they began doing a little more on one another, unless rats descended upon them and anyone who does will will meet the same end gallica Nigel almajiri mean the criminal people are convinced in this way that when they do Islam, they are destroyed

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insult or cough I have 59 we learned what to call a HELOC now home lamelle and those cities we destroyed them when they wronged what's your analemma leaky Merida and we made for their destruction and appointed time. So,

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then we made you who does you refer to? Again Firstly, the people of Mecca and after them all of us that synergy are now come then we have made you What does it mean by then meeting after the previous generations have gone after they have passed away after them a law has made you holla if I fill out successors in the earth corner is a clone of califa from the root letters called Lanza and who is halifa one who succeeds the other one who comes after the other.

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So, we have made you holla if in the earth meaning after the previous generations passed away, you will have been made their successors you are now living on the earth presently and just as they passed away, you too will pass away eventually some major alcoholic if I fill out the member the him after them after who after the previous people and why are you here to live here forever to enjoy your time over here no lindora so that we may see okay for thermolon How is it that you behave? What is it that you do? What kind of actions do you perform? So, you are here for some time just as the people before you were here for some time, they fast their time their actions were observed

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ultimately, they matter and similarly, you are here today, whatever you do is being observed and ultimately, you will also meet your end linens order. So that we may see the reason why you're here is so that we may observe we may see pay for time alone What is it that you do and pay for thermolon can be understood as at the individual level and also at a collective level. That what do you do as individuals and what do you do as nations.

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So we see that each generation is replaced with the next generation. Each generation is replaced with the next generation. If you look at it, perhaps if your grandparents are alive, they may tell you stories about their parents.

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There are grandparents, you may have heard stories, but you probably never met them. And perhaps you will see that your grandparents, their generation, the people who grew up with them, very few of them are alive today. Slowly and gradually one generation leaves after the next. No one stays here in this dunya forever. No one at all. And each generation performs its deeds when it is alive. And each generation is observed. Nobody remains you forever. We learned so little milk is number two, and Lady Hola, como todo el hayata Leah lucam au Kommersant.

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He has created death and life so that he may see you as to which of you do good indeed, he is observing our actions.

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So this dunya the time that we are here in Estonia, it's not just for fun and play. It's not just for passing this time for biding this time. But we are in this dunya for a reason. We are here to do something. Because what we do is being observed what we do, we are going to be recompensed for it

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we see that throughout history, generations, civilizations, empires, dynasties, they have been replaced by the next one after the other. No Empire has lasted forever. No dynasty has lasted forever. No Kingdom has lasted forever. Each one has been inherited by the next. And each one has been overpowered has been defeated by the next anyone who comes to this dunya goes away, eventually he will leave

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and those who are present now what do they think that we are here forever. Somehow we can outsmart that somehow we can defeat it somehow we can survive, but this is a delusion. Because if you look back, no one has ever managed to stay here forever. No one at all. So, this shows to us that what we do is meaningful. What we do in this world plays an important role for us. So whatever we do is being observed. So we see that what is being examined is not what we collect. What is being examined is not what we buy, but what is being examined is what we do because everything passes on every stage comes to an end and what remains is the deeds that we have performed.

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In today's world cafe 46 Allah subhanaw taala says lol banana, Xena to higher dunya wealth and children. They are the adornment of this worldly life while back to a solid.

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But what is it that's going to last? It's the good deeds. So while you're here, don't get lost in these possessions of yours. Don't get lost in this glitter of this world. Focus on what you have to do because that is what is being observed.