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Al-Waqiah 1-40 Translation 1-40

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Madhu Anna salia Dara pseudogene Kareem Emma Barrett ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbish Riley's surgery were silly emri wash Lola melissani of Coco de la pena Xena

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less than number 277 suited to the work era is number one to 40 Translation

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either when work are it occurred and worker the occurrence

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that which will occur

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later it is not Leo karate her for its occurrence gazyva anyone who lives anyone who denies

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coffee button one that lowers raffia tune one that raises high

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either when

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it will be shaken and to the earth Roger a definite shaking

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what was said and it will be ground to powder, algae Ballu the mountains but a definite grinding decoder

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suck and so, it was hard to find

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one that is scattered

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welcome and you will be as well Jen types the last three for us herbal so companions and maimana of the right man what us herbal are companions a layman of the right

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what else herbal and companions as much of the left man what us herbal are companions as much as the left was Serbia Kuhn and the foremost ones a Serbia Hoon, the foremost ones

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una iica. Those and macabre boon those who are near see in Jeannette gardens and Noreen off the blessing

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sunlighten a group men from a wedding, the first ones were carried on, and a few men from an athlete in the later ones.

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Allah upon sorauren thrones douches mo buena, once kept in lines.

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Mata kina once will reclaim or lay her upon it. motorcar vilene once facing each other

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yaku he will go around or lay him upon them with their new young boys. Mohan Loudoun once made eternal be acquired in with cups were Abadi and jugs work at sin and a glass men from Marine in a flowing spring.

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Let's not use their own

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they will be caused to have a headache

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on her from Walla and nor Yun z phone. They will suffer intoxication

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was actually her and fruit mimma from what yet the high your own. They will choose

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one and flesh by eating up bird member from what yester hoon. They will desire.

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Well hold on and fair women are ones with large beautiful eye care I'm Sally, like example. And look, look of the pearls and mcnown the well protected the hidden jezza recommends Bhima because of what ganhou they were garmadon they do

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love not your smart owner they will hear see her in it. No one any event will endorse

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any cause to sin in the except Thielen a saying Solomon peace Solomon peace

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was taboo and companions earlier mean of the right man walked us herbal our companions earlier mean of the right

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he in sidered in load trees

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with thorns removed

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with thorns removed

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water and banana trees mambu arranged in layers were willing and shaved man dude one that is extended. Warmer in and water must scoop board out.

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Well phakisa and fruit Katia rotten, many plenty, learn not Makoto artin one cut off

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Voila and nor mum Nora, one forbidden

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we're full of shame and bed mud for raised high.

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In indeed we unchecked now hoonah we have produced them, we have created them in

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a new creation

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fudger under hoonah then we made them ever cattle, virgins,

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urban lovers at throbber ones of equal age,

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the US have four companions and the Ameen have the right.

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Sunlight on a group minute awakening from the first ones

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and a group minute hidden from the nature of

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Ladies and

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what else have

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What else have

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bieniemy me